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Pokecharms: The June 2010 Fallout

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Brendan Savem, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. “Heck yes!” Secad called, as she watched Dwayna transform into a dragon as another wave approached.

    (OoC: Sorry about not posting. Computer issues and class don’t make a good combination . :p)

    Due to Fi being unconscious in her new belt pouch, Secad didn’t have any pyrokinesis or enhanced senses at all. “It’s slashing time!” the rather small teenager called in the manner of the Thing’s “It’s clobbering time!”

    Secad plucked the naginata charm from her silver choker, activating its growth to its full five foot length. The burgundy-flame-patterned weapon glinted as she spun it around her, gaining space between her and the horde of what seemed to be mutated saber-toothed elk.

    Using both centripetal force and the wonderful sharpness of the end, Secad almost gleefully cut the jugulars of two elk, allowing them to bleed out and not worry her. She loved to fight, as she somehow convinced herself that preserving herself was a pleasure.

    “Thunk-ity thunk,” she called, ponytail whipping behind her as she turned her head to thrust the blunt end into the skull of another elk. “Die!”

    (OoC: Gosh, I’m really making the post sound sadistic, huh? XD)
  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC: Ok, this is getting FAR too repetitive and boring.


    Sem left the staff tent and looked blankly at the sky as she walked forward. While hostiles were being engaged the blue prints for the old city had been found. Sectors would be rebuilt, though individual threads would never come back and would have to be rebuilt by the members themselves. It was an unavoidable fact that some of the city had been lost forever.

    The process would begin immediately. But first the invaders had to be dealt with. Members were directed out of Charms' vicinity. Once this happened the staff got to work on getting rid of what was left of the enemies from the old hosts. There weren't too many, thanks to the repetitive powerplaying of some of the regular members. Once the site was clean the boards began to go up, coming into existence almost instantly as faint blue lines appeared, quickly being filled in by pixels until the building was complete.

    After two days of hard work, Charms was back. It didn't look like it used to, being only a shadow of its former self. But that could change. It would feel like home again within a year as the members got to rebuilding their own personal threads. The staff watched as the members returned after the forums had been unlocked, various looks on all of their faces as they gazed upon what seemed familiar but so different at the same time. They saw some familiar faces as well as new ones. Some faces they knew they would never see again...

    Normalcy would return though, sooner than people might've thought.

    The End.

    (And Tangrow had teatime with tentacles.)

    Yes, weak post. But I think a lot of us agree that the RP was about finished. >-> And I think this was the first RP I've been in that actually /ended/. Not sure how I feel about that...
    #122 Sem, Jun 26, 2010
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