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Pokecharms: The June 2010 Fallout

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Brendan Savem, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: Since this was recently brought to my attention, figure I'll state it now.

    @ Stel, Rex, and anyone else who might follow suit: Whether it's all in good fun or not, keep your posts clean. This isn't the place for personal vendettas or rudeness towards other members. It just causes unnecessary tension and bad karma that really doesn't belong here.

  2. "You're number two, because some SWAT-type person got me out of rubble...and Fi's hurt." Secad said quickly, face turning serious at the end of that statement. "She's generally beaten up, but she's unconscious as well, and look at her tail. It's a total mess!"

    Secad motioned to the limp rodent in her arms, with the grotesquely broken tail. Even after the whole squealfest, the white gerbil still hadn't woken up. "Do you think you can help me set her tail, at least?"

    "Ohh, Secad~" Tun smiled. "Only of course. I don't know what the best thing I could do exactly is, though - although, I guess I could stitch it back together ... ?"


    Tun turned her head around quickly. A half-Blaziken, half-human teenager was hugging and being hugged by another teen, this one with brown hair, a blue hoodie and Mareep-horns. It was Indie and Blazikid!

    "Ohhh, hey, you two ~" Tun smiled. "Just a minute, I'm trying to fix a certain gerbil's tail."
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  3. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    (And that reason is because you dodged all the destruction, right El? ;))

    "Of course I'll be more gentle. I was just so excited to find a survivor that I didn't even consider whether or not you were wounded." Psycho Monkey said with relief. If Lady Dwayna was still alive then that meant there was hope for other Charmsians to have survived as well. If there were enough, then PokeCharms could be restored to its former glory in no time.

    "Oh, I'm fine. I was at the beach when this disaster struck and only got back about an hour ago to find my favorite community in ruins." he answered to Dwayna's follow up question. "Since you're the first person I've found, I have to ask, what happened here?" Before his mistress could answer him, P_M remembered the cheering he had heard earlier.

    "Actually, tell me as we walk. I heard sentient creatures from over that way." explained P_M pointing in the direction he had been heading before locating the dragon woman. "They might be our comrades and friends." P_M held out his hand for Lady Dwayna incase she needed her loyal vassal’s assistance. The possibility was exciting to see who they could find. He flipped his coattails back and started walking forward with his mistress.
  4. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    "I understand completely," replied Dwayna. "If I were in better shape I would surely have done the same to you." She coughed then, pleased to find that it wasn't due to more blood caught in her throat. A slight blush came to her cheeks for whatever reason, but it wasn't very visible underneath all of the crimson streaks left on her face.

    She perked up slightly when Psycho mentioned that he had heard other sentient creatures, at which she smiled slightly, revealing the tips of her fangs. Her normal green eyes changed to have her pupils turn into cat-like slits, another sign of her draconic heritage. Dwayna looked in the direction they were now headed, opting to take Psycho's arm rather than getting blood on his hand. With her amplified perception, she saw figures in the distance, though they still seemed unfamiliar from this far away.

    "Well, since I was right in the middle of it, I can tell you what happened," she said. "A humongous missile appeared out of nowhere and headed straight for us around the end of May. I scrambled for cover but it didn't protect me for long, as the missile collided and blew up. What you see now is the result of said missile colliding with us, and it is now early June. I think I may have died somewhere along the line, but luckily my body regenerates me even from that state." Dwayna had even once turned to ashes, but because her soul had still been intact she merely reformed herself.

    "I don't know who's responsible for this mess, but the Doctor is doing his best, I'm sure. I heard him give a great speech earlier to a crowd nearby, so likely you are correct that those are our friends and comrades." Her eyes returned to normal, and when she smiled this time there weren't any fangs to speak of. Dwayna had the inherent ability to shape-shift, but she suspected that if her regenerative abilities were taking so long to work, then her other abilities might turn out problematic as well. She seemed to at least be able to do little things for now, which pleased her greatly.

    "It saddens me that I couldn't have healed as fast as I usually do, though. All of those souls gone to waste... I might have been able to save some of them. Alas." Dwayna sighed softly and looked around at the destruction yet again, saddened by all of the death that had happened due to this horrible tragedy.
  5. As Pheonix wandered about he started to pay more attention to his surroundings, noticing that everything wasn’t as bleak as he initially thought. He noticed several airborne vehicles moving about the skies flying back and forth. There seemed to be at least some kind of search and rescue going on, which meant that there were other survivors. The question now was whether they were ones he wanted to meet up with again or not.

    Considering that most of his recent time at Charms had been spent just browsing through all the forums and not really actively posting, mostly hanging out in the Chat and sitting in his little corner interacting with others in the building as his interest took him. It was where he fairly lived for the past while, making his little corner of chat into a bit of an editor’s desk as he freelanced his services out to some of the many wonderful writers that resided around here. Occasionally he dipped his toe into a role playing experience, but was often left behind in the dust as others were far more fast paced than he was.

    Suddenly a voice called his name, pulling him out of his silent reverie he had been in while trudging along. Turning around he noticed Chadwyck approaching him.

    "You're all right. Do you have any idea what happened?" Chadwyck looked at Pheonix and realized that he had no injuries, "How did you get away unscathed? This was, like, the center of the blast."

    Pheonix smiled sheepishly and gave a bit of a shrug. “Part of my powers of being a legendary typo firebird. Total resurrection from just about anything and everything that could possibly happen to me. As for what happened, I don’t really have a clue. I only just recently got back to the land of the living a few minutes ago.” he said as he spread his hands. “But if you are here… that means others have to be around! Maybe I can help, after all I have a bit of healing power too.” Pheonix finished with a brightening expression.
  6. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OoC:I’m quite late to the party, aren’t I?
    Tailon hadn’t sustained much damage during the event, encased as he was in a cocoon of rock, and dormant since a day or two beforehand, he had now trapped himself for 9 days underground, unable to break his shelter turned prison. The teenager awoke on this ninth day to find his strength returned, enough at least to free himself and, focusing, Tailon fired his energies straight up, sending stone and dirt flying like a geyser into the sky. The teen pulled himself from the rubble, dusting off his duster, and turning to look at the destruction around him, using his magical energies to search for those who had survived.

    At last sensing a decent concentration of what he hoped were his friends, Tailon began walking in their general direction. As he climbed over a small hill, Tailon could make out a fire in the distance, and he began to run toward what was apparently a refugee camp. The first person he could make out was Rex, standing away from the crowd as usual. Tailon stopped as he passed Rex, turning back to speak to the otter halfer. “Heya Rex…” Tailon began, before trailing off, then returning to the subject, “so how did you avoid damage? Were you off on business again when this happened? “ Tailon silenced himself, looking around once more, then turning to look at the fire. “So… have you seen any sign of Blisk? We might have lost one of the crew.” Tailon sat, at last tired of talk, he simply looked on at the beloved Pokecharms, now in ruins, and bowed his head in respect for what had been.
    OoC: SHORT!
  7. A light, ripping sound could be heard atop a ruined building, as though someone was slowly tearing a piece of paper in half. The sound of a dimensional rift opening could be heard from quite a long way, and why that was could not be totally explained. It wasn’t a terribly loud sound and yet oddly enough, no matter where you stood, nearer or closer to the rift, it would always seem to rip through dimensions at a constantly low but noticeable volume.

    Briefly, the spatial rift revealed an endless abyss from within its recesses; seemingly black nothings stretched out as far as the eye could see. But to those possessing keener eyes, another image might be visible. The abyss that was the Edge, the Gate, the Boundary among other terms, seemed to move, twist, and coil as though it were alive. It would be an ominous sight for some, but for those who travel across dimensions on a regular basis, it was probably a sight that got boring a long time ago.

    RX casually hopped out of the dimensional rift. Straightening his hat and coat, he turned to see the rift he opened mending itself. Like some invisible string sewing a hole shut, the rift strung itself back together before completely closing off. RX placed a foot forward and began walking cheerily down the ruins, whistling a tune to the rhythm of his steps. How anyone could whistle happily in a place as dreary and downright horrible as what remained of Pokecharms, one could only wonder. RX, however, knew perfectly well what he was doing: It was going to be a long walk in search of any life in the ruined city, and he certainly wasn’t going to achieve anything without a cheerful tune to walk around with. Shortly, the odd figure stopped whistling altogether and started to whisper lyrics under his breath. At certain points, he would forget the lines entirely and would hum along to the music just to connect one verse to the other.

    “Me and Bakura, we will have our revenge…hmm hmm hmm…we’ll take your leather pants…Oh!” RX's singing was interrupted by a loud boom, as several flying vehicles jetted by in the sky. Well, that was much easier than expected, he thought to himself. It was a good sign to see that there was still life in the ruined city, and with means of transport to boot. I think I'd like to design some vehicles later, he mused silently.

    ooc: lol bandwagons :V
  8. Chadwyck felt slightly embarrassed by his lack of common sense, "Oh, right, Pheonix; born again from the ashes." He sighed, "Guess it didn't cross my mind to think you could regenerate after something that leveled the entire site." Chadwyck nodded when Pheo mentioned the others, "Yessir, we've set up base a ways from here," He pointed in the direction of the camp, "It isn't anything extravagant right now, but it's starting to look more like the old place. Quite a few tents have been set up for fics and RPs already, we're slowly rebuilding."

    One of the hovercrafts flew by overhead, apparently taking in another found survivor. There were a lot more of them than Chadwyck expected; he'd best get a move on if he wanted to find any others. "Technically, those guys from Simple Machines, the relief group that Alex called in, asked me to radio in when I found any survivors. Since you're not hurt, however, I think it'd make more sense for you to help me out." Chadwyck nodded sagely to himself thinking it through, "Yes, with your healing abilities we'll be able to ensure that any survivors... well... survive long enough to get medical treatment at camp."

    He took a look at the surrounding area, they were by the old Chat room, they could go to any one of the boards from here and look for survivors. "I think that the best place to begin hunting down any one still alive would be the 'Random Forum Games' building. That place was always packed with members; there's bound to be someone still alive that the guys from Simple Machines missed." He started trying to determine which pile of rubble was the building in question, "Sound like a plan? Unless you'd rather take a gander at the camp, of course. Either way, I'll be out here looking for survivors. And hopefully at some point we'll get a shot at the one's responsible for all this." He looked off into the distance, not really at anything, just the rain clouds in the sky, "No one attacks my home and gets away with it."

    He looked back at Pheo, the intensity from the previous statement no longer visible on his face. But in the glow of his eyes, the urge for justice in the form of vengeance was still stirring. "Shall we go?" He smiled, patting Pheo's shoulder before walking off in the direction of one of the rubble piles, assuming it was his desired destination.
  9. "Ohhh, hey, you two ~" Tun smiled. "Just a minute, I'm trying to fix a certain gerbil's tail."
    "Oh, ok..."Indie replied, albeit far more quiet than recently.
    He slowly strolled towards the huddled Tun and Secad. "Hi Secad."Indie said quietly to the anxious looking Charmsian. It wasn't a good time for a glomp. Indie turned his attention to the limp body of the gerbil in front of Tun. Fi's tail looked messy, and certainly more serious than Indie had imagined. An awkward silence followed suit. After a minute of such silence, Indie remembered that he had a delivery.
    He dropped the crate that he had been holding on the ground and opened the top of the crate. Inside, were a small selection of food.
    "Umm, would it help if Fi got some food into him?" Indie suggested.
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  10. Indie and Blazikid, two recent 'Charms members, appeared. However, Tunduli turned them away as the worried fifteen-year-old handed over Fi, her gerbil, the partner of her mind.

    "Hey," Secad said quietly, watching as Tunduli got to work on Fi's tail. She wasn't sure how sewing the tail up would help it, but it seemed a bit better than her planned haphazard splint.

    "Umm, would it help if Fi got some food into him?" Indie suggested, posing with a small crate next to him.

    "'Him?'" Secad hissed, suddenly angered by that statement. She turned and looked at the Mareep-boy, her gaze full of venom. "She's FEMALE! You sexist males assume everything of importance is MALE! Rargh!..."

    Secad ranted on for a few seconds about the injustice, before stopping herself, realizing that she had gone off at Indie for no good reason. "I'm sorry," she said softly, head now lowered, hands fiddling with a hole at the bottom of her torn Pink Floyd shirt. "I didn't mean that. Just...It was just my usual tendancies, with this trauma, and Fi hurt..." Secad sniffed back tears. It was time to be strong for her gerb-i-ti-wurbs, as she was sure she would be strong for her Secad-cat.
  11. While Indie offered food and Secad ranted about sexism, Tun bit her lip as she carefully sewed the cut on Fi's tail back together. It was looking quite a bit better; it didn't look half as limp and askewn as it had five minutes ago. It still looked considerably messy, but the scars and injuries were covered up. Tun pushed out a small smile as she stroked the gerbil's back.

    Secad's rant ended abruptly, and left a small silence.

    "I'm sorry," she said softly, head now lowered, hands fiddling with a hole at the bottom of her torn Pink Floyd shirt. "I didn't mean that. Just...It was just my usual tendancies, with this trauma, and Fi hurt..." She sniffed back tears.

    Tun turned her head to look at Secad. She could tell that she was annoyed at herself for blurting out at Indie, but also for Fi getting hurt. Tun squeezed Secad for a moment and smiled at her. "It's okay, Secad-kun." Tunduli felt that adding a respective suffix at the end of names made them sound more ... kind, and reassuring. "Fi's going to be fine, I promise."

    There was another moment of silence, stopped only by Tun's stomach rumbling considerably.

    She coughed for a second and put one hand on her stomach. "Uhh ..." Tun mumbled. "I guess not eating for days leaves your stomach pretty empty. Indie, - you said something about food ... ?"

    OOC: Short :'D
  12. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Elliot continued through the camp, sashaying through the other people who had managed to avoid the explosion. The actual Pokecharms venue was not too far away, he realised. People had not wanted to go too far away, for the reconstruction would be easier the closer they were. The teenager nodded, then sipped his cocktail thoughtfully. It was worth seeing what could be salvaged without too much repair work.

    Apparently, he was not the only one to have thought this. Near the central plaza, he saw another member. Not one he immediately recognised, but that was irrelevant. This other member was apparently puzzling over a piece of debris.

    "What's that?" He asked in a sweet voice. The other member jumped and looked at him, holding the debris closer to himself. Elliot recognised the member as Blarg. Not the most fabulous name ever, but each to their own. That said, Elliot thought that about everyone else's name. But that item, there was something familiar about it...

    "Mind if I take a look at that?" He asked. Blarg handed over the object, somewhat reluctantly it seemed. Elliot read the note on it, and realised what it was immediately. He also realised what other people would think it was. While they thought it was a bomb, he knew otherwise.

    "Oh dear. Ducky, do you know what this is?" Elliot asked. He gestured casually sideways, causing a strange structure to form out of nowhere.

    It was a statue of some kind. A very abstract one at that. It was as though the sculptor hadn't even heard of naturalism. The sculptor had left naturalism well alone. The sculptor had flipped naturalism off and was now filing a court case for naturalism's home and children. That's how abstract it was. Elliot knew better, though. There was a slot near the bottom of the statue, a slot that seemed like just the right fit for one suspicious looking item...

    Elliot slotted it in. Immediately the sculpture started to change shape, pieces swinging around each other and linking with other features until it formed a perfect sphere.

    "It's a puzzle! Us and Serebii have a trading system, kind of. We send each other puzzles!" Elliot explained happily. "Isn't it fabulous?"

    OOC - serebii bomb: subverted.

    seriously what a silly plot point, blarg D:
    we like serebii D: he wouldn't do things like that to us really
  13. Tunduli hugged Secad, a gesture of comfort. "It's okay, Secad-kun. Fi's going to be fine, I promise."

    "Thanks. Hopefully she wakes up. She's not even dreaming. I see nothing when I go through her head." Secad replied, breaking the hug as Tunny mentioned food.

    "Food?!" Secad said excitedly, hearing stomachs rumble. Ah, yes, the pre-crash Secad was emerging. Tilting her fedora back, she asked, "What's in there?"
  14. "M'kay lets see..." Indie replied brightly, quick to take a possible diversion from Awkward-ville.
    "There be... Cookies, pizza, a mysterious can marked SimpleMachines Mystery meat, soup and rice. oh there's also Zombie repellent."
    handing a cookie each to Tun and Secad, Indie brought the supplies over to the nearest mod he could see. Said mod was Elliot, who was gleaming cheerfully at a spherical statue that had abruptly risen from the ground.
    "Eh...El, the Simple Machines guys gave me a box of supplies. With Zombie Repellent..."
  15. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Rex jumped a bit when Tailon appeared. He didn't except to see one of his old buddies so soon again! He didn't look harmed, which was good. The Otter Halfer nodded at Tailon, and grinned.

    "Yo Tailon, nice to see you're still alive. Looks like we'll have to set Fall of Sinnoh and Sinking Desires again," he joked, "Yeah, I was off at GTS+ when what ever happened happened. No, I haven't seen Blisk since before the disaster. Looks like we're the only two members of the crew left, now that both Tabby and Blisk are gone. Maybe it's time to put up 'Now Accepting' signs, eh?"

    He took a seat on the ground next to his old friend, and looked towards the fire. At least SOMEONE he got along well with had made it out.

    OOC: Yeah, I can't think of anything else right now.)
  16. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Karu had followed Toby's distinctively deep tracks in the ash and dust back to the camp, expecting him to follow. His posture was slouched and his walk was less than elegant... As for his crystal, it was attempting to slowly reform albeit very poorly.

    Turning the corner a small smile tugged upon his features with a tired, "Oh hi..." Being low on interaction in the last forum had left his new form weaker still, fragile even. With a grip of his stomach as a small pulse of energy ran across his crystal his stomach heaved up it's contents onto the debris he was standing on in the least flattering way. "So, great day.." He uttered once finished.
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  17. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Psycho Monkey snarled with rage upon hearing that all of this destruction was caused by a missile. A meteor: Fine. It's a natural phenomenon and that happens sometimes. A massive system failure: Unlikely but it could happen. But a missile meant that some bastard out there just tried to eliminate PokeCharms and have therefore just declared war. Whoever was responsible for this had just slashed their lifespan to oblivion because once P_M found out who was responsible, there would be bloodshed.

    His wrath and thirst for vengeance pushed to the back of his mind the moment Lady Dwayna mentioned that she had heard Doctor Oak, the head of PokeCharms give a rousing speech to survivors. "So others are alive as well! That's great! And with Master Alex alive as well, hope for reconstruction begins now!" shouted P_M exuberantly. "LONG LIVE POKECHARMS!" he declared thrusting his free arm to the air. With renewed energy and excitement, P_M almost instinctively ran the rest of the way. He suppressed his desire to take off only because he was sure Lady Dwayna was in no condition to handle his speed.

    "Don't worry Milady. Their sacrifices will not be in vain. We are Charmsians! Crazy and Proud of it! We will recover and we will have our revenge! Those who get on my bad side don't live long, and harming those I'm fond of is a one way ticket!" P_M responded to his mistress's laments about not being able to save anyone.

    It wasn't long until the rubble and ruins gave way to an open clearing. Open that is, if it weren't for all the white tents set up everywhere. Familiar names like General Writings and Misc. Discussion posted on them. It was shoddy at best, but it was growing. Creation always comes after destruction. It was the cycle of life, and in fact the universe, and it seemed now that the cycle of ruin and creation was true even for PokeCharms as P_M knew it would be. "Psycho Monkey and Lady Dwayna DragonFire have come home everyone!" he proclaimed to the camp so that they would know of two more survivors.
  18. "Ah, so it appears you two made it out alive." Toru walked casually back to the camp, with Karu limping behind him, slowly. The Geokinetic warmly grinned at Psycho and Dway, before stepping back and throwing his arms towards Karu, presenting him to the new arrivals and the members of the camp. "Hey! Look who showed up guys? It's mah soul bro!"

    As soon as Toru finished his sentence, Karu violently hurled onto the ground and spluttered out some words. "So, great day..." Toru turned to Karu with an odd look on his face, before looking back at Psycho and Dway. "Yeah, I think I should of presented this in a more serious way... silly me. Anyway, we elementals rely on internal power sources to keep us in tune with the said element we control, and keep us in a stable condition, and you can tell what's happened here, can't you? Karu's power source, his crystal was shattered due to the blast."

    Toru paced forwards and backwards, thinking of a plan - of - sorts to get the aquakinetic back to his usual self. Suddenly, he stopped and ran up to Dway and Psycho, putting both of his hands on one of their shoulders, the closest ones in other words.

    "Guys, you know Sem pretty well, right? Well, I hate to be a laze, but I don't know Sem as well as you, so if it's possible, could you find him and bring him over here? He has a control over water, and if he could do something to help my good friend over here, it would be much appreciated."
  19. As Tangrow listened to Sem's response, he nodded faintly, taking in the information and processing such thoughts through his head. It was a lot for the poor boy, he couldn't stop thinking about his kitties! He also guessed it was nice that people were alive and that it was sad that the forums were destroyed, but the kitties were slightly more important. As he was about to respond, he had the wind knocked out of him from a surprise tackleglomp, courtesy of one of Tangrow's friends.

    "Ethan! What's going on?" He could hear the girl with the meteor's voice, and replied with a faint hello, or at least tried to, as she was busy near choking him with her hug. Tangrow didn't mind, but it was kind of inconvenient for him. Jen, as Tangrow usually called her, then bid a greeting to Sem and Lysis, still holding a grip on him. Sem then replied about getting Tangrow to return to camp with Jen, which the boy shook his head furiously to. Of course they kept talking, and being out of breath, Tangrow listened.

    In the end, it was decided they could tag along with Sem and Lysis, and from this decision, Tangrow developed a new liking for Lysis, mostly cause it was in his interests. Sem had stepped towards him now, and he put his otter paw things on Tangrow's shoulders, which he thought was so cute! He also found that his strength was returning him, and his lantern lit itself to a nice pink glow. Jumping up, he spun around on one foot and turned back to face Sem and Lysis, but they were already moving.

    "He-Hey! Wait up for me!" Grabbing the lantern off his side, he started jogging after the two, taking care not to trip on any pieces of debris. He turned around to face Jen, and shouted, "Hey hey! Come on Jen! We're going on like an adventuuuuure!" He jumped twice, then took a half-turn, and caught up with the lady and the otter.
  20. After Secad had loosened the hug, Tun found it easier to transform back into her purple, chubby, furry, animal-like form.

    "It's much easier to eat in this form," Tun laughed, beginning to nibble at the cookie Indie had handed her. A sign of content, Tun's tail started swaring from side to side, the purple orb on the end glowing to a silent rythm. She peered over the top of her cookie to see if anyone else had arrived in camp.

    "Hey, there's Dway and Psycho Monkey, methinks." Tun muttered, almost silently. Her eyes buzzed around the nearest few yards surrounding her and Secad, searching for any hidden stuff. "Hey, what's that ... ?" she said more loudly. Her eyes fixed onto a small shining thing that lay in the grass a few ten metres away.

    Tun held out one hand, and a purpley-sort-of-aura began to glow around it. A glow of the same light-purpley colour surrounded the shining object, and it slowly started to hover over and land inside Tun's hand. She held it by the long silvery chains, staring into the green gem that hung in the middle, connected to the chains by a small clasp.

    "Hm." Tun smiled, mesmerised by the shining jewel.

    OOC: yes, yes, short, I just wanted to add in my magical shiznits. ¦D
  21. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Dwayna heard Psycho's growl and could sense the rage building within him the moment she told him that it had been a missile that caused the destruction. He calmed when he heard her speak of the good Doctor and gave a cheer, at which she smiled wider because she still couldn't cheer with him without hurting herself.

    "Of course, my dear," she responded to his remarks of how the Charmsians sacrifices would not be in vain. "We will help the Doctor rebuild and be happy doing it, because we're such a tightly knit community of great friends. Us Charmsians don't back down easily, even in the face of such devastation." Dwayna's draconic side was rising it's fires inside of her again, she could tell by the warmth building inside of her.

    They came to the camp not too long afterwards and Psycho announced their presence, at which they were noticed and greeted by men in gray suits that guarded the outside of the camp. The words 'Simple Machines' were printed on their uniforms, and they approached to spray Dwayna with some sort of substance before giving her a scan. The one scanning her gasped softly and looked to her face, his emotions of shock and awe flowing into her mind.

    "You truly are Dwayna DragonFire," he said, as his other friend went to do the same to Psycho. "But you were-"

    "Dead, I know," she said, cutting him off. "However my recovery should merely further the proof that I am who I say I am."

    "O-Of course," said the man in the suit. "Doctor Oak hired us to find and identify survivors, so please forgive us for the inspection. Hopefully your wounds do not sting badly?"

    "As you can see I do not have many wounds left thanks to the regenerative powers in my dragon blood," she replied. "However I've noticed that they've been working slower than usual. Any insight on this?"

    "Merely that you are not the only one who's powers have been working on a faulty level," he replied, and nodded as they identified Psycho for who he was as well.

    "Thank you," said Dwayna, "Now, if you please, my pet and I would like to reintegrate ourselves with our friends." The Simple Machines people nodded and parted to let the both of them through. Dwayna smiled even through her blooded visage at their friends, and felt calm through this storm in finding them.
  22. Blazikid was watching all this unfold with interest, but remembered something when Indie was showing the zombie repellent to a mod. "Oh! Dammit! I forgot all about them! I'll be back later Tun!" He shouted, before running off to outside the camp.

    "Ember! Blaze! Flame! Where are you!?" Blazikid shouted, looking around the wasteland. He was looking for the three will-o-wisps that usually accompanied him everywhere. There was a slight whooshing sound, and Blazikid felt the comfort of fire at his back. "Ember." He turned around to see a wisp with to large eyes and a cross for a mouth facing him. It giggled, and drifted to his outstretched hand. It made contact, and Blazikid felt some of his firepower rushing back to him. "Where are the others?" the will-o-wisp shrugged and hovered to his regular position, just above his right shoulder. He searched using his mind, and found they back at the camp.

    After finding them both in a locked topic tent, Blazikid walked to Tun's shop. He snatched a cookie from the food box, and sat down next to a plushie, closing his eyes and smiling.

    OoC: Gah! S-P-I-S (Short-Post-Is-Short)
  23. Secad took a cookie that was handed to her by Indie.

    "Om nom nom nom nom..." she said in a pitiful, but amusing attempt at humor. "Mm, chocolate chunk."

    Then Psycho Monkey and Dwayna Dragonfire stepped out of a tent nearby, giving a dramatic (well, that's what the gerbil-lover thought) speech about how 'Charms would never give up, even though they have been attacked.

    Attacked? Secad thought, scooping up the still unconscious, but tended-to Fi, walking over to the pair.

    "Who have we been attacked by?" Secad said, her voice fraught with anger. Holding out Fi, she finished, "Who caused this? I'll help stop them, no matter what!"

    As she and Fi were now powerless without the consciousness of both, she picked up a five-foot-three long rod of metal, the same height as she, to use as a bo staff, the weapon with which she was most proficient. (OoC: I'm actually pretty handy with them in real life. :p)
  24. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Elliot's posture stiffened, but in a totally fabulous way. With a casual jerk of his hand, the spherical structed faded away back into cyberspace and he turned his attention elsewhere. Something wasn't right. There was something there that had no place being on pokecharms. He brought up his user interface, a semi-transparent keyboard and screen that only he could see. He set his cocktail on an invisible platform and stubbed his cigarette out.

    Rapidly, he typed in a message.

    Petey, it read.

    Try to get a lock on my position and follow me. There's something here that needs to not be here.

    Much love

    The keyboard faded away and Elliot took his cocktail again, sipping the neon blue liquid. It really did taste like happiness. Plus, going into combat without at least a tiny bit of alcohol was a silly move for him. The blonde-haired boy didn't bother saying goodbye to anyone. He was confident that he would make it through this alive.

    From the central plaza, he headed west. The area just past the old Pokecharms and the camp appeared to be mostly untouched. Lush green grass in a field that stretched to an emerald forest. And somewhere within that forest... Elliot summoned his weapon of choice to his hand, a rapier with a hot pink guard that curved around his hand. Being unprepared would mean trouble.

    Yes... There was something in the forest. Something unfabulous.
  25. "Hey hey! Come on Jen! We're going on like an adventuuuuure!"

    Jenova laughed and nodded at Tangrow. She tapped the floor with her parasol, then followed the others. Shakily, her meteor followed behind her, knowing that the mini-expedition might end in disaster. Jenova bonked the top of it, rolling her eyes.

    "Don't be such a coward," she said.

    While following the otter, his partner, and the feline-obsessed boy, Jenova looked around for more remains of the previous 'Charms. There were a few of her previous... more awkward writings and RPs lying around, which she kicked out of the way, hoping that no one saw them. Aside from that and other works of something, there was really nothing of interest. Jenova sighed and quickly became tired and weary. She hopped onto her meteor and contemplated on the idea of throwing a meteoroid the size of a Blastoise at the next stranger she sees, just for the heck of it. Or perhaps beg some people in particular to create a meteor bazooka for her.

    "Hn...that last suggestion wasn't a bad idea. Not only would decapitating or amputating people be easier, but my parasol wouldn't get as many scratches as it does now," she thought. Her eyes widened when she realized what just came out of her mind.

    "Maybe I should cut back on the Starbucks. It gives me too many gory ideas," she muttered.

    OOC: Sorry for the really short post. I really didn't know how to reply to this, which is why I'm not really "into it" in the post.
  26. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    A light breeze had picked up, blowing through the ruined city. The group had not come upon any more survivors, or even seen anyone else besides the Simple Machines people.

    They had just walked out of Misc when Sem and Lysis sensed something strange. There were multiple beings up ahead of them, some large and some small, and as far as Sem could tell they weren’t human, at least, not anymore.

    “What are they?” Sem asked at the creatures in question came into view. What they saw could only be describes as monsters, in every shape and size. Somewhere on each of their bodies was branded the name of the older server providers. The beasts starting going straight for them as soon as they saw the Charmsians. Some lagged behind others, while some broke ahead of the pack, running with great speed.

    Sem heard the click of Lysis’ Strata, her high-grade, identical semi-automatic pistols. She fired two round at a monster that was running on all fours towards them, the fastest of the bunch. Her accuracy was spot-on perfect, and the monster fumbled and slid to a stop.

    The Admin immediately summoned his user interface, and he swiftly moved his hands across the keyboard, typing a message to every staff member.

    Monsters sighted near the north entrance to Miscellaneous. Engaging them now, be on guard and keep members safe.

    “Stay safe,” Sem told Mother and Tan as he drew a weapon of his own. He didn’t tell them not to fight, and he would be keeping an eye on them if they stayed. “This won’t take long.”

    With that Sem joined Lysis in battle. The young woman had already rushed forward, taking out three more monsters. Another flew at her from above, forcing her to roll out of the way. She fired at the airborne creature, but wasn’t able to get a clear shot. She jumped back onto a large slab of rubble and aim, standing perfectly still as the creature circled around to attack again. A single shot ran out and the beast was sent spiraling to the ground. Miss Fox jumped gracefully up the ruins of a building until landing on the building itself. The structure had fallen and sat at an odd angle with part of the structure hanging over a large concentration of the enemies. With perfect balance she ran quickly along the side of the building. Her strides were graceful and powerful, lending her the look of a lioness on the hunt. She jumped as she reached the edge of the building, falling down towards the group of monsters. Lysis aimed and fired down at them as she fell, taking out several with a rain of bullets.

    Sem approached the same group after taking out the rest of the faster creatures, whipping around a serpent sword with its edges covered in ice, allowing him to control it with ease. Her firing stopped as she vanished only meters above the ground. She reappeared in the place she would have landed, putting away her guns and drawing the katana that rested on her hip.

    The otterfish slashed at the monster nearest Lysis, giving her room. They stood back to back, swiftly and fluidly executing everything around them. Lysis looked as if she were dancing, skillfully dodging blows while swinging her blade and using her limbs to attack. Sem’s sword spun and twirled like a ribbon in the wind, seeming to hit everything except its wielder and the young woman.

    After a minute or so the last of the creatures fell, filling the air with silence once again. At least until the hum of hover vehicles could be heard. The Simple Machines people arrive armed and ready for the fight that had just ended.

    “Is everyone all right?” one of them asked, approaching Sem and Lysis.

    Sem looked to Tangrow and Jenova, checking to see that they were alright before turning to nod at the stormtrooper.

    “We’ll take you back to camp,” he said, more of a command than an offer.

    “That won’t be necessary, love,” Lysis chimed as Sem fished a badge from a pocket. It was green and in the shape of a clover. On it was a raindrop and lettering that certified that he was of admin status. It was a silent way of telling the Simple Machines people that he wasn’t going to do anything they told him to. ‘Charms may be in Simple Machines territory now, but that didn’t mean Sem was about to play good and sit back while his home was attacked.

    “Mother, Tan,” the aquamor said, turning to them again. “I would suggest going back with them, for your own safety. Lysis and I are going back to camp ourselves.” Sem turned to face the man again. “Even though it would be terribly silly of them not to go back with you, if they don’t want to then you leave them be.”

    The man in the suit only nodded his head.

    “These creatures were from the old server hosts. Probably to kill the rest of us survivors. They’re most likely in other parts of the site already, please go and help anyone you can.”

    The commander nodded again and started issuing orders to his troops.

    Sem reached for Lysis’ hand as he gazed blankly at the dead monsters. “Take us back.”


    Miss Fox waited outside the staff tent as Sem entered. “We have a serious problem,” he said with a frozen gaze as he addressed his fellow staff. “These monsters,” he continued as he walked to the table. The tent was nothing compared to the old staff room, but it would do. He summoned his user interface again and pushed the hologram to the center of the table. It sunk into the table, activating the table’s holograms. In the air above the table photos of the monsters, both before and after they had been slain, appeared. “They’re from the old hosts,” he explained, homing in on several of the logos upon the creatures’ bodies. “They’re no doubt here to finish the job the missile started,” Sem said gravely as the images vanished.
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  27. “Oh? It seems something’s coming...” RX said cheerfully. He turned his head over to what appeared to be a cloud of dust forming in the distance. Seeing the flying machines earlier, he assumed these would be the ground forces. Having walked quite a distance and playing the same song in his head repeatedly could only provide him so much entertainment. He was planning to hitch a ride with a vehicle in order to reach the camps sooner. However, the growls and roars nearing him soon proved his assumption incorrect.

    “Well, I suppose I was right in calling it ‘something.’” He said quietly. RX had a tendency to describe most situations through some form of verbal narration. Everyone assumed that was just how he was, that he was as crazy as they were. And while that was perfectly true, it wasn’t the only reason. The swiftest of the strange creatures dashed madly towards the lone Charmsian. There were four or five of them, of varying sizes, but all large enough to take down an adult human...or two. They bore their long and sharp fangs at RX, and were beginning to concentrate on him.

    The largest and fastest of the creatures was the first to lunge at the young man. Its claws spread out wide and of the same length and sharpness as its fangs. As it rose into the air, time seemed to slow down for RX as the predator was nearing its prey. Its paws inched closer, its jaw opened at its widest. The first thought flashing into RX’s head was that of slight panic, then of the realization that this greatly resembled that melodramatic scene from a movie he had just recently watched, only the 3d here was oh too real. With such a casual thought, it was apparent RX had no fear of the beasts. In fact, he found they were quite adorable. And as he quickly slammed his knee up into the monster’s chest, he smirked at how slow they turned out to be.

    The beast flew briefly into the air before stumbling into the other creatures in its pack. “Hmmm...now this is interesting,” RX remarked with a grin. The creatures seemed to be slower, at least in comparison to the speed that came with the Charmsian’s given abilities. He was now curious to see if they were just as frail. Being able to pet the creature up close also briefly came to mind.

    The second largest of the pack gave RX a snarl before attempting to take the Charmsian on himself. The mistake of its predecessor not evident to it, the second beast pounced at RX with a similar intensity. But rather than countering with a rib-smashing knee blow, RX lazily rolled over to the beast’s side. His movements were so fluid it seemed as though he had no bones in his body for the beast to break. However, a powerful hug from RX’s arms proved otherwise. The creature’s limbs fell limp as RX caught it in mid-pounce. With the same brutal instensity, he wrestled the monstrosity to the ground, it’s backlegs kicking wildly into the dirt to break free from his grasp.

    “Sorry, but I can’t play with you guys all at once,” RX said with the same cheerful expression he had retained throughout the short battle. “So I’m just gonna borrow your buddy here for a moment and see how he fares, kay?” Before the creatures could reply to this, if they could at all, a large mass of black gunk began to materialize from under RX and their fellow monster. From it, two black spires rose up between the Charmsian and his predator-turned-prey. Like gaping jaws, the black gunk clamped itself around the two then quickly shot back down into the ground. It swirled briefly on the rocky surface before vanishing completely, along with the young man and his specimen.


    A couple of SMF Troopers a few clicks away from the campsite were surprised to find a large black hole materialize before them. They were even more surprised to find a young man limping slightly out of the dark abyss with a very large and dangerous cargo in tow. RX clutched his arm tightly, what appeared to be blood was seeping into the sleeves. With a wave from his uninjured arm, hee assured the soldiers that he was alright. "I just came across a most interesting little thing, and I thought I'd bring it over," he said. Then he tugged at a black leash that was trailing back into the spatial rift.

    Arming themselves, the troopers backed away from RX as he yanked a large four-legged beast out of the portal. Its jaws were muzzled tightly and its forepaws covered in what appeared to be the same black material coiled tightly around its neck. It was covered in considerably more wounds than its opponent, who was now happily tugging on its leash.

    "Sir..." one of the troopers spoke. "Do you realize what you have there?"

    "Not really, no. I was hoping someone could tell me. I think its quite adorable."

    ooc: yay live specimen =D Just a note, RX really has no idea what he has there. Probably forgot to check his inbox for Sem's alert or something :> Also rushed post is rushed, but you can just assume what happened between me and the Beast. Imma name it Denzel, cuz Denzel is a pretty name, yes.
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  28. Seeing as nothing interesting was going on around Tun's tent, Blazikid left the temporary 'Charms, looking for some form of excitement.

    "Well this is boring..." He muttered, the three will-o-wisps following him. He heard a growling noise, and turned to see a black creature with four stubby legs, incredibly sharp fangs and a whip-like tail looking at him. He looked around, and saw many creatures like it staring at him with a look of hunger in their eyes. "Looks like I've found my entertainment." He chuckled, conjuring a flame in his hand.

    The largest creature lunged at him, keen on taking a massive chunk out of him. He caught it square in the jaw with a blazing roundhouse kick, making it fly into a ruined topic title. A second one jumped at him, but was caught by a jab that made it's head fly backwards and crack against its spine. This continued on until ten creatures were scattered around, each with an injury and a burn mark. "No-one messes with Blazikid." He laughed, before snatching a severed whip tail and running back to 'Charms.

    A flying creature watched the boy leave. Something clicked inside it, as it stopped recording the scene. It flew back to its master.

    "Indie! Come and have a look at this!" Blazikid shouted, running towards his buddy. He showed him the whip tail, and waited for him to say something.
  29. Tun sat on her boulder feeling helpless, if not lonely. Secad had gone to consult Dway and PM, Blazi had went off to travel with his Will 'o' Wisps, and Indie had went to drop off food to a Mod. Tunduli sighed and scratched the back of her furry purple ear.

    Jumping down from the boulder, Tun surrounded her plushies with a dark veil of mysterious, purple aura. She tapped on the 'cages' several times, making sure they were locked properly. That should do it. she thought to herself. With a sigh and a tug of her scarf, Tun vanished into thin air. Thin, slightly purple air.

    Of course, the furry purple thing was still there. She had just, what she called, 'blended with the shadows'. The red scarf she wore around her neck acted as a scarf (of course), a hood, a cape and a sort of ... shadow cloak. Almost an invisiblity cloak, but not completely invisible. A purple aura always surrounded where she stood (or floated) and so, if you looked closely enough, you may still be able to see her.

    Tun floated around the shadows, skimming Pokecharms for remnants of ... well, something interesting that isn't old broken threads or streams of data that she didn't care much of. She was more looking for members. People she knew. Granted, plently of people were sat back in camp, but she was looking for people that were slightly lost, or hadn't shown up yet. Survivors ... Tun thought to herself.

    She stopped abruptly in mid-(purple) air. Her eyes widened as she felt something's aura disturb hers. She heard some scuttling noises and looked down quickly. A small kitten was standing right underneath her. D'aawww ... Tun thought. She had always been a big fan of small fluffy things, especially felines. She reached her arm out of the shadows and stroked the kitty.

    The kitten purred and wagged its tail, sort-of smiling and closing its eyes. Cute~ Tun smiled as she done the same. Letting her arm go through the kitten, its eyes widened. Tun smiled and dived into the kitten's body. The small feline twitched a few times before it turned a deep, purple colour - the exact same colour of Tunduli.

    OOC: Herp derp, I like making myself/her posess small felines. <33
  30. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    The ill elemental gritted his teeth, spitting a chastising remark of, "I'm no earth elemental, afraid to show my power source." In reinforcement of this he put on his crystal necklace which had been kept in his pocket up to this point. A deep exhale let him focus somewhat, attempting to take in the situation.

    Various people had wandered off in all directions coupled with what sounded like battles raging in the distance. OF course they didn't lastlong, Charmsians were not in any way pushovers. Running his hand over his face and through his hair, the blue eyed elemental felt some energy return as the shimmering light of his crystal returned. More shards still endeavoured to place themselves but this would do for now.

    With a decided nod he set off after the nearest set of footprints he could find... But as ever, this wouldn't be allowed. A joyful bakers dozen of monsters had roused about him. The most noticable thing was their smell, causing a distasteful "Ugh.." As he brought up a hand to cover his nose and mouth.

    Oh happy days... the dark hairedboy inwardly complained with a glare. Taking a few steps back with eyes still fixed on the creatures he smirked with a comment of, "All yours, Toru." Karu however was still prompted to kick up a metal bar into the face of a leaping reptillian with an audible clang and crunch. As the creature was sent back Karu choicely brought his hand forward and clicked his fingers, producing a small blue ring around the bar causing a magic enduced momentum toward the monster and piercing it's chest.

    Raising an eybrow with an amused expression he turned and followed a different set of footprints with some confidence the other of the two would do his job.
  31. Tun.

    A small, grey cloud, with vague outlines, was floating over the piles of rubble previously known as PokeCharms. As you might suspect, it was no ordinary cloud. This small cumulus contained sentience, the essence of... The Wielder Of Lightning.

    Dark Soul had been in the middle of PokeCharms when a bright streak had lit the sky, an extremely powerful missile. PokeCharms had been reduced to nothing. So many people had to be dead... It made the cloud sad that people like Dwayna, Rey, Brendan, Rex, Chibi, and Northern Light Suicune, the only other Charmsian with Dutch roots, could be dead. But at least he knew Tun was alive.

    Tunduli was in shadow form. He would have had a hard time spotting her with his eyesight, but in this form, he didn't even have any senses, except his sixth; he could pick up aura signatures and identify them.

    The reason that Dark Soul was now not much more then a cloud, was that he was dead. Pulverized. He had been no match for the nuclear explosion. But aura's couldn't be destroyed by physical violence. In the last seconds of his existence, the Wielder of Lightning had ''downloaded'' his mind into his aura and let the energy go. Being the embodyment of lightning, he had returned to his roots: A thundercloud. For the last few days, he had been absorbing any energy he had found, including ruptured electricity lines. The amount of radioactivity in the air was a big help, too. However, it still wasn't enough to reform.

    The cloud lowered from the sky, towards the purplish air that was Tun. He felt curiosity in her vibrant aura and focused on speaking telepathically to her.

    Tun! It's me, Dark Soul! I'm so glad you're alive!

    An intense feeling of joy washed trough Tun's aura. However, since he wasn't in his normal form, she couldn't say anything back.

    Are the others still alive? Can you show me them? Soul said. I'll follow you around. It will take a few days for me to reform, unless there's any strong power source nearby.

    Nothing would stop Dark Soul, the Wielder of Lightning, the Emperor of Flames, from returning to the world of the living.

    (OOC: Ohai! I guess I'm back!)
  32. "Indie! Come and have a look at this!" Blazikid shouted, running towards his buddy. He showed him the whip tail, and waited for him to say something.
    Indie carefully picked up the tail, whip-like in shape, and examined it. It was still slightly warm, and damp. Indie walked over silently to a rock. He rose the tail up high, and brought it down on the rock hard, leaving a mark.
    "This could have done some nasty stuff to you Blazi." Indie said seriously. Something then caught Indie's eye. Coming over a hill, were two monsters, looking angrily at Blazi and Indie.
    "Here they come again!" Indie shouted. He held out his hands and muttered a string of magical words. All the pebbles on ground, about a dozen, rose above the ground slightly before beggining the transformation of rock to Sheepyrock. A moment later, they all hovered at a higher height. Shouting out one last part of the spell, twelve enraged Attack Sheepyrock darted through the air, landing firmly and painfully on the beasts.
  33. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    No sooner had Psycho Monkey announced his and Lady Dwayna's presence, were they ambushed by Stoomtroopers straight from a Star Wars film. The guys in white sprayed the duo with some mysterious substance much to P_M's irritation. He hated scented fragrances or getting sprayed with unknown substances by people he didn't know. They then grabbed his hand and started scanning it.

    "Welcome back Psycho Monkey. We are glad you survived." said the Stormtrooper professionally as if he had said the same thing a hundred times already.

    "What is that supposed to mean? Who are you people?" P_M demanded in confusion.

    "Doctor Oak hired us to find and identify survivors, so please forgive us for the inspection. Hopefully your wounds do not sting badly?" he overheard the second one say to Lady Dwayna. So that's who these guys were. At least they were friends. P_M decided to set aside his annoyance as they were just doing their jobs. He would have liked to have known about them sooner so that he could have prepared better, but what's done is done. Now P_M had to fulfill his assignment of bringing his mistress to where ever the new Chat was set up.

    "Who have we been attacked by?" shouted Secad furiously as she ran to greet the two. "Who caused this?" she cried holding up the limp body of a white gerbil. P_M could only imagine the stress Fi's injuries were causing Secad. "I'll help stop them, no matter what!" Secad declared grabbing a pole to use as a staff.

    "Unfortunately, we don't know who attacked us." P_M lamented. "Lady Dwayna claims she saw a missile, but I'm afraid that is all the information we have at the moment. If I hear anything more, I'll inform you right away." he assured her. A bright fire to their right caught P_M's eye. Sitting around the fire were the familiar faces of Brendan, Chibi, Shiny, and a handful of others.

    "Shall we go to Chat Milady or would you like me to escort you somewhere else first?" P_M asked chivalrously. "You're welcome to join us Secad. They might know something about the attack we don't."
  34. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Secad was the first to run up to them, asking who had caused this whole thing after overhearing that they had been attacked. Psycho relayed the earlier information to the girl, concluding that they didn't know much about it other than seeing the missile. Dwayna sighed softly at this, but had her suspicions anyways, so she decided to put in her opinion.

    "Personally," she said, "I think it was the old hosts. Who else would have the power to wipe out Charms so quickly? I would also be on my guard for other attacks from now on. I sense... that the danger is not yet over." There was a distinct feeling of foreboding in her mind, which meant her powers were slowly returning to her. She unwrapped her larger wounds again to find them finishing their regeneration already, which caused her to smile yet again.

    "Well, now that we know where Chat is," she said, looking towards the campfire, 'I think that I would like to look somewhat presentable. It would be nice to get all of this blood off me, so our first priority is finding a place where I can wash up. I would like you to accompany me still... for protection, of course." She said the last part with a bit of a blush on her cheeks, but cleared her throat to try and dissuade any awkwardness.

    "Hopefully the water hasn't radiated due to this calamity. If so, I might have to pop to my home away from Charms to have my cleanliness assured, and bring some back for the others to drink."
  35. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Elliot stepped lightly through the trees. The feeling of being watched, the urge to glance over his shoulder every few steps was nearly overwhelming. If he was absolutely sure of one thing, other than how fabulous he was, it was that he was not alone in the forest. Something was following him. Perhaps several somethings. It was hard to tell. The forest was dark, and the tiniest sounds seemed magnified.

    It was lucky, he guessed, that he'd had the foresight to vacate 'charms before the missile had struck. He had moved himself to his other site, the Exodus. The other Exodites had heard about the missile the same time he had. Of course, it was his duty to return and help rebuild. Not the Exodites'. As soon as he found it, he was on his way.

    Not that it helped him right now. Right now, he felt surrounded by invisible monsters. The forest felt alive, as though the entire thing would rear up and attack him, lash at him with its branches and roots. Elliot shook his head. Stupid thought.

    He spun on the spot and threw his blade up, meeting an incoming kick.

    "You were doing well until then," Elliot commented, ripping his rapier across to slice through what had just attacked him. Cannon fodder. Something with barely any structure or shape.

    "But you must know, ducky, attacking me is the worst move you could make," he taunted. More of the little monsters stepped out from behind the trees. They were all roughly half his height, dull grey and green in colour and basically humanoid. They had no real features, apart from the fact that they could fight. Just about.

    "These wont even be a challenge."

    The blonde boy spun on the spot, slicing the air with his rapier. A wave of rainbow colour blasted outwards, slicing clean through the monsters. More took their place. Elliot smirked a little. Now this was when the fun began.
  36. "Actually you two, hold that thought..." Toru turned away from Dway and Psycho and felt the emanation coming off Karu; his crystal was slowly but surely reforming, little be little. There would be no need for his healing. The other thing he felt was a dark emanation behind Karu, and a large one at that. He searched the large, dark emanation with his mental capabilities as an elemental. It was just a group of weak units, and Karu had just taken out one in a shot, and he was still restoring his powers.

    He walked past Karu with a grin, thrusting his right hand out violently. Suddenly, Toru's sword, The Titanium Edge flew into his hand. Putting the sword back onto it's holder and strapping the holder back together, he locked eyes with the immensely weak horde, and casually walked towards them. The things were so hard to look at and describe, he just wanted to punch them. Clenching his left fist and letting a hard, gray coloured rock cover his hand, he waved happily at the first monster he encountered and suddenly scowled at it, before violently roaring and slugging it straight in it's morphed face. The punch was immense, causing the shadowy figure's face to cave in on itself around the area of the punch, before in a split second, the power from Toru's fist sent it flying and spinning through a straight line of the creatures, knocking them all out, causing one after the other to fall into a large pile of K.O'd opponents, and leaving two lines of them, one on the left and one on the right.

    "Right then, how to toy with my next victims - Ohhhh...Ohhh hoh HOH!" Toru's face lit up as an idea came to his head. It was a tendency of his to repeat a certain word or exclamation when he had an answer. Suddenly, he pointed at the two groups of creatures, sending out two spears of earth to pierce out of the ground, before making them curve and extend, each spear spiking several monsters, until all of them were trapped. Toru paced around a little as the impaled abnormalities in Pokecharms struggled to break free.

    "All right then, since you all contain a large amount of energy in you considering you are extremely weak, I should be able to absorb considerable amounts of energy from you. Let's try it out, shall we kids?" Plunging his sword into the ground between the two long spears that had protruded from the ground, Toru cast his hands forward, causing two small threads of earth based energy to flow out of the start of the spears and onto the end of The Titanium Edge's handle. Toru clicked his fingers and playfully winked in glee as the monsters all groaned, the dark energy in them being converted into earth attribute energy which was channeled through the earth spears and into the sword. Toru took a firm grip on it, and was covered in a glossy white light, surrounding him in a large sphere, which slowly dissipated into the cloudy skies above.

    Toru was back to full strength.

    The last of the glossy white sheen twinkled around him, playing with the little light there was. It slowly made Toru's wounds fade away. Toru stood up, pulled his now complete sword out of the ground and laughed. He was making fun of Edward Mc Cullen so much now it was obvious to all. "Now then," Toru clicked his neck several times as he rolled it left and right. "This. THIS is how exiting it's going to be from here on out, fuckers."

    The Geokinetic calmly raised his hand, triggering a massive clump of solid rock to hover out of the ground, and fly down on top of the shadowy monsters, crushing them to a pulp. Now amused after toying with his pathetic enemies and using them as a perfect energy source, he decided to go find El. He searched the area for a fabulous emanation, which was coming from the forest. Walking past the large boulder and onto the forest, he stopped abruptly to do what internet users described as a 'facepalm'. A giant boulder on top of a shitload of weaklings was not exiting at all compared to what some of the other Charmsians could do! Shrugging it off, he thought of a better way of killing them as he looked for El - he'd at least need to report to a high up member of 'Charms.
  37. “So you’re RX? Some of the Staff Members were wondering where you might’ve gone,” said the Simple Machine Sentry. He, RX and his fellow troopers were now on a truck on the way to the refugee campsite.

    “One has a tendency to forget that Pokecharms isn’t the only city around here,” RX replied with his usual cheerful tone. “Although I can feel the pain everyone might’ve felt after losing this much. Me and a couple of regulars were hanging out over at Chat. Safest haven in ‘Charms, though making the effort to get there can be apparently daunting for a lot of ‘em.”

    “Oh, that’s right.” One of the troopers shuffled through his supply pack and soon produced a small, circular device from its contents. It resembled a compact mirror, but had the classic Pokecharms Shamrock logo on it. “We’re giving this out to all the refugees we can find. It allows you to connect to the network and keep track of one another. Just enter your pass code and it should register you in no time.” He then handed the device over to RX, who hastily opened it and began typing a string of code into it. A short tune played out marking his successful integration into the network.

    “Oh, good. Got my Staff status back. This should make things a little easier now.” RX said. With a brief hand gesture, RX discovered he now had access to the holographic interface. Using it, he browsed through his inbox, then the message boards for any announcements. He started scrolling down through the messages, trying to find any bit of information that could get him up to speed.

    “Let’s see here. Reports are pretty chaotic, just flooding in here like crazy; but I think I can get the gist of this mess.” Taking a pair of earphones from the Comm device, he placed them in his ear and then played an audio report. The voice was oh too familiar, and RX smiled knowing that Sem was alright. Before he could thank the soldiers, the vehicle’s dashboard started beeping incessantly. A radio device was flashing violently, signalling one of the soldiers to take it and listen to its transmissions. A brief moment later, he turned to the sentry speaking to RX.

    “Sir, we’ve just got word that several monsters are now attacking the camp sites. Some of the citizens have engaged combat with them,” reported one of the troopers.

    “What?! But that’s-“

    “Crazy?” RX finished the trooper’s sentence. He then raised his left arm, covered in a cast from his earlier encounter with the same monstrosities. “Yeah, we get that a lot. Although you might want to get whatever squad you have stationed at the camps to rally the Charmsians together. Based on experience, some of those critters are pretty tough.” The Moderator was worried for the forum members. Many of them were a super-powered lot. But he knew based on how he himself acted that they were all eager to show their power, to prove themselves, and probably to avenge the grave losses they had suffered only recently. If a single monster nearly cost him his arm, then a whole slew of them attacking wasn’t going to be pretty.

    “Speaking of which,” RX turned to the back of the vehicle. It was sealed off for good reason, and from within it, a low rumbling could be heard. “Denzel seems to be awfully quiet back there.” He was referring to the strange creature he had encountered subsequently and captured earlier that day. Ignoring the same bit of logic that usually prevents people from naming dangerous beasts ‘Denzel,’ RX also decided to take it back with him to ‘Charms. The report of these strange monstrosities apparently being remnants of the forums’ last provider only served to provide him with a somewhat logical, if not convenient reason for keeping it.

    “It’s a good thing I decided to bring it with us after all. If we can figure out what exactly it is, it might provide us with a more efficient way of fighting them,” RX concluded happily. The troopers, however remained skeptical.

    “Sir, I don’t think a live specimen is necessary if you’re looking to find a weakness. Besides, we already know what it is; it’s some kind of bioweapon from the previous server,” a sentry responded. The squad looked at one another, and then at RX, who remained ecstatic about his decision. He looked back at the soldier as though to say ‘it isn’t that simple;’ and for RX, it usually never is.

    “Don’t you think this whole affair is kind of...odd?” RX asked him. The soldier wasn’t sure what he meant, and could not respond. The other squad members started turning their heads over to RX, somehow interested in what he had to say.

    “Well, first rumors pop up that someone tried decimating Charms with a missile;” as he noted this, he brought up the reports. “Soon after, the apparent Remnants of the last server start appearing, and they seem to be targeting Pokecharms users,” he continued, now playing Sem’s audio file regarding his first encounter with the beasts.
    “As you are well aware, there was a brief time of peace between these two events. You managed to take this time to supply us with resources, gather the survivors and gradually rebuild our former home. What I wonder is why that happened,” RX continued to explain. The entire vehicle seemed to be hanging on his every word, and he greatly enjoyed building up all this suspense.

    “If I wanted to take Pokecharms off the map, I wouldn’t use sloppy contingencies like releasing a horde of monsters on its users. I had the power to take them out, I could very well use the same power a second time if they decided to crawl back. But instead, we get...this.” the Charmsian then tapped on the back of the truck, but Denzel only continued to growl and grumble quietly.

    “So, what are you saying exactly? That there’s another reason why Pokecharms is still around and being attacked right now?” asked one of RX’s audience.

    “That...or that these beasts are coming from a different source.” RX concluded with a mischievous grin. The troopers looked at one another silently, unable to respond to that.

    “Weelll, that’s my guess anyway,” the Charmsian quickly added. “And that’s why Denzel being alive is so convenient. His behaviour should help us determine just what exactly is going on with these monsters.”

    “Sir, I don’t suppose you’d care to get yourself another live specimen, would you?” the driver suddenly asked. RX looked at him, then noticed that he was pointing at something in front of them. That was when he saw it. A huge herd of the creatures were parading down the road. There were several variations of the creatures, each bigger, and tougher-looking than the last. Much like his first encounter with them, RX could notice a sort of dust cloud forming as they were marching forward; marching towards Pokecharms. The radio device on the truck’s dashboard suddenly began beeping violently, but the squad of troopers seemed too awestruck to respond to it. Meanwhile, RX quickly brought up the keyboard from his interface, and started typing a message as swiftly as he could.


    “Darn it, how long ‘till those things get to the campsite?”

    “A-about 30 minutes at the rate they’re moving.”


    Listing all the names he could find that were online, RX quickly pressed the ‘Send’ button. He briefly considered that his message might be mistaken for an invitation to a throwdown with the beasts. Please, whatever they decide to do, he thought to himself. Please don’t let them get hurt.
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  38. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OoC: Time to kill something it seems.

    “Yeah, unless we find Blisk, the crew is gone, looks like we’re rebuilding from the ground up.” Tailon said, somewhat disjointedly. He stared into the sky, suddenly losing interest in everything else, as often happened.Suddenly, the teen’s irises flashed with a bright red light, prompting him to leap up to his feet, turning to search for the source that had set off the warning. Raising his right hand, Tailon focused and called his favorite blade to his hand, Stinger. A one sided blade, sporting a spike on the handguard and at the end of the handle. Continually searching, Tailon wasn’t sure what tomake of the feeling, it was even possible that the ruins had simply caused him to be more alert for attack in the destruction.

    At last, Tailon saw justification, a rather nondescript,shadowy creature sat staring at Rex and himself. Tailon approached the thing,and his greeting was immediately reciprocated in a very angry fashion by four other creatures, who proceeded to leap from behind their hiding places behind rubble and underground. Tailon reacted in seconds, grabbing the first by the throat and launching it behind him, then roundhouse kicked the next, catching it by the neck and sending it flying behind as well. The teen next raised Stinger, slamming the blade into the skull of another, pulling it free, and using the handle spike to spin into a backhand through the fourth’s chest, leaving it to drop like a stone. The last, he surrounded with a ring of fire, bringing it up in the shape of a tornado, allowing convection to do its work.

    “Looks like something around here disapproves of our existence, Rex, and I do believe these are simply scouts. I say we report back to the staff on this.” Tailon said,dropping the flame vortex to reveal the creature, cooked to perfection.
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  39. Warning! Warning! Emergency message from Moderator RX! Toru's Portable Pokecharms Interface device glowed green in his jean pocket and alerted him fast, and as a loyal member, immediately pulled it out of his pocket, opening it up and seeing how much trouble Pokecharms was now in. "Oh, shhhhiii... This is bad." A group of the creatures from before could be seen in the distance. Natural instincts were telling Toru to fight 'till things got bad, but this time Toru had a better idea. Instead of fighting them, why not stall them even more?

    Toru was all ready speeding at the horde at an unnatural speed due to the power of the 2nd form of his sword, known as Zephyrus. Not only could the long, thin sword attack enemies at neck breaking speeds, it also allowed the user to move with immense speed. This meant he could bridge the gap of 30 minutes in about 5. However, the speed did sacrifice his mana, meaning control over his earth powers was then limited. But since he had maximum energy output at the moment, he could use a lot of his earth controlling abilities before using Zephyrus to return to Pokecharms.

    The force of evil could see Toru now, and were preparing to attack what they thought was a measly unit. Toru made a massive jump until he was above the army, before a massive wall of earth the size of half a Pokecharms board appeared in front of them. Suddenly, Toru disappeared into thin air, confusing the army of creatures. " HEY! HALF BRAINS, OVER HERE!" The army turned round and looked up to see another wall behind them, then two others to the left and right of them, sealing them in a giant box. The monsters were strong - they could break through this, but it would stall them, that's for sure. Toru sung his sword up in the air on one of the massive edges of the rectangular box, laughing at the beasts, before catching Zephyrus and disappearing in the blink of an eye, back to the Pokecharms Camp. For now, Toru decided to stay on his trusty camp chair with a cuppa (British term for tea, Americans) and wait around for a while, a grin on his face showing he knew something everyone didn't. He needed this time to rest anyways - the stunt he just pulled cost him a lot of energy. The only explanation for the giant earth box was left with RX in the form of a message:

    I've stalled the creatures for now. This would be an advisable time to form some sort of resistance, I don't know, I'm not a moderator now, am I?

  40. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Hearing a small ring of notification, Karu willed his messages to appear. With a flicker and jitter his crystal displayed a holographic screen before him and an ominous message. With a groan and rub of the back of his neck the pale skinned male trudged toward the camp with the glowing image disappearing.

    He'd found he'd been daydreaming between moving about. Sometimes even just his mind reaching a blank. With a shrug he continued through the sounds of leaves and grass underfoot and the smell of the greenery. Not to mention the sight of all this was pleasingly familiar. It meant Charms was restoring itself and yet ... It lacked substance. A lot also seemed to be needed to be done.

    Patting his chest with lengthy, rattling exhale the elemental could feel his breathing was degrading to say the least. These crystal issues seemed more distressing than estimated. A glance back down to his necklace showed the upper half and lower point were in place, rigid and unmoving. A small cloud of dust was still condensing between the two, probably why things were so bad internally.

    "Alright. Just get back to camp. Camp.." He paused his self-motivation to step over a fallen branch. "...At least I can employ some healing techniques and-.." With a chuckle he shook his head. "I doubt these people, reckless as they are would let these thing lay a scratch on them. Yes. Rest shall be my forte.."

    Trailing downhill to the camp the azure-eyed teen searched for a place to recuperate. Preferrably as close to a good fresh water source as possible...
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