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Pokecharms: The June 2010 Fallout

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Brendan Savem, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. Due to a popular demand (by that I mean three people) and a spark of inspiration. I have gone ahead and create our third Charms based RP. You can probably guess what it's about, judging by recent events. Anyway, I'm going to leave it open ended and let the group decide how it's going to play out, whether it's a small adventure to pass the time, or a grand scale conflict between a team of Charmisians god-knows-who, that's up to you. You are free to drop in if you feel like it. But please, make sure you've memorized the rules, since we don't really have our sacred rulebook anymore. Though you could probably get away with just having a brain. If you don't have either, then I'll know and use any means necessary to make sure you don't turn this RP into a spam server (again). Settled? Good, Story time!

    The more something grows, the more likely it will end in ruin. Huge cities with towering skyscrapers point towards blue skies, many roads crisscrossing one another and forming a web of pathways around the many buildings, and thousands of people coming and going. All that could be changed with a single bang. Beautiful blue becomes darkened grey, majestic towers become ruined forts; roads disappear under enormous piles of rubble and debris. And the thousands of people that crowded the roads become victims and survivors, or kick the bucket in the process. From paradise to hell, that is how the survivors would describe the first few minutes, and many do not even remember the first minutes, or live to tell the story of those minutes.

    This was not Hiroshima, or Nagasaki, or even Chernobyl. This was Pokécharms, on the Sixth of June 2010, only a week since the grand city was reduced to an urban wasteland. All that is left now is the horror, the sorrow, and the dread. The horror of the event, the sorrow for the lost, and the dread of what was going to happen next. Do you know what terror looks like? It is looking you in the face. Remember it; you might see it again later…

    "Home Base, Delta Team's moving up to the RP Section, no additional survivors in the Miscellaneous Board. Over." A man spoke, pushing his hand against a button in his helmet to activate the intercom.

    "Roger that Delta Four, keep your eyes on the ground and your heartbeat monitors, any survivors still under the rubble will not last much longer. Over." A voice replied through his earphone.

    "Copy that, we'll keep you posted. Out." The man then turned to the seven others in his group and signaled them to move forward. Each of the eight men was like something from a Star Wars movie; clad in white armor and a helmet with breathing equipment. The only thing that could tell them apart from their galaxy-far-far-away-counterparts was the grey emblem on their chests and helmets in the form of a triangle and a line, creating the general shape of a scale. Each of them was equipped with an assortment of different gadgets. Three of them had monitors that every three seconds sent out a pulse that picked up beating hearts. The men themselves showed up as grey dots, what they were looking for were green dots. Two of the others were carrying hoses that were connected to their backpacks, which were packed with a solvent that cleaned the body of unwanted particles, particularly radioactive particles. Another one had a large metal backpack with robots and scanners inside, all used for the rescue process. The last two had plasma rifles for… well, just in case. Delta Four, the team leader, had a heartbeat monitor and led the group around the chunks of rock that littered the street. No unusual signs on the monitors; the place was lifeless. As they passed one ruined building, Delta Four stopped and looked at what was left of it. It was stone, with a few metal bits that were still intact. The most prominent things was the base, in which a few stone spikes poked out in a uniform manner; the remains of pillars. There was also a brazier, still with glowing orange embers inside. Delta Four did not know what the RP that this building represented was about, but it was clearly something torn from the pages of Ancient History. Suddenly, he heard a beep. He looked both ways in surprise before finally looking down at his monitor. Sure enough, a green dot appeared in the middle, directly in front of him.

    "Home Base, this is Delta Four. We found a survivor, still under the rubble. We will need a transport. Over." He radioed.

    "Roger that Delta Four. Have him out of there in five minutes and we'll have a transport ready in seven, Out." The voice replied. Delta Four wasted no time in giving orders to the rest of his team to prepare for a dig-and-rescue.

    Four minutes later, Delta Team and two mechanical-arm robots were working overtime with clearing the rubble around where the green dot was indicated. Finally, one of them gave a shout and pulled out a body from the rubble. An unconscious teenaged male in half-ragged, soot-stained red-and-black clothes. His hair was turned grey with soot and dust, and a red-and-black headband seemed to keep the hair from falling off his scalp. The men immediately carried him over to a chair-like contraption and the men with hoses began to squirt him with their cleaning solvent. Almost immediately, the body sprang to life, shortly jerking in spasm, and then began coughing out dust. As soon as the men finished hosing him, another one grabbed his hand and quickly put it on a scanner, the machine whirred shortly and on a display, a profile appeared. Personal data was on one side, giving information about the person in the chair, the other side of the monitor showed an identification picture; a teenager with white hair, blue eyes, and a headband. Definitely the boy in the chair, but with all the scars and bruises, he did not look the same. To be honest though, nobody involved in this disaster did.

    "Brendan Savem is it?" Delta Four said, helping the disoriented Charmisian get his bearings. "You should be proud to be alive."

    "What… what happened…" Brendan asked, stunned to see the ominous grey sky. "I was just trying to add to the Olympians story when suddenly, whoosh!" he explained, struggling to remember what happened before he was trapped under the Parthenon replica.

    "There was an explosion, bad one at that. Everywhere you look, you can see what it's done." Brendan had a hard time believing that what was around used to be Charms.

    "How long since-!"

    "Six days. Like I said, be proud that you're alive." At that moment, a hovering craft flew over and lowered itself down towards the group. "Hurting anywhere? Can you walk?"

    "Yeah, should be able to. Or at least crawl if I have to." Brendan answered, pushing himself out of the chair and began to make his way to the craft. Brendan was able to get over there fine, but each time he took a step with his right foot, a pain shot up his leg, threatening to pull him down. Brendan managed to set himself down on a padded chair on the hovercraft before it lifted off and moved off again, leaving Delta team back to their hunting duties.

    Brendan suddenly felt his thirst, and almost scrambled to get at one of the bottles of water nearby. After gulping down two bottles in mere seconds, Brendan felt greatly relieved. Seeing the armor-clad driver near the front, Brendan felt to start a quick conversation.

    "Who are you guys anyway? I don't think you're from the forum, are you?" Brendan asked,

    "No we're not" the driver replied, "We're from Simple Machines, you'd normally know us as forum architects, but we come from a charity division, designed to aid during forum disasters, Dr Oak asked us personally to make sure people like you were still alive, even though we should have given up the search a couple of days ago."

    "So basically I owe the good doctor my life now. Hope it doesn't involve foot massages." Brendan chuckled, even in the face of disaster; he is able to keep his wit.

    "Well lucky for you that he's got his hands full right now. He's working overtime to try and recover old forum blueprints, doesn't really want to start the forum from scratch." The hovercraft then began to slow down and lower itself to the ground. "Well, welcome to Camp Charms, the best place to celebrate your summer." Brendan looked over the side of the craft to see where they had landed. It was an area of the Announcements Board, with the remains of Logout Highway curving overhead. Most of the rubble in this area was cleared to make room for the lines of green and white tents that stood alone in the desolate landscape. Most of the tents had wooden signs labeling them for what they stood for, like "Day 1 – A fateful Encounter" and "Game Version differences?" and a larger tent marked "Welcome back to Pokecharms.com". Dotted around the tents were men from Simple Machines moving equipment, fellow Charmisians were amongst them, helping move things, moving in and out of the tents, and huddled around a fire outside the larger tent. Brendan got off the hovercraft and turned around,

    "Thanks for the lift!" he called as the craft lifted back up into the air and disappeared over the wastes. Brendan hobbled around the camp to try to get his bearings. Most of the people were too busy, so they did not notice when he occasionally stood motionless, thinking and studying. Sometimes, he could picture the scene as if it was still regular Charms. In a sense however, it was. There were people, there were still topic buildings, and there were still people enjoying themselves despite the bleakness of the situation. It was as if Pokécharms was squashed up and placed here in medical camp form, with the addition of workers and tents from Simple Machines. Finally, Brendan got to the campfire, with a group of people surrounding it. Brendan saw a vision of the chat room, the people talking, laughing, and having a good time. This was what it was now. Seeing one of the small chairs still vacant, Brendan decided to settle back in with the group.

    "I presume this is the chat fire now." Brendan said, announcing his visit in this manner. He approached and lowered himself into the chair. "My eyes are a little bit blurry." He said, rubbing his eyes to try to make them focus properly so he could recognize faces. So as stupid as it is to ask, who's here?"
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  2. "Oh, me?" The curly haired Geokinetic raised his voice a little so Brendan could hear him, at the least. "It's me, Toru. Looks like you were roughed up pretty bad there, mate." Toru got slowly out of his chair, to give Brendan some time to see who it was. Going over to a fold up metal table under a white gazebo, he switched on the kettle and readied two mugs. "Can I get you some English Tea? Coffee, maybe? God, I love me some camping every now and then..."

    Toru himself seemed to be in good condition; the stamina filled one as always, but he did seem a little more mellow than usual. Who wouldn't be, after a massive explosion? His sword, however, was not in the same condition as the earth warrior. It was leaning on a metal pole with a lamp on top, set up by the guys at simple machines. It appeared to have shrunk in size - The Blade didn't have the elaborate curves and engravings on it like it did before, it was just long, but it still had some girth. The gem had disappeared off the guard, too. The sword looked as weak as it did when Toru'd first joined Pokecharms. Why it had happened though, Toru didn't fully understand.

    The explosion, luckily enough didn't fatally injure Toru, but he'd still too taken some injuries. There was a gash across his forehead that looked like it was encrusted with dirt - Well literally, it had. Toru was sealing up his lacerations with fresh, slightly soft earth. Since his body was primarily made out of the stuff, putting it into his wounds was a luxury, better than any bandage to be sure. He'd received a couple of gashes here and there on his arm, but they weren't much. As the slow but helpful kettle boiled, Toru sat back on his green camping chair and warmed himself by the fire, the glow covering him with warmth under the cloudy sky. Toru loved cloudy days.

    "So, what happened to you Brendan? I mean, I was quite far away from the boards of 'Charms and I got hurt pretty badly. You were actually in one of the boards."
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  3. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "I'm Rex, or Flynt if you'd rather call me that," the Otter Halfer grinned, "You're Brendan, right?"

    Unlike nearly everyone else around the campfire, Rex was unscathed, just a little dirty. When Pokecharms had gone down, he was supervising the beginnings of his own Role Play in the GTS+ Community. Imagine his surprise when he came back to Pokecharms to find most of it gone! As normal with him, he stood away from the rest of the group. It wasn't that he was antisocial, just that he was easily distracted and therefore not a normal conversation contributor. With everything back down to the basics, he had also simplified his arsenal of weapons down to just his SPAS-12 and Police Baton. In his opinion, being overpowered was boring.

    "It's time to restart and rebuild eh?" Rex shrugged, "I'm glad I was off on business when this happened, being at GTS+ probably saved my life. If I wasn't there, I'd probably have been stalking 'Charms' Role Play board when it happened. What exactly happened, anyway? I keep hearing that there was a failure attempting to transfer something, but I don't know the specifics."
  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    No one knew how she had been out, but she was definitely unconscious for a long time. When she finally came to, the teenage girl found herself lodged between a chair, a chandelier with a dangerously pointy end, and several pieces of metal, probably from the building she was in. She had screamed for help, and the next thing she knew, she was being pulled out of the wreckage rather forcefully, and, after having some of her questions answered, was taken on a helicopter with some others to something akin to a campfire. Having only a few scrapes, she was taken into the first-aid tent nearby for a few minutes, getting her wounds bandaged, before she was allowed to gather around the fire.

    As the days went on, some more people seemed to have been found. Someone called Toru and a strange otter-man thing named Rex managed to find their own way to the fire, having been away during the explosion. None of their names were familiar; in fact, the girl couldn’t remember what had happened that had caused her to faint. Sometimes, a few people would sit next to her and smile, calling her “Shiny” most of the time or occasionally “Lyn”, trying to find out what exactly had happened. But she had even forgotten her name, or the place she was, when the, as people put it, “disaster”, had happened. Pokecharms? What kind of name was that? Who were these people? And who was she? Just what had happened that caused her to lose her memory like that?


    A few days after she had arrived at the makeshift camp, a boy named Brendan was flown in from a helicopter. His clothes seemed to be ripped here and there, though they were in better shape compared to her own clothes; her light-blue jacket had a whole sleeve missing, and the shirt she was wearing underneath was all but there, having been burned away into nothing but a small ring of burnt cloth around her neck, almost like a choker, which prompted her to zip her jacket up. Her jeans were ripped up here and there, though not as badly burn singed as her nonexistent shirt. How she had escaped getting burned was beyond her, though her hair, now almost tomboyishly short, seemed to have been at least slightly charred.

    The boy had glanced around, as if trying to recognize faces, before attempting to strike up a conversation. A few people responded curtly, while several chose to ignore the question completely; the disaster had shaken them so much they didn’t seem to trust anyone or anything anymore. Shiny, or at least she thought her name was Shiny, blinked a few times. Would he be able to recognize her if she mentioned her name? Could she possibly help her remember who she was, or why she was there? Something in her mind seemed to tell her to speak up, so she tentatively said, “Um, I’m Shiny, I guess. Nice to meet you, Brenda-” some people looked at her strangely, and she guessed she had already met him before. Crap, she thought, lowering her gaze back at the fire as others spoke to the newcomer.

    This was going to be one long, hard recovery.

    ((OOC: Yeah, amnesia ftw XD Don't worry, I'm not planning for her to be like this the whole time, just for maybe the first three posts at most.))
  5. Ughh ... am I ... am I still in 'Charms ... ? Tunduli thought to herself.

    She was lying stiffly on the ground, covered in rubble and rocks. Her scarf-cape-thing was still around her neck, her left-shoulder-armour-plate was still wrapped around her arm, and her small backpack was still clinging to her back.

    Closing her eyes and groaning a bit, she lifted up her arms. A purple aura appeared around them, lifting up the rubble, rocks and stones that lay on top of her. She had a small scar on her arm that hadn't been there before. Her powers seemed incredibly weak; as did the rest of her body. For half a second, she panicked as she noticed that one of her eyes' vision wasn't working, but calm returned to her senses soon after. That's always been there ... she thought to herself. With a stiff stretch and a yelp, she managed to lift herself up on two feet.

    Tun breathed in deeply through her nose. She wiped her smooth, purple fur with her paws, wiping off rubble and dirt. She didn't seem too injured; a little sore here and there. She streched her arms and back, giving her wings a shake. Almost silently, she yawned again. Her ears perked up as she heard some familiar sounds.

    Is that ... ? Tun thought.

    She turned around, grinning, and flew quickly towards a light. At closer inspection, it seemed to be a campfire, - it was chat! And there was -

    "TORUUUU!" Tun squealed, tackleglomping her friend. "Oh, hey Flynt, Shiny, ... Brendan, am I right?"

    Finally loosening her grip from Toru, she reverted back to human form. Her cape swayed in the wind as she saluted to the white-haired fellow.

    OOC: Added more details.
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  6. "Oh. Oh my. What happened here...?"

    Tangrow had been away from Pokecharms for a week or so, having to deal with some work he had elsewhere, and simply had no time to visit Pokecharms. As his footsteps echoed through the damage, he shuddered. The boy was worried about his friends, and rushed in to the area when he saw what happened, digging around for people, yet to no avail. He had lit his nice new lantern with some of his own energy to aid in this, even if it wasn't nighttime yet. He pulled the hood on his large jacket up, playing with the feline-shaped ears upon it as he did. His hazel eyes searched a bit more, and he sighed, leaning on a pile of wreckage.

    "A-Ack!" The stack of metal which towered fairly high started swaying, and Tangrow quickly removed his hand from the structure, however, it was too late. It started tumbling down, making large crashing noises as it did, although in the direction opposite to him."Oops, I, um, eek." He said to himself before turning around, and saw some men in creepy suits start jogging towards him. Tangrow, not wanting to be caught doing this, decided now would be the time to flee. He turned around and started running, putting out the lantern by taking the energy he used to light it back into his hand. He took a quick turn and ran inside a rundown building, looking like it would tumble any moment.

    "I-I think they're gone..." Tangrow peeked out through a broken window, having heard the men in suits clank past him a while ago. Double-checking himself, he climbed out and stepped onto the ground with his yellow shoes, now turned to a musty grey from all the dust and dirt he ran through. He took out his lantern once more, letting green sparks flow from his hand into its chamber, causing it to make a dim grass-coloured glow.

    "H-Hello? Is...anyone there?"

    (Lets just imagine dear Tangrow is on a far end away from the camp. Just presenting a different setting to be had)
  7. At first it was hard to tell exactly what happened. The last thing Chibi could remember was hanging around inbetween the forums; she had just finished reading in the General Writings section and had decided to go take a trip down to to RP Board to see if anything looked interesting. But she had only taken two steps in when BAM! The whole world went dark like a light being turned off.

    Chibi had been knocked out before, but never in a way like this. Normally she had felt some pain or some impact, but every one of her senses had merely flipped off, like someone had just flipped a switch. Only now she was starting to become aware of the world again, and she could barely remember being unconscious.

    Currently it was dark, which was unsurprising. But her sensitive ears couldn't hear anything, and it felt like something was pressing against her on all sides. That last thing really disturbed her, but she couldn't seem to do anything about it. Darkness...can't hear anything...can't breathe...ow, my head...my shoulder...the hell happened? It hurt to think about more than one thing at a time, and her thought process was muddy enough already. After a few long minutes, the fox-girl became aware enough to realize that her eyes were shut, and she seemed to be laying facedown across something. She tried to move, and fear spiked her into full consciousness when she realized she couldn't. What the hell?! She tried to move and only succeeded in a tiny squirm, with a jolt of horror she realized she really was being pressed on all sides! She was buried!

    "Oh my god!!" She screamed, but with everything around her it came out as a muffled "O ma go'!" Shetried to thrash around and get out, but she was stuck tight. Alright, alright. Calm down, calm down, eaaasssy now...Breathe... She tired to bretahe, and realized that the air around her was stale. Okay, don't breathe so much. Now, think about the situation here. You can just get out of this, just tap into your power just a little and explode your way out. It seemed solid enough, and she exhaled and concentrated. Right then, she realized that every part of her body was sore and she shuddered to think of how she looked. After a moment she felt her will course to her fingers, and was rewarded with only a few sparks flying from her fingers. That horrified her more than the moment she realized that she was buried alive.

    What? No powers?! Okay, maybe there's not enough oxygen or something... She was grasping at straws, but she didn't care. So, pyrokinesis was out of the question. Even the effort of trying to call it up made her weak, and she slumped; the weight on top of her seemed twice as heavy now. Then, abruptly, it lifted. Her ears picked up someone shouting "Found her!" And suddenly hands were grasping her, pulling her out.

    The air never tasted so sweet. Chibi found herself gasping then immediately coughing, trying to expel the clouds of dust in her lungs. When she looked up, shock rooted her to the spot. Everything was destroyed, it was impossible to tell what anything used to be, and a bunch of guys in white armor were surrounding her. It looked like some cheap sci-fi world. Gods, have I been sucked into another cliche roleplay? Was her first thought. Then: No, if I was in a roleplay then I wouldn't have buried myself. And if I would then my powers would have at least worked... She let out a yelp of protest as she was squirted with something. Squirt guns? What the hell? No, definitely not a roleplay.

    "Let's see..." one of the men in front of her said. Her quickly grabbed her hand and pressed it against something, which scanned her hand in the span of a millisecond. "Chibi, you're fortunate to be alive. You were trapped under that rubble for six days. Thankfully you were in one of the boards and not a specific topic, or you might not be here."

    Chibi brushed a hand through her dirty hair. She winced as she brushed her ears and felt a pang of remorse for how dirty se had to look. It was one those times she was glad she hadn't worn her kimono, it would have been rags right now. Instead her denim shorts and Metallica t-shirt were filthy and a little ripped, but they were more or less intact. "Excuse me, but who the hell are you?" She asked, too sore and confused for anything more polite.

    "We're from the simple machines forum. We're here to help find members of the old Pokecharms, under the request of Doctor Oak." One of the men explained, leading her to a hovercraft. "You see, this place is what used to be Pokecharms."

    Chibi climbed in and sat down, then the force of the man's words hit her like a train. "You're kidding." She said flatly, looking out the window. There was even a speck or green or four-leaved clovers to show what the place originally was.

    "No I'm not. Now sit down, we're going to Camp Charms, the brief headquarters for your site."

    Chibi had no choice but to obey him. She decided to assess her injuried. She winced at she looked at her bare arms, mottled with bruises. She was certain that she was going to turn a very few interesting shades of purple over the next few days, and one spot on her left shoulder hurt whenever she touched it. She had a cut on her calf and one of her fox ears had a cut and was matted woth blood, but other than that she was just really sore. She watched dejectedly as they sailed over the ruined boards, her jade green eyes gone dark and muddy with brooding. Her thoughts turned inward, she didn't even realize hey had touched down until someone tapped her on the shoulder. It happened to be her hurt shoulder, and she jerked away with a yell and fell out of the ship, which in turn hurt every single part of her body.

    "Sorry," she heard above her. "You should get yourself checked out, right now we've gotta go and search for other members." The ship took off then, leaving her to get up and look at her surroundings.

    Now everything just hurt, but she managed to stand up straight. She looked around, noticing the white and green tents pitched everywhere, with topic names outside of them. Simple Machines workers and fellow Charmsians were running about, looking like a hive of busy bees. The similaities to the old Charms made Chibi smile, and suddenly she was struck with a wave of dizziness. Fortunately, she was steadied before she could fall on her face in a rather embarassing way. "Steady there, we should get you to sit down." The Simple Machines memeber said who had caught her. He walked forward and dragged her along with him, as if he knew where he was going. Normally Chibi would have objected, but she was too tired to care. He seemed to know wehere he was going, and he rounded a tent to show a group of people huddled around a large campfire. "It's the temporary chat room," he explained, guiding her towards an empty chair. "Many of the Charmsians are here, you can just sit here until you get some medical attention." With that he strode off and left her.

    Chibi grimaced and sat down. "Seems like we've really hit a hard spot here," she said as her way of greeting. She glanced around, trying to recognize the faces. She smiled hugely when she did. "Oh hey there Brendan, Shiny. Did anyone tell you two that you both look like hell?" She smiled at the hypocrisy in the statement, but gods anything to lighten the mood.
  8. (OOC: Crowded RP is a go-go!)

    Upon listening to everyone introducing themselves, a young girl wearing horn-rimmed glasses and an elegant checkered Lolita dress floated down on a desk-sized meteoroid. The meteor suddenly crashed, and the girl awkwardly fell off her mount. As the meteoroid dissolved into ashes and dust, she shielded herself with a black, lacy parasol. She looked at the impact crater and sighed.

    "Sorry everyone," the girl said in a stoic tone. "My meteor felt nervous when it looked around. It's like a disaster area here."

    She tapped the floor lightly with her cane, and a pillow-sized meteorite whizzed through the air and stopped right next to her. She sat down and scratched the back of her head. "In case anyone here had forgotten me, I'm Jenova. Although I can't imagine who else would be able to summon meteors, have yard-long hair and wear frilly dresses."

    She looked at the group of people and smiled. "Let's see....Brendan, Chibi, Toru, Rex, my dear sister Shiny, and Tun. Small chat we have today. Please don't mind me if I happen to disappear, I'm somewhat multitasking around."

    Jenova's smile faded as she observed her surroundings. Aside from the recently made crater, there were rubble, tents, flimsy chairs, oddly-equipped burly men running around finding survivors, and a plethora of nearly destroyed memes and humorous chat logs lying around. She walked over to the meme landfill and took out something from a pile. Brushing over the soot and dirt, it was a broken glass frame of what appeared to be a fusion of two fictional whales put together- The Failwhale. She grinned and ran back to the group, waving the glass frame around.

    "Hey, you guys! I found the Failwhale!"
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  9. "Damn..." It was the only word that Chadwyck could think to moan after seeing what remained of the 'charms boards, everything had suddenly gone to hell. At the moment, the black clad teen was standing atop a pile of rubble, patches of it were still burning, others had just crumbled away to debris. His long, black coat fluttered in the breeze of this newly formed wasteland. He found a part of the sign that had been posted on the building this particularly pile of rubble used to be, though he didn't need to see the words to know what it had been before the disaster hit. It was all that remained of the fic that he was writing. He picked up the sign and held it in front of him, all it said was 'Refor'. "Damn." He sighed again.

    He tossed the piece of rubble away, sending pain shooting up his left arm. It was hot and sticky from blood. Aside from the cut all the way down his arm, he wasn't horribly injured, just a few cuts here and there. His black trench coat and slacks were now gray from dust, and his white shirt was torn and gray, with spots of red from wounds bleeding through. He felt so tired, probably from the amount of blood that he had lost, but he had still managed to pull himself out from the wreckage. Luckily there weren't many active RPs that he had been involved in, so most of his time had been devoted to his fic. That's probably what saved him from suffering greater injuries, he wasn't inside one of the RPs when the incident occurred. He fiddled with the charm that dangled around his neck, a necklace depicting a ball of fire with a lightning bolt inside; luckily he hadn't lost it in the explosion.

    He ran his hand through his dusty hair, a small cloud of dirt coming off as he did, revealing a dark brown color that his hair actually was. His black rimmed glasses still sat over his hazel eyes, but they were dirty and a little bit broken. Perhaps the most irritating thing that he had lost was his sword, it wasn't lost in the sense that he didn't know where it was, but because of the explosion and the debris that had been sent flying as a result, it was now jagged and scratched. The design of blue-violet flames that ran down the side were faded away, and the shine of the silver was now tarnished. He stabbed the blade into the rubble and looked around for another landmark that he could investigate.

    The wind blew again, making his coat flutter and his hair wave, sparks were coming off of the ends of his hair. He sighed in irritation, since the disaster, he had lost the ability to control his kinetic abilities. At random moments he would flinch and it would create a small burst of flames or an explosion. In his right eye there was an orange glow, in the left was an electric blue, they were always there, he had no control over them. It was one of the main reasons he hadn't gone to the small camp that he could just make out near the outskirts of the forums; if he was there and something happened, it could injure someone. Then again, the men in armor that he had seen pulling people from the rubble were probably the most likely ones to figure out what was wrong with him, and treat his arm.

    Overhead, what appeared to be a hovercraft of sorts flew by, in the direction of the camp. Seemed like they found another survivor in the wreckage. Chadwyck decided to head to the camp, if anything he could just grab some bandages and go; try and figure out what was wrong with his powers himself, but in the best case scenario, they would know how to fix it.

    He pulled his sword from the ground and started walking, but he didn't have to go far before some soldiers on the ground found him. "We found one," One of the men said, "Roger, we'll get him to the camp. Over." They all approached him quickly. They seemed to have some neat little tracking devices. Probably something to do with one's pulse for finding them under rubble.

    "Hey there, gents, I was just on my way to the camp myself--" He was cut off by the men sitting him down rather roughly and spraying him with some sort of liquid, "You're a little bit unnecessarily forceful, I just said I was on my way there." They grabbed his hand and scanned it into the computer.

    "Chadwyck." The teen nodded while staring at the one who grabbed his hand, "You're lucky to be alive."

    "No, what'll be luckily is if I don't burn and slash or electrocute all of you to death without actually meaning to."

    "Is that a threat? We aren't the bad guys--" They began before Chadwyck cut them off.

    "It wasn't a threat, it was a warning. Calm down, I'm not looking to fight anyone. At least not this time around." He added with a smirk, "But the explosion messed with my abilities. I'm pyro-electrokinetic, but I've been having trouble controlling it... At random moments I'll just cause an explosion." A few of the men stepped back, but the captain stayed put.

    "Another one?" He said to himself, then to Chadwyck, "You aren't the first one to report troubles with your abilities because of the incident. For the time being we are going to place an inhibitor on you to suppress the powers so that they won't manifest at all."

    "You're taking my fire away from me? You're no fun. It's kinda exciting being a time bomb, don't you think?"

    "No. I don't." He nodded and the men immediately injected him with something.

    "Jeez, can't you take a joke." The teen asked sarcastically, the men got him up from the chair and placed him on one of the transports that he had been seeing fly overhead. Within seconds he was in the air, heading toward the settlement that had become the new 'charms.

    "When we let you off at camp, you need to go to the medical tent. They should be able to treat your wounds there."

    "How long until my powers come back?"

    "We're working on it, the shot we gave you should keep you from unintentionally hurting someone."

    The hovercraft landed and Chadwyck made his way over to the medical tent, where he quickly got treated. His arm was bandaged and they gave him a new shirt to replace the torn one. They didn't have any answers about his powers, however, when he looked in the mirror he saw the glow was still in his eyes. "Guess that inhibitor doesn't work as well as they thought." He held out his hand, and after much concentration, he was able to make a small flame in his palm. "Great, at least it's small. Shouldn't be able to get out of control. Though, I'd love to get it back under control. Any ideas, doc?" He asked the man in the lab coat.

    "Sorry, nothing to my knowledge. It seems the explosion somehow interrupted your ability to communicate with your power. It's like a part of your mind is sleeping, and the burst of energy are a spike in activity that's happening on a subconscious level. Like your mind is trying to reboot the part in control of your kinetic abilities. I'm afraid that there isn't much you can do but wait it out. It shouldn't take longer than a few days. In all likeliness, it'll fix itself by the end of today."

    Chadwyck thanked the doctor and left, walking out into the camp. It wasn't horribly busy, only now in the addition of normal members there were people in armor running around carrying items back and forth. He looked back toward the old forums; now just a destroyed city on the horizon. If there were still people trapped out there, they were going to need help getting to camp. He was hurt, true, but something told him that he should go back to the old boards. But, for now, he would make do with the chat.

    "Hey everyone," He said quietly as he approached the campfire. He didn't take a seat, rather, he stood around the edge of the fire's warmth. He gave a small wave before smirking at Brendan. "Haven't seen you in a while. Relax, I'm not going to try killing you like I did on Halloween; though it seems someone has been trying already. You look like hell."
  10. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    27th May 2010

    The week had been a busy one for all the staff at Pokecharms. Following on from a weekend of celebration and relaxation in a well deserved sunny vacation, the real work began on essential maintenance to update and cost-manage some of the ageing technology Pokecharms had been built on. A global recession was a problem for everyone, afterall.

    With so many staff distracted with the scheduled business, anyone could understand how this was a perfect opportunity to wreak havoc upon this community - but no-one could have seen this coming.

    In the project management room, Doctor Oak loomed over the central table, a table covered in papers and tablet PCs, working over the plans in his mind to ensure this maintenance went over as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Deep in thought, he considered nothing of it when Rachel burst into the room all flustered - after all, there weren't many occasions where she wasn't flustered. However, after leaving her standing there for nearly a minute with not a word forthcoming, he finally looked up to see what she wanted. What he saw, though, shook him and drew him up from his task completely. What he saw was fear.

    The doors of the situation room - a specialised centre full of computers, monitoring equipment and screens filled with various information normally used for covering events such as new games - burst open as the Doctor and Professor hurried in to be greeted with the largest screen filled up completely with the image of a rocket powering through the skies.

    The normally hectic room was empty bar for Rachel and Alex - everyone else was already out on the streets or deep within the Staff Building itself hard at work on the day's tasks - and the two were left with the dawning realisation that disaster was imminent.

    "What the hell is this?" Alex yelled at the screen, which was informing him that the missile was headed straight for them and would land in less than 10 minutes.
    "I don't know, it literally just appeared!" Rach called back while running to the other side of the room to investigate the data on the computers there - the member's list, detailing all the members of Pokecharms and their current location at the time. So many were right in the centre of the site, and some of the staff were so off-radar hard at work that their locations couldn't even be identified.

    "We've got to evacuate. There's not enough time to get any firewalls set up to knock it out..." Alex ran over to the member computers to try and make the announcement - but suddenly the screens went dead, followed by a slow shutdown of the other systems in the room over the next minute or so. "Damnit!" he yelled, thumping his fists against the screens. Of course the missile had to coincide with the scheduled restarting of the Staff building's systems...

    The two admins looked to eachother with dread in their eyes, realising that they were cut off from all the members, all the staff, and there was no way and no time to warn anyone about the impending disaster.

    "We need to get out of here, Alex..."
    "No. We can't just leave and abandon everyone..." Alex shook his head, before grabbing his hair and almost pulling it out in frustration.
    "There's nothing we can do! If we don't leave, we'll be caught in the blast and Pokecharms wont stand any chance of recovering at all!"

    Alex was speechless, barely moving as he tried desperately to think of any solution he could. He know, however, that Rachel was right. Time and fate was against them. Their only possible action was to take the back-door exit and escape the blast.

    Sighing, and finally raising his head from his hands, Alex took one final look out the array of windows behind him - looking out across the Pit of Creativity and the wonders contained within - and slowly turned to the other side of the room. Tapping in a password to the keypad on the wall, a conspicuously out of place bookcase slid away to reveal an elevator door. The secret back door used for emergency access to and from the building that took people far from the site to neutral ground.

    As the pair entered the elevator and the doors closed around them, Alex made a mournful sigh followed by a determined glance back upwards to the disappearing building, muttering "If I ever find the one responsible for this..."


    28th May 2010

    The blast had been devastating. Almost everything had been apparently lost, along with hundreds of thousands of people. Rachel and Alex returned to the ruined Pokecharms and greeted with mayhem and chaos.

    Over the next few days, word began to spread of survivors, and among those survivors, word began to spread of Doctor Oak's survival and endeavour to salvage and rebuild. Emergency contracters were called in to establish temporary camps and search for survivors, while Alex set hard to work at recovering what he could. Unfortunately, most of downtown Pokecharms had been completely lost...


    6th June 2010

    Camp Charms had been huddled together quickly and quietly and survivors were beginning to pour in to their temporary home. In the centre of the barely organised madness stood a podium and a man behind it. Alex looked out across the muddy, messy camp and the huge crowd of people before him.

    "Welcome back, my friends, to Pokecharms." He boomed out across the improvised tannoy (a microphone and a few speakers dotted around the camp) to a suddenly silenced audience.
    "Over this past week, we have suffered a terrible, terrible loss. We've lost many friends, many irreplaceable works of art and our homes. We've lost more one could possibly imagine.
    Last week, on the 27th May, disaster hit us and it hit us hard. Before we could react to what was happening, it was already too late and the damage was done.
    Now, a week on, we are left to rebuild and recover - and this will not be an easy task. It will take a lot of hard work to bring Pokecharms back to its feet, but believe me, that is exactly what is going to happen." Alex thumped the podium with stern determination.
    "We have some difficult decisions to make over the next few weeks on the direction of this rebuilding - but we will endeavour to make the right choice for the community and work tirelessly to restore Pokecharms to the glory that it deserves.
    We. Will not. Be. Beaten."

    A round of applause sounded out across the camp as Alex stood down from the podium and headed off to the large Staff Tent at the back of the camp, to return to work once more.

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  11. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Gone, all of it. Their home, their little corner of the Internet. Gone. They were about to move, a relatively simple process. Then it all went to hell, and now the residents were left to pick up the pieces. It wasn't just the site that they had lost - they had lost years, memories, records, libraries, archives... lives.

    "There must be a way to get it back," Sem muttered to himself as he walked out of a tent that was off-limits to the normal members. "Even if we only got part of it back..."

    The Administrator walked through the camp. He didn't exactly look like an admin, being possibly one of the shortest members. It wasn't as if he could help it though. The Aquamor, clad in a hooded, sleeveless, black top covered with decorative zippers, was definitely recognizable, however - he was the otter... fish... thing, and proud of it. It was a good thing to look proud and strong, when everyone could use some hope.

    He walked by the Chat, nodding to those engaged in conversation. Sem waved to Shiny and Jenova, aka: Mother. He stopped himself, turning around instead of going forward. Walking back to the chat he said, "It's good to see you guys here." It was clear that Sem had many other things on his mind: quite change from his normally composed disposition. He wasn't sure what else to say. Not that that was any different. He was a familiar presence in the Chat, but he didn't spend a whole lot of time actually speaking. This was different though. There was a tense feeling in the air, a deep sense of mourning that filled the air that words could not help. He closed his eyes, focusing on the feeling of sorrow, drawing energy from it.

    A powerful presence pressed on his mind then, interrupting his thoughts.

    He opened his eyes and turned his head, in time to see a female strutting towards him. Her head was held high, her smile confident as ever. Long black hair was tied up into a ponytail that trailed down her back. She was tall and curvy, that, when added to her gait and arrogant expression, created a commanding presence that caused all to stop to look at her.

    "Lysis," he nodded. Her presence brought him a bizarre sense of comfort. Of course, he adored her to no end. He couldn't help but admire everything about her, from her frightening attitude to her very appearance. Fearsome-looking black leather heeled boots, that had a metal heal and toe. Tight coal-gray jeans with a crimson top that matched the iconic red R's on either should of her trench. The only weapon visible was a sheathed katana on her hip.

    She had helped him escape the city, along with many of the members in the chat.

    Everything was just like any other day when the power switched off. Every monitor, every screen, every computer in the chat went dead. It was strange, because the chat usually remained untouched while the rest of the site underwent its schedule maintenance. Sem pulled out a phone, dialing Oak's number. No answer. It wasn't strange though, Sem had no doubt that Alex was hard at work that very minute. "Hold on, I'll see if I can figure out what's going on," he had said, though he really couldn't do anything without Alex answering. He tried Professor Cinders. No answer.

    "We're locked in!" someone had cried.

    "What?" the admin replied with slitted eyes. That had never happened before. People started to panic.

    "Quiet!" Lysis yelled while leaning in closer to Sem's ear. "I don't like the feeling of this."

    "Neither do I..." Sem muttered, trying Alex again. If worse came to worse he and Lysis, and a fair number of the normal members could break out of the chat. It was then that the single main screen flickered on, showing them what seemed to be a missile and its trajectory. Pokecharms. Mere meters from where they were now.

    "Sem, you have to leave!" Lysis told him, taking him by the arm and dragging him.

    "Wait! We have to save them!" he yelled, breaking free. He gathered members to him, many of which he held dear. He couldn't leave them.

    "We have seconds!" Lysis hissed in his ear. "You're more important than they are!"

    Sem shook his head, knowing that that wasn't true. He would give his life for any of the members he saw before him. He couldn't exactly blame Lysis for thinking that way though. It was her nature, to be selfish. Lysis Fox was looking out for him, because that meant she was looking out for herself. She couldn't exist if he was dead. She was an extension of himself, a creation of his mind - but he loved her just as much as any real person. Being an extension of himself, she carried his administrative power and could act in his stead.

    "Everyone hold hands!" Sem yelled, taking hold of the nearest members hand while his other was tight in Lysis' grip.

    She teleported them away. They all had sat and watched from afar as the missile hit PokeCharms. Sem knew that some people had been left behind in the chaos, he didn't get all of them safety. The Chat was one of the first places checked for survivors, and while there were some... corpses were also found. Sem's blood was still boiling.

    "I tried my best. I've had no luck in finding others, dear," she explained, trying to seem concerned. "They've either escaped, been found already, or they're dead." Sem nodded, disappointed. The woman had strong telepathic abilities, so he hoped that those abilities would be useful in locating survivors. "The Stormtroopers got 'em all, love," she went on. "Came across plenty of wanderers though. Any of them I found I teleported back to camp."

    Nodding again, Sem excused himself from the group of chatters. He had better luck when he had gone looking himself. His hydrokinetic abilities were useful for many things beyond what the normal person would think, which was a good thing because he could currently use them. There had been many reported instances where members could not use their abilities. "Well, I suppose the most we can do is go help more wanderers. Let's go to a random point in the site," he said while reaching up and taking her hand.

    "Yes, sir," Lysis answered sarcastically and in a moment they were gone.

    Not even a second later they were in what was left of 'Charms. It looked just as ruined as any other part of the site, and it took Sem a while to recognize where they were. "Miscellaneous," his partner said, with a military quip to her voice. Lysis was in a bit of a different mindset now, a result from her training.

    Without another word Sem started walking, hearing only the sounds of his partners heels crunching in the rubble behind him. They walked past dozens of ruined threads. The state of the thread that was once the Chat Log Topic was hard to look at. After taking a few more steps Sem felt something tugging at his power. The otterfish stopped, homing in on the source. There was a source of liquid somewhere near, one that was quivering ever so slightly. "Do you sense that?" Sem asked.

    "I sense them," the ex-Rocket nodded, looking left. It was a good sign, because if she could sense their thoughts then that meant that they were alive - not simply a dead sack of water. Both of them rushed to the location of the survivor. At once Lysis started knocking away rubble with her psychically-aided strength. They crumbled and broke apart like they were chalk, or something else fragile. Sem put his efforts into reinforcing the structure with ice, making sure it didn't all come crashing down on the victim while Lysis cleared away the obstacles.

    The survivor was screaming, or trying to, not knowing what was going on. "Hang on, love," the woman tried, in an attempt to stop the screaming rather than to calm the survivor down. "There, there, you're safe now," Lysis told the member as she pulled them out, cradling them in her arms. It was a small girl with cat ears and tail. Sem wasn't sure if he recognized her or not, but that wasn't important.

    "Take her back to camp," he told the huntress. He waited for a few moments and then Lysis was back. He turned to her, smiling wryly even though the current situation hardly called for such things. "We've been here for only a minute and we find one - I'm not sure if you trying your best is good enough." His only response came in the form of her turning her hand into a gun, which she pointed down at his head and fired.

    "Let's keep looking," Sem said after allowing himself a chuckle.

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  12. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    A gasp escaped her mouth as she awoke from the darkness, her breathing shallow and rushed due to the fact that she had actually been without it for a short while. Cuts and bruises were evident on her skin, and her one good hand reached up to touch her face only to find more blood. She slowly pushed herself into a sitting position, pain shooting throughout her body as more injuries became evident.

    Dwayna DragonFire exhaled in a great sigh, looking blearily around only for her eyes to fall upon endless wasteland. The only indication of where she was laid in a crumpled version of the Pokecharms banner hanging pathetically off the side of one of the buildings. She began to wonder how it all ended up this way, when flashes came back to her of the horrible event itself.

    She was following her daily routine of taking a stroll around the area when she noticed a rocket powering through the sky, heading straight towards them. She ran in fear and took cover somewhere nearby, but her shelter didn't last for long. An explosion rung through her mind and all she knew next was black covering her vision.

    Dwayna summarized that her body had regenerated from her original broken state, whatever that might have been, and now she was in this state. Some of the smaller cuts had already sealed themselves but the blood still remained. For now she took some of the cloth laying around and tied up her remaining wounds in a makeshift bandage. She stood to survey the area to try to see if there were anymore survivors.

    The voice of the good Doctor met her ears, welcoming people back to Pokecharms even in the state it was now. Dwayna smiled at hearing his moving speech, and cheered along with everyone else when it was finished. She coughed a bit afterwards, spitting up blood and causing her to grimace at the fact that she was also internally damaged. She knew that she would heal with time, but she had to find the others first.

    She started walking in the direction that his voice had come from, making her way through the wreckage and keeping her wits about her just in case there was anyone else wandering around or alive in this mess.
  13. The occasional breeze winded its way through the ruined structures of the once magnificent and flourishing city that was Pokécharms. The once prominent and beautiful city now looked like a post apocalyptic wasteland with few buildings actually being able to be recognized as such, usually only with a partial wall sticking out of the rubble to indicate where one once stood. The breeze was kicking up bits of dust and light debris and blowing them along, sometimes forming small dust devils. One such small whirlwind formed near a bit of wall that formed a corner of what used to be the Chat Room building, building larger and stronger than most others, not blowing itself out after only a few moments, running over and around a small area, over the same remnants of a single table and chair that were barely recognizable in the dirt.

    Finally dissipating after long minutes of continuous swirling there was a neat little pile of dirt and dust left over sitting on the ground. This wasn’t in and of itself very intriguing. There was, after all, lots of dirt and dust left in all manner of piles being created and moved by the blowing winds across the now apocalyptic wasteland of ruined edifices. But what made this little pile of dust special from all the others was that after a time it started to glow as if lit by an inner fire. Soon enough they started to flutter and twist about, the glowing intensifying to the point where the entire pile glowed a soft yet strong shade of eerie yellow reddish orange. A small vortex suddenly sprang into being atop the glowing mass, instantly catching it all into its diminutive yet powerful winds. The swirling energy laden dust started to whirl and twirl about in a dance of epic proportions that wasn’t to be seen by a single soul. The particles eventually started settling into a larger shape, solidifying and slowly forming the body of a man stretched out on the ground, the energy pulsing and warping till finally the form looked complete, if still rather pale and gray scale. To finish off the magical resurrection the faintly glowing energy finally snuffed out in a flash fire that encased the entire form and brought color to the body and clothing.

    After this show of fairly impressive magic, the man that now lay there calmly on the ground didn’t look that impressive. Simple blue carpenter jeans with white sneakers poking out the bottom with what looked to be dark bomber jacket and a dark red scarf wrapped around his neck covered most of his body, leaving only his hands and head exposed to the elements now. A close trimmed goatee matched his short reddish brown hair which framed an average face. Small frame glasses perched on his nose and, when his eyes finally fluttered open, pale blue eyes.

    For a few moments he just lay there breathing quietly, seemingly asleep on the ground looking peaceful. Then suddenly a large intake of breath and his eyes shot wide open, arms splaying to the sides in support as if bracing for something that wasn’t coming. After a few moments of tense anticipation he began to look around and notice his surroundings. Noticing he wasn’t in any immediate danger of being blown up yet again, Pheonix finally relaxed and sat up and began dusting himself off.

    “Well, I suppose that took a bit longer than I thought it would. And here I thought it was just a giant prank by one of our more destructive measures… guess I greatly misjudged how much damage actually happened.” Pheonix thought to himself.

    Finally rising to his feet he began to take stock of his situation and really take a good look around. His eyes widened in wonder, amazed to see the level of destruction that had occurred. He stood in saddened awe as he slowly turned around to gaze upon the devastation of his once great home. The crumbling remnants of buildings with gaping holes in the walls making for perfect portraits to gaze upon the wasteland that stretched out as far as the eye could see.

    The immensity of it all finally struck the poor man and he fairly slumped back to the ground before coming to his senses. “This can’t be! This is fucking Charms for pete’s sake! There has to be survivors. There has to be a rebuilding effort going on. There have to be more members that survived this. Hell, I still need to figure out how long I was out of it.” He angrily muttered to himself.

    Sadly looking down at his little corner of the building Pheonix usually occupied for the last few years, he gave it a farewell sigh before trudging over and climbing through a hole in the wall to trek out in search of any others.
  14. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    There was another pile of rubble, some fair distance away.

    Much like everything else that was left of PokeCharms, it was rather grey, drab and nondescript. It was raining - traces of a climate control system still operational. But otherwise, just another pile of nondescript rubble - the sort that none would even give a second thought.

    If it wasn't for the biomechanical tendrils, that is.

    They spread out, scanning, expanding, anchoring themselves in the parched ground, glowing crystalline nodes shining in blue light. Wherever they anchored, technorganic-looking plants burst to life from the ground, rising from the ground in chaotic helix patterns that supported each other. Something was rising from the pile of rubble slowly, crumbling stones and dust away - a softly pulsating cocoon-like mass - or perhaps a flower bud, its rims formed by biomechanical tendrils, plating with crystalline nodes and leaves that seemed to have circuitry patterns embedded within them. The more the artificial, technorganic garden seemed to spread, the more vitality the plantlike construct in its center seemed to achieve, a layer of plating slowly peeling off and revealing the luminescent refractive crystal within. Vitality seemed to emanate from it, and it seemed that any moment now, the thing would bloom...

    "BUGGER ALL THIS FOR A LARK!" came a sudden cry in a vaguely British but not quite accent from within as the occupant of the strange growth slashed his way to freedom with a mighty swing of mimetic armblades.

    Yeah. That would be the point where the dramatic musical crescendo dies out with a record-scratch.

    "I TOLD the bastards I don't do post-apocalyptic bullshit. I swear, when I find our last hosts, there will be HELL to pay." StellarWind Elsydeon growled, surveying his surroundings "Good grief, this doesn't even FEEL like PokeCharms anymore. I sure hope Alex gets his act together and gets our templates back..."

    He blinked for a moment when he realized something. It's been -longer- than it should have. The rain wasn't a good sign either.

    The fact he wasn't wearing his trademark trenchcoat - and indeed, rather than any form of shirt, his upper body seemed to have developed a strange biomechanical carapace - and the fact that he apparently developed more biomechanical scutage along his limbs and his face - which he wasn't entirely sure that he could transform out of quite yet - was also disconcerting.

    ... Then he realized that he was cut off from the administration grid.

    "Hn, seems like my backup exoshell is still incomplete... But I'd best trace whatever large concentration of lifesigns I can find. If I can reconnect..."

    He retracted his armblades. They, at least, seemed to work for now - though without his connection to the admin grid, he'd probably be unable to make full use of their abilities. He closed his eyes, following the network of tendrils snaking its way throughout the barren landscape, detecting a large concentration of lifesigns due west.

    Closing his eyes, he allowed the two pairs of Biomechanical-looking wings - vaguely insectoid, vaguely draconic and very alien - that now adorned his back to spread and took off tracing the lifesigns, their motions leaving a dual helix of azure and green light behind him as he flew, biomechanical plants flourishing from the ground in his wake.

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  15. Blazikid was in a lot of trouble. The half-pokemon had been strolling through the grand city of 'Charms, when something happened. There was this big flash, and the next thing he knew was in large amounts of pain. After all, he did have a metal spike jutting out of his collarbone, narrowly missing anything vital. When ever he moved, it sent bolts of pain searing through his body. He had started drifting in and out of consciousness, when he was asleep it was scary with all the nightmares he started having, when he was awake he was either in pain or fearing for his life, or both. The advantage of being half pokemon was that he could live longer without food or water then most humans, a bonus being he was part Blaziken which extended the period of time. He had been like this for around six days. He suddenly saw some movement in the corner of his eye. It was some men searching around, looking at each pile of rubble. "Help..." He managed to croak. A man heard the voice and spun around. He saw the broken spike and came running over. When he saw Blazikid he shouted to the other men, and started talking rapidly into a walkie-talkie. He knelt beside Blazikid and started to comfort him.
    "It's going to be okay, kid. Help's on it's way." He said, looking into the startling blue eyes. Blazikid smiled, and fell into the waiting arms of sleep.

    He woke up later to a spray of cleanser. He coughed, and a large glob of blood and dust flew out of his mouth. "Kid! Or rather, Blazikid. You're lucky to have lived. That spike was massive, and you lost a lot of blood from it." The man said. Blazikid looked around and saw he was in a medical tent. "You won't be able to go onto the backup charms for a while, at least not until you heal up." Blazikid nodded, and laid back on the bed. He might not be able to join, but soon...
  16. (OOC: Crowded RP is crowded. I hope y'all don't mind me joining.)

    A heartbeat, a nearly comotose brainstate, and a heavily battered body was all that was left of Sine. Trapped in a small pocket of air under what promised to be multiple tons of rubble, the young girl was running out of both oxygen and life.

    In the midst of all of this, her eyes opened. Dust had taken the opportunity of her previous state to set up lovely vacation condoes in her lungs. What the particles didn't know was that the area was highly prone to the natural disaster of Sine-coughing-to-get-said-dust-out-of-lungs. The native lung cells had a word for it, but none of the particles ever cared to learn it. Not that they could, as they mostly consisted of plaster, dead skin, and whatever the hell else is in a collapsed building.

    In the first second that Sine was up for, there was much coughing. Same with the second and third seconds. This made the powers that be question why seconds were being used as a timestamp, when in reality the coughing lasted for a few minutes.

    After said few minutes, claustrophobia set in. It was no secret that Sine really didn't like the idea of being caught in a collapsing building. And now, trapped in the remains of the PRP building, with no way to call for help, she was pretty much facing one of her greater fears. Now all she needed was a tornado made of wasps (a waspnado, some might say), and it would be a Sine's Fears Hullaballoo.

    The young brunette shook her head. Thoughts of hullaballoos could be recalled later, when the situation wasn't life threatening. Thanks to a crazy set of events that had occurred during Halloween, Sine knew that she did have an option- her odd mathematical powers.

    "Some people get fire, some people get pure win, and I get stuck with the math," she mumbled to herself. Being that her general vicinity was a rubble convention, it didn't really seem to matter where she aimed.

    "Let's see.... I was on the first floor, which means shooting up might cause a secondary collapse. Same thing might happen if I shoot out in front, but I guess I'll just have to take the chance." She pulled her hand out from under her body, noting the multiple gashes marring her once pale arm. Those would have to be fixed, she thought with a grimace.

    "Sine!" A blast of sinusoidal energy slammed against the concrete block in front of her, shattering it and the one directly behind it. It was a small path, but it was a start. She pulled her other arm out in front of her, and began to crawl towards the space she had made. Her progress halted when she realized her right leg had been trapped beneath a large, particularly angry block. She turned her arm behind her, and with a soft "Cosine", burst the block holding her leg. Well, she could move, but she wondered how alive the tissue in her leg muscle was. That could wait.

    A bunch more trigonometric functions followed. The young girl even used the arc-functions and some hyperbolic trigs. After enough yelling to make anyone hoarse, she felt a breeze of air. She had broken through.

    After a few minutes of clawing at the blocks in front of her, Sine had finally made a hole big enough for her to climb out of. It was raining, but it felt damn good to someone who had spent the last few days under a building.

    She looked around to find that it wasn't just a PRP collapse- the entire Charms complex had been hit by what apparently was a missile. Great.

    "Argh! What idiot divided by zero?" Sine screamed, slamming her fists into the ground. She pulled herself to her feet, only to find that her right leg had indeed stopped working. A quick glance showed that the tissue was a dark purple from necrosis. Joy. Just what she needed.

    She sighed. If she didn't find some way to fix this, and fast, she'd get owned by the toxins being released from the decaying tissue.

    "Some people get win, and I get the maths..." she mumbled again, wracking her brain for a solution.

    Hm. A long shot. But in this case, that's all she had left. Either that, or an impromptu amputation using a metal rod.

    "Derive!" she shouted, focusing her energy on the dead leg. It began to glow softly, and piece by piece, it disappeared, leaving only an outline. This was the base function of the leg.

    "Integrate!" The pieces began to reform, this time with a constant that -didn't- mean necrosis. That's the good thing about integrating- that plus C can really save some skin. And some leg.

    Within a few minutes, all was back to normal with the girl's leg. She stood up, surveying the broken landscape. There was a camp a while off- the temporary set up for Charms. Grabbing a metal rod to use as support while her new leg got used to the whole idea of walking, she began to head for the tents.

    (OOC: Again, hope you don't mind)
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  17. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    (This place is already crowded enough so what's one more? 8))

    "What is this madness!?" uttered a man with spiky black hair and dressed in black boots, long black pants, a black shirt covered by a long black trench coat, and black gloves. His red eyes were wide with alarm and horror at the sight before him. Having just come back after a relaxing vacation at the beach, Psycho Monkey had returned to PokeCharms hoping to get back to the Golems RP he had joined only to now find all of Charms reduced to ruins and rubble.

    The Lord of the Evil Space Monkeys sat in the passenger seat of his spaceship, driven by one of his subordinates, trying to comprehend the full situation. It just didn't feel real. Any moment now PM would wake up in the General Writing board having unintentionally fallen asleep while writing his fic Rise of Team Neos again, but that wasn't going to happen. Not this time. Maybe not ever again.

    "My Lord. The docking bay has been destroyed. Do you still want to land here, or should we just leave and cut our losses?" asked the orange furred monkey driver. P_M's eyes shifted from shocked to determined as a smile filled with resolve appeared to show off his long monkey fangs.

    "Well of course we're landing! I must survey the damage first hand to make it real to me. I also want to know how many casualties there were. It would be a shame if anyone important lost there lives." The mokey lord said leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms. The driver nodded as he pushed the steering wheel forward causing the ship to go into a sixty degree angle. Just as it seemed they would crash, the driver pulled back straightening the ship out so that it hovered only a few feet of the ground. The cockpit opened up allowing P_M to jump out onto what used to be the road leading to the Gen V Discussion Board, evident by the remnants of a sign up ahead that read 'en \'

    "I'll be fine here. Tell the other Evil Space Monkeys to get on stand by. If it turns out this was no accident, there will be blood shed of the one responsible." P_M instructed waving the driver off. The monkey nodded as the cockpit closed. P_M turned his attention to the ruins around him and began wandering around. What a tragic loss it all was.

    Then something caught P_M's ears. It was the roar of applause. Somewhere near a large group of people were cheering about something. The Monkey quickly headed for that direction to investigate. The two logical conclusions were the applause were from survivors of Charms, or the ones responsible. P_M hoped for the former option so that he could get answers. On his way, it began raining making the dreary surroundings all the more depressing. Then the sight of a familiar female caught his attention.

    "LADY DWAYNA!" the crazy monkey shouted ecstatically. He broke into a run and tackleglomped the female in the typical Charms greeting. "You're alive! So there really were survivors!" P_M was slightly taken back when he saw the cuts, bruises, and blood on her chin. Perhaps tackleglomping wasn't such a good idea after all. "Teehee. Sorry about that. Are you ok?" he asked apologetically.
  18. (We seriously have 15 people in this already?)
    (Edit: Make that 16, and there probably will be more...)

    Brendan stopped rubbing his eyes, at least one of his eyes was seeing properly again. The other eye was still blurry however, so that when Brendan had both eyes open, it was like one of those cross screens to show the difference between High Definition and old-school TVs.

    "Can I get you some English Tea? Coffee, maybe? God, I love me some camping every now and then..." Toru offered as he started up a kettle.

    "You really sound like you're enjoying yourself there, and I'll take a tea please." Brendan commented,

    "So, what happened to you Brendan? I mean, I was quite far away from the boards of 'Charms and I got hurt pretty badly. You were actually in one of the boards."

    "Yeah, caught in a bad place at the wrong time. How was I supposed to know the entire forum would come crashing down?" Brendan replied, people then began talking all at once, Brendan himself making tongue stunts just to keep up. "I think we already know each other Lyn. I didn't even know transfers ended with a bang. It's nice that I don't have to fear for my mortal soul this year. Yeah, you look like you made a wrong turn on the way to heaven yourself Chibi. ALL HAIL THE WHALE OF FAIL!!" Brendan had to breathe before he could continue. "This just like the old chat room, only without a roof. All that's missing now would be-"

    "TORUUUU!!" a voice shouted, Brendan turned his head to see a purple furry rodent-angel creature crash into Toru, still at the table with the kettle, the geokinetic crumpled like a rag doll, and almost instantly, both Toru and Tunduli were on the ground trapped in a very violent hugfest.

    "… the tackleglomp" Brendan finished. His previous statement was now official.

    "Welcome back, my friends, to Pokecharms." A voice boomed on an intercom, Brendan looked both ways and found Dr Oak standing behind a podium, his voice boomed from all directions thanks to a series of speakers placed at regular places all over the camp. Brendan was actually half surprised, he usually wasn't around when Oak made public speeches like this. "Over this past week, we have suffered a terrible, terrible loss. We've lost many friends, many irreplaceable works of art and our homes. We've lost more one could possibly imagine. Last week, on the 27th May, disaster hit us and it hit us hard. Before we could react to what was happening, it was already too late and the damage was done. Now, a week on, we are left to rebuild and recover - and this will not be an easy task. It will take a lot of hard work to bring Pokecharms back to its feet, but believe me, that is exactly what is going to happen." Oak thumped the podium with stern determination at this point. "We have some difficult decisions to make over the next few weeks on the direction of this rebuilding - but we will endeavor to make the right choice for the community and work tirelessly to restore Pokecharms to the glory that it deserves. We. Will not. Be. Beaten." Upon those final words, all the Charms members began to clap and applaud for the inspirational words of their forum manager. After everyone had settled down, Brendan returned to the non-stop conversations of the chat fire.

    (I might be delaying action here...)
  19. (OoC: PANIC! D: Where did everything go?)

    "Okay, this will do it!" Secad exclaimed, putting the final touches on her Avatar: The Last Airbender roleplay before entering the topic. "Fi, you'll be invisible and intangible the entire time. Don't panic. You'll be on my shoulder throughout the entire thing. I set it that way."

    Yes, yes, I have it. Fi, the pyrokinetic white gerbil mumbled. It's quite disappointing you couldn't write me in it somehow.

    "I'm sorry, little girl," Secad replied, rubbing the gerbils back as she rested on her shoulder. "Get on the fedora, please."
    Fi climbed on top of Secad's black, pinstriped fedora-topped head. "Let's do this!" she cried, stepping into her RP to become Zaria Inu, a Firebender.


    A explosion occurred just as she was about to search for some glorious stew. Computer generated people were flickering out, player characters were being injured, and the Ba Sing Se marketplace was being destroyed. Fi even flickered back into visibility.

    "Fi?" Secad said quizzically, feeling herself being 'molded' to and fro between the tan, black-haired, golden-eyed Bender to her pale-skinned, ponytailed, dark-haired self. Her hat was knocked off by a wind. Now she was getting nervous. Yes, the loss of her hat contributed to her anxiety. "What's going on? Where'd you come from? And-"


    Secad got knocked out by a flying cabbage, the seller screaming for not his life nor his injuries, but his stock.

    "My cabbages!"

    As Fi and Secad were symbiotically linked, they were instantly knocked out.


    Secad started coming back into a sort of consciousness, moaning, though her world was still dark and blurry.

    "Me-urrrh?" Secad moaned, feeling the sting of some of her injuries, and a really nasty pain around her rear. "Whuzzat?"

    There were some scrapings and rumblings of the rubble around her. Some anonymous-looking SWAT-type man pulled her out.

    "Find yourself a member tent somewhere, get cleaned up. You're mostly uninjured from what I can tell." He said, speaking quickly. "'Charms was brought down by a server crash. We're finding other survivors."

    "Mmm?" Secad noticed that her fedora was next to her, battered, but fine. Her shirt and pants, however, were damaged. Her favorite Pink Floyd t-shirt (with the awesome prism) was damaged with a huge rip out of the back and various slashes out of the front, leaving her with a sort of survivalist halter top. Her tight, green jeans were now very loose, having been all but ripped away by the various damages. However, something was very wrong, something much worse than possibly being half-naked.

    Finally, it hit her. "Don't go!" she screamed at the SWAT-type person, who was jogging off. "Fi, she's gone, the white gerbil who helps hold our lives!"

    "I'm sorry, miss, but I have to go!" he called back, jogging noisily in his grey-toned gear.

    No... she whimpered, thinking to herself. She's more important than my own discomfort.

    Steeling herself, she grabbed her fedora, dusted it off, popped it back into shape (yay for felt!), and plunked it on her head. Her eyes burned with determination, her elf-like ears pulling back to accent her nearly crazed expression.

    "Come on, come on..." Secad said to herself, trying to look through Fi's eyes and mind to locate her. She must be near. She could feel her pain, some stings from all her limb, a now sharp pain in her rear, and some general aching.

    Nothing. Just black from her.

    "She must be knocked out! Gosh, who knew cabbages were that hard?!" Secad said frantically, now resorting to digging through the artificially-toned rubble of the Role Play computers and threads. It seemed to take forever, then...

    "My gerbil!" she cried in love and appallment at Fi's condition. The little red-eyed white gerbil had a grotesquely kinked tail, broken most likely, many bald patches from fur being scraped off, and many scratches that were oozing.

    "She has to be alive..." Secad said, close to tears at seeing the one so close to her in mind, heart, and body in such a state. She held the tears back with the reassuring statement of "If I am, so is she."

    Secad scooped the gerbil up, cradling her in her folded arms like a young human baby. "Come on, show me your flame. You can do it." she murmured, trying to wake her up. "Let's find a tent."

    (OoC: Anyone can contact me here.)
  20. "What the fudge happened here?" Indie muttered, trailing off.
    Indie had not been logged in to Charms the night the whatever-did-happen happened. Locked out of Charms, regular visits paid off eventually. He had finally got back into Charms. The sight before him though was not one that he wanted or expected to see. A scene of ruin, despair and an eery silence that accompanied the aftermath of something horrible. Shaking, Indie took a few steps, slowly turning his head around to view more of the rubble. Then, a much unwelcome fresh thought occured to Indie. "What about everyone else?"
    Another wave of sadness and worry hit Indie hard. Fighting back tiredness, Indie broke into run, shouting the names of various Charmsians that came to mind.
    "Tun...Blazi...You there?" he shouted.
    Indie stopped and sat down on a nearby pile of rubble to catch his breath. He felt the rock underneath him. It was sticky with something. Jumping up, Indie turned and stifled a scream. Blood, covering the pile like butter to toast. The shock momentarily cleared Indie's head. Enough time for him to think of an idea that could aid in his search.
    "Sheepyrock!"Indie shouted gleefully, albeit randomly.
    Flexing his left arm, Indie pointed his arm at a nearby rock. He began muttering unaudible words. Suddenly the rock-face began to take the guise of a small, poofy sheep. The change spread along the rock until the transformation was complete. Suddenly, the rock let loose a wave of energy, knocking Indie off his feet. The sheepyrock roared hoarsly and began charging towards Indie.
    Indie was to preoccupied to notice the charging sheep, because a splitting pain had manifested in his left hand. Just as the sheep was about land home, a shot was fired, creating a loud bang for all to hear. When Indie opened his eyes, he saw the body of the sheepyrock reverting to its original state. A white-clad figure, the owner of the gun, hurled Indie onto his shoulders. he drew out a spray can and fired some gunk at Indie. Pausing from his brisk walk to a helicopter-like vehicle, he broke the silence.
    "Uh, yeah?"
    "You're lucky to be alive." He responded.
    "Oh ok..." Indie replied. In an attempt to break the formality of the conversation, Indie conjured a blurry image of an ORLY owl. Only giving away a faint smirk, the white-clad figure, sat Indie onto a rigid seat in the chopper.
    "We're from Simple Machines. The forum hosts. We're just doing the rounds, helping any survivors..."
    he said.
    "And you are heading off to Camp Charms."
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  21. Tun listened to Dr Oak's mini-'speach' about the rebuilding of 'Charms. She still couldn't believe for certain that all of the Pokecharms Databases had been lost ... everything. All of her posts. Her special custom-title. Her buddy list. Even ... even her large spriting business. It was all gone.

    "Well, anyway ..." Brendan continued after Dr Oak had finished talking. While the rest of the group were talking, she drifted away - not only in a trail of thought, but she also wandered off a little bit further away from the chatfire. She rubbed her left eye (the blind one, underneath her side fringe) as she stared into the distance, skimming the rocks and stone and rubble. She turned her body around again to look back at the chatfire.

    Is that ... everyone? She thought to herself. Hm. Ehh ... let's just wait and see. Gosh, I'm boooored ... I may ... as well ... yeah.

    With a smile on her face, Tun bounced straight onto her backside to sit on the ground. She sat comfortably on a large boulder, not being able to put her feet on the ground. Ho ho ho. Nice place. With a flick of her hand, she brought a long peice of wood, and a rectangular peice of wood to her grasp. Shaking the backpack off of her back, she took out a pack of pens and stuck out her toungue. Quickly, she got to work.

    5 or 10 minutes later, she stared at her sign. Tee hee. she thought to herself. She held up the large plank of wood in front of her face. She had written "Teh Shiny Sprites of Tun - Home of the Pokeplush" in large, eccentric looking letters. Tun took out some glue from her backpack and stuck the larger peice of wood to the longer one, then sticking it into the ground beside her boulder.

    Mmkaaay ... she thought, humming the tune of "Bad Romance" to herself. I've got the sign and the sight, so now I'd better display some stuff. With a quick strench and a yawn, she took out a ball of purple and yellow yarn, a bag of floofs, yellow thread and a knitting needle out of her bag. Silently, she got to work, making a Drifloon Pokeplush.
  22. Secad had spent what had felt like hours wandering. Her usually-sideswept 'happy emo' (As some person on another forum had called them) bangs were in her face, her ponytail falling out, and her pants nearly fallen off her. Fi still hadn't fully come conscious, but she was breathing.

    Fi then twitched, causing her to look down while still 'walking.' "Little girl? Are you waking up?"

    No reply.

    "No." Secad said softly. "Please, twitch again. Puh-ergh!"

    Secad had caught her foot underneath a stone, sending her stumbling into a sign. "Crap." she growled, picking it up to read it, as of course, this inquisitive person could hardly go by one without at least attempting to obtain the information on it. Thankfully, she still had Fi in her elbow, not injured any more.

    "Teh Shiny Sprites of..." Secad read aloud, before realizing that the maker was on the boulder nearby.

    "OMIGOODNESSIT'STUNNY!" She cried, tackle-glomping her in happiness. Without even releasing the plushie-maker, she said into Tundulit's shoulder, "Where is everybody? You're the second person I've seen!"
  23. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    There were more survivors then he had thought. That surprised Rex slightly. It wasn't just the faces he saw, but the ones he didn't. RX, Pheo, Dwayna, Psycho, and so many others were missing. They could take care of themselves, they were the elder members, of course! Still, the lack of readily familiar faces unnerved the Halfer a bit. He continued to watch from the shadows, listening to Doctor Oak's little speech. Now didn't seem like the best time for a speech, when so many were still missing, but he wasn't going to question the Doctor's motives.

    By the looks of it, the one called "Tun" was setting up her little plush shop again. Rex had kept away from it, not very interested in the context. However, it did give him an idea for setting up his own areas. With the main competition gone, this was the perfect chance for him to bring back his little fan fiction, before the temporary art area was overwhelmed. Luckily, he didn't need to start all over like Tun did, having kept a copy of the story with him at all times.

    He pulled a small green notebook out of his trench coat's deep pocket. On the cover, in fancy black letters, was written "Working with The Felt." The Otter Halfer flipped open the book to it's front page and scanned it, making sure it was what he wanted. Satisfied, he disappeared from the fringe of the chat fire, heading over to the General Art Tent. When he reached it, he realized he was already too late for the party. Several other stories had been set up already, as well as a bunch of art shows. Rex shrugged, and moved farther in, copying down the first chapter of the story and leaving it for people to read. He doubted that it would get noticed, but it was worth a shot.

    Afterward, he went back to the fire. Another person had shown up while he was gone, Rex was pretty sure that it was Secad, even though he had had little to no interaction with her. He stopped at the fringe again, wondering if his absence was even registered by the others. Sometimes he could disappear for hours on end without anyone noticing. It was a little disheartening, knowing how easy it was for them to overlook him, but that was life.

    "I'm back, if anyone even noticed that I was gone, I miss anything important?" he questioned, not expecting either a greeting or an answer.
  24. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Staff Member Administrator

    "For the love of desu, even after the APOCALYPSE you're an emo attention whore, Rex? No wait, don't answer that. The last thing this place needs is ELLIPSES."

    The biomechanical entity landed squarely beneath the Rex unit, his wings folding back beneath his back. A strange flow of energy greeted his biomechanical body as his feet touched the ground again - he felt the warmth of the reconnection - the admin grid found him again, revitalizing him. He tuned his senses and indeed, felt like he could detect the Staff Tent again.

    "Temporary forums mean no n00bs to slaughter yet." he muttered, "Well, what can one do. Might as well go and see what the other brains are thinking."

    He disregarded the other locals for a while, making a beeline for the staff tent. He needed a debriefing, and he needed it now.
  25. Chadwyck stretched, the chat died off into little side conversations, as was normal. Rather than stick around, he decided to check out the camp and see how it was coming along. There were more people coming in by the minute, apparently there were more survivors than he would have expected. It was good to see; people on 'charms were more resilient than he had thought. They were tough, they would make it through this disaster just fine.

    Dr Oak stepped up and reassured them of this with a speech. It was full of hope, and power, and confidence. All the things that one would expect from the forum manager, and it was what a lot of the members needed to hear. Chadwyck applauded with the rest of the people in the camp. "Good, Alex." He said to himself, "We'll pull through this all right. Now, I'm going to go scavenge about for survivors in the ruins."

    Chadwyck turned and headed out of the camp, it wasn't a great idea; without his powers and taking into account the injuries he sustained, he may just run into something he couldn't handle. But at the same time, he couldn't just leave people trapped out there. Lord knew how much longer the good folks at Simple Machines would continue making survivor runs, it was already a week after the incident, if they kept it going much longer Chad would be surprised. "And maybe, I can find the ones responsible for what happened. The ones who attacked my home."

    There was a hovercraft making a drop of some other rescued member, it was just about to head back out into the ruins when Chadwyck approached to try and hitch a lift. "I'm sorry, sir, I'm going to have to ask you to stay in the camp. For your own safety."

    "I'm aware of the risks, but you can't be everywhere at once. Just take me out there and drop me off, I can look for survivors and contact you for transport. Trust me, I'm healthier than I look." After a moment the man sighed, Chadwyck wasn't sure whether they were going to give him a lift. Not that it would matter, he'd just walk back to the destroyed remains of 'charms without their help.

    "All right, hop on. We'll let you off near the old Chat building. It's one of the places most difficult to get a full team into." He handed Chadwyck a radio, "Call for transport if you find anyone." Chadwyck nodded and hopped onboard the ship.

    Within a few minutes Chadwyck was set down in what looked to be the remains of a plaza. In front of him was what remained of the Chat building, one of the biggest and most well protected buildings in the forum, and it was reduced to rubble. He decided that he best start sorting through the rubble when he noticed someone trudging off away from the building. His first instinct was that it was the one responsible. He drew his sword and rushed in, hiding around the corner. Then he noticed who it was. "Pheo?" He questioned to himself. He sheathed his blade and stepped out into the light rain. "Pheo!" He called loud enough for the man to hear this time. "You're all right. Do you have any idea what happened?" He looked at the man and realized that he had no injuries, "How did you get away unscathed? This was, like, the center of the blast."
  26. Tun sat steadily above the rock, still working on the Drifloon plushie. Before she had time to react, she heard a familiar voice calling one of her nicknames (in amongst a bunch of other words). "OMIGOODNESSIT'STUNNY!"

    Tun was baffled by the tacklehugger, and was thrown back, almost falling off of her rock. She burst out laughing before she even had a chance to move or say anything. It was only then she noticed who it actually was.

    "Omigawshness!" Tun squeeled. "Secaaaad ~"

    "Where is everybody? You're the second person I've seen!" Secad said into Tun's shoulder, not even loosening her grip. This made Tun giggle, she also squirmed a little bit as she attempted to perch upright on the boulder. Doing so, she managed to catch a glimpse of a white rodent with red eyes.

    "And the second would be Fi?" Tun giggled. "Anywhos ... I think they're over there." Tun pointed over towards the Chatfire. "Everyone's chatting about ... stuff, I guess. Alex gave a semi-speach a mintue ago." Tun giggled again, - that was one of her weird ... habits.

    Tun looked up from her friend to notice a semi-human setting up a base for his writing. Tun smiled at the thought of the community already starting up again.

    It was just then that she heard a shout of slight anger, but humour, and talk of n00bs. Tundul giggled almost silently. Ahh, yes. 'Charms is surely alive once more.
  27. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    ((OOC: So many people, I'm really confused. XD And crap post is crap, but meh))

    "I think we already know each other Lyn," Brendan had said, and something in her mind clicked.

    Of course she knew these people; they were like her family. Why, that otter thing that had passed by her that time was her dear father, Sem, and her sister Jenova was sitting across from her. And that guy on the podium was none other than...

    "The awesome Doctor Oak, or Alex, as most of us who know him call him," she mumbled as the guy gave a moving speech about not giving up and making Pokecharms great again. Or something.

    After seemingly realizing where she was for the first time, and figuring out who she was and what she was doing here, her eyes suddenly seemed to clear, becoming their usual ocean-blue color. The girl smiled, and was about to say something when she realised a few people were missing. No, it can't be... but there was no other explination. They were either lost, unconcious, or dead, none of which was good in her eyes. Yes, people kept trickling in bit by bit, but the absense of several regulars seemed to make her own heart stop. Not good at all.

    Wanting to clear her mind, Shiny got up and excused herself from chat, deciding to wander around the makeshift campout. Hopefully the old forums would be back soon, but for now, best to make herself familiar of her own surroundings.

    As she wandered through the tents, the girl saw things that were signs of rebuilding, not just the forums, but also the community; Secad glomping Tunduli, for one, was definetely something that could make anyone smile during a time of chaos. People chatting in the various tents, looking at bits of art by Virgil or discussing about the new Pokemon... the place was almost like home.

    Until one looked into the horizon.

    No one would be able to describe the pain Shiny felt as she gazed down at the ruins of old Pokecharms. Who else was left behind? How much was lost? Questions like these streamed through the girl's mind as she saw another pile of rubble collapse, only to reveal the body of a lifeless member. She would go in there to save anyone who could still be alive, but she knew better; the older members and the staff, as well as the Simple Machines people, would be able to take care of the situation, and she would only be a hindrance. And yet...

    Shiny glanced back at the campfire, the flames glowing, the members of chat laughing and having a good time. Then she looked back at the ruins. Sighing, the girl walked back to the fire, took out her ice flute, and played a little tune to herself. It sounded almost like a lullaby.
  28. "Kahaaaaaaa, I'm so lonely...and like, tired. Where is everybody?" Tangrow kept trudging through the depressing scene, like it was a bad portrait he took part in. The boy himself giggled a little, thinking how he may just fit with it too. He had his hood up, and was holding his lantern still, which emitted an odd green color. Anyone looking from afar could liken him to a Tonberry, or even a Poe if it was really dark. Of course, night certainly had not fallen, but that didn't make it any less desolate. The lonely buy's shoes were rather ratty now, as he had scraped them against metal many times at this point. He sighed and was about to cry when he saw two figures in the distance.

    "...Is that...no...is it? Gah I can't tell!" Talking to no one in particular, Tangrow slowly inched closer to the pair, his lantern's color moving from a subtle green to a lighthearted orange at the prospect of friends he may know. His hood obscuring his vision just enough to annoy him, Tangrow removed his hood and started to pick up pace as he could make out the figures. Hooking the lantern to his side, he started running and was about to make motions to leap upon the two when he snagged his shoe on a rock in the way and fell over.

    Leaping up, he giggled and shouted over and over, "Sem! Sem! Sem! Seeeeem!" Hugging the short otter-like admin in the hoodie, his lantern flickered through iridescent colors quickly, and Tangrow nearly vomited rainbows all over the poor thing. Standing up, he waved a hello to the taller woman rather vigorously, and kept blithering, firing off questions such as, "Where is everyone?" or "Did they all die?" and occasionally something silly like, "Where did all the kitties go?" Stopping for a second, he opened his mouth to ask one last question before letting Sem or Lysis get a word in, as he was speaking much too quickly before. "And, uh, like, where are we now? I saw the scary suit people and they looked like they were going to take me away so I got like, looooost." His lantern abruptly extinguished itself, likely to return Tangrow's energy to him, which the boy had mostly wasted through his endless talking.
  29. Teapot

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    "Attention. Major catastrophe detected. 228 survivors detected as of last check. Enabling emergency recovery procedures. All weapons offline. Estimated time until wakeup: 6 days, 13 hours, 19 minutes. Please wait."

    It wasn't every day someone was hit by a missile and survived. In fact, Database was rather grateful to be alive, let alone mostly intact. He had woken up late - it was the 7th of June before he was conscious again - but it didn't matter too much. The Simple Machines team had taken a long time to get to him - although that was probably because he was not in any immediate danger, as he was simply buried in an underground wardrobe. He had spent the last several hours stuck in near-darkness with trenchcoats and tutus and miniskirts - many remnants of the Mary-Sues that once milled around Pokécharms. However, at least he'd managed to pick out new clothes. He was now wearing a loose black shirt over a white t-shirt, well-fitting jeans, and bright red trainers. His latest upgrade - one that had occured during the staff's week off - had suited him well: his metal limbs now looked sleeker and less bulky, and the only indication that remained of the facial implants was a metallic eye.

    "Step back, please," came a voice from outside. "We're going to blow the door."

    Database did as instructed. Clearly, the Simple Machines team had gotten around to getting him out - which was helpful, as he had absolutely no ability to do so himself. Soon enough, there was a huge explosion, and the door flew off its' hinges - along with a large part of the wall. Database peered into a long, damp tunnel. A large drilling machine stood to one side, and three Simple Machines officers scurried from behind it.

    "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off," Database muttered. The officers stared at him, clearly not in the mood for witticisms.

    Database quickly understood why, however, as soon as he saw the same sight everyone else had - the crumbling buildings, the occasional fire, the utter ruin of Pokécharms. The vibrant greens and purples of the old buildings were gone, replaced by a scorched grey. Database could do nothing but gape. Right in front of his eyes was the old Showcase building. Most of his work in Pokécharms was stored there, and... now it was just a crater in the ground.

    Still, no time for regrets. It was time to see what could be recovered. Database sat down, placed his hands on the ground, and concentrated. Soon enough, he had found some of his fellow staff members, and plenty of regulars. He scanned further, seeing if he could find any more survivors. This would take a while, but it was his duty as a staff member to make sure as many people as possible survived.
  30. "ALL HAIL THE WHALE OF FAIL!" Brendan said, causing Jenova to jump.

    She laughed and twirled around the chat, holding up the glass frame. A piece of memory that survived the fall of what seemed to be more than a year's worth of moments and events.

    "I can't believe I found this in that heap of nonsense," Jenova said, hugging the glass whale.

    Tapping the floor with her parasol again, the pillow-shaped meteor whizzed through the air again. She then tapped the meteor open, creating a crack where she slid the frame into. Jenova jumped onto the meteor and flew away from the chat, searching for other people that seemed familiar to her. She noticed Stellarwind, Secad, and others while riding her meteor, but decided not to bother them. Instead, she changed her idea of finding 'Charmsians and instead wanted to investigate the landscape, searching for trinkets, inside jokes, and other stuff. Not only was it a way to be entertained, but maybe she'd find something of use. Suddenly, Jenova saw something in the distance.

    "What's that green light over there?" she thought to herself.

    She rushed over to the light as if she were prey coming towards a female angler fish's light. As she came closer to the light, she noticed it go out. Looking down, Jenova saw Tangrow and Sem. Her meteor lowered down, making her at least eye level with Tangrow. She jumped off the meteor and tackleglomped Tangrow.

    "Ethan! What's going on?" Jenova said, grinning and hugging Tangrow a little bit too tightly. She turned and looked at the otter admin and his companion. "Sem and Lll....erm...Lysis! Am I correct?" she asked, still grinning.
  31. (Ooc: Yaaay for crowding up an already full to bursting rp!)

    Blarg had been running for hours. As always, he never knew where he'd run, but he did it anyways. He had awoken from what he had at first thought was just an unpleasant dream, but was really a frightening and devestating reality. He had a sickening feeling he was being searched for, but that was nothing knew. As he ran, he attached a death grip on a modified Swiss Army Knife he had made God knows how long ago. It then hit him

    "Where the hell am I?" he thought. He hoped to see someone, something, anything that could help him figure this out. He decided to go into one of the destroyed buildings. As soon as Blarg walked in, he tripped over something. He looked down to see what caught him, and Blarg immediately wished he hadn't.

    At his feet was a hand, encased in electrical wiring and cement. He didn't care whose hand, because he ran out of there as fast as he could. "Jeez... what happened here?" he said aloud to himself, as if there were someone there to hear him. He then shook off the terrible image that had presented itself so abruptly to him, and kept going. Eventually, he made his way to a town square-like place with a few benches surrounding a fountain. The fountain was made of a green looking rock, and was carved with Poke Balls and shamrocks, which then led to the sickening revelation. This is Pokecharms. This was Pokecharms. It reminded him of the video he was shown in history class about what the Americans did to the Japaniese during WWII at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Stunned, Blarg walked back in a daze, and then tripped over something else, "not a hand this time" he thought. When he regained his composure, he studied what had caused him to stumble. It looked like a bomb, but it was very hard to tell with the soot blowing around, and the fact it was now a twisted piece of melted metal.

    "It looks like someone got a 25 killstreak." Blarg said out loud to himself, again, trying to make himself feel better with his own corny joke and rationalize the fact that his favorite forum was bombed. Why would anyone do this? What would possess them to launch a missile on an innocent little Pokemon forum/RP site? Blarg had more questions and answers, but one sad question rose above all the rest: Is he the only one left?

    His own questions were immediately answered as a hovercraft-spaceship thing flew over him, and it had many search lights on it, rotating, peering into the dusty shell of a city, looking for something. Blarg had no idea if the hovercraft people were friends or enemies, but he decided he'd rather not find out, so he pulled out a customized machete, and hoped for the best. He felt powerless, considering it was Blarg, a shorter than average 18 year old with a big knife, against a floating gunship hovercraft that looked straight out of Star Wars. The searchlights all instantly spotted him, and the ship made a 180 and started coming down. Blarg tensed, ready for (almost) anything. It landed, and opened its large front loading doors, mist pouring out of the opening. Two men with nasty looking guns came out, followed by another, appearing to be the leader. They looked menacing, but Blarg used all of his willpower to show that inside, he was ready to book it out of there. He then noticed the logo on their shoulders. It was Simple Machines.

    (Ooc: Double yaaay for cliffhangers, CoD: MW2 referrences, and for removing the stupid stuff :p.)
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  32. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Of course, of course, Stel had to randomly appear and tell him off. Rex so wish he could properly defend himself against him, but he wasn't stupid. No one calls out Stel, not unless they want to be clutching their guts at the very least. At least, that's how he saw things. Luckily, the madman left just after the remark. Now would be the perfect opportunity to release some stress and put a Dark Bullet through the back of the man's skull. Again, he wasn't that stupid, he'd just have to find a better way to vent.

    "Well, at least he didn't rant at me again," the Otter Halfer sighed, more to himself then anyone.

    Once again, out of his pocket came the green notebook that his personal Fan Fiction was written in. Something violent needed to happen, and it needed to happen soon. Out of his pocket came a pencil, and he started to scribble down what would happen next in the story. Of course, these juicy details would be kept to himself for a while, while he slowly brought back the other written chapters. There was also his Role Play back on GTS+. Once he got the chance to help back over, he would get stricter against the two noobs that had joined. That was the perfect way to vent, plan the slaughter of their characters, an event that loomed on both of their horizons.

    There was a snap, breaking Rex out of his thoughts. He looked down at the page, which was generally filled with some sort of evil-looking scrawl his anger had produced. He put too much pressure on the pencil, the tip had snapped. For some reason, this pissed him off a lot more then it should have. He flipped back a page, seeing that the same marks filled that page as well. He ripped the entire page out of the book and shoved the rest of it back into his pocket. Then stomped up to the fire and threw the page and pencil in, before heading back to the fringe.

    "I need to calm down," he muttered, again doubting that anyone listened, "Can't let him get to me again, now can I?"
  33. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    A slight bit of pain shot through her as a figure tackle-glomped her in the typical Charms greeting, the familiar voice referring to her as Lady Dwayna. She weakly hugged him back before he pulled away, noticing her wounds and asking if she was okay. She nodded slightly, her brown mane of hair waving slightly with the motion, not sticking anywhere despite the blood all over her skin.

    "I've had much worse, my dear servant Psycho, trust me. However I would ask you be a bit gentler with me at this time as my body is still regenerating." The ability to regenerate was in her dragon blood, but even still it had taken longer than it usually would. "How are you, by the way?"

    Absentmindedly, she checked up on how her larger gashes were healing up. The wounds had gotten smaller but were still bleeding quite a bit so she patched herself back up with clean clothes that she had seemingly conjured from nowhere. A larger gash under her right eye was now diminutive in size, one last trickle of crimson dribbling down the side of her face like a tear before the wound sealed itself, leaving no indication that it had ever been there but the remnants of blood.

    "Have you seen any of the others as of yet, my dear?" she asked tentatively and hopefully.
  34. The spike had safely been removed from Blazikid's collarbone, but the doctor still wanted him to stay put. He desperately wanted to look for Tun, Indie, and definitely Flygon Master, but his curious side took over as he asked the doctor some questions. "So, why use the cleansing stuff on me now, rather then back at the find site?" He asked.
    "Well, first we needed to get the spike out of you, and we could only do that here. If we used it on you there the spike may have been adapted to your body and who knows what might have happened if we took it out." He answered, wrapping the rapidly-healing wound in a bandage. "Your human part should be fine, but your pokemon-half took quite a hammering. Unless you gat a natural recharge soon I don't think you'll be able to use any of your fire abilities again. You're okay to leave now, you can look for your friends." The doctor said, changing the subject as he stepped back.
    "Thanks, I guess..." Blazikid muttered, thinking about the loss of his flames. He stepped out of the tent, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the light. He looked around, and thought he saw a chopper carrying a familiar character with a blue hoodie and Mareep horns. He rubbed his eyes and looked closer. It was familiar. "Indie!" Blazikid shouted, running towards where the helicopter was landing. As the figure climbed out of the chopper, Blazikid launched off his feet, wounds forgotten. The boy turned in time to get tackledglomped by an overly-excited Blazikid. "OHMYGOSHNESSINDIEYOU'REHEREYAYAYAYAYAYICAN'TBELIEVEITWOW!" He shouted, before realizing he was slightly overdoing it. "I'm sorry, it's just, you're the first charmsian i've seen since the D-day. What happened to you?" Blazikid asked, helping his slightly stunned buddy to his feet.
  35. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    The Aquamor had stopped suddenly, sniffing the air.

    “What’s up?” his partner asked, turning on her heel to look at him.

    “I sense a disturbance…” he muttered just before all of his fur stood on end as a chill ran down his spine. There was an enormous surge of positive energy close by, drawing nearer. “Oh, gods…” he breathed.

    "Sem! Sem! Sem! Seeeeem!" came the shrill cry of the Charmsian.

    Sem turned just in time to see Tangrow attack him with a hug that knocked him over. “Uh, hi, Tan,” Sem managed to answer, hugging the hooded boy back before getting up off the ground and dusting himself off. He got a glimpse of Lysis trying not to laugh at him out of the corner of his eye as she waved back at Tan.

    “Where is everyone?” Tan asked quickly, looking as if he needed to stop and breathe.

    “Well, er, some of them are-”

    “Did they all die?”


    "Where did all the kitties go?"

    “They’re all fine I’m sure-”

    "And, uh, like, where are we now? I saw the scary suit people and they looked like they were going to take me away so I got like, looooost." The boy stopped, as if he had glitched and frozen up.

    “We’re still looking for everyone, but some people are at our temporary base camp, alive. There’re kittens there too,” he said, sure that there indeed had to be some felines stalking about the camp. “Right now we’re in what’s left of the Miscellaneous Board. The scary suit people work for Simple Machines and would’ve taken you back to camp.” There, Sem had answered the important questions.

    “There’s Jenova,” Lysis stated, looking at the young girl as she approached them. She leapt off of her meteor and tackled Tan.

    “Hello again, Mother,” Sem said to the girl, putting a hand on her shoulder.

    "Sem and Lll....erm...Lysis! Am I correct?" she asked with a smile.

    “Yes, that’s right, dear,” the woman answered, reaching down and moving a long lock of the girl’s black hair out of her face.

    “Well, I’m sure Mother could take you back to camp if you wanted, Tan,” Sem said, eager to move on.

    “Oh, they can come along if they want,” Lysis interjected.

    “Three’s a crowd,” Sem thought to himself.

    “And while three’s a crowd, four’s a party,” the woman continued off of Sem’s thought with a satisfied grin.

    Sem shrugged after a moment. “I could use the help, I suppose,” he moved closer to Tan. “But not if you’re about to pass out. Here.” The raindrop pendant around Sem’s neck began to glow, as did his hands. He placed them on the boy’s shoulders as a healing energy started to work its way through his body, rejuvenating the boy.

    “There, now let’s get going, my darlings,” Lysis chimed as she continued on down the road with Sem right behind her.
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  36. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    A dark blue gunge was splashed across a pile of rubble with a fractured crystal in the centre. Slowly from mangled struts, fragmented walls and shattered glass it formed into a very dazed Karu, who as fortune would have it was sprawled on his back once his form solidified and gained more human features. "What in the name of.." His voice was shaken, vision blurred and if he didn't know better .. He was lightly concussed. "...All I do is walk in and.." He paused to ease himself up from the pile of refuse. "..Everything goes bang."

    Reaching up he brushed his hair from before his eyes, becoming aware of the magnitude of the situation. Running his hands over himself he checked to see everything was still there. With a smile her straightened up and ... Was overcome with a crushing pain in his stomach, forcing him bent double unto his knees and wretching atrociously.

    Of course it stopped but he looked worse wear for it. His skin was pale - more so than usual - and his eyes were hardly focused. Grasping a gnarled remnant of something or other he eased himelf from the ground and trudged toward the sounds of familiar voices, some regrettably more irritating than others ...

    [Short post is short..]
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  37. Yoshimitsu

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    El kicked his heels up on to a table in the staff tent, ignoring the looks he got.

    "Well, duckies, seems we're in a bit of a predicament," he commented. He ignored the looks he got for that too. Anything not fabulous just rolled off him, and those non-fabulous looks were no exception. He quickly jumped to his feet, a glass of neon-blue cocktail appearing in his hand. After sipping it and tasting the happiness, he glanced out of the tent.

    "Looks like most people made it through okay," he continued. He glanced back over his shoulder. "I'm going to get some fresh air."

    Of course by fresh air, he meant nicotine.

    El didn't look as ragged as many other members. In fact his attire was completely spotless. His bright, hot pink t-shirt and dark skinny jeans with flawless DC skate shoes. His hair was, as ever, vivid ice blonde with not a single strand out of place. If it wasn't for the cigarette hanging between his fingers, he would be the epitome of awesome.

    The teenager sauntered around the survivors, nodding to one or two in recognition as he sipped his neon blue drink.

    OOC- whatever i just wanted to post. theres a superfly reason why i survived in this strange strange setting.
  38. ((OOC:El got style!))

    The Simple Machines officer patted Indie on the back reassuringly, then gave a characteristacally hard nudge, thus flinging Indie and a box of supplys on to the ground. The heli-copter wasn't that high, so Indie didn't hurt more than he had in the last few minutes. Until an exubarant Blazikid tackleglomp'd a shocked but glad Indie.
    "OHMAHGOSHUMMSITSABLAZIWITHSUPAHHYPERGLOMPFESTYAY!"Indie responded, the two of them creating a combined racket. A giggle interrupted the two from the natural Glompfest that accompanies the greeting of two Charmsians. Both Blazi and Indie turned their heads towards the source.
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  39. Omigawshness!" Tun squealed while she was being tackle-glomped. "Secaaaad ~"

    "You're number two, because some SWAT-type person got me out of rubble...and Fi's hurt." Secad said quickly, face turning serious at the end of that statement. "She's generally beaten up, but she's unconscious as well, and look at her tail. It's a total mess!"

    Secad motioned to the limp rodent in her arms, with the grotesquely broken tail. Even after the whole squealfest, the white gerbil still hadn't woken up. "Do you think you can help me set her tail, at least?"
  40. Toru sat back down, gesturing upwards with his hands while Brendan talked about what happened, causing two small pillars of earth to crawl out of the earth and act like coasters next to Brendan and Toru, before he got back out of his seat and went to the now boiled kettle. After a minute or so, Toru came back with two green Pokecharms mugs and set them down on each coaster respectively, before smelling the pleasant aromas of the tea, and sipping it. "Mmmm, that hits the spot. Anyways, yeah, it's good to see you're alive Brendan. Anyways, I have some business to attend to during this cool little apocalypse, so I best be - OOF!"


    Toru was tackled down by a small purple - haired creature with cute little cream pink wings. It was Toru's good friend, Tunduli. Hugging her back and then standing up, he continued, jokingly glaring at Tun as his curly brown hair lightly blew with the winds of sorrow and misfortune that still whistled, settling in with the aftermath of the bomb.

    "Anyways, I have some business to attend to, mainly involving a certain Water Elemental I am allied with. Apart from that, I'm going to check for survivors."

    And with that sentence, Toru crouched down low and then leapt very high into the air and then came back down to the ground again, walking up to the fire and gulping down his tea before jumping up into the air again. His hair blew back due to the force of the jump, and now Toru only had a few seconds to spot Karu. Looking around the borderlands of 'Charms, he caught a glimpse of Karu - he looked pretty dull. Hell, he was a puddle of water! But Toru recognized him none the less, due to the fact he knew he did that from time to time. As he hit the apex of his jump, he called upon a rock for him to stand on, allowing him to float down to where he was. Toru landed about 10 feet away from the puddle that was Karu. He saw his crystal was broken. This was bad, considering the fact that elementals like him and Karu relied on power sources similar to those in their bodies. Walking hastily up to him, now he had reformed himself, he offered him a hand.

    "Yo~ don't worry, 'Charms is fine. Except for the fact it's been destroyed due to a massive explosion, and users could be dead. Other than that, we're okay. You on the other hand look pretty bad. Your crystal's smashed. I best take you to the Charms Camp." He clapped his hands and then held out his hand again. "Come on, chop chop!"

    EDIT: Added some more detail - looked pretty dull.
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