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Ask to Join MHA: The Heroes Of Tomorrow

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by JayTaku, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Jack's hands moved to his heart and his purple eyes lifted to meet Deku's green ones. He was speechless. Everyone else had told him his sister was in over her head, but hearing Deku encourage her like this made Jack want to encourage her too. She didn't care about herself, but he cared about her and would never stop protecting his beloved little sister. Jack nodded, slowly with comprehension at first, but then quickly with excitement and revelation. Jack wasn't one to typically cry, but he felt some tears spring up in his eyes and sniffed before hastily wiping them away. He finally stopped nodding and bowed sincerely to his favorite Japanese Hero. "T-thank you so much, Deku-sensei! You really are an inspiration!"

    After Deku's response, Jack took off down the hall (despite Iida-sensei's protests) and turned his heel at the corner to Recovery Girl's office, entering hurriedly.

    "Ah, Reviar-kun," Recovery Girl spoke. "And how have you been this past break?"

    "My sister's in school, Recovery Girl," Jack told the elderly woman. "You have her every day for her checkups, so you know whom I'm talking about."

    Recovery Girl nodded. "I do. I presume you spoke to Deku-kun for the first time?"

    Jack nodded. "I know we gave up ways to heal Sylvia, but I think there's still a way to do it! We just need someone with a recovery-speeding quirk. Not like yours, of course, Recovery Girl, but something a bit slower..."

    Recovery Girl smiled at Jack. "I know exactly who you need. Give me a week. You can wait that long, can't you?"

    Jack nodded. "Of course. Thank you so much."

    "I will see Sylvia at lunch today."

    Jack nodded once more and bowed to her before leaving. "Thank you, Recovery Girl! Bye!"

    Recovery Girl chuckled. "Ah, Midoriya-kun. You just can't help empathizing with that young boy, can you? Oh well, I suppose it can't be helped. He's grown too much to be in my care any longer. Deku can take care of himself."
  2. "Now, where should I go?" Yasumi was having some problems finding his class.
    His first day at UA started just as any other day of his life. He woke up very early, he took his time to have breakfast (he took a lot of time to have breakfast) and, after putting on his brand new school uniform, he got in his mother's car. On the way there, his mother made sure to remind him once again to not be nervous, that everything is going to be fine, and all that other stuff she had told him at least ten times in the last 5 hours.
    She's the nervous one here.. he thought smiling. It was true that he wanted to make his parents proud, and therefore he would've studied very hard to be one of the best students, but he also wanted to enjoy his stay at the most prestigious school in the world, so he wasn't really planning on being nervous.
    I wonder what kind of hero I will be at the end of this path Thinking this, he got out of the car, took a moment to appreciate the incredibly huge building he had in front of his eyes, and walked in.
    "Aaand here we are, this should be the one right?"
    He got there a bit earlier than expected, so he decided to just sit down on the floor near the classroom. There was another student there, he was also somewhat familiar to him, but Yasumi was still half-asleep and decided not to pay too much attention to him.
  3. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji noticed Yasumi, and he thought he looked very familiar, "Wait, don't I know that kid, was he someone I met at the entrance exam or something." Kenji walked over to Yasumi and talked to him, "Excuse me, but don't I know you from somewhere, because you seem very familiar to me." Kenji took another look at Yasumi to see if he actually did know him. "Were you from the entrance exam or something, anyways the name's Kenji Takazu." He said while sitting down next to Yasumi.
  4. "Well I'm at UA, of course I'm from the entrance exam" he laughed. After looking at Kenji's face for a few more seconds, he finally remembered him.
    "Oh I see, you're the fire guy! I'm the blood guy, remember? Man, I'm glad to see you made it through. Then again, you have a pretty strong quirk, so I guess it was to be expected.." He smiled. He didn't actually get to see Kenji in action, but he could imagine how his quirk would work in a battle scenario.
    "My name is Yasumi Seiki, and I guess we'll be in the same class for the next few years! Nice to meet you"
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  5. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji smiled, "Oh yeah, and thanks for the compliment about my quirk, your quirk is actually really cool and not one that many people have, whereas mine is strong but not unique at all, you see a lot of people with a fire type quirk." He said sighing. "Anyway nice seeing you again Yasumi." Kenji started searching through his bag and he pulled out two cans of orange soda and held them out in front of him, "Hey Yasumi, you want a can of orange soda? I have two."
  6. "Oh no thanks!" Yasumi put both his hands up as if he was 'scared' of the orange soda.
    "That's very nice of you, but soda is bad for your health, you too should only drink water Kenji!" he then reassumed his initial position.
    His mother being a doctor and his father a weapon-master, they educated Yasumi into only eating and drinking what's supposed to help your body grow, or recover, or... you know.. just be healthy.
    "You see... I have to keep my body as healthy as I can otherwise I'll decrease the... well... quality of my blood, which is not good. My parents too were kinda obsessed with this, so I grew up like this. Not like I dislike it honestly..." Yasumi stopped for a moment. He realized Kenji would've probably felt a bit offended by his declinal, so he tried to cheer him up.
    "B-But I really do appreciate your offer, really!"
  7. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji chuckled, "It's fine you seriously don't need to worry about it, to be honest I didn't really think about drinking or eating stuff that is unhealthy would affect your quirk, being based on blood." Kenji started to drink the soda. "Anyway when do you think this teacher is coming, also I've heard a lot of great pro heroes are teachers this year, man imagine how cool it would be to have Red Riot as our homeroom teacher."
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  8. Sylvia heard the voices of people talking behind her. Though, of course, they looked like they were headed for Class 1-A. She couldn't feel as happy as they did, though. They weren't the ones carrying around a backpack with an oxygen bottle hidden inside. Her wings would lead one to think she had a super cool angel-based quirk, but besides growing flowers out of her own blood and muscle tissue and smelling nice, she really couldn't do anything. She wasn't allowed to make flowers anymore, since it took up a lot of her valuable blood, and flight was strictly prohibited by the doctors, since she could barely walk as it was. Thinking on it, Sylvia found it a miracle she even made it to U.A.

    But why was she here? She felt like she had to do something here, but she wasn't quite sure what. Sighing, she shook her head and moved forward, ignoring the students. Yes, she had a backpack and a school bag, but that only made people want to avoid her. Sylvia nearly bumped into someone and quietly pardoned herself.

    The purple-haired teacher glanced at the girl (he looked exhausted, Sylvia noted) and his eyes widened in surprise. "Are you Sylvia Reviar?" he asked.

    Sylvia nodded quietly.

    "The invalid, right?"

    Sylvia clenched her fists and barely nodded before moving to turn herself away. The man gave a quiet chuckle and gently tapped Sylvia's shoulder once more. She glared at him, but didn't say anything.

    "S-sorry. I wanted to see if you would say anything, but you're cautious as usual. Good. Keeping your guard up is a sign of strength, but also of loneliness. I'm Shinsou-sensei. I'll be your new Class 1-C homeroom teacher."

    Sylvia turned around to face him and bowed, but didn't say anything, understanding quickly that his quirk allowed him to do something only after Sylvia spoke.

    "You can speak; I'm not using my quirk right now," Shinsou said, giving her a kind smile.

    Cautiously, Sylvia opened her mouth. "I thought Present Mic-sensei would be our teacher."

    "Not this year. A lot of us old students are returning to teach at our old classes," Shinsou casually responded. "You wouldn't happen to want to be a Hero, would you?"

    Sylvia turned her head away and nodded shyly. She knew it was a reckless dream. She didn't know why she still wanted to be a Hero, but she was searching for that answer. She supposed that was perhaps the temporary reason she wanted to do it.

    "What do you hope to gain from becoming a Hero?"

    "I don't know," was her automatic response. Shinsou looked surprised at Sylvia, but she expected this response. "It was a dream when I was a kid, and then it was stolen from me seven years ago. I have permanent damage to my lungs and there's no way for me to get healed from my chemical pneumonia. I was seven, so the doctors were afraid to damage me or fatigue me by healing me; it was a delicate process. I'm fourteen now, but the damage just won't leave. I can't heal. My dream faded long ago; I don't know why I'm trying anymore."

    Shinsou nodded. "I understand. Did you apply for the General Education course?"

    Sylvia nodded. "Jack says Heroics is too dangerous for me because I'm handicapped. He doesn't want me to become a Hero."

    "He doesn't?"

    "It's too dangerous. He said if I don't take care of myself, how'm I supposed to take care of others?"

    Shinsou sighed. "Well, he's right, y'know. But I think you should still try to be a Hero. I know it's tough work. My quirk doesn't give me any special enhancements or anything like that, but I managed to do that; and I had only been in General Education all three of my years here."

    Sylvia glanced up at him. "What's your Hero title?"

    Shinsou shrugged. "Don't have one. I'm just Shinsou for the time being. I'm thinking of having it changed, though."

    Sylvia nodded and faced forward again. "That's our classroom?"

    "It is. After you."
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  9. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji still sat down next to Yasumi and had finished his orange soda in the time that they were waiting for their teacher to come. Then Kenji noticed a man with spiked up red hair walking down the corridor towards their classroom. The man stopped in front of Kenji and looked down at him and Yasumi. "Excuse me but do you guys happen to be part of Class 1-A?" He asked scratching his head. "Wait is that Red Riot, but he is the fourth strongest hero in Japan!?" Kenji replied with, "Yes we are part of class 1-A, but the rest of our classmates have not arrived yet." Kenji said looking up at Kirishima.
    "Great, well that means that I'm your teacher, you may know me by Red Riot, but in school you can call me Kirishima sensei." Kirishima told them before opening the classroom door to let them in.
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  10. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    One day after the exams, Jorino was making his way to U.A in a rather good mood. He was able to get accepted with the points he earned from his onslaught of robots, so he was rather satisfied. He made his way to class 1-A, to which he was greeted to the sight of Red Riot as a teacher.
    Hm, #4 hero as a U.A teacher, didn't expect anything less.
    He went to his seat and put down his bag, preparing his mind for the coming trials.
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  11. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji made his way into the classroom and took a seat next to Jorino, "I can't actually believe Red Riot is going to be our homeroom teacher, this class is going to be great." Kenji thought as he looked at Jorino. "I don't think that I've seen this guy before, well since I'm sitting next to him it would be right to introduce myself." Kenji cleared his throat and went to talk to Jorino, "Excuse me, since we are sitting next to each other, I was thinking we should exchange names so it we can talk and maybe be friends, anyway my name's Kenji Takazu." He said holding his hand out for a hand shake. Then Kirishima stood at the front of the class.

    "Hello class as many of you may know, I am the hero Red Riot, but you may call me Kirishima sensei, I know that not all of class is here so I was thinking that I should get to know the select few of you that are here, so what you will do is tell me your name and quirk." Kirishima then got Kenji to tell the class his name and quirk. "Ok my name is Kenji Takazu and my quirk is something that I like to call Wildfire, I can use fire for many different attacks, I can heat stuff up and engulf my self in flames." Kirishima nodded writing it down, the he looked to Jorino and told him to stand up.
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  12. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Jorino noticed Kenji and returned the handshake, seeing as it would be rude otherwise. He didn't introduce himself yet because he was called my Kirishima-Sensei to stand up.
    "My name is Jorino Albright, and my quirk is called Ocean which allows me to use water, purify water, turn into it, anything you can think of with water, I can do it," He respectfully bowed to his teacher as he sat down to formally introduce himself.
    "I'm Jorino Albright, it is a pleasure to meet you Kenji Tazuku,"
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  13. Ingo sat in his room, leaning over his desk, with his U.A. acceptance letter opened in front of him, and his uniform hung up on his brown wardrobe. As the sun rose, he began getting ready for his new life at U.A.

    After having showered, brushed his teeth, and eaten his favorite 'Fruit and Fibre' cereal, he went back up to his room to change. When he arrived, he stood still for what seemed like an eternity, gazing at his new U.A. uniform. To him, the uniform represented a lot of things. Honestly, he was still trying to process the fact that he was about to attend one of the most prestigious schools in the entire world. He thought back a few days before, when he had first got the letter of acceptance. His father had called him down into the living room, as if he was about to be told off, and then, he showed him the letter.

    "Try not to embarrass me, son." He remembered him saying before promptly leaving the room. He later called his mother, who is currently abroad, and told her the news. She was practically on the verge of tears, and spent almost an hour describing to Ingo how proud she was. Ingo's Mother and Father were such stark opposites, it made him wonder how their marriage works.

    However, though it may not have looked like it, Ingo's father was incredibly proud of him. He never showed it in the most explicit of fashions, but Ingo knew that deep down, he was.

    When he finally snapped back into reality, Ingo wore his new uniform with excitement. When he was completely ready, he decided that leaving the house for his first day felt too anti-climactic. And so, he did his favorite thing, and laughed. He laughed and laughed and laughed. He released the most diabolical, evil, and maniacal laugh that echoed through his entire neighborhood. For a moment you'd think that his U.A. uniform was simply a disguise for his nefarious deeds to come.

    Having his knack for the dramatic fulfilled, he decided that he would finally leave to experience his first day at U.A. , and hopefully, the first of many.
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  14. Miyata

    Miyata tended to her wounds, and went back onto the battlefield. Unfortunately, the test quickly ended after. "Am I even good enough?" She put her hands in her pockets, and exited the training arena. The bus came the minute she left, and Miyata entered it.

    After a while, Miyata arrived at her home. She decided to watch TV while she waited for the results to come in. Later that day, a message appeared in her house, which she thought was mail. One sentence was enough for her to be the most happy she'd ever been. "Congratulations, you have been accepted into U.A High!" Miyata jumped in joy. Finally, I can achieve what I always wanted to do! She went to sleep, hoping for a good day at U.A.

    The next day, Miyata woke up even earlier than she had done during the entrance exam. She patiently ate cereal and wore her uniform. "It looks fine," She looked in the mirror. "I wonder what homeroom teacher will I have." The bus arrived at her home, and Miyata jumped inside, entering U.A once again after half an hour.

    Miyata was holding a piece of paper designating where she'd be for the rest of the year. "Alright, here it is." She opened the door, noticing many other people had already been inside. She was late because she was too careless. "Oh, sorry for being late." She sat down at an empty chair. After taking notice that the others were introducing themselves, she decided to tell everyone about herself.

    "Hello, Sensei. My name is Miyata Kakuko. My quirk is what I'd like to call Super-Speed, which is rather self-explanatory. I can control all limbs in my body at an extreme pace, giving my quirk a variety of uses as utility and combat." Miyata bowed. "Nice to meet you."


    Ritsu had been fighting robots for a long time, and was really high in the leaderboard. "Alright, that was great!" Deku had proclaimed that the test was over, though Ritsu was still overly confident. He left the facility with a calm and overall happy mind. This time, he actually did catch the bus. He noticed Miyata, though decided to keep quiet as she didn't notice him.

    Ritsu entered his house, and played tons of video games and lost track of time. Before then, it was already one in the morning! He forgot that he would get the results yesterday night, and grabbed the mail really quickly. "I'll open it. No, I'll keep it a surprise." He said, though he really was just tired.

    The next day, he read the mail. It was a hologram, telling Ritsu that he had passed. He smirked, closing the hologram and getting in uniform. "This time, I will bring my tracksuit." He ran over towards the school, he didn't exactly care about the bus anymore. He was extra early this time, Ritsu wanted to change from before. He didn't want to leave a bad impression on others, he'd be alone then.

    Ritsu arrived at the homeroom, and greeted Kirishima. He sat down at a desk, and decided to tell everyone about himself. "My name is Ritsu Katsuhiko, and I'll be the world's greatest hero! My quirk is Earth-Bending, so I can basically control the ground. Nice to meet you, everyone, and especially you, Kirishima-sensei."
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  15. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji noticed Ritsu,, "Is that the guy that I met at the entrance exam, and that Miyata girl too." Kenji smirked at Jorino. "Nice to meet you too Jorino, to be honest with you your quirk sounds amazing and could be great for a hero if it used right." Kenji once again looked up at Ritsu, "He wants to be the worlds greatest hero, well I guess that's what everybody in the hero course is aiming for." Then Kirishima-Sensei was about to talk, "Well class that is pretty much all of you here, so our first lesson will be one that we even did when I was a kid, basically you have to throw a ball, but you can't use your quirks!"
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  16. Yasumi took the seat at the very back of the class, in the left corner. He saw Kenji talking with another guy. He must be a very social person he thought. Then again, heroes do have to be somewhat charismatic. Just think of Deku, or Bakugo or even his teacher Kirishima.
    Speaking of Red Riot, he was actually one of the heroes that Yasumi admired the most. To think that he was gonna teach him all kinds of stuff... For the first time, Yasumi was starting to feel a little nervous.
    Nono, don't think about that He thought while shooking his head. He simply sat down and, after laying his head down on the desk, he just waited for everyone to arrive.
    More and more people are showing up, I guess everyone is going to be here soon, I wonder what kind of person is gonna enter this room next!
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  17. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    A test of physical strength, that's sensible considering that all heroes can't just rely on their quirks, especially if not for fighting, I got lucky to be born with a useful quirk, but others might not be as lucky.
    Jorino was so entangled in his own thoughts that everything else simply went into the background, however, he wad able to snap out of it in time to hear Kenji's complement.
    "Thank you, your quirk seems interesting as well, but there is more to being a great hero than simply having a great quirk. Some don't have ideal quirks, but it doesn't matter to them, they have found other ways to cement their named into history as true heroes," The aspiring hero commented calmly ad he turned to Kirishima-Sensei to await the other student's arrival.
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  18. When he had finally made it to U.A. , Ingo pulled out a white sheet of paper that was divided neatly in grids, with different lessons and teachers on different days. It was his schedule, which came with his acceptance letter. He glared down at it.

    "Class 1-A... Mr. Kirishima?!" He said aloud, gaining the attention of some students nearby him, but he was too astonished to notice anyway.

    While Red Riot was not his favorite pro hero, he still had a great respect for him for his strong ideals and resolve. With that, he strolled up to the first floor, admiring his new surroundings, until he reached a room labelled 1-A.

    He then took a deep breath, opened the classroom door, with his dragon arm pumped toward the ceiling, and shouted :


    He started to trail off during his laugh, in realization that pretty much everybody was already in class and staring at him like a crazy person. He had thought he was early. He had thought nobody would be in to witness anything. He was wrong.
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  19. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji smiled at Jorino, "Yeah thanks for the compliment, but if I am being completely honest with you, I wish I was born with a different quirk, one that is more unique." Kenji then noticed that Ingo had entered the classroom. "Well he seems a bit strange, especially with a laugh like that." Kenji thought to himself while laughing a little. Kirishima noticed Ingo as well, "Welcome new student, If you don't mind could you please tell me your name and quirk?" He asked politely.
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  20. Sylvia walked inside the classroom to find most of the students had already arrived. Shinsou-sensei gestured to an empty seat in front of him. "Seeing your current condition, I'd like it if you sat right in front of me so that I could get to you in case of an emergency," he told her.

    His response was a simple, curt nod from the young angel-like female before she sat down obediently and pulled out a notebook and pencil for possible note-taking.

    She couldn't help noticing how noisy it was in the classroom. The students spoke to one another as though they had no care in the world, and when they didn't hear each other, they spoke over other people, only progressively becoming louder and louder. Sylvia's wings fluffed up in discomfort and she wanted to shrink some more. Students walked up to her when they noticed her presence and began surrounding her.

    "Is she an invalid?"

    "What's she doing here?"

    "Hey, kid, get out of that uniform and go home. How do you expect to be a Hero when you can't even breathe?"

    Of course it was easy to assume Sylvia had trouble breathing due to the breathing tube hanging from her ears and just below her nostrils.

    They all sounded like Jack.

    "I-I can be a Hero..." Sylvia whispered meekly.

    The students grew worried. It wasn't that they made fun of her for being in the school, it seemed. Like Jack, they didn't want her to get hurt while doing so.

    "You can barely breathe! How're you supposed to become a Hero? And how'd you pass the entrance exam anyway? That last question was a doozy," a young girl spoke up.

    "Yeah, dude. How're we supposed to know something that happened on the other side of the globe?" a boy added.

    Sylvia grew increasingly uncomfortable, talking about a traumatic past experience like it was just some little piece of trivia.

    "Why would they put that there, anyway?" someone finally asked.

    "They were fishing me out," Sylvia muttered.

    Her voice gained the attention of the others in the classroom, including Shinsou, who had been at his desk, sorting papers before class began.

    "P-pardon?" the young girl from earlier asked.

    "The reason I'm an invalid in the first place is because of that incident in America," Sylvia told her classmates. Everyone fell silent.

    Shinsou-sensei finally stepped forward and bent down to Sylvia's eye level. The students made room for him as he watched her carefully. Sylvia looked him square in the tired eye with her own blue, dull, lost ones.

    "Sylvia Reviar, age seven, homeless resident of Chicago, Illinois, fell victim to a ruthless attack by a villainess by the name of Toxic. Her quirk was Poisonous Gas and she seemed to be inspired from the old hero, Midnight. That day, Toxic was arrested. The next morning, she had hung herself just before her interrogation, preventing us from getting any information from her. Toxic's motivations and organization remain unclear. Three others were damaged, but none were killed, and the victims all moved to Japan for safety," the teacher explained calmly. He stood back up and gave the students a strong look. "She woke up four days after the poison left her body, but damage remained in her lungs. Someone with a slow-recovery quirk in the hospital she recovered in made her chemical pneumonia minimal, but the effect stopped after two months, leaving Sylvia with strong damage to her lungs still. She can technically function, but the fastest she can move without straining herself is walking. Surgery was a chance her adoptive father was not willing to take. She remained this way for seven years."

    The students all stared at Sylvia with pity; she didn't have to look to feel it. "I'm fine," she said quietly.

    Shinsou ignored her and continued talking. "Despite all of this, Sylvia has still hung on to the dream she had to become a Hero worth respecting. Not necessarily the Number 1 Hero, of course, but still close and respectable. She has retained her experience from the villain attack and could also prove helpful to all of you. Her intellect is incredible. Her condition has nothing to do with her ability to think and provide background experience and advice. If you all also want to be Heroes like her, I recommend you treat her like an equal."

    Sylvia didn't care that Shinsou just told all nineteen of her classmates her backstory. At this point, it didn't really matter. He was right. She just wanted to help, no matter how small she could do so. Sitting home, safe, and out of the reach of other Heroes and villains just felt wrong to her.

    The boy who had spoken up gave her a big smile and introduced himself. "Hey, I'm Abe Kibou. You can call me Kibou, since that's my first name." He had vibrant green hair, bright yellow eyes, and a friendly outlook about him. He almost shone like a sunshine himself. His hand was extended for a handshake.

    Just like Lucy.

    Sylvia gave him a shy smile and offered her hand to complete it, which he took gratefully. He looked incredibly excited when she gave his hand to him.

    "Hi! I'm Aina!"

    "And I'm Nobu!"

    All, one after another, kept introducing themselves and showing off their quirks tamely, so as not to destroy anything or anyone. Everyone was friendly and had a kind personality. Sylvia suddenly felt warm and welcomed by their friendly disposition.

    Just like Kouki.

    Shinsou went back to sorting through papers as the students quickly got along. They didn't ask Sylvia to show off her quirk, knowing it was a rough spot for her, but they all showed off their own quirks. Kibou's quirk was luck, for instance, and Aina could control people's love based on plants she bloomed in her hair, making her a perfect matchmaker. Nobu had a stretching quirk that allowed him to use his body as elastic and so on. Sylvia felt slightly jealous of everyone's quirks, but despite her being unable to use hers, they all accepted her anyway. It was perfect.

    Shinsou noticed Sylvia's quick lift in mood and decided to leave the students be for a couple more minutes before calling them to attention and going through initiation.
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  21. Miyata

    "That sounds pretty fun." Miyata muttered. My physical ability isn't that great, so could I even throw it far enough? She stared at her hands, and gripped them. "Well, now is my chance to do my best."


    Ritsu heard Kirishima, and he is happy he could take the same test Deku had done. Kirishima was a big idol of Ritsu, besides Midoriya. He always wanted to be taught by someone as experienced as him. "Without a quirk, huh? Easy!" He was confident in his abilities, which would allow him to do better.
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  22. Ingo then trudged over to a seat at the back of the class, sat down, and slammed his face against the desk, embarrassed and disappointed in himself for screwing up his first impression.

    "I'm Ingo Shibusawa..." He said in a melancholy, muffled tone, but still audible enough to hear somewhat clearly.

    "My... My quirk is called Dragshift." He continued, this time picking his head back up slowly and gaining more confidence.

    "It allows me to turn most parts of my body into that of a Dragon's. I get different abilities depending on each one."

    He demonstrated by transferring it from his left hand ( where it usually was ) to his right hand.

    "I still can't control it properly, though. To be honest, it's a bit of a miracle what I just did worked. Not to mention using it too much can take it's toll on my body..." He explained, moving it back to his left hand.
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  23. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji saw what Ingo did with his quirk, "That quirk, sounds amazing! I know he said he couldn't control it but, I wish I had a quirk like that." Kenji then looked down at his desk. Then he heard Kirishima clear his throat, "Alright I am pretty sure that is all of you, so we should get going, but before we do that could you please get into your P.E. kit." Kenji heard him say this so he got his P.E. kit and went to the changing rooms. It took him a few minutes to get changed, so he just waited for the others.
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  24. Yasumi put on his P.E kit. It still had the old design, the one he saw Deku, Kirishima, Bakugo and all the other pro heroes wear on TV when he was a little kid and they were students.
    "Still.. a physical test on the first day of school.. I wasn't expecting to just sit around doing nothing all day but still.." He sighed.
    He was about to walk out, but noticed that some students still weren't done changing, so he decided to just sit on the ground and wait.
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  25. JayTaku

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    Kenji saw Yasumi go and sit down, "Hey, Yasumi." He said as he walked over to him after getting changed into his P.E. kit. "How do you feel about having to do a physical test, I think it's a bit of a drag, but I guess it's something we have to do." Kenji said sighing. "To be honest before coming to UA I was focusing on making my quirk stronger, I was still focusing on my actual strength, but not a much as I should've."
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  26. "Well, my quirk is not really that strong in fights, so I always kinda relied on my body when it comes to throwing punches!" Yasumi said, while flexing his left arm, smiling. His father's training regimen was pretty hard, but it surely was efficient. Maybe Yasumi didn't look that big, but he was strong, at least strong enough to satisfy himself.
    "I'd say I'm quite confident, won't be too much trouble.. but still, I thought we'd just sit in class and talk about ourselves for today.. or maybe, I don't know, get a quick tour of the school or something like that.. Now that I think about it, a physical test sounds way more exciting though, don't you think?"
  27. JayTaku

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    Kenji smiled, "Yeah to be honest I kind f thought the same, but yeah the physical test might actually be fun." He said as he leaned against the wall. "I wonder what's taking the rest of them so long, they need to hurry up." Then Kirishima walked into the room. He looked around at all of the students with the most intimidating look he could pull, "So students, I came here to tell you something that I forgot to tell you in class, it's about the test, it's that whoever fails this test, will be sent home, and won't be attending UA anymore." Kenji was shocked, "Shit! What If I fail, all the stuff I accomplished in the exam would be for nothing, and my training!"
  28. Ritsu

    Ritsu went inside the changing rooms and changed into his P.E Kit. "Alright!" He muttered, stretching his arms. Hearing Kirishima, he started to get nervous. That harsh? I hope everybody else is great in physical strength, since this seems hard. Though, he started to smile. "I'm not even sure I can do this, I always relied on my quirk. I'm so stupid!" He said.


    Miyata went into the women's changing room, that was connected to the mens changing room. She changed into her P.E kit, the one that Uraraka had worn all those years ago. She stood against the wall, waiting for a response from the teacher. Sure enough, Kirishima-sensei told the students that they would drop out of the school if they failed the test. Hm, that seems interesting. Good thing that I'm great at that, I always trained for this moment and for my quirk.

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    Kenji heard Ritsu, "Yeah I haven't really been focusing on my physical strength that much either, I've been making my quirk stronger this whole time, but I should've been focusing on my actual strength." Kenji clenched his fists angrily. "Alright class it's time to make our way outside, and don't forget the consequences of failing." He said smirking in a sinister fashion. Kenji followed him outside and then stood at where the test would take place. Kirishima looked at all his students at then looked at Kenji, "Takazu, you're up." He said tossing him the ball. Kenji caught it and then started thinking. "Ok, I have to pass this test!" Kenji was about to throw the ball, after a warm up he threw the ball. He then heard Kirishima exclaim " Ok that was, 67 metres."
  30. Shinsou decided his students had had enough time to introduce themselves and have fun, so he clapped twice, gaining everyone's attention.

    "Alright, that's enough talk. Let's get down to business. We're a General Education class, but that doesn't mean we're less valuable than the Heroics department. We treat everyone like equals here and grit our teeth and put up with other people's shit. It sucks, yeah, but you've got each other's backs and that's what counts. Now, while most people are taking care of initiation, I'm just going to make one thing clear here: I'm not making this easy for you. Hero work has never been easy. Yeah, it's made easier with our quirks, but our quirks don't make us heroes. Our hearts do. I learned that the hard way from a close friend of mine."

    Sylvia played with the pencil in her hand somewhat nervously, but Shinsou paid her no mind.

    "We can do introductions, but to demonstrate how it works, I'll go first," Shinsou told the students. "My name is Shinsou Hitoshi. My Hero name for the time being is simply Hitoshi, but some call me Mindwash. My quirk is Brainwashing. An interesting fact about me is that during my first Sports Festival, Deku introduced me to the idea of equal treatment. My pronouns are he and him both in Japanese and in English."

    Sylvia knew why he specified in Japanese and in English. Most languages besides English didn't have a gender-neutral pronoun for oneself like "they" or "them", so someone might choose a different pronoun to identify with in a foreign language. It impressed her that he even considered that, though. She thought that was only a thing in America and Germany (she had studied German for a while and was very interested in German culture, but remained in Japan for both her siblings' and her own sakes, since everyone wanted to be a hero).

    "Now we'll go in student order."

    Kibou stood first, excitement etched on his face like that of a little boy getting a new toy for Christmas. "I'm Abe Kibou!" he exclaimed. (Just to clarify, Abe is his LAST name, and it's pronounced (AH-beh), while Kibou is his first name.) "My quirk is Super Luck, my pronouns are he/him in both languages, and an interesting fact about me is that I'm fluent in English!"

    This got Sylvia's attention. She turned to him, feeling excited (a rare emotion for her to show nowadays). Kibou's head turned to face her and he gave Sylvia a warm, soft smile.

    "Interesting," Shinsou said. "Next."

    Kibou sat down as the next student, whose last name was Kita (which actually literally meant "north" in Japanese) stood and introduced themself. After a couple more students, it was Aina's turn.

    "Hi! I'm Suki Aina, and my quirk is Love Control. My pronouns in both languages are she/her, and an interesting fact about me is that I like girls and not boys!"

    Sylvia smiled at Aina. It took a lot of guts to simply announce your sexuality like that, especially since it was typically a pretty private thing. Asking someone's sexuality is almost like asking someone if they sing while in the bathroom or in the shower. Only when you're comfortable enough and don't care about others' opinions do you really give them a nonchalant, clear answer.

    It didn't take long for Nobu's turn to roll around.
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    At first Nobu didn't know it was his turn to stand up, but when he did he looked at Shinsou and stood up. "My name is Nobu Kageyama (just came up with random Japanese surname) and my quirk is something that I like to call stretch, I can basically stretch any of my limbs out quite far. My pronouns in both languages are he/him, and an interesting fact about me is I was saved by the number one hero Deku when I was a young child." He smiled and then sat down.

    When Kenji heard how far he had thrown the ball he walked back to watch how the others would do. "I really hope that was good enough, good enough so I can stay in the school anyway." He leaned against a wall while waiting for the others to take their turn.
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  32. The students all gave Nobu impressed sounds, be it from a "WHOA!" to an "aww!" to anything else. Soon, the cycle went around, and Sylvia, having been the student with the most unfortunate misfortune of having a last name starting with one of the last letters in the Japanese alphabet, came out to be the last student to stand.

    She winced slightly, her ribcage having bumped a sensitive spot on her right lung, but she quickly got over it and straightened out, wings fluffing up nervously. "I-I'm... Sylvia Reviar," she said quietly, before clearing her throat to be more heard. "I'm Sylvia Reviar, and my pronouns in all languages are she/her. My quirk is Floral Angel, but it's unusable at this point, and you already know an interesting fact about me... so I guess another interesting fact would be, um... my little sister has an amazing quirk that could easily get her into U.A. by next year despite only being twelve currently. So that means she'd be thirteen by the time she could join and skip a year." Without waiting for a response from the students, Sylvia sat down, wings curling around her as though they could be her barriers from the world around.

    Shinsou paid close attention to Sylvia's actions, but none of the other students could tell. "Alright. Now that we've all introduced ourselves, I'd like to start talking about your weekly classes. Your schedule today includes an English class from Amachi-sensei, followed up by a single study period, then Japanese grammar and calligraphy. Afterward, you have lunch. When that's done, however, we'll get to the more physical exercises. Mondays will be language days for our class. Tuesdays are science classes. Wednesdays are mathematical, Thursdays are history and quirk studies, and Fridays are purely training days. Everyone takes part." Shinsou directed that last sentence at Sylvia. "I understand your condition, but even a little bit of endurance and quick walking is still training for you."

    Sylvia nodded. It seemed reasonable to try and build up her pain tolerance, since she was particularly vulnerable out of all of the students. She didn't want to be a victim anymore, she wanted to be a hero. That meant putting in as much effort as she could.

    Kibou raised his hand politely.


    "After lunch, do we always have quirk training? Didn't Sylvia say her quirk was unusable in her current state?"

    "Sylvia will be fine. That's all you need to know. I've already told you all more than I should have, anyway," Shinsou said vaguely. "However, I appreciate your concern for her."

    Kibou nodded, but he was clearly disappointed that he wouldn't know what Sylvia would do anyway.

    "Now, homeroom is free for the remaining twenty minutes. Soon, Amachi-sensei will be here, so you kids don't get too crazy," Shinsou said dismissively, waving his hand to the students before turning and leaving the classroom.
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    Nobu looked down at the ground, feeling sorry for Sylvia, "That incident in America it sounded horrible, how can some sick bastard do that to someone!" Nobu decided to try and make friends with Sylvia, so he walked up to her and tapped her on the back. "Excuse me, your name is Sylvia right, but anyway my name is Nobu, it's very nice to meet you." Even looking at her made him start to tear up, just the thought of poisoning someone and crushing their dreams, it made him sick.

    Kenji looked around at his classmates, wondering who would go up next, and also who might have the best chance of passing this. "Well that Ritsu guy said that he had just been relying on his quirk the entire time." But while Kenji was thinking Kirishima was about to make the next student throw the ball. "Ok next up will be...Yasumi." He tossed the ball over to him just like he did with Kenji.
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  34. Sylvia nodded. "Hi..." She didn't know what else to say, so she fidgeted slightly with the oxygen tube hanging just below her nose and fluffed up the feathers of her wings again. "Um... y-you said before..." She tried to remember Nobu's interesting fact, since there were a lot of cool ones all around the classroom. "Y-you said earlier that... you were saved by Deku, right?" Being saved by Deku was a very interesting thing indeed. "Um, I was saved by Ace! I-I guess you don't know *[her], but [she]'s the top Hero in America. [Her] quirk's Super Jump...?"

    (*Ace is an OC of mine and their pronouns are "they, them" or "she, her" in other languages, despite being born a male. They identify as a demi-girl and are one of the most hyperactive characters besides Lucy you may ever meet. Never, EVER give them coffee.)

    Kibou joined the two talking and listened in casually. "Oh, I know her. She's the one who pretty much represents America's willingness for freedom of expression, right?"

    Sylvia nodded. "Yeah."

    Kibou smiled and glanced back at Nobu. "So hey, Nobu, what happened? How'd you get saved by Deku?" Students began to gather around to hear the story of how Deku saved a student's life and eagerly awaited Nobu's response.
  35. Yasumi was waiting for his turn. To be honest, most of the guys in his class looked like they'd rely a lot on their quirks. Then again, when you're born with an amazing or incredibly strong quirk it's kinda obvious that you'd grow up to rely on it. He was confident enough he'll get one of the top scores in that test.
    Not like I want to be first or anything... but it's reassuring knowing that I won't be last for sure..
    He made sure to remember Kenji's score. Yasumi wasn't a really competitive person, but he wanted to see just how much strength difference there was between his quirk-reliant classmates and himself. He may not seem like the type, but he was a bit proud of that body he had built with hard work and dedication. I'll have to remember his score... 67... 67... 67...
    He stood there, repeating that number in his head, patiently waiting for his name to be called.
    He didn't have to wait long though, as he was called immediatly.
    He walked up, grabbed the ball and briefly moved it around in his hands to get a better idea of what he was working with. It wasn't particularly heavy, at least to him.
    He breathed deeply, held his breath for a second, then relaxed, and threw the ball with as much force as he could.
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    Nobu cleared his throat before talking, "Well it happened around 4 years ago, I was on my way home when I saw two of my friends being cornered by this villain, who was carrying many knives. He was planning on killing them, so I stepped in and almost got myself killed. I tried to fight him off but I was too weak, when I thought me and my friends were about to die, I was surprised to see that Deku was right in front of me, protecting all of us. Also that fight was how I gained this scar." He pointed at his left cheek.

    Kenji heard Yasumi's name being called, "Huh, Yasumi's up next, he's probably got a good chance of passing, after all he said he was focusing on his physical strength a lot." Kenji saw Yasumi about to throw the ball, "Looks like he's using a lot of force for that throw."
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  37. The students all "ooh"ed and "aah"ed at Nobu's scar. They began chattering excitedly amongst themselves. Some asked Sylvia questions about her life wearing an oxygen bottle, completely unrelated to the story. Of course, Sylvia didn't answer them when she felt it wasn't necessary.

    "Guys, guys! Leave Sylvia alone, she's got enough to deal with as it is," Kibou exclaimed, shooing everyone away before sighing. "Sorry you have to keep dealing with that, Sylvia-san."

    Sylvia shook her head. "It's fine. Some of their questions make sense, anyway, but I only wanna answer so many at once."

    Kibou's curiosity nipped at him in his mind, but after Sylvia had said that, he had to completely restrain himself from asking Sylvia about the incident back in America and how she had gotten into that state in the first place. Instead, he chose to change the subject. "S-so... Nobu, how'd you find out about your quirk? It's not incredibly apparent at first, is it? Since it's, y'know, a transformation-type quirk and all?"
  38. JayTaku

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    Nobu laughed a little, "Well you see, how I found out about my quirk might not be what you would think or expect." Nobu took a breath before speaking again, "You see I found out about my quirk when my older brother Shigeo was teaching me how to play basketball, I was around four or five and at that time I was very short, as expected, but one of the days when I was trying to get the ball into the hoop, suddenly my arm just went all the way up to the hoop and got it in."
  39. "Wow, that's cool!" Kibou exclaimed, chuckling a little. "For me, people thought I was quirkless initially, even the doctor. I have an extra joint in my pinkie toe, so it was confusing to say the least. But in middle school, when people bullied me for being quirkless, I randomly decided to throw a punch, and wouldn't you know it, it actually hit my bully square in the nose! I didn't break it or anything, since I'm weak as balls, but still, it was a lucky shot. My fortune only improved from there, and soon we came back to the doctor to figure out what was going on with my luck and the doctor said it was actually my quirk. I have these pheromones coming off my body that trick people's minds into going around me and allowing good fortunes to happen upon me. Doctor says it's a self-defense mechanism for my body, which doesn't have any other enhancement abilities or anything like that."

    "That's pretty cool," Sylvia said quietly. "Yours is an emitter-type despite not doing much else. My sister's and my quirks are mutation quirks. But my brother also has an emitter quirk. His quirk is Atmosphere."

    The feathers on her wings relaxed a bit and Sylvia seemed to slowly open up a little more. It was a little strange, seeing the young pinkette sitting at a desk with a Western-style backpack even though she could have put it down, but it took Kibou a moment to remember that her oxygen tubes were attached to something on the inside of that backpack, an oxygen tank thing or something? Either way, it was necessary. Though, that led him to wonder if Sylvia even wore that when she went to bed...
  40. Crystal watched as everybody threw the ball “pretty I’m pressive I guess” she said as another person threw the ball, she wasn’t sure if she could throw it that far without revealing her secret in front of everyone “well only destiny will decide my fate”

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