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Shinies: First ever, ones you want, have seen, or own

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Alex Bock, May 24, 2005.

  1. I've seen a shiny nidoran(female) in leafgreen a shiny golbat and weedle in crystal and I proudly own a shiny golem in leafgreen at level 62. I would love to have a shiny roselia, milotic, starmie, Gardevoir, blissy, and togetic :D
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I've got a Shiny Raticate on Silver, a shiny Milotic on Ruby, and a shiny Geodude on LeafGreen... Think that's it.

    Off the top of my head the one's I'd want most would be Charizard, Flygon, and Zangoose. Black Charizard just looks oober sweet, and I love the color blue on the other two ^^
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  3. I own you guys.

    In both Gold and Crystal I had a shiny Gyarados, in Gold I saw a shiny Raticate, in Silver I saw a shiny Tangela, in Sapphire I saw a shiny Lotad and caught a shiny Sandshrew, in LeafGreen I caught a shiny Rattata, and in Emerald I've got a shiny Poochyena. Seen: 8, Owned: 5. 8)

    Shinies I'd like to have: all of them! Well, the really cool ones are:

    Butterfree, Slowbro, Cloyster, Hypno, Chansey, Starmie, Mew, Bayleef, Typhlosion, Ariados, Bellossom, Sudowoodo, Jumpluff, Yanma, Misdreavus, Girafarig, Steelix, Sneasel, Delibird, Miltank, Lugia, Ho-oh, Sceptile, Torchic, Ludicolo, Nuzleaf, Swellow, Shroomish, Whismur, Hariyama, Volbeat, Illumise, Roselia, Swalot, Carvanha, Camerupt, Vibrava, Flygon, Zangoose, Seviper, Solrock, Milotic, Castform, Kecleon, Snorunt, Huntail, Gorebyss, Metang and Regice.

    Uh, yeah... I told you I want them all! :lol:

    See 'em here.
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    But shiny Gyarados is a given :p

    The only shiny I've ever seen but not caught was the shiny Espeon in FR/LG :wink:
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  5. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Well, I've probably gained another 100 hours of gameplay since the last time I was moaning about never having had a shiny... and I've still not seen one. I reckon they don't really exist and everyone's just having me on...

    Assuming they're not a figment of everyone's imagination, I'd rather like a shiny Ditto, Ninetales, Rapidash, Eevee, Houndoom, Mightyena and Gardevoir. Blue Ditto is my favourite shade of blue, and looks just perfect. Shiny Ninetales is a beautiful shade of grey/lilac.

    I quite like shiny Togepi, but the change is so non-obvious you'd have to point it out to everyone, which would rather negate the whole point of having a shiny...

    Other Pokemon I think look cool in alternate colours are Sandslash (red spikes), Lickitung (peach body shows off his tongue better), Chansey (with subtle green bits), Psyduck (cute!), Diglett/Dugtrio, Unown and Wailord (lilac). Pineco is cool in proper pine cone brown, but nasty as as brown Forretress (or maybe Forretress is just nasty anyway).

    Some of those sprites are pretty disturbing. Especially the pink ones - there are pkmn that should be pink, and Kyogre is not one of them! Pink Golbat, Jumpluff, Wobbuffet and Heracross are all incredibly wrong, and shiny Nidoqueen's pink "bikini" HURTS MY EYES. Shiny Gloom, Vileplume, Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Victreebel, Exeggutor and Sunflora all look sick (plants aren't supposed to be that colour!). Green Teddiursa is WRONG WRONG WRONG, as are purple Swampert (I like purple, but on Swampert?), blue Pinsir (eeeek) and multicoloured Carvanha (actually quite cool, but somewhat scary).

    To be honest, though, I'd just be pleased if I managed to see a shiny, let alone catch one. Even if it was a Wobbuffet. I'd just have to devise a whole new battle plan to intimidate my enemy to death with the PINKNESS.
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  6. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    *points out shinies have sucky IVs*

    Saw a Shiny Pikachu in Gold once but killed it. The only other shiny i've seen/caught was a Shiny Kyogre.
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  7. I thought the shinies had sucky IVs only in GSC. In fact, I'm fairly certain that in RSE, shinyness is not related to IVs at all.

    Anyway, I've caught the obligatory red Gyarados and a shiny Raticate in GSC, as well as a shiny Weepinbell that a friend traded to me.

    In RSE, the only shiny I've encountered was a shiny Abra, but I got incredibly lucky on that one... not only did I catch it on my first try with the only Pokeball I had left, it was holding a Twistedspoon. :p
  8. Well I must have brilliant luck because the only shiny I have ever owned is a Red Gyrados. I had to spend a really long time to find that one.....
  9. Red version- pink butterfree
    Gold version- Red garados and pink butterfree
    silver version- Blue ditto and red garados and also a parasect
    Ruby version- none wants a blue treecko w/ red or orange tail
    Emerald version- Blue persian wants a blue treecko and blue zangoose
    Traded from ruby a red meowth and evoled it into a blue persian in Emerald.
    Firered version- none wants shiny squirtle.
  10. ive seen 1 and caught 1/emerald

    heres the story ok i was in the sea floor cavern when i look at the tv...i look back at my game... wow a green zubat! i caught it and then i couldnt wate 2 tell my friends. :D after awhile i evolve it so now i have a green golbat with pink wings. like a week later ive finally done i have a pink crobat with green wings! :D the end. i read this somewhere u have a 1/8561 chance in running into 1
  11. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Not counting the Red Gyarados (which as Katie stated is a given) The only shinies I've ever captured were in ROMs: A shiny Suicune in an ancient badly-translated Japanese ROM of Silver (LONG before the official english version came out...) and a Shiny Whismur in one game of Sapphire.

    I'm wondering if I'll ever run into a shiny on the only games I actually own. Crystal and Emerald. :p
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  12. I have seen the Green Espeon in Firered, I have a shiny Gyarados on Gold, I found a shiny Zubat on Ruby but couldn't catch it, and I have 4 shiny charizards on Firered. :p
  13. I have a shiny Altaria and a Shiny Ninjask + Shedinja, caught on ruby but now tucked away on pokemon box awaiting my 100th capture on my recently restarted LG. Those are the only shinies I have ever seen though.
  14. Update:

    Raticate (Gold/LeafGreen), Sandslash (Sapphire), Gyarados (Gold/Crystal), Magcargo (Emerald), Mightyena (Emerald)

    Tangela (Silver), Gyarados (Silver), Lotad (Sapphire)
  15. i own a sandslash,macargo and pikachu on sapphire
    and raichu on leafgreen
    i want a ho-oh, celebi and charizard i think i have celebi and ho-oh on gold in shiny form
  16. I don't got any, but I want a shiny ralts. Those look awsome.
  17. sorry to be mean to everyone who wants all the shinies but i got a gameshark 4 my bday and now i can get any shiny i want

    i hope ur all not mad at me tho.....
  18. Gamesharks are for lazy peoples. X3

    Anyways, aside from the standard GSC Gyarados and that 3bil shiny FRLG 'Tower Espeon, the only shiny I've seen was a level 31 male Tentacool. Luckily, I caught him. 83 I named him Hikaruichi. Eventually, I shall evolve him into a prettyful Tentacruel. I shall probably never use him (maybe contests?), but he is really cool looking! And my first shiny! Caught in June on Emerald! ^_^

    And just 'cause it's bugging me...(I know she's banned, but whatever)...BLUE PERSIAN DON'T EXIST! IF THEY DID, I'D BE THE FIRST TO KNOW! >_
  19. for your information im not lazy catching the pokemon ive played over 280 hours on my ruby and my mom still says i play it way too much.
  20. why do u hate treeco? my friend has wat he calls a treeco farm (scary i no) he well obiviosly has a million baby or treeco eggs
  21. Don't worry, I don't have a Gameshark or know what one looks like!!!!!!!(Really)

  22. squirlte20

    squirlte20 Guest

    In my Emerald version I had all the shinies of every pokemon you could get but then i for some reson started a new game.
  23. I have alot of shinies but the only 2 I can remember is Shiny Seviper and Shiny Raquaza
  24. I'm reviving this topic, as of it could be useful since D/P are coming out and, because of the global trade center. Ummmm.. if someone manages to find a shiny Mimiru, I would really appreciate it (when the game comes out or if they got an imported one) if they could hold on to it for me because I really want a Pink fluffed Mimilop (it makes it look more feminine :p) I Would also Like a red Scorpy because Of Mr Skorps in Rayman, which Scorpy looks a lot like 0.0 ^_^ (Some people might think I put this on to early but, I wanted to get it out there before it was considered to old too post in, making it spammish)
  25. I haven't seen any shinies yet in Diamond but im on the hunt for any that I can get... Id really love a shiny banette =)
  26. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Shiny Metagross! ^__^

    That's the one shiny I've come upon recently that I really, really want. Of course, I'd still love to have the Charizard, Flygon, and Zangoose too, but Metagross just looks sweet in silver.
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  27. I'd like a shiny charzard, a shiny metagross, and maybe a shiny tyranitar.

    Oh yeah and a shiny salamence

    When it comes to getting/seeing shinies i have the worst luck. I have NEVER seen one other than the red gryados(sp?) and i have never caught one. When ever I tried for the red gryados in gold/silver the idiot would kill it self by confusion from thrashing

    So yeah shinies hate me
  28. Erm, on my Crystal for my VBA, I managed to get a RATTATA and the GARADOS.I would like a RAYQUAZA and a DEOXYS.and a shiny Pikachu

    Also, since I'm here, can you get shinys in BLUE/RED
  29. No, shinies were added in Gold/Silver. So Red/Blue/Yellow/Green are shiny-less.
  30. i caught the obvious red gyarados and i have a shiny tyranitar in leaf green that i caught and raised...
  31. I have all shinies on my Emerald (yes, I bought it like that), and I have seen quite a few in the Battle Frontier, which sucks because you can't catch those ones, and I caught a shiny Gloom in my Diamond just now. I would like a shiny Dialga and Cherrim. By the way, should I go Bellossom or Vileplume??? I can't decide... ???
  32. I own a red Gyarados and a pink Wooper on Crystal version. I would really like to have/see a shiny Charizard on FR/LG, though. Those are so awesome.
  33. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    You can't make a purple Gyarados by breeding a shiny and a non-shiny. Simple question of game mechanics. A PokéMon is either shiny or it isn't. Shiny PokéMon are frelling rare (except for the obvious red Gyarados), and PokéMon only have two different in-game pallets assigned to them.

    As for shiny Charizards.... that would require a LOT of rebooting on FR/LG.
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  34. I seemed to have insane luck in my old copy of Crystal, because I got shiny pokémon all over the place, A purple Charizard, dark green and gold Venusaur, a pewter Blastoise, and a blue Ditto (traded from Red. it's rare, but every once in a while you can get a shiny through trading with Red/Blue/Yellow), as well as 2 Crystal Suicune's (one naturally, one through codes) a gold Ho-oh, a reddish Pikachu which I evolved into a gold and silver Raichu, Silver Lugia, and a blue Mew (again, the mew was through codes) and of course the Red Gyarados
    #34 Nieru, Mar 28, 2007
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  35. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Either that cart was hacked or you used codes a lot more than you admit (because you can't naturally get a Venusaur, or a Charizard, OR a Blastoise, in Crystal).
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  36. I have a shiny Shuppet, Banette, Corsola, and Seviper all in Emerald. I had a shiny Absol in Sapphire before I started the game over. I caught the red Gyrados in Silver and Crystal and I had a shiny Kingler in Crystal.

    I would love to own a shiny Charizard or Salamence. A shiny Milotic is on my wish list as well.
  37. yeah, the starters from RB were all traded from red
  38. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Something doesn't make sense. It seems highly unlikely that over four different shinies would naturally come from one game cart, especially traded... o_o
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  39. well I did have to restart the game and do it over a few times... I also had 6 normal charizards, 3 venusaurs and 8 blastoises... the ditto was the only one I got on the first time
  40. ive seen lots and i mean lots of shinies.i did not catch that much.i have a shiny castform lvl 44
    2 shiny kecleons both lvl33
    a shiny graveler lvl 34
    a shiny sandshrew lvl22
    a shiny sceptile lvl 100
    a shiny linoone lvl 100
    a shiny latios lvl 42
    a shiny peliper lvl 100
    on emerald.

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