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Ask to Join MHA: The Heroes Of Tomorrow

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by JayTaku, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji lay in bed asleep, when suddenly his alarm went off, he yawned and said, "Well I guess it is time for me to wake up, I mean the entrance exams are today, but I still have ten minutes left before I have to leave." Kenji walked around his house seeing that his mother was still asleep, he went to go and make some breakfast before leaving when he saw his brother, Daisuke, about to leave the house to go to his Middle School. Kenji looked at him, "Hey Daisuke, good luck at your first day of middle school, you'll need it, there are a lot of teachers there that got on my nerves a lot." He said as he grabbed his toast out the toaster. Daisuke looked back at Kenji smiling, "Thank you big brother, good luck at the entrance exam, but I'm sure you will you pass, your quirk is amazing!" Kenji smiled, Daisuke looked up to him a lot as he was his older brother, and mainly because he didn't have a father to look up to.

    5 minutes had passed so Kenji decided to leave early, "I heard this year the number one hero Deku will be a teacher at UA, so if he is, I've gotta show off my strength in this exam." Kenji thought as he clenched his fist and carried on walking to UA.
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  2. Ritsu

    Ritsu laid in bed, the covers messily thrown across the bed in his sleep. He had went to sleep late, it was his fault. He didn't think it through, though he knew it'd be fine. He never really was tired, it was a trait he had gotten from his mother. His room was bright red, splashed with all kinds of superhero posters and such. The alarm rang, vibrating the entire bed. Ritsu threw himself up, the covers dropping onto the floor. "Well, I'll have to make that again." He sighed, and jumped onto the floor. After spending a few minutes making sure the bed was perfect, he finally noticed that he spent too much time on the bed and immediately moved to the dresser, switching into the casual uniform that he'd always liked. It was formal, definitely for his tastes.

    After he had gotten ready, he looked at the clock. Ritsu didn't have much time. He opened the door calmly, attempting to be calm during the situation, and threw a piece of toast into his mouth. I don't have time to chat, I need to get ready! He opened and closed, and then locked the door, exiting the house that he stayed in for an extended amount of time. Finally, he will enter U.A High School.

    Ritsu had arrived at the school after around 40 minutes, he was too late for the bus so he had to walk there. He saw all the kids that showed off their quirks. Those people are much better than me, could I even compare to the ones that got the powers to destroy everything? He shrugged off the thought, he needed to be positive in order to get through the treacherous exams. He stood there, waiting for some kind of announcement.


    Miyata had been up for an hour or two, so she was ready. She sat down in the empty living room with a small couch, boxes upon boxes were scattered around the room; It wasn't even fully painted. She appreciated the lengths her parents went to just to go to U.A, moving across the city. Miyata didn't quite understand why they would do that for a person like her. The grandfather clock loudly rang. "It's time." She mumbled, standing up and slowly exiting the house.

    The day before, Miyata was troubled on how she would get to the school. Originally, she was going to use her quirk to get there extra fast, though that would tire her out and not have enough energy to pass the exam. She decided to wake up extra early so she could get on the bus. Just in time for the bus! She thought, entering the bus full of kids. Miyata didn't know if they were all from U.A or not, though she sat down and decided to talk to one of the kids. "Hello, my name is Miyata." She looked at the person. "Oh, hi. I'm Jed." Jed replied, the bus started to take off.

    They had a long conversation. Soon, the bus would arrive at U.A High. "So, what hero school are you going to? I'm going to U.A." Miyata asked. "U.A!? I'm not going to an amazing school like that! Well, good luck on the tests." Jed said. "Thanks." The bus abruptly stopped, there was villain. Miyata looked forward, hoping for their survival. Of course, a collection of heroes quickly stopped them. Peace had been held up for a while now, since many heroes are much stronger than any villains coming to the city. Eventually, the bus stopped, they arrived at U.A.

    "Okay, bye!" Miyata waved, moving to the front of the bus. She left, and stared at the brilliance of the school. It was huge, many skyscrapers acted as giants to her. There wasn't many kids yet, she was early anyway. She sat down on a bench, waiting for the exams.

    (So Miyata arrived around 50 minutes before Ritsu)

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  3. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji arrived at UA shortly after, "So many people here, damn I'm excited to find out what everybody's quirk is." Kenji stood waiting for the time when they would be let into the school and could start the exam. "I mean my quirk is pretty good for combat, but it's not very unique, and I get worried that I don't stand out very much." He then realised that he should change into his tracksuit as he heard that there would be combat involved in the exam. He then looked around to see where other people were, he then noticed Miyata sitting alone on a bench. He walked over to her and spoke, "Excuse me, I know I'm a stranger but do you happen to know where the nearest changing room is?" Kenji asked while standing up.
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  4. Miyata

    Miyata noticed the stranger, and wanted to help him. Though, she didn't have to information needed to help. "Uhm.. Sorry, I don't actually know." She told him. Miyata stood up from the small bench in the corners of the school. "Well, I guess we can look. I need to change too, anyway." She looked forward, but all she could find is the signature two buildings and restrooms. "I guess you can use the restrooms, it's around 0.3 kilometers west from here." She pointed at the restrooms on campus, near the entrance to the school, "well, I have to change as well. See you around." She smiled, and ran towards the woman's restrooms to change.
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  5. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji smiled at Miyata, "At least she was nice, alright I need to get changed now." Kenji ran towards the boys changing room as he got his tracksuit out of his bag. He shouted out to Miyata, "By the way my name's Takazu." He said as he carried on running to the changing rooms. He finally made it there and he started to get changed into his tracksuit. "Lucky I remembered or I would have to have been fighting my uniform, which wouldn't allow me to show off my skills that much." Once he got changed he made his way to the bench that he was at when he talked to Miyata, then he sat down waiting for them to be let in.
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  6. Yasumi was sitting on the ground near the entrance door. The best school in the whole country, maybe in the whole world, was about to open its doors, and he was lucky enough to have the chance of becoming one of its students.
    I've been preparing so long for this.. This is my moment.. Everything will go just fine.. One could say he was trying to reassure himself, but the truth is Yasumi wasn't nervous at all. He was smiling, as always, while playing with his orange hair. It was kinda weird, but playing with his hair was his favorite hobby. His mother was this close to dragging him to the nearest hairdresser the previous week, it's not like he could start the new year, and at UA too (hopefully), with that messy hair of his. It made him laugh, thinking about it.
    I wonder how I'm going to look like when I'll be done with this school.. no, when I'll be a hero! But for now, let's sit back and enjoy the journey
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  7. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji noticed Yasumi sitting on the ground in front of the entrance door, "Strange how come that guy is sitting on the ground, I might go and talk to him, after all I should try to make friends here." Kenji walked over to Yasumi and spoke to him, "Hey how come, you're sitting on the floor like that, you can come and sit on the bench over here." Kenji looked at him again, "So I'm gonna guess you're one of the people taking the entrance exam, well anyway my name's Kenji Takazu." He said with a slight smile.
    "I hope this guy doesn't find me weird, but I want to make friends here."
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  8. Lost in his thoughts, at first Yasumi didn't notice the guy standing near him.
    "Wha- Oh.. oh yeah right. I just felt like sitting down so I did, didn't really think about it haha"
    He got up, turned his torso around a bit to see if his pants were dirty, then smiled back at his hopefully soon-to-be schoolmate.
    "I'm Yasumi, Yasumi Seiki. Pleased to meet you!"
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  9. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji shook Yasumi's hand, "Nice to meet you too, anyway you ready for the exam, apparently this year there's gonna be a lot of combat involved, well at least my quirk is strongest in combat." Kenji said as looked up at Yasumi again. "Hmm...I do wonder what this guy's quirk is, maybe I should ask him." Kenji then spoke to Yasumi again, "Hey Yasumi, Iwas wondering, what's your quirk, like what does it do?" Kenji asked curiously.
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  10. "Hmm well my quirk.." Yasumi briefly hesitated. Perhaps it would be better not to reveal his abilities to the first person he spoke to.
    But still.. this is a hero school we're talking about, he can't be a bad person right?
    He shook his head and smiled again. "I have some control over blood. Nothing crazy really.. Oh wait! A lot of fighting you said?" Yasumi rushed away, turned a corner and disappeared for a couple of seconds only to be back with a long, black box which he held on his back.
    "Sorry, made a quick run to the changing room, I forgot this there hehe.. Can't really fight without this.. But what about you? What's your quirk?"
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  11. Miyata

    Miyata entered the restroom, and changed into the black tracksuit she kept with her on her shoulder. After a few minutes, she was finally ready and left the stall. She moved over to the bench she sat on previously, which is now occupied with Kenji and another man. Miyata took off her hat, and sat down. She decided to keep quiet for the time being, though an urge pressured her to talk. "Hello, what's your name?" She asked Yasumi. "And I guess I never asked for your name either," she looked at Kenji, "my name is Miyata. And yours?"


    Ritsu had arrived at the school at this point in time, and noticed everyone else was wearing a tracksuit. Wait; what!? I didn't bring one.. Ritsu panicked for a bit, though he regained his composure. "At least this suit isn't too restrictive for my quirk." He mumbled, walking towards a bench adjacent to the one where the others sat. After arriving there, he started to stretch. I better be prepared, this exam will tell the difference between someone strong and someone weak!

  12. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji once again saw Miyata, "Oh yeah I forgot, my name's Kenji." He said as he shook Miyata's hand. He then looked back at Yasumi, "Damn, his quirk sounds pretty interesting, I wonder how he would use a quirk like that while he's fighting." Kenji smiled at him. "Yeah I gotta say it sounds like a pretty cool quirk, yeah mine is useful, but I don't think it is very unique or stands out that much, I can use fire for attacks and to heat up objects." Kenji said looking at the ground.
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  13. "Miyata... Oh- Nice to meet you, my name is Sayumi, I mean- Yasumi Seiki." He noticed another guy approaching their "group" , though he didn't seem to want to join their conversation.
    Still, two people already came and spoke to him out of the blue. "I wonder if people here are just more talkative than normal or something.." he whispered to himself.
    Someone had already started stretching.
    I see, it's almost time then
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  14. Miyata

    "Well, nice to meet you as well, everyone." Miyata replied to both Kenji and Sayumi's responses. He looked at the person beside them, he was stretching without a tracksuit. Did he forget? Miyata looked at him, and noticed that his tracksuit was nowhere to be found. He did forget. The kid noticed her, so Miyata decided to talk to him. "Hey, you can join our group if you want." She replied, and Ritsu nodded. both Miyata and Ritsu moved back to the group.


    While stretching, Ritsu noticed two people were looking at him. When Miyata stared at him for an abnormal amount of time, he decided to talk to her. "Hm?" He said. The kid walked over to him, and said that he could join the group that she was at. "Sure!" He exclaimed, and both walked over to the duo on the bench.
  15. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Then suddenly the entrance door opened as Kenji stood there and watched, "Ok this is the moment, as soon as I walk through these doors, a lot of challenges will await me." Kenji walked through the entrance and followed all the other students into the hall where the exam will be explained. Kenji took a seat and all the students sat in silence, until someone entered the room...Kenji sat there in awe...it was the number one greatest hero Deku!
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  16. Ok so.. I already fucked up my name once, pretty embarrassing if you ask me, it's time to show everyone that I'm not as socially awkward as I seem to be
    Truth is, Yasumi actually is kinda weird. Not particularly, but when forced to talk with too many people he freaks out a little bit. And by too many he usually means more than one.
    What would they do now..
    Yasumi turned towards Ritsu and looked at him with intimidating eyes (at least he tried): "Yo, name's Yasumi. Don't get in my way or I'll kill you, got that?" He then turned around again and stared at the nothingness in front of him.
    Not bad, right? Hehehehe..
    His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the doors opening.
    This is it! He entered the room and sat down on the first seat he could find.
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  17. Miyata

    When they arrived, the entrance doors immediately opened. "Well, I guess we have to part ways. Goodbye." Miyata waved goodbye to the person that she just met, and haven't even been introduced to. She walked through the door, entering a small stage-like building. Many chairs were in neat rows and columns, and she went past the crowd into a seat. As she sat down, she stared at the stage, waiting for someone to appear. It was Izuku Midoriya, though his name is known as Deku. Mi-Midoriya!? He's the world's number 1 hero! I didn't know he'd be in this school! She began to calm down, though still stood in awe as Midoriya started to talk.


    "Uh.. Okay?" Ritsu was visibly confused by Yasumi's threat, though he still tried to make friends with him. "Well, my name is Ritsu. It's nice to meet you!" He grinned, though the loud banging of the doors opening interrupted the conversation. "Goodbye!" He quickly responded, running towards the doors as fast as he could. I want to see the pro heroes! I never seen one in person before! He was one of the first people who entered the building; he was one of the most excited kids anyway. He sprinted to the farthest seat he could find, preferably the closest to the stage. As Deku walked onto the stage, he was quick to fanboy. "DE-" He yelled, though stopped himself. I need to be formal, so that Deku wouldn't get the wrong idea.
  18. Crystal woke up from her sleep in her bed, she got out of bed and got dressed leaving but not before she cooked herself some breakfast. She showed up at the entrance of the school, then realized she had no clue what she was doing, but decided to join the rest of the groups who were about to start the test.
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  19. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji sat there still in awe, "So the rumour's are actually true Deku is going to be a teacher at UA this year, this year could be great if I make it in, but now I just have more of a reason to." Kenji was waiting for Deku to start talking, until he was starting to explain.

    Then Deku spoke, "Hello future heroes, as you all know I am the number one hero Deku, and I am here to tell you the deatails about the entrance exam if you didn't know already." He then cleared his throat before starting to talk again, "All of you, like many other students who have taken this test, will be placed in an urban environment, and as you know this exam will focus on combat, so in the area there will be many robots we have placed, as you have probably guessed you will have to fight them, but you need to try and harvest as many points as you can, and that is it, you get three points for each enemy you take out." Deku took another pause until saying, "And students don't forget to go beyond PLUS ULTRA!" Most people in the crowd including Kenji said it along with him.
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  20. Ingo sat among the crowd, listening to Deku's words, and inspired by the way he could inspire people. He was a perfect example of someone not only being powerful, but also possessing a fantastic personality that could move people. He, along with the crowd, shouted "PLUS ULTRA!!" in reply to Deku. He loved chanting it, especially with other people. It gave him a sort of connection to all other students and heroes alike.

    However, all of this had fueled a flame within Ingo's heart. He clenched his massively spiked, orange, scaled, and glowing left fist with a new resolve. As much as he wanted to just dive in there and destroy everything, he remembered that patience is one of the greatest attributes of a hero. Not to mention his quirk can be very destructive, especially since he hadn't achieved full control of it. But he promised himself that, pass or fail, he would leave the exam with no regrets.

    "It's show time." He mumbled, a slight grin taking shape on his face.
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  21. Sylvia was already at the entrance exam, though she was accompanied by her brother and adoptive father, Jack and Kouki Amachi. Jack led Sylvia to the side, where she was to take an exam isolated from everyone else because of her unfortunate handicap, but stopped to look at Deku, the greatest Hero.

    "Sylvia! Look, that's Deku!" Jack exclaimed to his little sister. "Isn't he your idol?"

    Sylvia glanced to the side and sure enough, Deku had been standing, announcing the exam to all the other examinees. Unfortunately, as most of them weren't as handicapped as Sylvia was, and they were all applying for the U.A. Hero Course, Sylvia was positive she wasn't ever going to see Deku in her own classroom, let alone be able to talk to him in her free time. Besides, what free time?

    A handicapped girl like Sylvia, who had trouble even breathing--a function that came normally to literally everyone--could never be a Hero. She had convinced herself of the fact. And yet, here she was, hoping to enter a General Education course.

    Sylvia turned away and spoke for the first time that day. "It's fine," she said softly, staring at the ground. "Let's go."

    Jack's heart wrenched when Sylvia turned herself away from her own favorite Hero and gave Deku one last glance before sighing and leading Sylvia off. Their father didn't say a single word at the time, clearly worried for the children, but also sensitive enough to give them the space they needed.

    Jack hoped to talk to Deku just one time, for his sister's sake.
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  22. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji still sat in the crowd was very excited to start the exam, "I don't know whether or not I should try a new technique I have been working on, well it could make taking out the enemies easier for me." Kenji then heard from the speakers that all students participating in the exam should make their way to the training grounds. So Kenji like the rest of the crowd stood up and started to make his way there, he was quite confident in himself and was thinking he would pass. Then he made it to the area in which the exam would take place. He stood there getting ready for it, hen another teacher came out and started to count down. Eventually once they got to one, all the students ran and tried to find an enemy.

    Kenji ran with everyone else, but then he caught the glimpse of an enemy behind a building, he ran over to it. Once he made it there the enemy didn't notice him so he quickly created flames and used his signature attack which he referred to as flamethrower. It went straight through the robot and melted it, giving Kenji three points.
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  23. As soon as the countdown reached 0, Yasumi calmly opened the black box he held on his back and took out a silver-colored glaive.
    He breathed deeply, and charged into the practice grounds. The area looked like a normal city, but it was incredibly huge for being an area only designated for entrance exams. On the other hand UA is probably the one most prestigious school in the world, so it's not hard to believe that they did have that much money.
    The group of students had already scattered, Yasumi was left alone. Every other minute he would meet a student running seemingly in random directions. Then, after turning a corner, he finally saw one. The robot was a relatively tall machine, but not even close to what he imagined. Yasumi sighed in relief, perhaps this entrance exam would've been easy even though he couldn't use his powers.
    "When I heard the enemies were machine I almost had an heart attack haha, machines don't have blood so what could I do against that? But seeing you now..." He jumped forward, and cut the robot in half with a vertical strike. Well, he only managed to cut his "head" in half, for he hadn't enough power to cut deeper, but it was more than enough as the machine apparently stopped moving.
    "That makes one!"
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  24. Miyata

    Miyata shouted "Plus Ultra!!" along with the other students, she didn't want to stand out from the others. She analyzed what Midoriya had said, and gotten a clear idea of what the entrance exam would be like. "I don't have any weapons, could I take out the robots?" She cracked her knuckles, and stood up from the small chair. The training grounds weren't very far from the room, so she ran for a few minutes before they arrived. Miyata made sure she still had enough energy left. As the teacher counted down, she was already prepared.

    The countdown went to zero, and the crowd of students ran across the huge training area. Miyata, of course, tried to find an enemy as soon as possible. A giant robot stood in front of her. "This'll be my first." She smiled, and jumped onto higher ground, and propelled herself forward before gravity could take her down, and struck the robot in the face, destroying it.


    Deku was Ritsu's idol, and longed to meet him. "I want to win this, so that I can be as strong as Deku! PLUS ULTRA!!" He yelled, and jumped up from his seat. He soon ran out of the stage and entered the arena, confident that he could beat all of the robots. He stretched while the countdown took place, and ran forward. "Robot's are cluttering the area, so I can find one in no time!" He found a robot after a few seconds, though it seemed many had already gotten three points.

    Ritsu closed his eyes, and concentrated. The robot began to attack, but large pieces of earth scattered around his body. "HA!" He exclaimed, and in a blink of an eye the robot was completely crushed by Ritsu's barrage of attacks. "Three points, whatever more to go!"
  25. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    After taking out a few more enemies Kenji noticed Ritsu fighting, and he also realised how strong his quirk was. "Damn that guys earth quirk seems pretty good, I might go talk to him and team up or something." Kenji used his flames to propel him forward and over to Ritsu. He started to talk to Ritsu, "Yo, I saw how amazing your quirk was in that fight you had against the enemy robot, and I was wondering if you wanted to team up or something to take on the huge that will earn us each fifty points, and by the way, my name's Kenji Takazu."
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  26. After Deku finished his speech, Ingo went with the other students to line up for the exam, and during the countdown, he stood still and silent, in an attempt to get into a calm state of mind for the exam. When the countdown reached zero, his directed his dragonic power into his back to manifest into massive dragon wings, and shot up into the sky, where he could get a bird's eye view of the exam area.

    He noticed that most students seemed to occupy the west and central part of the area, which made sense, as that was where most of the robots were. But even so, it was still risky with so many people in one place. As a result, Ingo shot down toward the eastern part of the map, directly into one of the robots, leaving a massive hole in it's chest. When he landed, he directed the power back into his left arm, and started looking for more robots to defeat on foot.
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  27. Sylvia took her test for General Education, separated from most of the school's population and hosted by Present Mic. She didn't seem too enthusiastic about her test, but one who knew her would know so much better. Sylvia had passion that could probably outdo Present Mic if she had the energy to express it. Instead, she learned to keep her opinions hidden. She was still an extrovert, of course, and it was easy to read her emotions, but her thoughts weren't quite so transparent. She was much smarter than the average child, much like her older brother. The only difference in their intelligence was their age, which limited their growth.

    Still, Sylvia had what it took to enter U.A. and become perhaps the first and only handicapped student to aim high enough to become a Hero.

    "Aaaaand test BEGIN!" Present Mic had announced. All fifty-four students applying for General Education (very, VERY few, compared to the insane amount of examinees applying for the Hero Course) began their written test portion and wrote away rapidly at it all. Sylvia found hers to be fairly easy, a little too much so.

    It was only when the last question came up that Sylvia realized that the test had gotten her guard down completely. While it was easy, the last question was worth the most and always decided who was worth being a student in the course or not. It was the one question that was meant to be the most difficult.

    Unfortunately, Sylvia was the one person whom the question wouldn't affect. It wasn't because of her exceptional mind or anything, but because of what the question asked:

    "Who was the villain infamous for nearly killing a seven-year-old girl in Chicago years ago? Describe their Quirk, their motives, villain name, and explain the situation."

    It was a world-famous incident. Sylvia didn't know why; worse things had happened. It could've been because of her siblings putting up such a strong fight that Sylvia's traumatic incident was made famous, but her wings fluffed up tensely no matter what the cause.

    In any case, she was supposed to respond, so she did. She answered everything she knew about the situation. Something thick and gross built up in her throat. She couldn't take it in her throat any longer, but she knew exactly what it was. Still, she held in a cough and covered her mouth, hurriedly slamming her pencil on the table, gaining the attention of many students in the room. She didn't care. She grabbed her paper and shoved it in Present Mic's face before hurriedly walking out of the room, ignoring his weak protests. She reached into her jacket's pocket and pulled out a white, dark stained handkerchief, and finally coughed everything out.

    The metallic taste that was all-too-familiar to her suddenly reminded her of the unfortunate question on the test. Why was it even on there? It makes no sense! It's like asking if All Might's quirk was a mystery his whole time before retiring.

    When she was finally done, she folded up her handkerchief and held it away from herself for a little while, hoping the blood she had coughed up would dry up in about five or so minutes.

    Her wings drooped pitifully as she waited in the hallway, all alone. Yeah, she had turned in her test, and since this had happened, she was supposed to meet Recovery Girl, but she was out babysitting the Heroics applicants, so she couldn't. And it wasn't like she could take her painkillers, they were too gross!

    By now, Kouki and Jack had been long gone. Kouki was needed for his job interview at U.A., and Jack was waiting for Sylvia in another room, but she didn't want to move. For the time being, she remained in front of the door to the General Education test room, breathing in her artificially provided oxygen through her breathing tube and oxygen bottle and holding away her handkerchief like there was a spider on it.
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  28. What number was that one again? Yasumi took a brief pause to catch his breath. He had been finding more and more robots lately, while the number of students he crossed each minute was getting lower and lower. Most likely he accidentaly separated himself from the main group of students who were going towards the western part of the exam area. It was probably a good thing though, considering that some of them had already started forming teams to help each other out, and it was getting difficult to get points.
    Oh well, not like I'm supposed to keep count or anything He thought before continuing running towards the east side, searching for more enemies.
    As he kept slashing robots left and right for roughly ten minutes, he decided to sit down under the shadow of a nearby building in order to rest a bit.
    "Heroes know when to rest as well right?" He asked sarcastically while panting for breath.
  29. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    For most people, the entrance exams for U.A would be very stressful, as only the best quirks made it in. However, Jorino already prepared for this by meditating to calm his mind. So by the time he had to participate in the exams, he was well prepared for the task at hand.
    Alright focus, flow like the water, be as calm as a river, but as forceful as the ocean.
    By the time he had finished mentally preparing himself a two two pointers had come up behind him. However, he was prepared, using a swift water cutter to destroy them both.
    Four points, this is a good pace to go at, let's keep it going.
    As such, Jorino started his hunt for robots, trying to keep calm throughout it all.
  30. Crystal didn’t run with the other students but walked instead, a few robot jumped her to which she twirled around flinging her arm her into a ice wall. “Now.......freeze” she said as she snapped her fingers and spikes came from the wall “what a waste” she said as a few more showed up “I grow tired of this!!” She said as she put her hands on the ground and huge spikes came up and basically killed the area she was in. “I need to stop don’t want to over do it” she said looking at her body freezing.
  31. Ritsu

    "Oh, sure. You were the one I saw before the test, right? I'd be glad to team up." Ritsu threw his hands down, making the pieces of earth fall back onto the ground. "My name is Ritsu." Soon after, he noticed two different robots. "You go to the one on the right." He made the ground below him float, and propelled toward the robot, destroying it. "Another one!" He continued to destroy all of the robots he could find, and achieved a big score of 22 for the time being. "Alright, I'll still need for if I want to pass this." Ritsu continued his search to find more robots and defeating them.


    While running around using her quirk, she found a gold mine full of three point robots, all in a line. ".. Go!" She dragged her foot across the robot's legs, while moving extremely quickly and pushed her arm down to stop. Her leg got scraped in the process, which made a lot of pain. "Ouch. At least I got more points." She jumped up, and attacked other robots.

  32. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji saw the robot Ritsu was talking about and and propelled himself towards it at high speeds. Then he used a move that was once used by Endeavor, he made flames come out from the back of his fist to make it propel his fist forward to increase the damage of the punch. Kenji made a hole straight through the robot, making his score go up to thirty-five. "With my score right now I might actually have a chance of passing." A couple of minutes later, it was announced that the test had ended and the students could go home, and they would find out if they got in, in a couple of weeks. Kenji started to walk home thinking about the test, "So many people with such amazing quirks, ones that are way better than mine." When Kenji got home he saw his brother sitting down in front of the TV. "Hey Daisuke, how was your day, mine was pretty exciting to say the least." Kenji said smiling.
    Daisuke looked at his older brother and answered his question, "Oh thanks for asking, my day was good, I hung out with my friends a while after school." Daisuke was always happy to talk to Kenji and tell him about his day. But Kenji had always been kind of jealous of Daisuke, as he had inherited their mothers quirk, which allows him gain the ability of various animals, so for example he could walk up walls and on ceiling when using the ability of a spider.
  33. Sylvia went home feeling empty and depressed--more so than usual. Jack didn't ask her about her test, understanding from her own look that it wasn't the time to do so.

    Kouki opened the door to their small house and allowed the young teens inside. Sylvia's sister, Lucy, was on the ground floor, playing a video game by herself until she heard her siblings return. The young mint-haired girl perked up and tossed her game aside, wings opening slightly from excitement. "Hey! Welcome home!" Lucy had exclaimed in English. She frowned when she saw the grim look on Sylvia's face and Jack's worried expression. "W-what's wrong?"

    Jack gave her a hard stare, signaling not to ask, and Lucy suddenly fell silent, ruby eyes glinting now with worry. She didn't know what had happened to cause Sylvia to become so down, but clearly it wasn't good.

    "...the last question was the real test," Sylvia said quietly, surprising the whole family.

    "...w-what do you mean?" Jack asked hesitantly.

    Sylvia paused for a while and played with her oxygen tube, hanging just below her nostrils to feed her oxygen and keep her alive. "...they asked about the Toxic incident."

    Everyone's breath hitched, watching Sylvia closely. Jack's dark violet eyes narrowed darkly. "God dammit..." he muttered. "They said it was a special question, but they never specified what it was. Seriously? That's so stupid! Why would they ask students that kind of question anyway?! It's just plain rude!"

    "They wanted to find out who Sylvia was," Kouki answered. "They knew the victim of that attack would be in there somewhere, so they wanted to find out who it was."

    "THEY COULD'VE ASKED ME!" Jack yelled suddenly. "THEY COULD'VE ASKED YOU!"

    "They requested we didn't tell them because they didn't know if the villains had her information!" Kouki argued.

    "THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO ASK THAT QUESTION, THOUGH! JUST DO SOMETHING ELSE OR SOMETHING! A BACKGROUND CHECK! NOT F***ING THIS!" Jack had finally lost it. He kicked his shoes off and stormed upstairs. Sylvia remained silent as always. When Jack was out of sight, she carefully slipped her sneakers off and walked calmly upstairs. Kouki and Lucy were the only ones who remained on the ground floor.

    "...I don't like what they did," Lucy spoke up. "You didn't tell them anything?"

    Kouki sighed. "When Deku was in school there, at U.A., villains had intercepted and received the information of the students. They even had a schedule on All Might, the previous top Hero of Japan. Deku and his classmates, alongside some of the staff at U.A., were able to take them out for the most part, but they were still behind somewhat. The villains seemed to always have one up on them. We don't know if that may happen again, so U.A.'s security has increased drastically. Of course, they had no right to ask that question, but it makes sense why they did it."

    "...I still don't like it."

    Kouki nodded. "I don't like it, either, Lucy. But now, we just need to give them their space. Come help me make lunch."

    Lucy nodded. Kouki took off his shoes and led Lucy into the kitchen. That house was silent for two more hours, even after their lunch.
  34. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji smiled at Daisuke, "So Daisuke, what do you want for dinner tonight, you've got two choices, curry or ramen." He said while making his way to the kitchen, Kenji was quite a good cook, sometimes he had to be as his mother would sometimes be home late from her job, that night was one of those nights. Daisuke answered with, " I'd like a curry tonight if you don't mind." Daisuke said while drinking some orange soda from a can.
    "Well curry it is, and don't I won't make it spicy cause I know you like it sweet." Kenji came back with two plates of curry after fifteen minutes.
    Daisuke clapped, "Yay, dinner is here." He said as he started eat it. Kenji chuckled and started to eat his curry. Then Daisuke stopped eating for a moment, "So, Kenji there has been something I've been meaning to ask you, It's to do with our dad." Kenji stopped eating as well.Daisuke started to speak again, "You see I found a photo of him and mom in their youth, and I was wondering what was dad like?"
    Kenji then stood up, "Why would you want to know about that damn bastard, he's the one who left mom when she had just given birth to you and he left you." Kenji said angrily. Or at least that is what they had been told.

    Kenji and Daisuke's father was a pro hero, who went by the name of Inferno, one of the days, only two days after Daisuke was born, he had to go and sort out a criminal who was holding group of UA students hostage, he was going to kill them, he had a poison quirk. As soon as he was going to throw an attack at the students and kill them, Inferno jumped in the way and took the attack. He saved the students and the villain was locked up afterwards. However due to the effects of the poison, Inferno died later that day. Kenji's mother had told him his entire life that his father had left them.
  35. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Well that was tiresome, thank God it's over.
    Jorino thought to himself as he grabbed his stuff and began his long, lonely walk home. He was obviously filled with aniexty from the test, seeing as he had no idea how many points were needed to pass, nor did he know what the passing grade was for the exams. So that in itself made the walk home feel longer, not to mention that when he went home. both of his parents would still be at work and he had no brother or sister to talk to, meaning that it was going to be just him and his thoughts for a long time.
  36. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji calmed down a bit before starting to talk, "Sorry about that Daisuke, I just got a little worked up is all, It's not your fault." Kenji said smiling at Daisuke. Daisuke then smiled back, "It's okay, I know you have a tendency to lose your temper, anyway that curry was delicious." Daisuke said while cleaning his mouth. Kenji stood up and yawned, "Hey I think it's time to go to sleep, I'm getting pretty tired." They both made their way to their bedrooms and went to sleep.

    Skipping to around three weeks later Kenji woke up and got out of bed to go make some breakfast. He made his way downstairs to again see Daisuke, and this time his mother, in the living room. However they were in front of the door holding something, looking at it proudly. Kenji was curious at what they were holding so he asked, "Hey mom what exactly, is that thing that you're holding?" He asked.
    his mom replied with, "Oh this, well it's something you're going to be happy about." She said grinning. Then in sync her and Daisuke both shouted, "WELL DONE ON GETTING INTO UA KENJI!" Kenji stood there shocked but happy at the same time, "Wait really, or are you just messing around with me?" He then grabbed the letter and read it. "Wait! This is actually real! I got into UA!" He then ran upstairs with the letter and started to fill some stuff in. When it got to the part where he had to design his costume, he got stuck, but he then he came up with the idea to have a similar costume to Shouto Todoroki (the number 2 hero) with his own tweeks, such as adding a mask and mouth mask much like Deku's, and also changing the colour of the costume to red. He chose this because Todoroki was the hero he always looks up to.
  37. Yasumi was in his room, listening to music. His mother suddenly ran into his room, almost destroying the door.
    "What the f-" "You've done it! You got accepted into UA" his mother screamed as she hugged him.
    He was surely happy, but not THAT much, considering he never really thought about the possibility of not getting accepted.
    "Cool I guess, I'll prepare my thingg.. eventually"
  38. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji then also noticed he got his uniform in the mail, "Cool, I thought we would have to go and buy our uniforms, well saves a lot of money I guess." Kenji then got his uniform out and tried it on. "Ok that actually looks pretty good, man I can't wait to start school." He didn't have to wait long as school would be the next day. " Kenji went to make some toast again as he does in the mornings. Once he had made the toast he started watching the news. On the news it was talking about how Deku had saved the day once again and defeated a villain who was attacking civilians. "Damn, he is really amazing isn't he Daisuke." He said in awe.
  39. Class was to be in session that first day at school. Sylvia was alone now, with no Jack to chaperone her around. People turned at her and walked away, confused as to what an invalid was doing in school uniform and inside of U.A., the most prestigious school in Japan. Of course she was walking alone and talking to no one in that school. After how she had lived and been treated in life, she wasn't surprised anymore; only more hurt. She didn't know why she even tried to be a Hero. It was an old dream that faded away when she was seven and attained her permanent injuries to her lungs. Even if she gets this education, what'll she do with it?

    Sylvia said nothing and continued walking to Class 1-C, ignoring the students all around her. Despite her wings, Sylvia may as well have been quirkless due to her condition. There was no point in trying anymore, was there?

    Kouki had received an acceptance letter from U.A. for his first job and found himself going over his lesson plans for his students in the special schedule he was given. His first class that day would be 1-A, it seemed, teaching English class. Many Japanese English classes were incorrect with grammar and sentence structure, especially when it came to pronouncing words properly, so he was happy to teach the students how to speak English correctly. Kouki smiled to himself. He hadn't seen any more teachers besides Present Mic, the previous English teacher, and the one who took over for Class 1-C's (and Sylvia's) homeroom teacher, but that was alright. He didn't want to worry about being among celebrities at the moment; only his work mattered at the moment.

    As for Jack, he wandered the school anxiously, despite being located on the third floor. His pace was fast and the air around him was hot, as he moved the air particles faster and faster nervously. He couldn't stop himself from shaking, despite the air around him becoming hotter and hotter by the second. It only took a single tap on Jack's shoulder to turn him around and stop heating up the air when he noticed who it was that gained his attention.

    "D-Deku...!" Jack nearly choked. "S-sir, I'm sorry, i-it was a nervous habit..." It took him a second to change from English to Japanese so that Deku could actually understand him. His eyes widened when he remembered why he was anxious in the first place. "W-wait, I have a question to ask of you, Deku-sensei!" He hoped he had the Hero's full attention and breathed in nervously. "...u-um... M-my sister is attending here. S-she has pink hair and nearly pink wings, and her quirk could be very useful... except she can't use it anymore b-because... she's an invalid." Jack's breath caught in his throat and he swallowed his nervousness to keep going. "I-I know it's a stupid question to ask, but... well, I'd convinced myself that Sylvia couldn't be a Hero because she can hardly breathe. She says she might as well be quirkless with how badly she's handicapped, and I don't know why, but despite everything, she still attempted to get here and she's now a student. I just... need your advice, I guess. I-I don't know what to do. She ignores her own needs and tries to be a Hero anyway, and I wanted to be her Hero, so I discouraged her from doing it to keep her safe, but she didn't care. C-can someone... can someone like my sister really become a full-fledged, respectable Hero?" Jack was still staring at the ground, afraid of Deku's response. He didn't want Deku to feel pressured, but Jack's worries were clear and apparent. He didn't want his sister to be in danger, especially since she was handicapped. She was treated as a quirkless kid many times, but also as a weird, mental invalid, despite being perfectly fine in the brain. She wanted to be a Hero, Jack didn't know why, and now Jack wanted to know if his sister was someone who could really do it. It was a tough call to make, but Jack's question made a lot of sense.
  40. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Deku put his hand on Jack's shoulder and smiled warmly, "You know, I believe that anyone can become a hero." Deku took a deep breath before starting to talk again, "Also I used to know this kid who was born without a quirk, but as kid he would try to breathe fire and stuff like that, he was bullied in school for being quirkless, and one day he was met by his idol and he was told that he too could become a hero. And Jack a hero doesn't necessarily have to be someone with a strong quirk, a hero is someone who will act without thinking, a hero is someone who will put other's lives before their own, and if your sister is like that, then yes she could grow up to be an amazing hero." Deku said smiling.

    Kenji woke up and made his way downstairs to notice that nobody was home, his mom had left to go to work and Daisuke had left to go to school. "Well I guess they left quite early, wonder why?" Kenji asked himself. He still had an hour before he had to leave so he made himself some rice and started to eat. Once he had finished he started to get ready and put on his uniform and leave the house. Once he had gotten ready Kenji left his house and started making his way to school. "Wonder if any of the guys I met at the exam got into UA, I mean some of them had pretty strong quirks, so they most likely did." Kenji smiled as he finally made it to UA. He made his way inside and waited outside his homeroom class for the teacher and other students to show up.

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