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Ask to Join Superheroes RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mr Fishykarp, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Ask to join in the discussion thread

    Cree Ator woke up one morning and was feeling optimistic. Today, something good would happen and he knew it. In the long years of his life, he had seen some things he wished he didn't, and done some things he wasn't proud of, but that day he knew that something would change for the better. He exited his secret bunker in the mountains and went to the nearby city, it was quiet, most people were asleep at that time.

    Edit: http://pokecharms.com/threads/superpowers-rp.14050/

    Cree did his daily patrol of the streets before trying to find some other heroes. He knew that if any other remained, they would live in the city because they needed jobs and food. While Cree could just make some, these people had to buy food like normal people.
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  2. Jado woke up."Hello Exodus!"Jado seemed really happy today.Jado went to the kitchen and found his sister...his only family."Hello Sakura!"Jado rushed to the fridge to get some milk."There you are."
    Jado sat on the kitchen table and drunk a cup of milk."Good as always.Iam heading off to play with my friends Sakura!"Jado ran to the outside."Iam off!"
    Sakura couldnt see Jado already.
  3. Cree saw a silver haired boy running down the street. He normally didn't associate with others due to him having to keep his powers a secret but he had been longing to talk to someone else for ages. "Hey" he said "what's your name?"
  4. "Jado Yukishira...Iam in a Hurry Sir I have business to do."Jado was worried about the soccer game.
    "Please be fast with your question."Jado was really happy.
  5. "Ok then" Cree said as he put his hand around Jado's shoulder. "if your busy just move along now. Here is something to help you move quicker" Cree tried to transfor a nearby flower pot into a skateboard but nothing happened
    (Is this how your power works or am I mistaken?)
  6. Kip walked out of her house and saw the two talking and walked up to them. "Hi I'm Kip" Kip said
  7. Accidentaly Jado´s power unleashed and disable Cree power."Are u trying to be that guys with the awesome powers?"Jado was pretty confused.
    "If you are you cant because they are special."Jado smiled.
  8. Cree smiled and thought to himself "this child is definitely unique" he turned to Kip "he means to ask if we are trying to Be superheroes"
  9. Activates Magmortar Blaster and attacks the Local bank, steals all the money from the bank, as he was running to the exit with the money he activates his Zubat-prototype wings and flies away
  10. "Oh.. I'm Kip what's your name" Kip asked
  11. "Let's follow him... Um what's your name" Kip said
  12. "Iam Jado nice to meet you Kip."Jado looked at her and smiled.
    "Right now I cant...I have a football game with my friends.Cya Later!"Jado dashed away.
  13. "Wait" Cree said "do you two hear those alarms? They are coming from the band" quickly he turned the air into a stone bridge and ran across it over the city. Then he made it go downwards again and arrived at the bank. It looked mostly fine except for some smashed glass. "Help" he heard someone cry "he stole it all!"
  14. "Which direction did he go mrs/mr" Kip asked
  15. The man simply pointed upwards. Cree looked up and saw a black dot in the sky. "Oh no" he thought. He knew that he would never catch the their. Cree continued making his stone bridge, if he couldn't reach the villain, he would follow him on foot until he had to land
  16. The game of 15 minutes finally ended and our team passed to the final.
    "Thats it guys!"Everyone shouted "Everden Club!"
    Everyone laid on the ground for 3 minutes and then went to their own houses.
  17. "We must stop him!" Cree shouted "he'll torch the entire neighbourhood" Cree began to transform some trees into a giant catapult (because why not?)
    Then he turned to Kip "why yes" he said "why yes I do"
  18. ":-O:-O:-O ok... That was weird, well I'll super speed over there." Kip said and started running.
  19. Cree jumped into the catapult and flew away towards the Villian. Just before he landed, he created a giant cushion at his feet
  20. Cree tripped Kip while he was landing and she crashed into a tree. @.@@.@@.@@.@
  21. "Well that went spectacularly" Cree began to form the air around the Villian into a massive cage, before remembering the flamethrower and taking three big steps backwards
  22. Lauren walked up to the others. "Does this mean I don't get to use my power. Pity." she said. Lauren shook her head. Her canary necklace swung back and forth as she did. Lauren spotted the bad guy running away and used her Siren Wail.
  23. Cree used his powers to create a big blanket. He wrapped it around the unconscious Kip and began to chase after the Masked Villain. He reached the abandoned facility and began walk inside. "This is totally a trap" Cree said to himself as he walked into the dark room. He put Kip's unconscious body on the ground next to him and looked around. There was no sign of ProtoMask anywhere
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  24. Lauren followed Cree into the room. 'Darn, I missed.' she thought. 'Maybe I'll get him next time.' Lauren looked around the room. She didn't see any sign of ProtoMask anywhere.
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  26. "Oh" Cree said "A robot" he casually waved his wrist, intending to turn the Robot into a small rock, but nothing happened. "What?" he said as he began to form a wall in between himself and the Robot. "Help" he said

    (OOC: Ok i understand StellarWind Elsydeon. Sorry)
  27. The robot started to activate his rocket launchers, as it was preparing to attack its Defenses were reduced a bit, this was Cree's chance to deal damage to the robot

    (OOC: is this better now? im feeling a bit nervous)
  28. Cree formed a sword from the air and ran it through the Robot, then transformed the sword into a grenade. He pulled the pin and ran backwards to escape the blast. He formed a wall around himself in case the rockets still fired
  29. The robot's pieces were burnt and destroyed into ashes, the secret door opened and suddenly ProtoBots appeared everywhere aiming at Cree and Lauren, "GET THEM!" ProtoMask shouted and runned to an escape pod
  30. "Well this" Cree said "Is just wonderful" he began to construct a wall around him, but it would not hold against the robots for long. He made a spiralling staircase to the roof and began to create a drill to break the roof
  31. Lauren used her Siren Wail and destroyed several of the robots. 'Either these things are junk, or they aren't capable of withstanding my Siren Wail.' she thought. Lauren grabbed a robot by the arm and judo flipped it. She turned around. She used her Siren Wail to destroy several robots on the other side.
  32. The ProtoBots started to increase the lazer's energy and slowly crawled closer to them, Some ProtoBots Drilled trough Cree's wall as they were getting closer to Cree and Lauren, "SURRENDER NOW AND YOU WILL NOT BE HARMED!" The ProtoBots repeated the same dialog over and over tormenting their minds
  33. "Can you hold them off for a while?" Cree asked "Im almost through this roof" Cree looked down and saw that there were hundreds of the robots swarming the facility. "Not good" he said as the robots got closer. Cree was finally able to get through the roof. "We're through!" He shouted "Get up here!"
  34. Lauren used a Siren Wail to take out several more robots. Then she climbed up the spiraling staircase. 'When did he find the time to build all these robots?' Lauren wondered. She looked down at the swarm of robots. Lauren shook her head in dismay.
  35. Cree began to seal the roof again, then began to build a bridge to the ground. "We can't catch him" he said "But we can stop the robots" Cree began to seal all of the entrances to the building, then dropped a bomb inside
  36. ProtoMask turned around and looked at Cree and Lauren behind, ProtoMask takes a device and activates it making all the ProtoBots started to twich and Fusing into AlphaWolves, BetaBats and a giant GammaLizard, "GET THEM NOW!" Protomask shouted and took the Escape pod
  37. "This day just gets better and better" Cree said sarcastically "we need to leave" he knew he couldnt outrun the wolves so he took the head of one of the fallen robots and started firing its laser eyes at the other robots
  38. ProtoMask taked the escape pod and started to fly away from the Abandoned building, He flied all his way to the City and deployed more ProtoBots on the City, they all started to attack the Citizens, Steal banks, And do more crimes
  39. "This isn't good!" Cree said as he watched the Protobots attacking "There are too many" he had managed to get rid of the ones that were attacking him, but since his powers did not work on those robots, there was no way that he could beat them all by himself

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