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Ask to Join MHA: The Heroes Of Tomorrow

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by JayTaku, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Ingo was currently sitting down on the same table as Yasumi, Kenji, and Ritsu, who were all enjoying their lunch. Ingo was quietly eating a small bowl of rice with a glass of water. Because he came to lunch slightly later, he didn't get the 'good stuff'. However, Ingo was grateful he got anything at all. At his old school, lunch was survival of the fittest. When it was gone, it was gone, and there was nothing else to it. He didn't really a need a big meal anyway - Just something to keep him going. His quirk required a lot of energy to maintain, after all.

    Suddenly, Ingo heard Kenji shout across the hall. He looked up to see who he was shouting to. It was Nobu and the girl they found unconscious in the classroom before.
    ..So she's awake. He thought.
    Was...Was she just running? How energetic is she?! If I was in that situation, I would have-

    He cut himself off, realizing that he was getting too worked up, and starting to sound like a parent. He was just glad she was okay.
    It looks like they're coming over. I better get ready for an introduction.
  2. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji looked at Ingo and laughed. "Yeah Ingo, just get ready for when you meet Kokoro, she's a little...energetic to say the least." Kenji then looked at Ingo's lunch. "Why didn't you get something better than that, don't you think it's a little plain?" Kenji asked. He carried on eating and then got a message off his mom. He checked it, it said "Hey Ken how's your first day at high school, what's happening right now." Kenji replied with, "Well right now I'm just having lunch, and by the way are you gonna be at work late again?" It took a few minutes for her to message back. "Yeah so your gonna have to make dinner tonight." Kenji sighed. He was thinking of just getting some instant ramen.

    Nobu sat down next to Ingo, "Well lucky I brought my own lunch today, 'cause all the good food in the cafeteria is gone." He pulled his bento out of his bag and inside were some rice balls. They were surprise rice balls, his favourite. He tried one, "Oh that's plum, nice!" He said as he ate the rest.
  3. “ Oh, I probably should buy some food first...huh?” Kokoro chuckled as she searched her pockets for any coins that she could use to buy something at the cafeteria. Nothing…she just remembered she spent the last of her money buying toys for the kids at the local orphanage. She didn’t want to ask anyone to lend her their own money for her sake, she’ll be fine without food for a couple of hours. She climbed up the tree and waved for everyone to come up to join. She wondered if Sylvia had anyone to sit with during lunch. Hopefully she didn’t feel lonely. Kokoro scrolled through her messages on her phone noticing five new messages from her aunt asking about how her day was going and if the other students were treating her kindly. She smiled as she started to type out a response.
  4. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji just finished his lunch, "Alright guys I'm gonna go outside for a while, so I'll see you all later." Kenji walked outside to see Kokoro in the tree where she was at break. "She's up there again huh, well I guess I'll go and keep her company." Kenji climbed up the tree to get to Kokoro. "Hey Kokoro, you okay." He said as he placed his hand on her shoulder. Before Kokoro had time to answer his question he asked another, "So Kokoro, you're in class 1-C aren't you? Because if you are I wanted to ask you about the invalid, the one with wings." He said looking down.
  5. Yasumi was quietly eating his food. He didn't buy anything there, he had his own lunch. His mother, being the health-obsessed crazy mother that she was, decided it would've been better to avoid anything she didn't feel was safe enough for his body. Of course, UA is not the kind of school to feed trash to their students, Yasumi reminded her many times, but she insisted. In the end, he had to give up.
    It's not like I dislike my mother's cuisine anyway He thought, while enjoying his meal.
    He realized after a couple of minutes that Kokoro had yet to start eating. She was a pretty small girl, probably she didn't eat much? That was not good. A healthy meal is important, even if you're thin, short, or both. It's not like only big guys had to eat, right? He was about to speak, when he noticed Kokoro had put her hands in her pockets, only to take them out after a short while.
    Surely, she was searching for something, but she didn't find it.
    She could've lost her wallet, or maybe she has no money Well, the reason wasn't important. It was pretty clear to him that the girl was just trying to be considerate and not ask others for help. Thinking about it, Yasumi could understand why she was behaving like this.
    "Aw man, I forgot my drink.. Hey Kokoro, since you're not eating, do you mind getting me a bottle of water from the cafeteria?" He said, while handing her a 10$ bill.
    "Oh and keep the rest, consider it some kind of tip or something" Yasumi said, smiling.
  6. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji laughed, "Getting other people to do stuff for you, are you really that lazy." Kenji then jumped off of the tree and pulled some money out of his pocket. "Hey Kokoro, take this, you should really get something to eat." Kenji then turned to Yasumi. "Also Yasumi I was wondering if you would like to come to my house tonight? Since my mom is at work until later tonight, I thought I'd ask you because you were the first friend I made here." Kenji said as he pulled out a bottle of water from his bag. "But if you do wanna come you don't have to worry about dinner, I am quite a capable cook, since I have to cook for my little brother a lot." Kenji stated, he had always enjoyed cooking since he was very young.
  7. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Kaylee walked through the halls of UA. She was accepted into the prestigious school based on recommendation, which was nothing new of course. Due to her astounding marks, she was drafted straight into class 1-A, which is right where she wanted to be of course. The girl was in her school uniform and had her hair in a high ponytail like she usually did. She was passing by the classroom when she finally stopped. She knew that the other students where taking break right about now, and that most were simply eating lunch. Kaylee had already eaten and was ready to get on with her day mostly. She was eager to find out more about her classmates and students, even others outside of her class considering she'd heard that some other students were pretty talented as well. Mainly, however, she just needed to know if "he" was here.
  8. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji walked around for a while to see if anything was going on in the corridors or outside. "I'm sure there's gotta be more class 1-A members, maybe they are just coming in late." Kenji thought while drinking his water. While walking through the corridor Kenji noticed someone that he hadn't saw before, not even at the entrance exams. "I haven't seen her before, but I gotta say she's pretty damn cute." Kenji looked at her more, "She's sorta short though, but still cute, she better be in class 1-A." He thought. Kenji started to walk over to her, "Uh...what do I even say?" Kenji stood right in front of her and said, "Uh... Hello, have you just came in, because if you have I can walk you around the school, sorry if this is a little strange." Kenji tended to get nervous around girls.
  9. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Right off the bat, Kaylee heard footsteps coming down the hallway. She turned to see a boy who seemed to be around her age. He approached her and offered to give her a tour around the school. She wasn’t going to refuse considering she was trying to find her away around the place anyways. She put on a smile and turned towards the boy, “Oh hi! Wow a tour would be really great right now. You’re so kind for offer.” Kaylee said with a short giggle. She just kinda started walking off down the hallway assuming the boy would follow since the tour was his idea. “So are you in 1-A too?” she asked, hoping that the boy had caught up by now.
  10. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji looked at Kaylee, "Yeah I'm in class 1-A, my name's Kenji, what's yours?" He asked smiling. "Well if you made into 1-A you must have a pretty strong quirk, do you mind telling me what it is?" Kenji said as he kept on flicking his fingers to make flames go on and off. "I can just make some flames, and melt stuff and that's really all there is to it." He carried on walking.

    When Nobu had finished he decided to look for Sylvia, as he wanted to talk to her more. "I wonder where Sylvia could be, maybe she's in the corridors somewhere or with Kokoro or Kibou or something." He thought as he carried on walking. Nobu finally saw Sylvia. "Hey Sylvia, you wanna come sit with us for lunch, we've even got some 1-A students with us."
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  11. Sylvia glanced at Nobu in surprise. Kibou turned to face the boy as well, a good-natured smile donning his face. "Oh, hey Nobu! I was just helping Sylvia get her lunch today. She's gotta go back to the infirmary to eat, though."

    "W-well..." Sylvia glanced around. Jack had sat down someplace to eat after everyone crowding around him had settled down, and she couldn't find her brother anywhere nearby, so perhaps that was a good sign. "M-maybe a little... but not for too long, okay?"

    Kibou fiddled uncomfortably. "But Sylvia, Jack trusted that I'd get you right to the infirmary! How about this? We still go to the infirmary, but when you guys are done eating, you can come visit us at Recovery Girl's?" he offered. "That way, I can keep my promise, Jack won't be mad at me, and Sylvia can still meet new people! Sound good, Sylv?"

    Sylvia nodded gratefully.

    In the meantime, however, an infamous villain from America was polishing her nails. The skimpy uniform she wore hugged her body just right, revealed just enough skin, and matched with her piercing white eyes. Her dark indigo hair was silkier than her love life, unfortunately, but it didn't really matter.

    Those Reviar children were going to pay. She had nothing against the youngest one, Lucy, save for the fact that she was even related to them. However, she was technically one of her targets back then, so she wouldn't get away either. It was just that the boy and girl, Jack and Sylvia, were much larger threats than her, which said a lot. Based on the information she had gathered, Lucy was a very strong child now. She could prove to be a threat later, but only when her plan came into fruition. As for Sylvia, she was weak now. Vulnerable, easy to exploit, especially since she could hardly breathe. And she wanted to be a hero? Pathetic.

    As for Jack, he's a big threat to her plans. His quirk was strong, and unlike when he was a little boy and wore himself out, nearly destroying his arm muscles, he was older now and likely developed a great level of endurance. He was also the smartest of the kids, and even one of, if not the best students in U.A. Of course, thankfully, he had one weakness Toxic had been ready to exploit for a long time coming.

    He cared for his family. That girl Sylvia, in particular, in her weak state, would be no match to another dosage of Toxic's beautiful poison.

    She couldn't do this alone. Last time, she was bested by the three children, their newly adoptive father, and the Pro Hero Ace, who locked her in jail. She couldn't go after Ace just yet though, but they were very high on her to-kill list. She needed to bring together more villains who had grudges against heroes like Deku.

    She needed to create a New League of Villains, just like the good old days.

    Hence why Toxic was here now. Toxic had decided to go through with her plan during the Sports Festival. Everyone with just the right quirks had agreed to help her, and now Toxic had a means of getting Sylvia back in order to finish what she had started. Sylvia had permanent damage to her lungs.

    She wouldn't survive should her brother mess things up.
  12. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Nobu smiled at Sylvia and Kibou, "Ok we can meet you at Recovery Girl's, I'm fine with that." Nobu then started to talk again, "And one more thing, once we've gotten everybody together, I was thinking that we could all go and meet Deku." He exclaimed, even excited when thinking about it. Nobu then started to run back to where the others were sitting to tell them about how they could meet Deku. "Alright see ya Sylvia, you too Kibou." He then made it to where the others were. "Hey guys, I have an idea of what we could do when you finish your lunch, my idea was that we could go and meet Deku, but we'll wait for my two friends first and Kenji and Kokoro, ok?"
  13. A red circle with a symbol on it would appear in front of the class 1-A classroom and out came a lady with a umbrella, who coughed up blood a few seconds later. She wiped her hands with her napkin “can anyone tell me where Sylvia is?” Crystal was just reading a book when a sudden imergance from a red circle appeared, with a lady popping out, which confused Crystal.
  14. When Sylvia and Kibou had finally gotten their lunches, they went back to Recovery Girl's office, as promised.

    "Meet THE Deku?! That is awesome!" Kibou exclaimed excitedly. "Don't you think so, Sylv?"

    Sylvia shrugged. "It makes no difference. Jack doesn't want me to be a Hero, Deku probably doesn't know I exist, and I think my depression is getting me in worse shape than I already am. The only person who really believes in me is Lucy, but even she doesn't want me straining myself because of my 'condition'." She sighed and spooned some tomato soup into her mouth before speaking again. "Sorry, I'm just in a 'mood', I guess. I get like this a lot."

    Kibou gave Sylvia a warm smile. "It's alright, you're human. Everyone has emotions like those."

    "Makes me curious about villains, though."


    "If we're all human, why do we fight villains as heroes? What purpose do villains have in harming us, and do they even get pleasure out of it? It's stupid."

    Kibou paused, allowing Sylvia's words to sink in before answering. "Well, I think it's like alcohol. To us humans, alcohol, despite us knowing it's a horrible, awful substance that can kill us, is still very addictive. Maybe that's what it feels like to kill someone after having a lot of pent-up aggression, or maybe they're just playing around with us. It's hard to really know why; all we know is that innocents get sucked up into their horseplay and we have to stop it."

    Sylvia nodded and continued eating in silence, leaving Kibou to wonder if she was alright. He decided to change the subject to something Sylvia had brought up a couple of times prior.

    "Soo.... how's that notebook-passing thing going for you? You like Kokoro?"

    Sylvia blushed a little and turned away, wings fluffing immensely. "S-she's nice, I guess..."

    Kibou grinned, knowing he had lifted Sylvia's spirit. "Nice... how?"

    Sylvia refused to answer him.
  15. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Kaylee giggled at the compliment and smiled, "Well actually I was let in on a recommendation so I guess you could say that makes me really strong. Though I'm sure that so many of you who took the entrance exams are really powerful too." she responded. She took a look at the boy's fire quirk and her eyes lit up. "I mean fire is really cool either way! It may be common, but I bet it's still really powerful. It's probably really really strong just because of it's user." Kaylee said with a smile. "Oh and by the way, I'm Kaylee and yes I'm also in Class 1-A like you mentioned. However, as for my quirk...." she girl said, her voice trailing a bit. She looked away for a minute to contemplate before turning back to Kenji. "Well since you were nice enough to actually show me yours." she said.

    Kaylee moved her face really close to Kenji's before giving him a quick peck on the lips. She then backed away and snapped her fingers, making fire appear in the palm of her hand. She giggled a bit, "Sorry about that, but it's just a part of my quirk Kenji." she said, still holding the fire.
  16. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji scratched his head, "Yeah it is very common, that's why I'm not the biggest fan of it." He giggled a little. He then noticed Kaylee turn away from him. "Is she up to something?" He then saw her turn back towards him as she started getting closer to him, "Wait, why is she getting closer?" When she kissed him, he turned red. "Holy Shit! Did she... Did she just kiss me?!" Kenji still stood blushing, "Oh it's fine, you don't need to be sorry, but I'm gonna go now ok, uh...uh...see you around." Kenji was that shocked that he left to go meet the others. "She's got an interesting quirk, so by kissing someone she gets their quirk." When Kenji made it to the table where the others were Nobu explained about how they would talk to Deku. "Ok, we're going to meet Deku, that's great." He said while sitting down.
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  17. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Kaylee laughed a little at Kenji's shock. It was practically normal at this point considering she'd seen the same reaction enough times. Kenji walked off and the time limit for the quirk began to time out. The fire slowly died in her hands until it was nothing more than a mere spark before completely dying out. She didn't really have anything else to do and her tour guide kinda abandoned her so she just kinda followed along in the direction he took off in. She found herself nearing the cafeteria, she could tell by the noise. There she spotted many more people, students to be exact, and of course Kenji was among those people. She made her way over to the table that he was sitting at and took a seat. "Heyyy you ran off back there so I just followed you. Great tour there Kenji." she said sarcastically with a smile.
  18. Kiza was walking threw the streets, whistling and stopped by a dark alley and covered part of his shadow, which created black wolf like beings. He walked a few feet away and then roars were heard from the alley and he pretended to be scared like all the other people around him, as the black wolfs would hurt and tear at the people to spread a hint of fear and death into those around them, each time a prey “dies” they howl.
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  19. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji noticed Kaylee walk over towards him, "Oh she's here again, I know it was part of her quirk but I still can't get over the fact that she kissed me." Kenji chuckled. "Yeah sorry about that, it's just I was a little shocked so I sorta just ran without thinking about you, please forgive me." Kenji said as he bowed in front of her. He then got some money out of his pockets and held it out to her. "Take this, compensation for me leaving you like that, you can buy whatever you want with it." He said smiling.
  20. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    The girl smiled back at Kenji and accepted the money willingly. "Aw come on you didn't have to give me this. You could've just finished showing me around the school." she said. She then turned her attention towards the one who had been sitting next to Kenji, Nobu. "I definitely haven't met you yet either. I'm Kaylee and I'm part of class 1-A. What about you?" she asked with a smile, resting her chin in the palm of her hand, elbow on the table holding her up.
  21. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Nobu heard Kaylee talk to him, "Oh you're in class 1-A, well I'm in class 1-C, which is general studies, oh yeah my name's Nobu." He said holding his hand out for a hand shake. "So anyway, what happened between you and Kenji, considering you said he was giving you a tour and then he ran off." He asked curiously.

    Kenji looked at Nobu, "Why does he need to know?" Kenji smiled a little. "Oh yeah Kaylee, don't worry about it you can keep the money, I've got more at home." He said trying to make her not feel bad.
  22. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Kaylee took Nobu's hand and shook it, not wanting to be rude of course. "Ohh that's so interesting. General studies huh? But you're still aiming to be a hero right?" she asked. The girl giggled a bit at the mention of the Kenji subject. The girl moved her eyes to the side and smiled, "Ohhhh nothing much really. Let's just say I found out that Kenji never kissed a girl before." she said before laughing a little at the end of her statement.
  23. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji gave Kaylee a cold stare, "Just for your information, I've kissed lots of girls, the only reason I freaked out is because you caught me off guard, okay." Kenji said laughing a little. "Hopefully she'll believe that so I don't look like some loser." Kenji then looked at the time. "So Kaylee how come you came in so late to school anyway? Since we were all already here."

    Nobu laughed at Kenji's reaction to Kaylee saying what she had said. "That's obviously a lie, isn't it." Nobu started to drink some cherry soda. "And Kaylee to answer your question, I do still want to be a hero,it's just many people underestimate me." He said looking down at the ground.
  24. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Kaylee acted shocked at Kenji's statement in which he said he's kissed many other girls. "Oh my god. How could you cheat on me like this? With sooooo many other girls" she asked playfully, placing the back on her hand on her forehead and pretending to faint on the table.

    The girl lifted her head and laughed a bit after she was done teasing Kenji in spite of him trying to be cool. She turned her attention towards Nobu and nodded affirmatively with a smile. "Well that's good on you. I was the same way in the sense that people used to underestimate me so don't worry about it, now here I am in Class 1-A. I'm sure you'll do great." she said with a small giggle to finish her sentence.
  25. Ingo looked at the new addition to their 'party', and watched her interact and communicate with the others at the table.
    She seems fun. Ingo thought, smiling, and finishing up his rice.
    And what's with all this kissing business....? Don't tell me she and Kenji...!

    He cut off his train of thought, beginning to realize that his imagination would soon spiral out of control.
    I'm sure it's nothing. Besides, Kenji's kissed lots of girls, right? He's an absolute player. You can't tie guys like him down with just one...
    Where am I even going with this?
    He thought, noticing his internal discussion taking a massive U-turn. To those on the outside, Ingo was looking into nothing (or 'blanking out' ) for about 25 seconds straight.
  26. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji looked at Kaylee with a confused look, until she said that he was cheating on her. "Wait, Cheating! We aren't going out! You said you just wanted to show me your quirk." Kenji said as he tried to stay calm. He then started to drink his water again. "I don't even know why I'm complaining, she's cute so I wouldn't be bothered if people thought she was my girlfriend." Kenji smiled at her, "Your pretty much impossible to stay mad at, you know that right?" He said half-smiling.

    Nobu smiled at Kaylee, "Well if my friends believe in me, that gives me the ability to believe in myself, and no matter what others say, I'm definitely going to become a hero." He said clenching his fists.
  27. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Kaylee smiled back at Kenji, "Aww come on now, keep that up and that won't be the last one of those 'things' that you'll get." she said, referring to what happened earlier in the hallway. "After all I can't help it, your quirk is just so fun." she said with a small laugh. Once again, her attention was back on Nobu. She smiled, "I love the attitude you got there. That's quite some conviction. What's your quirk again Nobu?" she asked, curious at this point what kind of quirk a guy like him would have.

    The girl also jabbed a finger over towards Ingo, who was seeming staring into space. "So what's with this one?" she asked, taking notice of his dragonified arm.
  28. "Kenji you already got a girlfriend?" Yasumi asked, while walking towards the group. He wasn't there to hear the conversation, but he saw everything that happened until that moment, including Kaylee kissing him. From Kenji's reaction, however, the kiss wasn't really well met. When he got close enough to the group, he decided to introduce himself to the new girl.
    "I'm Yasumi Seiki, Class 1-A" He said.
    Truth is, Yasumi felt a bit uncomfortable around people too socially open. He wasn't really the talkative type, but he could understand that some people were more outgoing and didn't mind talking a lot. Still, he'd rather make an excuse and leave if the place got "too crowded".
    "Are you from General Studies? 'Cause you look our age, but I haven't seen you in class"
  29. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji blushed and then looked straight at Kaylee, "But what I don't get is, why would you wanna kiss me of all people, there are many people here that have better quirks than me." Kenji then looked towards Nobu. "Looks like she wants to find out about Nobu's quirk too." He thought as he lay back on his seat.

    Nobu was staring into space when Kaylee asked about his quirk. "Oh my quirk is called stretch, I can stretch parts of my body to incredible lengths." Nobu pause, "But I'm not that great with it, that's probably why I'm in general studies and not the hero course."
  30. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Kaylee heard another voice behind her and turned around to face the boy who was coming their way. After introducing himself the girl smiled up at him and returned the greeting. "Nice to meet you Yasumi. I'm Kaylee. Yeah I'm in Class 1-A and all, it's just that I got in on a recommendation so I wasn't here this morning." she explained.

    She turned back towards Kenji and Nobu and laughed a bit, "Because Kenji I've never used a fire quirk before, despite how common they are, yours was the first one I had the opportunity to try so I had to take it." she said. "You think I just kiss people based on how strong their quirk is?! Oh my god Kenji do you think I'm some monster or something! How cruel!!!" she said over-dramatically once again.

    "Hey hey now that's kinda cool Nobu. Having stretchy limbs can be super useful in a lot of situations. I'm sure the higher ups here will realize that soon enough." Kaylee reassured him.
  31. Kiza, after unleashing his goons in the city, went to the school his sister was at. He felt a odd and sinister aura as he went into the school “someone here must be planning something” he said as he followed the energy to the lunchroom, where he entered and looked at everyone with a casual look, but not before he put on his mask and looked at a girl sitting next to Kenji and Nobu.
  32. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji scratched his head, "But with a quirk like yours, why else would you kiss someone?" He asked curiously. "Do you do it on how much you like the quirk or something." Kenji looked towards Nobu.

    Nobu smiled at Kaylee once again, "Thank you for that, and hopefully they will, that will boost my self confidence a lot, and makes me believe even more that I can become a hero." Nobu said in a serious tone.

    Shinji walked the streets of the city, trying to blend in as much as he could, he even went to the alleyway that was part of his childhood. "We were told to meet at a bar right." Shinji made his way to the bar. When he made it there, he sat down on one of the chairs and noticed the news was on the TV. It showed how the pro hero Katsuki Bakugou had saved the day by defeating these strange wolf-like creatures. "He's the example of a hero I hate, someone that chooses to do heroic acts for the fame and money, I wish I could just strangle him right now."
  33. Kokoro was standing in line waiting for her turn to order food. She glanced around the lunchroom and smiled seeing all the other students radiating with joy. She hummed quietly to herself as she stood up on her tiptoes to see someone new entering the lunchroom. They seemed out of place wearing a mask and casual clothing. Were they touring the school? No...that can’t be it. After Kokoro received her food, she left the line to go greet this stranger. “ Scuse me, are ya new here?” She asked joyfully hiding her suspicions of them. “ I’m Kokoro! How about you?”
  34. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Kaylee sighed and put on a smile. "Well duh I can kiss them if their quirk is strong, but I can also do it based on which ones I like more of course. It's still my choice after all." she said. The blonde kicked her feet out in front of her under the table, "Geez what's even next? Are we going back to class at all today?" the girl asked. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy hanging out with the rest of the class, but she did kinda want to get on with their day. I mean come on, did UA just intend to let them slack off for the day?
  35. Kiza looked at the girl “yes I’m new here, by the way do you know anybody by the name of Crystal Murasaki?” He asked as he looked at the rest of the people at lunch “there getting soft, they won’t be any match for me right now” he thought to himself.
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  36. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji heard the question that Kaylee had asked, "Yeah I think class starts in around ten minutes, but to be honest I kinda like just being able to relax, you know where I'm coming from right." Kenji then went to throw his bottle in the trash after he had finished with it. When he got back to the table he looked at Kaylee, "Hey Kaylee have you told about or showed these guys you quirk yet?" Kenji asked, as he thought the others should know about it, as he thought it was quite interesting.
  37. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Kaylee huffed once again, "Well yeah I knowwww, but sometimes it's just so boringggggg." the girl whined, being over dramatic. It seemed to be a talent at this point. As for the mention of her quirk once again, Kaylee smiled and giggled a bit. "Oh...well no actually. It was just you after all. I kinda would like to tell them, but I also like seeing how surprised they are when I use it. Maybe the next one will run away like you did huh Kenji?" she said, further continuing to mock the boy.
  38. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji gave her a pissed off look again, "As I said you caught me off guard, do you think I'd act like that If I got kissed again, and the answer is no I wouldn't." Kenji thought, "I'd feel sorry for these guys if they got kissed and did the same thing I did, because she will keep on reminding you about it." Kenji the heard the bell go off, "Oh It looks like it's time for the next lesson, from what I've heard it's going to be heroics now." Kenji then got excited, "Another thing that I have heard is that the one teaching it will be the number one hero, Deku!"
  39. “ In that case, welcome!” Kokoro exclaimed joyfully. Crystal Murasaki? She’d never heard of her before. Maybe they were in Class-1A? “ I don’t think Crystal is in my class but I can help you look for her!” She spotted Kenji and the others and waved to them “ Guys, We have a newcomer over here!” She skipped over to their lunch table placing her lunch tray down. The energetic girl then motioned the stranger to come join them.
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    Kaylee laughed under her breath at how annoyed Kenji was about their earlier encounter. She also heard the bell and man she couldn't be happier. "Oh yeah finally something else! Heroics huh?" she listened to Kenji as he spoke about the upcoming lesson. "The number one hero Deku huh? Well that sure is nice of him to personally teach us first years." Kaylee said.

    Just as she got up out of her seat, a small girl skipped over to the lunch table. "I've never seen you before, what's your name?" she asked with a smile. "I don't know if you've heard this already, but I'm having a hard time believing you're our age...or you know...old enough to be in this school at all." she said with a small giggle.

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