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Ask to Join MHA: The Heroes Of Tomorrow

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by JayTaku, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Yasumi was going back to his room, it was dark already and while the "combat test" didn't really require too much energy, he still felt a bit dizzy from the blood loss and couldn't wait to get in bed. Nothing better than a good night's rest when it comes to getting some blood back. Yawning and talking to himself about how tired he was, he turned a corner only to find Kenji holding Kaylee.
    They're at it again.. He thought while slightly smiling. Still, he wasn't interested in having a conversation with them, so he thought to just say hi and walk past them.
    As he got closer, he raised one of his hands just enough for it to be considered a greeting, and said "Hey, don't go to sleep too late, 'kay?"
  2. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji looked towards Yasumi, He then looked up. He gasped, there were around 10 of Shinji's wolves on top of the building, all different sizes. Kenji then looked at Yasumi again, "Yasumi, Kaylee, we need to run." He said as he pointed at the many wolves and he started to run.

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