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New Mega Evolutions Revealed For Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    The latest edition of Japanese magazine CoroCoro has leaked and brought with it the reveal of three new Mega Pokémon to be featured in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

    The first Mega to be revealed is a Mega form for Lopunny. When it Mega Evolves Lopunny turns into a Normal and Fighting Pokémon and gets the Scrappy ability.

    The next Mega to be revealed is Mega Altaria. When in Mega form Altaria turns into a Dragon and Fairy type Pokémon and gets the ability Pixilate.

    The final Mega Pokémon to be revealed in this month's edition of CoroCoro is Mega Salamence. Salamence keeps its Dragon and Flying type when it Mega evolves and gains the ability Aerilate.


    The leaks have also revealed that each of the Pikachu costumes give Pikachu a rare move. Pikachu Rock Star gets Meteor Mash, Pikachu Ph.D gets Electric Terrain, Pikachu Pop Star gets Draining Kiss, Pikachu Belle gets Icicle Crash and Pikachu Libre gets Flying Press.


    The magazine also revealed that Pokémon fans who buy the new games early will have access to a Shiny Beldum holding the Mega stone for Mega Metagross.
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Aug 8, 2014.

    1. Satoren
      Lopunny came completely out of left field, being so far the only ORAS Mega evolution that isn't native to Hoenn. This opens up the opportunity for many more Pokemon to receive similar treatment.

      Since we're getting Contest outfits, I guess we can assume that character customization makes a return? I certainly would prefer to roam the Overworld as Rocker Brendan or Idol May.

      There's also that bit about Shiny Beldum. Kinda makes the free post-E4 Beldum kinda moot if they're gonna keep it. And I guess if it's gonna be a Mystery Gift, then it's likely we'll be getting Mega Diancie before release for the X/Y games knstead of for ORAS as I initially thought.
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    2. Jhan Garc
      Jhan Garc
      Hahahaha,Mega-Salamence looks like a Power Ranger-ish battleship!
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    3. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      Pretty sure NOBODY was expecting Mega Lopunny, but all the same, I'm really happy what they've done with it. The design is kinda meh, but I can't say no to a Normal/Fighting with Scrappy. ♥

      Dragon/Fairy was also really unexpected from Mega Altaria; I can't say that Mega Altaria was unexpected, since I was quietly hoping Altaria would be able to mega. Not sure how I feel about Salamence, though XD

      Just really wishing Game Freak would stop giving Pikachu all this really unnecessary extra attention, even if the outfits are kinda cute. :/
    4. Teapot
      Pfffffffffft, like THAT'LL ever happen. Pikachu = free money for them. :p
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    5. Keleri
      I'm super excited for Megagross, of course, but Altaria is a strong contender with that dragon/fairy typing. Mega lopunny is really cute as well.
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    6. KoL
      I have mixed feelings about this bunch, but mostly positive.

      Lopunny's design reminds me of Catwoman despite it being a rabbit. Normal/Fighting + Scrappy on a Pokemon as fast as Lopunny is a huge bonus though.

      Altaria's mega evolution was probably the best way to introduce Fairy/Dragon into the game. Pixilate for the ability is a tad boring considering MegaGardevoir did it first, but it's no doubt a strong ability and we could be seeing some Dragon Dance + Return sweeps from this thing.

      I'm not sure what's going on with MegaSalamence's design, I can't help but imagine him flying into battle with "Fly Me To The Moon" blaring away in the background to herald his arrival. Aerilate, again, done before by Pinsir, but Dragon Dance + Return again on something with even greater stats is something I can't complain about.
    7. Jeydis
      Torn stockings, thats all Lopunny was missing...I love its typing and ability though so I might run one anyway.

      Altaria's mega got a bit out of hand with the fluff... Great ability and typing though, glad to see it become useful again.

      Salamence giving the Lati twins some competition for the Dragon Jet position. The ability is rather interesting though, may bring some fun builds out.

      The special pikachu moves make me kind of sad though since that seals the deal on the thought of getting outfits for other mons. Also It makes me sad that poor Raichu is most likely left out in the cold again :(.

      Player outfits: Since we see them only on the contest field I think this might be a contest thing more then full player customization confirmation. It is a good sign though. Also holy shit heroes without hats.

      Free shiny beldum is rather nice.
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    8. Jhan Garc
      Jhan Garc
      OH MAH GOD
    9. Burgundy
      Mega Lopunny - Completely unexpected and I love it. The design and typing are a bit unusual for Lopunny, but that just makes me even happier now that they'll finally get some love from the fans.

      Mega Altaria - Can't say I didn't expect this one. Awesome to have a Dragon/Fairy so soon after the type addition. Every time I look at this mega I imagine that someone stuffed an Altaria plush in the microwave and made it explode.

      Mega Salamence - Cool design, not really much else to say about it. Even if it is a psuedo legend (I think?), it's one of the lesser used, and I haven't seen too much of it in competitive play until recently.

      Pikachu cosplay - I still think they should've given some other Pokemon costumes, but these are still pretty cool. I feel like Libre Pikachu will be used more often due to Flying Press.

      Contests - I'm excited to see these come back, hopefully to their original form from R/S/E. I hope the Pikachu costumes won't be a huge deciding factor to get your Pikachu to win.

      Shiny Beldum - I REEEEALLY hope this isn't just a Japan thing, if America gets jacked out of a Shiny Beldum I'm gonna be dissapointed. :|
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    10. Jeydis
      Salamence is certainly a pseudo and has been in OU for most of its time in this world. Exception being for gen 4 where it went to ubers and gen 6 where it lowered to BL which is pretty much OU lol. It has one of the better movepools for the pseudos and has great split stats to boot.

      One thing I kinda like about the design is that from the Bagon stage, all this line wanted to do was fly, and now with the mega all it can do is fly since its limbs are so tiny.
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    11. PandaNoGlasses
      Actually the only I like is Lopunny. Altaria was strong enough before. and I didn't like the design. Salamence looks... okay.
    12. PhantoonZone
      I was wanting both Altaria and Salamence to get megas and I was right and lopunny was very unexpected and I do have a shiny metagross so if we don't get beldum I won't need to worry much.
    13. Sand Attack
      Sand Attack

      Wasn't expecting Lopunny at all, but I hope that means more non-Hoenn Pokemon get mega evolutions! Also, the ripped hose is classy -.-; .

      Salamence was to be expected, but...yikes, that's a bit much, lol.

      Alteria? That one I have to ponder a bit more. I know its body was mostly cloud to begin with, but still the mega evolution is just a tad too much.
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    14. Trainerlal
      Getting a shiny pokemon in the release is freaking awesome!!!!
    15. Vaporeonn
      I was really hoping for a Mega Altaria, and my wishes came true, finally. I was waiting for a Dragon/Fairy :)

      Oh , and now I see the point of the Contest Pikachus, or whatever they're called! So, there is a tiny bit chance I will be using a Pikachu for a while. I'm shocked I even thought about it...

      Lopunny just looks awesome, Normal/Fighting won me over! Nope. Scrappy did most of the work c:
      Salamance looks cool, but I can't seem to see it's arms. DAMN YOU GAMEFREAK FOR CUTTING IT'S ARMS!!!! Why am I always over reacting?
      Oh, I'm getting OR/AS as soon as they get out in Europe. The shiny Beldrum is an awesome way to start a brand new journey in Hoenn!

      For the Trainer costumisation, I'm hopping it gets a come-back. I REALLY hope. I don't like Mays outfit a bit. Well, I like her new hair-cut. wait THAT'S NOT THE POINT!! All I'm sayin' is that TC would be greatly appreceated, Gamefreak. Note to yourself.
    16. Skyy-chan
      Huzzah! Mega Evolution for Salamance and Altaria!~
      And Lopunny, watch out for the males, girl (if they're female...) I think GameFreak just made it worse...godamnit, GameFreak.

      Second off, it's neat to have a reason to have a Cosplay Pikachu other then to have the design, and the Belle having Icicle Crash makes me want to have it even more.
    17. bioaura
      Im actually very happy for new mega evolutions and like most of you didn't see mega lopunny coming XP, im kinda confused on how outfits affect a Pikachu and especially its moves.
      Im kinda sad they are promoting the game with a shiny beldum since I have a shiny metagross, I hope it will not end up like shiny gyarados :(, its not that other people will have it its that every time they promote a game with a shiny (aka shiny gyarados) people tend to dislike it since its not so special....
    18. LadyLucs
      i'm not too fond of mega salamance :p i dont think ill use his mega form
    19. Jhan Garc
      Jhan Garc
      Wait a second......in the part with the hatless heroes......is that.....Winona?!
    20. stephanie spots
      stephanie spots
      Still no mega Drifblim ;-; ;-; I'm the saddest person in the world D:
    21. Mr.Munchlax
      Mega Lopunny- Some people kind of expected pokémon from outside of Gen III to receive mega evolutions ever since last month's issue showed the Hoenn pokédex would expand, but calling this a curveball was a bit of an understatement. Now, I don't like to automatically categorize pokémon in genders when they're possible of being both male and female, but I'm kind of glad that Lopunny's design went from a cocktail bunny to an impressive looking kick boxer. It not only makes Lopunny look more unisex, but its typing and ability makes it a major threat to Ghost type users.

      Mega Altaria- Ever since I saw that Altaria could learn Moonblast, I half expected it becoming a Dragon/Fairy type if it ever mega evolved, but after looking at all the fan art I didn't expect it to look so . . . . fluffy. It's still impressive and I can already tell that this will give Altaria a major boost in the Dragon type roster

      Mega Salamence- I like it and all, but I'm not too sure what to expect on the fact that they made Salamence a hybrid between the Eon Duo and a flying saucer. However, I am glad that Gen VI is finally making the first baby step to giving Flying types a leg up when you include this, Mega Pinsir, and Gale Wings Talonflame

      The Pikachus- This is basically combining Rotom's form changes with the Spiky Eared Pichu from Heart Gold & Soul Silver

      No that's a new character named "Contest Idol" Lucia, basically someone who gives you outfits to wear in contests.

      As for pokémon contests in general, I'm still hoping they'll incorporate contest battles this time because I immediately lost my interest in contests after seeing how they were portrayed in the anime. If anything, I'm guessing the contest outfits hint to character customization since Brendan is seen as pale white instead of tan like how he is in his official artwork
      Last edited: Aug 9, 2014
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    22. John Macriss
      John Macriss
      Shiny Mega Metagross? Well, I need to hurry up and preorder.
    23. Icey cube 23
      Icey cube 23
      Mega lopunny and Altaria? Now i really wanna pre-order this!
    24. jguller0
      Salamence does have arms if you look closely where they should be. They're right under its steel neck thingy.
    25. Burgundy
      I know he's always been OU, but in X and Y I haven't seen too much of Salamence compared to other OU Pokes. Then again I'm usually following the NU side.
    26. theclownfish
      the only design i like is altarias. metagross just doesnt look like itself, lopunny looks like a fighting type and salamence looks like a comet (he has no wings and barely any arms. i know they will be like the megas introduced in kalos but their design compared to these are way better. i think gamefreak is ruining mega evolution design and giving pikachu WAY too much attention
    27. LeonHu
      Well...we got what we wanted guys, a Maga Altaria & Salamence, and I did not expect Mega Lopunny.

      Mega Altaria's design is absolutely perfect, glad they made it Dragon/Fairy.

      Mega Slamence's design is really weird, it look like a hang glider or a dart, they even made it almost skinny and remove it's arms, like the color though.

      I even thought the Pikachu Costumes are only for Contests, but it's also for battles witch is good at least.

      A Shiny Beldum early in the game?! hoho yes!
    28. Magpie
      Mega Altaria ♥

      I can't wait to see the upgrades to Contests as I did enjoy them in the originals, even if at times they got frustrating xD

      I quite like Mega Salamence's design, all jokes aside. I like the streamline nature of it. And of course... mmmmmm, shiny Metagross ♥
    29. Midnight Ace
      Midnight Ace
      Love Mega Altaria design and so happy it made it into a Dragon/Fairy type :halo:

      Mega Lopunny needed something and am glad it made it part Fighting. :)

      Sadly I really don't like Mega Salamence. They took one of the few good looking Pokémon from RSE, and made it look like a damn joke:@ and its ability sucks for Salamence. >=O
    30. Alexxander
      Actually it's ability is pretty good prior to Aerilate, Salamence's best special Flying move was Air Cutter and it's best physical is Fly (which you can just switch to minimize damage) but now it can actually use it's Flying type by using Hyper Voice or Body Slam/Return the moves that get changed get boosted by 1.3 times and I believe (don't quote me on this) STAB stacks on top so it becomes incredibly dangerous. (If it does Body Slam is now power 165.75 with 30% of paralysis while Return sits at 198.9)

      Mega Pinsir is one of the biggest threats in the entire metagame because of this ability and Salamence has even better stats (base Salamence is almost on par with Mega Pinsir) so it's likely going to be an absolute nightmare to defeat.
    31. ignitusfire12
      Oh, cool! Now the cosplay Pikachu are even more unique with a rare move! Mega Salamence would be an absolute beast to face with Aerilate. I never saw Mega Loppunny coming, but I do think it needed that boost in both power and popularity. And Mega Altaria:angel:! I like Altaria, so now I'm stuck with either Mega Metagross, Sablye, or Altaria<.>!
    32. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      I expected Dragon types to get a few more megas. I know they're popular, but Lopunny? That little useless bunny might become useful and awesome. However, when it comes to design, I still prefer Lopunny's non-mega. I like the Playboy Bunny inspiration.
    33. YueliaBreeze
      I saw all this on twitter the other day it kinda caught me off guard i was on twitter all night till morning and they posted it like early hours in the morning for me but all this info is showing and people have said that they are going all out with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire people might for get about X/Y when these games come but this into is good i'm glad my fave dragon/flying type got a mega form...
    34. ben123
      Yay more megas

      Popster pikachu likes kissing girls!!!!!!!!!
    35. BrickWall9000+
      So choosing Libre Pikachu.
    36. baratron
      Have to say, I was expecting Mega Altaria to be Dragon/Fairy. What I wasn't expecting was for it to consist entirely of cloud.

      Mega Salamence can be ranked along with the two Mega Charizards in the "Pokemon that were already ridiculously overpowered but are getting a Mega because the fans love them" category. Nothing very surprising there.

      Mega... Lopunny? Well, that came out of left-field. Have to say, it's a great improvement on Lopunny's "fan service" design.
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    37. Sand Attack
      Sand Attack
    38. Septile
      Er Mer Gersh. Salamanca Is AWSOME.

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