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Ask to Join MHA: The Heroes Of Tomorrow

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by JayTaku, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji noticed saw Crystal standing watching the others, just like he was. "I don't think I saw her before, maybe I should try make friends with her." Kenji walked over to Crystal. "Excuse me, I know this Is weird as you don't know me, but my name is Kenji, and i'm trying to make a lot of friends at UA, so I as wondering if you wanted to be one of my friends." He slightly smiled and held his hand for a handshake. When Kirshima saw Yasumi throw the ball he looked to see how far he threw it, "That was...92 metres." Kirishima exclaimed. When Kenji heard this he thought, "What! He got like 20 metres further, he wasn't kidding about his training."

    Nobu looked at Kibou, "So people thought you were quirkless, I can only imagine how horrible that must've been, to be bullied, those pieces of shit, at least they got what they deserved." He said chuckling.
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  2. Upon hearing how far he threw the ball Yasumi smiled. "Alright, I got this!" he muttered. It was a good result, and he could relax. Well, not like he was truly scared of failing the test, but still it was nice being safe.
    92 metres... hmmm... that's a good score but still, let's remember that they're not using their quirks, otherwise I'm pretty sure most of them would easily get hundreds of metres.. oh well, no reason to complain I guess, we all have our strenghts
    He thought, smiling.
    He got back near the other students and started playing with his orange hair, while waiting for the next student to be called.
  3. "I dunno, I'm not that upset at them for doing that," Kibou said casually. "I mean, yeah, bullying quirkless people is dumb, but I'm not upset at them for specifically bullying me or anything, either. It's just a come-and-go thing. I guess thanks to my quirk, I'm allowed to be happy-go-lucky and forgiving of everyone because I literally am one of the luckiest people alive!" He laughed heartily at that, as though he had no care in the world.

    "So why do you want to become a Hero?" Sylvia asked quietly.

    "Hm?" Kibou asked. "Me or Nobu?"


    Kibou turned his head up to the ceiling in thought. "Hm... Well, it just kinda seems like something everyone's doing. And I know my quirk makes me really lucky and stuff, and technically, I could get wherever I want with just that alone. But I don't want to cheat my way through life, either. I think that's why I came to U.A. U.A. is used to so many different kinds of quirks. Even one with a luck-based one like my own isn't going to be taken lightly. Being a hero means I have a goal to work for, and a reason to finally start actually working hard. Otherwise, life kinda loses its meaning. Plus, it's good to be doing something good for the community. I might actually move to America after I've graduated U.A. and become a full-fledged hero."

    Sylvia squirmed. "Don't go..."


    Sylvia turned to stare at her desk. "America is nightmare fuel. Ace is the only good thing I can think of that's come from that awful place."

    Kibou paused, trying to think of something to say in response to no avail as his mouth opened and closed. He had nothing to say to defend America when one of its own ex-citizens--a victim--attacked it so harshly with words. Finally, when he realized he was completely speechless, he saved everyone the trouble of asking him if he was okay and closed his mouth and staying silent for a few moments before changing the subject. "...so Nobu! Why do you wanna be a hero?"
  4. Crystal didn’t handshake the stranger, really she wouldn’t handshake anyone “oh hello my names is Crystal it’s nice to meet you” she turned back to the person who threw the ball “so his score is 92, impressive I geuss.”
  5. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Nobu paused for a moment, "I don't really like talking about this, but my reason for wanting to become a hero is because around 3 years ago my brother was killed while protecting a young child, when I was younger he would always tell me about how he wanted to become a great hero, and he obviously didn't get to fulfil his dreams, so I want to become the hero he couldn't." Nobu exclaimed trying to look fine, even though he never was when he was talking about his brother.

    Kenji smiled at Crystal, "Crystal, nice name, so if you don't mind me asking, what is your quirk, I'm just trying to get to know all my classmates." Then Kirishima looked at Crystal, "So next up will be...Crystal."
  6. Ritsu

    Ritsu, determined to not lose at this point, ran out of the rooms and into the area which would be the turning point between staying or moving. After he entered the area, it was his turn. Ritsu was one of the first people called, fortunately. "Alright," He grabbed the ball from the ground. He started to stretch his arm back. "HIIYAA!" He threw the ball into the sky, though it was a little too vertical. Shit, that wasn't very good. I hope I did good enough, at least. He squatted down, and waited to see the next person.

    Soon after, he noticed Miyata standing up nervously and grabbed her ball. Hm, the girl? I hope she does well. Amazingly, her stance was much better than Ritsu could ever achieve. What!? She's that good? Miyata stood next to Ritsu, and asked what he was thinking about. "Oh, nothing. You were really great out there." Ritsu replied, which Miyata thanked him. They continued to watch the others.


    Miyata took a while to get changed, as she wanted to make sure she would be prepared for the test. The others in the changing room started to move, so she decided to as well soon after. She saw Ritsu throw the ball, and it wasn't as bad in her eyes. He seems good, I guess I'll have to improve and somehow get on his level! She grabbed the ball from the basket, and prepared to throw. She made the stance her father made long ago, though it was much more refined and improved.

    She quietly threw the baseball as far as she could. Tired, she sat down on the dirt. She looked at Ritsu, the friend that she saw yesterday. He looks refined, as if he's focusing on something. "What are you thinking about?" Her head jotted over Ritsu. He replied, saying that he wasn't thinking about anything and complimented her. "Oh, thanks. You were great as well." She looked forward, to see the other's score.

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  7. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji noticed Miyata, "Wait, isn't that the girl who helped me find the changing rooms on the day of the exam, I should probably go to say hello to her." Kenji walked over to Miyata. "Um... hello, I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but we met on the day of the exam, your names Miyata right, but just in case you don't remember my name's Kenji " He said holding his hand out for a handshake.
  8. Ingo sat in the far corner under a tree, cool in the shade, and quite nervous about this whole thing. His entire life, Ingo had gotten a bit complacent due to the nature of his quirk. It gave him all the strength he could need, so he never took the time to focus on his own strength or train, outside of his quirk. This made him quite worried.

    "92....67...." He mumbled, continuing to mumble all the different distances the other students got, over and over, almost like a chant, or ritual.
    Gah, what am I going to do?! I'm not ready for this! I'm just gonna fail, and get kicked out. After working so hard to improve my quirk... After making them so proud... I'm going to.... I'm going to...

    Ingo raised his massive, spiked, and orange scaled left arm, and clenched his fists.
    I'm going to show them what I'm made of. A hero has to be ready for anything, right? To be thrown into the depths of danger, even if they're at a disadvantage! If I'm going to fail, and get kicked out, then I'll do so having no regrets!

    With a newfound confidence, he patiently waited to be called up and try the test.
  9. Crystal sighed as she tooked the ball out of her hand, she clenched her fist hard and threw the ball with all her might. The ball in the air had black flames on it growing, which troubled crystal as she went back and waited for the test to be over.
  10. “Wowzers!” Kokoro exclaimed as she stood outside of the gates of U.A High School. She still couldn’t believe she got accepted. Her heart skipped a beat and she couldn’t help but smile. Ever since she moved to Musutafu it’s always been her dream to attend here. She definitely seemed out-of-place from everybody else because of her childlike appearance. Others have even mistook her as an elementary schooler at times. Taking a deep breath in, she ran towards the entrance laughing as she did so. As she opened the doors she grinned shouting “ THIS IS AWESOME!”

    Now where was Class 1-C? Kokoro did receive a map in the mail but she forgot it at home. No problem! This was a good chance to explore the school. She skipped down the hallways humming happily to herself.Up ahead a pair of older students could be seen talking to each other outside of a classroom. It would be worth asking them where 1-C is. Kokoro waved and happily skipped over to them. “ Heya! You guys know where 1-C is?”

    “Who let you in here? The nearest elementary school is down the street pipsqueak.” One of the older students answered Kokoro while looking her up and down in disgust. “ 1-C? You must have a really useless Quirk, yeah?”

    Kokoro smiled and shook her head. “ I’m actually a first year! My height is like this because I have a Growth Hormone Deficiency. Also My Quirk is really helpful since it can help bring joy to everyone!”

    “ Joy? How lame. Do you really expect to defeat any Villains with that Quirk?”

    The short girl heard this plenty of times before from her old classmates. Her Quirk isn’t exactly suited for the battlefield but it was helpful in other ways.“ Yeah! I’ll defeat them with the power of joy!” Laughter suddenly roared throughout the entire hallway. The older students clutched their stomachs as they laughed at Kokoro. She didn’t feel hurt by their rude comments since she begun to laugh with them. Good...they’re feeling joy.

    “ You know, we’ll help you out this once pipsqueak since you're absolutely hilarious. Classroom 1-C is right down this hallway!”

    After saying farewell to the group of students, Kokoro continued on her way. Once she got to the classroom, she slid open the door and skipped inside joyfully. “ Hey everybody! I’m Kokoro Kobayashi, here to bring joy to your lives!” She grinned with excitement at all her new classmates hoping to become friends with them. “ Let’s all be friends, okay?”
  11. Sylvia glanced up at the new girl in the classroom. It was strange, but a feeling welled up in her heart. It wasn't her usual shyness or discomfort, either, it was something different. It was uncomfortable, but comfortable at the same time. She blushed and turned away, clutching her painfully beating heart. It felt like it was bothering her lungs somehow.

    Kibou noticed Sylvia's sudden discomfort and turned to face her, but stepped away in case she needed space. "A-are you okay?" he asked.

    Sylvia couldn't answer. Instead, she pulled out a heavily blood-stained handkerchief from her pocket and suddenly began coughing violently, gaining the attention of most of the class. Shinsou, who had been by the door, quickly moved to get closer to Sylvia, while forcing others to stay back from her. Her pained coughs forced disgusting, sticky, metallic goop to fling itself out of her mouth (and thankfully right onto the handkerchief). While she coughed, Sylvia made sure to bring her nasal breathing tube closer to her nostrils to get the oxygen she needed and stop coughing so bad.

    "Everything will be alright," Shinsou told her. "You're safe. Do you need me to call Recovery Girl?"

    Sylvia shook her head, controlling her breathing easier. She turned back to the new girl and stood from her seat, furrowing her eyebrows cautiously before stepping away from her.

    Kibou watched Sylvia and stuttered, "W-wha-- S-Sylv! Wait!" He turned to face the new girl and gave her an apologetic frown. "I-I'm sorry, she's not usually like this! Welcome to Class 1-C, I guess... um, I'm going to go talk to her and see what's wrong." With that, Kibou left to the other end of the classroom to try to console Sylvia.

    Shinsou stood and faced the girl. "Good, you're here. That was Sylvia. She has a breathing handicap. I know your quirk causes joy and all, but I still recommend you stay away from Sylvia specifically. She sits up front for safety reasons, so I recommend you sit somewhere farther, toward the middle or back."

    It was unfortunate that the teacher had to tell someone to sit far from a certain student, but in the case of safety, it was a necessity. With anyone else, joy might have been appreciated, but Sylvia was a special case who couldn't just safely be happy or energetic like she used to seven years ago.
  12. So many things happened at once Kokoro didn’t have time to react. She wasn’t expecting her Quirk to physically harm someone! When she volunteered at hospitals and orphanages she never had any trouble. Her classmate was in pain because of her and now she was just told to stay away from them? She lowered her head and stood in absolute silence for a few minutes thinking about what action she should take. “ I wanna be friends with everyone…” A huge smiled formed on Kokoro’s face as she looked up at Sylvia and then at Shinsou. “ I’ll just have to find another way to bring her joy without causing any harm!”

    Kokoro skipped over to an empty desk in the back of the room and sat down in the seat. Taking out a pink and white colored notebook from her bag, she started to scribble something down on the first page. Once she was done she quietly read over what she wrote. " Hey Sylv, I’m so sorry for hurting you. It wasn’t my intention at all! Even though I probably can’t get near you because of my Quirk, I still want us to become friends. So that’s why I decided we should talk through this notebook! Let me introduce myself again, I’m Kokoro and my Quirk is Joy!” Satisfied with her note, she stood up and walked over to Sylvia’s desk to place the notebook on it. There, everything should be able to work out now.

    “I’m gonna leave for a bit to let Sylv recover. See ya!” Kokoro announced as she waved goodbye to the class. Without waiting for anyone to respond she left the classroom and headed outside. She knew that Class 1-A was taking The Quirk Apprehension Test and she wanted to watch for a little while. Once she arrived at the site she climbed up a tree that was nearby and begun to watch the students. “ Wow, all of them are so cool!”
  13. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Nobu noticed Kokoro up in the tree. "Wait, who's that I don't remember seeing her in class, did she just arrive, but you she looks really young." Nobu climbed up to Kokoro, "Um excuse, I don't mean to interrupt you if you were relaxing, but I didn't see you in class before so, I want to introduce myself. My name's Nobu Kageyama, what's yours?" He asked smiling.

    Kenji then noticed Ritsu, "Hey Ritsu, have you taken the test yet?" He said still leaning against the wall. Then Kirishima stood forward, "Miyata your distance thrown was 91, and Ritsu you scored 54 metres, at the moment looks like Ritsu has the lowes, so he might be going home." He said with a smug smile.
  14. Sylvia glanced at the notebook on her desk and clutched her heart. The handwriting clearly said it belonged to the girl before, and like herself, it seemed Kokoro preferred a somewhat rounded style of writing her symbols, sometimes even adding hearts and squiggly lines in extension. It was... honestly very cute, and reminded Sylvia a lot of how she typically wrote. In fact, Kokoro's own personality was exactly like Sylvia's before the incident.

    ...it's unfortunate Sylvia wasn't allowed to express her own excitement or joy anymore because of her...condition.

    Sylvia pulled out a pencil and turned to a clean page. While she liked writing, she decided to do something a little bit different. So she drew a box, with herself inside, breathing tube, backpack, wings and all.

    I understand you were just trying to help, her speech bubble said. The next box had Sylvia shrugging. Unfortunately, it's something I'm used to by now. I can't feel joy like everyone else. The third box depicted Sylvia's lungs with cross-hatches to represent her injury. If I laugh or try to act normally, the way every else does, my lungs hurt sharply. Then, she drew a little book. This is a great way of communicating. Thank you for making an effort. I feel...welcome. I hope you do too.

    She closed the book and gave it to Kibou. "Can you give it to her?" she asked.

    Kibou nodded, a big grin on his face, and placed it on her desk. When he returned, he leaned on Sylvia's desk. "Y'know, I kinda wanna see her now. I'd ask if you wanted to come with, but..."

    "You can go," Sylvia said softly. "You don't have to stay with me the whole time."

    "But you'll feel lonely, won't you?"

    Sylvia shrugged. "My happiness shouldn't be above your own."

    "Try taking your own advice."

    "Do what I say, not what I do."

    Kibou rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Next class is English... I hate English. It's so hard, with its weird accent and words and stuff... Ugh."

    Sylvia smiled. "I love English."

    "Really?" Kibou seemed genuinely surprised. "Why?"

    She raised an eyebrow at him. "Uh, I'm white?"

    Kibou burst out laughing, as though Sylvia's joke was the funniest thing he had heard in years. "Oh gosh! I forgot, you're from America! But honestly, that's not the answer I was expecting, haha!"

    "It's a joke in America," Sylvia said casually. "People make fun of their own heritage. I still hate America, but unfortunately, I can't stop acting like an American."

    "Well, you've picked up a lot of Japanese customs, from what I can tell," Kibou said, grinning. "You bow when you enter the room, you use honorifics... You're even fluent in Japanese! Are you fluent in English, too?"

    Sylvia nodded. "I studied English and Japanese my entire life in Japan. You have a lot of time to study when you're inside or in the hospital, doing nothing."

    Kibou winced. "O-ouch..."

    It was hard to keep up a conversation with Sylvia when she was so depressed about her condition, but it still seemed like she was feeling better, despite her cynical jokes. She wasn't hurt from the joy pheromones she had felt earlier from Kokoro anymore, so that was a plus. She even seemed happy, despite not feeling the same, bubbling excitement that literally radiated off of Kokoro.
  15. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji was still stood waiting for the lesson to be over. Kirishima then spoke, "Alright class, the lesson is over, and you can now go and have a break, walk around the school if you want." Kenji then put his hand up, "Yes Kenji." Kirishima said. "Um excuse me but Sensei, wasn't the person with the lowest score going to be sent home?" Kenji said confused. Kirishima then started to laugh, "Nah, that was just to see if you would better with a consequence if you got lowest, they did it me and my class as well." Kirsihima exclaimed. Kenji then smirked and walked off.

    Kenji decided to take a walk around the school to see all the classes and all the other people attending UA, "I should really try make friends with the support course, they could really help if I ended up becoming a pro hero." He then walked past 1-C, and noticed Sylvia and Kibou talking. He could barely see Sylvia's wings. "Wait, does she have wings, wow that looks amazing, wonder why she didn't make into the hero course." Kenji then paused for a moment, "Unless she's that girl I overheard some students talking about , could she be the Invalid?"
  16. Kokoro didn’t mind the company at all. She was very glad that she had someone to talk to. “ I’m Kokoro, it’s to meet ya Nobu!” Her legs swayed up and down as she watched the Quirk Apprehension Test take place. Even though she couldn’t get into the Heroics Department this year she would try her hardest to do so in a few years time. “ It’s seems like they’re having fun down there, don’t you think? I’m even tempted to join in!” The blonde giggled and then shook her head. “ I’ll probably get into major trouble for that, huh?” She looked back at Nobu noticing the scar on his cheek wondering how he got it but It felt rude for her to ask about it though. “ What’s your Quirk? Mine is Joy!” Kokoro exclaimed as she put her hand up to her heart. “ I can anyone around me joy. Most people find it lame but I think it’s amazing!”
  17. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Nobu smiled at Kokoro, "Yeah It's very nice to meet you Kokoro." He said holding his hand out for a handshake. "Oh yeah and my quirk is something I like to call stretch, I can basically stretch out my limbs or even torso as far as my body can handle, and personally I think your quirk is amazing, you see what I think being a hero is, is being able to make others feel safe, and to be able to do it with a reassuring smile."

    Just before all of the students left Kirishima announced Crystal's score, "Crystal you got a distance of 92." Kenji then walked outside, "Man, just thinking about what happened in America makes me sick, I mean how vile of a person do you have to be to attack young children and almost kill them." When he walked outside he felt a weird sensation, he had completely forgot what he was thinking about, and wondered why, all of a sudden he was feeling a lot more joyful. He then saw Nobu and Kokoro up in the tree. "Could it be one of those two's quirk?" Kenji shouted up to them. "Excuse me, but do you happen to know if anybody has a quirk around here that can make someone feel really joyful, because all of a sudden I had forgotten what I was thinking about and became incredibly joyful for no reason at all." Kenji said looking at both of them.
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  18. Yasumi heard Kenji shouting towards a tree. Well now, he knew he'd find weird people at UA but talking to trees.. now that's a new level of weird. He slowly walked up to Kenji from behind and put a hand on his shoulder.
    "May I ask you why are you talking to a tree?" He asked, looking a bit puzzled. After getting a better look, however, he noticed a girl hiding in the tree branches. She wasn't a student, right? She wasn't in his class for sure, and that was more than enough to make the whole situation a bit weird.
    "I see... let me try again. May I ask you why are you hiding on that tree?" Yasumi asked, this time looking at the girl rather than at Kenji, but with the same, puzzled expression.
  19. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji looked at Yasumi, "Yeah I'm not talking to the tree there are two people up there, and Yasumi, are you feeling a lot more joyful all of a sudden." Kenji asked him curiously. Kenji then looked back up at Kokoro and Nobu. "Yeah, but I do find it a bit strange that you two are up in the tree." Kenji then looked at Kokoro again, "And that girl looks quite young, considering she might be around mine and Yasumi's age."

  20. After hearing the test's true purpose, Ingo felt a mix of both relief and disappointment swell up inside him. He was overjoyed that nobody was actually going to get kicked out, but at the same time, frustrated at how scared he was of being expelled, and frustrated at his lack of strength, which was honestly a new experience to him. While he didn't like the fact most people only liked him because of his quirk, hearing compliments about how rare and special he was, for most of his life, made him somewhat arrogant. He thought that as long as he trained his quirk, he would always have the strength he would ever need. The Quirk Apprehension test was a wake-up call for Ingo, of some sorts.

    With all of these thoughts cycling through his head, he felt incredibly overwhelmed. He decided he needed a quiet place to gather himself. So, as soon as he heard the test was over, and they had some free time, he dug his hands in his pockets and walked toward the recreational area, his head sunken in sorrow. He then found a bench, where he sat down and looked at the ground, lost in thought.

    How could I allow myself to become so complacent?
    He thought to himself.

    At least I tried. When the odds were against me, I didn't crumble under pressure, I didn't complain, and I didn't back out. I grit my teeth and toughed it out. And when it comes down to it, that's what really matters. I guess I do have something to be proud of myself for.

    A tiny smile began to form on his otherwise melancholy face.
  21. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji climbed up the tree to get to Nobu and Kokoro. "So anyway how old are you, I don't mean rude or anything, but to be honest you look like you're too young to be at U.A." Kenji said as helooked into her eyes. However he thought she looked quite cute, due to her childlike appearance. "So anyway what are your two's names, mines Kenji." After taking a breath he spoke again, "And also what are your quirks, mine is called wildfire, it's a fire based quirk."

    Nobu shook Kenji's hand, "My name's Nobu, and my quirk allows me to stretch long distances." He said trying to hide his scar, he didn't want anybody else asking about it.
  22. Yasumi smiled: "Well Kenji, it just so happens that I am always happy! So no, I don't really more joyful than usual!" He said, while giving Kenji a thumbs up. On the other hand, Kenji really did look a lot happier than usual. Well, to be fair Yasumi had seen his face twice, so it may very well be just his imagination, nevertheless Kenji looked incredibly relaxed and happy for a person that had just technically put his attendance at UA at risk. Yasumi got distracted by his thoughts and he only realized that Kenji was climbing that same tree when he was halfway through.
    "Man... you should be careful". He warned, smiling, but apparently his warning wasn't needed as Kenji climbed easily the tree and was now next to the girl and.. another guy? (whom Yasumi had just noticed, by the way)
    "Oh well... You guys are weird aren't you haha" The orange-haired boy said while laughing.
    Kenji quickly interrogated the two on their quirks. He had previously done the same when he met Yasumi. Why is he interested in quirks that much?
    Yasumi was focused on his thoughts that he almost forgot the basics of what his parents called "everyday etiquette".
    "Oh forgive me for not introducing, I am Yasumi Seiki, from class 1-A, nice to meet you all. Soooo.. May I know what you're doing on that tree?"
  23. “ I believe that anyone can become a Hero despite their Quirks or if they are Quirkless. I love my Quirk and if I had the chance to change it I wouldn’t. Helping others have always been a passion of mine and if I could bring joy into their lives then I’m happy!” Kokoro grinned as she shook Nobu’s hand. “ Stretch sounds like such a useful Quirk. If I had that I would probably try to stretch and make myself look taller,” She said jokingly while imagining herself being the most tallest student at the Academy. “ You could easily defeat a Villain too, just stretch your arms out and POW hit the bad guys as hard as you can!” Just as she was about to say something else, another student climbed up the tree to join them who later introduced himself as Kenji. He then asked her about her age. “ Oh, I’m fourteen! The reason why I look this is because I have a growth deficiency. My Quirk is Joy!”Kokoro felt completely overjoyed that so many students were curious about her Quirk and she was willing to answer any questions that anyone had about it.

    Another student caught Kokoro’s attention, Yasumi, called up to them and asked what they were doing up in the tree. “ We’re watching the Apprehension Test, you can join us if you want!”

    Minutes passed and English Class was about to start soon and as much as Kokoro wanted to see the finishing results of The Apprehension Test, she didn’t want to make a first bad impression on the teacher. “ I wonder if Sylv is doing okay now?” She thought quietly as she stood on top of the tree branch. The view of the city was truly breathtaking from up here. “ I should come back here for lunch.” Without any warning to the others, Kokoro jumped and landed straight onto the ground without causing any injuries to herself. She then held up her arms high up in victory. “ Ta-Da! I’ll race you all back to the school!”
  24. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji smiled at Kokoro, "Oh ok that makes a lot of sense, I'm the same age." Kenji heard Kokoro mention the quirk apprehension test. "Oh you were watching that, well me and Yasumi had just taken that test, but I didn't really do that great." He then saw Kokoro jump off the tree, "Well you seem very energetic, well your quirk suits your personality I guess." Kenji said laughing. "Well if you guys want we could sit together at lunch." Kenji asked Nobu, Yasumi and Kokoro

    Nobu laughed at what Kokoro said about making herself taller, "Yeah I'm not really that tall myself." He then heard what she said about fighting bad guys. "Yeah I guess I could do that, if I become a hero, unfortunately I couldn't make into the hero course." When Kokoro jumped out of the tree Nobu was surprised, "I wasn't expecting that to happen." Then he heard Kenji ask about lunch, "Yeah sure I'm fine with that." Nobu said as he smiled.
  25. Miyata

    "Oh, Kenji?" Miyata replied. "I remember you. Nice to meet you as well, Kenji." She moved her hand out to make the handshake, smiling. She looked at Ritsu, listening to his response to Kenji's question. She leaned against the wall, and revisited her thoughts. I hope everyone will pass, I just want to meet all these people.


    Ritsu looked at Kenji, about to respond. "I hope not, I didn't know there was a physical test." He looked at his hand, unsure of himself. He gripped his hand and turned it into a fist. "No matter what, even if I leave, I'll keep trying." He smiled, and looked up. "That's what Deku would do."
  26. When it became lunchtime, Sylvia was to be separated and spend her lunch in Recovery Girl's office, with the exception of the time she bought her lunch, which would usually be done by Jack, anyway.

    As it was the first day, Sylvia managed to convince Jack to allow her to buy her own lunch that one time, so there she was, standing in line, focused entirely on her breathing and paying as little attention as possible to those around her. In her hand (besides her breathing tube, which she was once again fiddling with,) was her wallet, holding the small amount of money just enough to buy her that day's lunch. Jack would've accompanied her, but he was being flocked by students from Class 1-B, possibly some from 1-A, though Sylvia couldn't quite be certain. She hadn't yet received a response from Kokoro in her notebook yet, but something about Kokoro confused Sylvia. It could've been the aftereffects of her quirk causing Sylvia's mind to be clouded with her, but she couldn't help herself from hoping Kokoro would respond to her.

    It was a strange obsession and Sylvia knew she had to stop, so she opted to nervously fiddle with her breathing tube and attempt to focus solely on her breathing and nothing else around her. Her efforts proved unsuccessful.

    "Hey, Sylv, everything alright?" Kibou asked. In Jack's place, Kibou had volunteered to walk with Sylvia for her safety, appointed by Recovery Girl and Shinsou-sensei as Sylvia's chaperone when her family wasn't around. "You look kinda nervous there."

    Sylvia shrugged, wings fully fluffed nervously. "I don't know... I think it's a little hard to breathe."

    Kibou glanced at her worriedly. "Well, that's not good."

    She shrugged again. "It could be my anxiety," she added. "Or the aftereffects of that girl Kokoro's quirk."

    Kibou nodded. "It could be. Do you need to sit down?"

    Sylvia shook her head stubbornly. "I'll be fine. My throat isn't clogged, so there's no blood coming any time soon. Besides, the line isn't that long. It'll be alright."

    Jack, meanwhile, was struggling among the crowd of students. He spotted his sister in the background with a boy talking to her and hanging around carefully beside her, and sighed in relief. "Look, I'm a student just like you guys. If you don't eat, you won't be in top condition for your exercise with Deku! And same thing goes for me," Jack reasoned. "So why don't we all have lunch, and if we have time afterwards, you can talk to me and ask me questions on anything you're confused or curious about. But please, don't ask too many at once!"
  27. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    When Kenji walked back into school for lunch he noticed the huge number of students crowding around this one boy. "Wait who's he, he only looks like a normal U.A. student." Kenji walked over to see what was going on. He heard Jack say that anybody could ask him questions after lunch. "Why we need to ask him questions, who is this guy?" Kenji then walked up to a student who wasn't in his class, "Excuse me do you know who that guy who's being crowded is?" The student looked at Kenji, "Yeah his name is Jack, he's one of the more powerful students at U.A., and this year he is gonna be Deku's assistant I'm pretty sure." Kenji looked surprised. "Deku's… assistant." He said stuttering.
  28. Before going to lunch, Kokoro stayed in the classroom to read Sylvia’s response to her in the notebook. The other girl seemed to be going through a lot of pain right now which made Kokoro’s heart ache in sadness. This was the first time since her parents divorce that she felt this way. Taking a pink mechanical pencil with white rabbits on it from her bag, she started to write her note to Sylvia. I feel really welcomed here. Everyone that I met so far has been super nice to me. Before English class, I watched 1-A’s Quirk Apprehension Test and seeing them in action encouraged me to work even harder! I’m gonna give it my all from now on! So cheer for me, okay?

    Kokoro glanced out the window and thought about what else to write. She stayed silent for a good ten minutes until she turned her attention back to the notebook. Smiling to herself she started to write again. I’ll find a way to cure you Sylv, I promise. I’m gonna ask around town after school today to scout out for any information. I want nothing more than to see you smile and have fun like the other students in our class. Just stay strong. I’m cheering for you!

    After drawing a poorly drawn picture of herself cheering, she closed the notebook and placed her head on her desk. She couldn’t get any sleep in the last two days since she was so excited about starting school. Now it seemed like the effects were finally hitting her. Her eyes started to get really heavy but she tried to fight it off. “ Can’t sleep now...gotta go to the tree…” She promised to meet with Nobu and the others there for lunch.

    Shaking her head, Kokoro stood up but she soon regretted that decision. She was so sleep deprived that she collapsed onto the floor and took her desk down with her. Luckily it didn’t hit her. Maybe taking a short nap before the next class wouldn’t hurt? She reached for the notebook and clutched it tightly to her chest. “ Slyv...I’ll cure you...that’s a promise…”

    The energetic girl slowly went to sleep making her Quirk become disabled for now.Hopefully she wouldn’t alarm anyone if they come in and just see her laying there.
  29. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji walked away afterwards and walked past Kokoro's class, he saw on the floor with her desk and thought she had fainted. He ran into the class to see if she was okay. He walked over to her and lifted her head up. Once he had gotten there he noticed that she was actually just asleep. "Are you kidding me, she's asleep." Kenji chuckled. He tried to wake Kokoro up. "Hey Kokoro, you should wake up we have lunch now." He said shaking her a little.
  30. Ingo's solemn moping was disturbed by the timely rumbling of his stomach. He had almost forgotten that it was lunch, and he still needed to eat something. Therefore, he went into the boy's changing rooms to change back into his ordinary uniform, before entering the cafeteria section of the academy. When he arrived, he was greeted to a hustling and bustling lunch hall, but what stood out to him most was the sheer length of the line.
    "Is it always this long?" He mumbled to himself.

    There were a few more noticeable things in the hall other than the massive line, which were all spotted by Ingo's keen eye. For example, there seemed to be a large amount of students in some sort of circle, maybe crowding around something or someone. He also noticed a few interesting people. However, one student caught his eye most of all.

    She had pink hair, white (near pink) angelic wings, but more importantly, an oxygen tube.
    I hope she's okay doing all of this. She looks quite frail... He thought.
    The academy was full of interesting people, to say the least.

    Whether it was laziness, fatigue, or both, Ingo didn't feel like lining up for what looked like an eternity for a cafeteria meal. So he decided that, for today, he would settle for a vending machine water and sandwich, which was exactly what he did. The only problem was, where would he eat it? He didn't really want to eat it in the hall, as his flashy quirk would probably draw a lot of attention.

    As he was walking through the corridors, in search of a suitable place to enjoy his lunch, he passed Class 1-C. At first, he gave it no thought, but the door was open. Thinking it was an accident, he peered in to see if anyone was actually inside. If not, he would simply close it back and be on his way. He was greeted to a much different scene.

    When he stepped inside, he saw a black haired boy who definitely looked familiar comforting another blonde-haired student who looked unconscious. A desk and chair behind them had been tipped over.

    He wanted to say something, and at one point, he could swear he opened his mouth only for no sound to come out. He saw that the boy didn't look too worried, so he assumed it wasn't anything serious.

    He simply stood and watched.
  31. JayTaku

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    Nobu walked past class 1-C to see Ingo standing outside of it, "He looks like he's watching something in my class, but what's going on in their?" Nobu walked over to Ingo. "Um... excuse is something going on in that class?" Nobu asked, but even before his question was answered he saw Kenji and Kokoro in the class. It looked like Kokoro was unconscious but after a while he could tell she was actually asleep.

    Kenji saw Ingo and Nobu standing outside, he looked at Ingo and thought, "That guy looks familiar, isn't he in my class." Kenji stood up. "Hey could you guys try to help me wake Kokoro up, she's fallen asleep and It's time to go to lunch." Kenji smiled at Ingo, "And your name's Ingo right, I'm Kenji, I don't know if you know me but I'm in your class." Kenji said while still trying to wake Kokoro up.
  32. Ingo looked back to see Nobu behind him. Before he could even say anything, it seemed Nobu peered into the classroom and answered his own question.
    "So she's just asleep? That's a relief." Ingo sighed. He turned his attention toward Kenji.
    "Right, I knew you looked familiar. It's nice to meet you, Kenji." He replied.
    He then walked further into the classroom. He went over to the chair and desk that had been tipped over, and adjusted them upright, like normal. He then knelt down beside Kokoro, placing his duffel bag on the floor next to him.

    Wow. I never noticed how short she was until I got up close.
    He thought, now getting a better look at Kokoro. He noticed a cute mechanical pencil, which was decorated with white rabbits, on the floor next to her.
    She's.....Cute, isn't she? He smiled.

    "Well, I assume she hasn't eaten yet. An empty stomach won't help stop fatigue, now will it?" He said in a childish tone, reaching into his bag, pulling out a sandwich and water he had just bought from the vending machine.

    "Maybe we should feed her this? She could be really low on energy." He explained.
  33. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji looked straight at Ingo, "I guess not, but how are we gonna feed her if she doesn't wake up.?" He asked being quite confused. "Maybe we could pour the water on her, but she needs that for a drink." Kenji looked at Kokoro once more. "I don't know if we should just leave, and see if she wakes up later, I mean when she does she said she would meet me, Nobu and Yasumi for lunch, so we'll findher when she's awake." Kenji stood up, "Hey Ingo you can sit with us too if you want, but in the mean time I'm going to look for Yasumi." He ran outside of the class to look for Yasumi.

    Nobu smiled, "Ingo, you can go if you want, but I'm gonna stay here for a little while with Kokoro." He said holding her up a little. "Yeah but it was nice meeting you." Nobu said sticking his thumb up.
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  34. "Nice meeting you too." Ingo replied to Nobu, standing up and getting ready to leave. He left the sandwich and water on the floor, and pointed to them.
    "Please, when she wakes up, tell her she can have those." He said.
    She probably needs it more than me. He thought.
    With that, he walked toward the door, waved goodbye to Nobu, and carried on down the corridor.
    Wait, didn't that Kenji dude say I could sit with them at lunch? I'd enjoy the company, but he kinda just disappeared on me. He thought, smiling for no real reason.
    Well, I guess it wouldn't do any harm to take a little walk around the school for the rest of lunch. It would be nice to get acquainted with my surroundings. Perhaps I'll even run into Kenji again...
  35. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Nobu smiled at Ingo, "Yeah you can count on me, I'll make sure to give it to her." He said nodding. He then waved at Ingo before he left to go to lunch.

    Kenji looked around to see if Yasumi was near him. "Oh, it looks like he's not here, well before I go I want to try find out more about that Jack guy." Kenji walked around the corridors to look for Jack, or maybe even Deku. "He most likely in the year above or maybe even in his last year, but still he must be pretty strong if he's Deku's assistant." Kenji thought as he saw Ingo walking around. "Hey Ingo, I'll come to have lunch in a moment I'm just looking for someone." Kenji was thinking if Ingo saw Jack being crowded earlier.
  36. Miyata

    As everyone finished, Miyata stood up from the wall. It's lunch, I guess. "Goodbye, Ritsu. It was nice meeting you." She said, which Ritsu also parted ways. She walked past the large crowd of people after looking up. Just a kid? I wonder why he's so popular. She walked to the lunch tables and started to eat food.


    Ritsu played with his hair, as he stood up. Miyata stood up slightly after him. She said goodbye to him, which Ritsu gladly replied. "You as well, goodbye." He grabbed his lunch and walked towards the lunch tables. He saw a crowd of people around him along the way. He decided to check it out. Ritsu was thrown into the crowd, desperately trying to get farther in. It was a person that seemed to be named Jack. He heard him telling the others to leave, which he agreed with. Yeah, why are they trying to stop this guy? He seems pretty nice. He left the crowd and sat at the lunch tables eating a rice bowl, which he quickly ate.
  37. Yasumi was returning to class, or at least that's what he wanted to do at first. It appeared that it took him so long to find the bathroom, that the class had already ended. It was lunch time, and he remembered he was supposed to meet with Kenji and the others.
    The best place to look for them would be the class I guess He thought, and decided to head there. On his way, he noticed a small crowd surrounding an older boy. He didn't really get interested in it tho. He finally saw Kenji in the corridor, and decided to walk up to him.
    "Yo, so we're gonna eat now?"
  38. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji finally saw Yasumi, "Oh what's up, we're just gonna go eat now, but Nobu and Kokoro can't join us." He said laughing. "Basically Kokoro fell asleep and Nobu's staying with her until she wakes up, so Ingo will be having lunch with us if you don't mind." Kenji then saw that students were still crowding Jack. "Hey Yasumi you saw how those students were crowding that Jack guy right, well from what I've heard he's pretty strong and he's actually gonna be Deku's assistant." Kenji said while he started walking into the dining hall. Kenji had gotten his food, he asked for curry. He saw Ritsu and sat next to him. "Hey Ritsu what's up." He asked.
  39. Kokoro slowly opened her eyes. “ Hm…?” She glanced around the classroom in confusion not remembering what had happened. She felt someone holding her up and she looked to see who it was. Nobu! How long has he been here? A tired smile formed on her face as she reached out to pat his head. “ Good morning, Stretch.” Kokoro thought it would be fun to give each individual person that she meets some kind of nickname. She stood up and yawned, still feeling a little bit sleepy. Her stomach then growled loudly which caused her to laugh. “ I’m starving! Is it still lunchtime?” She placed the pink and white notebook on Sylvia’s desk hoping that the other girl will respond to her again soon.

    “Come on, I’ll race ya outside!” Without waiting for Nobu’s answer, Kokoro sprinted out of the classroom and down the hallway. At this rate she’ll be exhausted again before the school day ends.
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    Nobu laughed at Kokoro, "Still energetic as ever." Nobu ran after Kokoro. "Hey Kokoro, wait up!" Nobu caught up to her. "Hey, are you still coming with me to meet Yasumi and Kenji, we can go meet, I'm guessing they have started eating by now." He assumed looking into the dining hall.

    Kenji noticed Kokoro and Nobu outside. "Oh, she actually woke up then, well that's good I guess." Kenji shouted over to the two of them. "Hey you two, you still coming to sit with us, we've already got our food so you can go and get yours now if you want." Kenji sat down again and started to eat his curry. "I must have an addiction to this food or something, I've had it a lot recently." Kenji said chuckling.

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