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    I've been going back through the games and decided to play in a way that is more truthful to myself, rather than the character that I was controlling. Take Gen1 for example:

    Every time I played, I always tried to catch all Pokemon that I came across (aside from duplicates). I would name my character Red, and would embark on Red's journey with the Pokedex. But I just finished my play through with FireRed, and just imagined it was me this time; I'm sure by now Professor Oak has no use passing out a Pokedex, so I didn't force myself to catch them all-- just the Pokemon I wanted, and I tried making it my story.

    More importantly, while doing these re-play throughs, I've come up with notes on what Pokemon I catch, where, their behavior, and when/how they end up evolving. I'd like to actually write a complete fanfic of this. No Pokedex. No meddling in Team Rocket's terrorist plots unless under certain circumstances. No shenanigans.

    The Trainer Cards will be an indicator of my journey. I treat my Gen1 as a post-Indigo Plateau ID as it has my Hall of Fame Pokemon (or registered tournament Pokemon) and my badges from Kanto. I'd like to have a regular trainer card that works more like an ID, so would have stats instead of Pokemon, like a Trainer License. I would also like the idea of becoming a Volunteer Pokemon Ranger, kind of like the Pokemon Ranger Trainer Class in the core games, rather than the actual games named after them (which is where my third trainer card comes from).

    Pokemon Adventures Manga has a blip of a Trainer Card of a Pokemon Ranger and that seems to have writing and sprites on it, so perhaps I need to fiddle with the cards.
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    Sand Attack, Gust, FeatherDance, Roost, Tailwind, Mirror Move, Air Slash, Areal Ace, Hurricane, Substitute
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    1. Sand Attack
      Sand Attack
      Got a replacement computer and picked up SS again ^^
    2. Sand Attack
      Sand Attack
      I think it's time to start some writing for my Pokemon Journey! And that means starting up my old-newly-restarted save of SoulSilver!
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