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Pokécharms Central

  1. Entrance Gate and Hall of Justice

    Here you can find the rules and guidelines that apply -everywhere- on the Pokécharms forums. All new members MUST read these before posting. Failure to comply with the rules is hazardous to your continued existence! This section is also home to our New Member Introductions and other useful topics, which new users are encouraged to peruse.
  2. Questions and Site Feedback

    Got some feedback or questions about anything on Pokécharms? Have an idea for something we could add or improve, or found a problem with the site? This is the place for it!
  3. Trainer Card Maker Submissions

    Do you have a trainer sprite or background that you'd like to see put on to the Pokécharms Trainer Card Maker? This is the place to submit them!
    Not every submission will be added to the Trainer Card Maker. Judgements are made based on quality and uniqueness. Please do not resubmit any sprites that are not included in previous updates.