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Ask to Join MHA: The Heroes Of Tomorrow

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by JayTaku, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji noticed Kokoro skipping over to them, "Oh hey Kokoro." He greeted her, but he didn't notice Kiza behind her. "Something is making me feel uneasy for some reason, I feel a strong presence, could it be this guy." Kenji grabbed Kokoro by the arm to pull her away from the others, he then whispered, "Kokoro, don't you think something is off about that guy? I mean he shows up late in a mask and black cloak in a room full of students wearing school uniforms." Kenji paused and then spoke again, "But something about him makes me feel uneasy." He then went and told the same thing to Kaylee, "Hey Kaylee, don't you think there's something a little strange about this guy?"
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  2. Kokoro laughed after hearing the other girls comment about her. “ Yeah, people have mentioned my height all day. It’s okay though, it doesn't bother me and besides, I like being short. It has it advantages after all.” Honestly the height comments didn’t have any affect on her anymore. She’s happy with herself. “ I’m Kokoro and my Quirk is Joy! How about you?” She asked curiously as she took a bite of her sandwich. All of the people that she met so far had such amazing Quirks.

    When Kenji mentioned the stranger, Kokoro quietly whispered. “ We shouldn’t judge someone by their looks. He could be a really nice guy!” It still seemed kinda suspicious that he wasn’t wearing a standard issued school uniform though… “ Let’s just give him a chance, okay?”
  3. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Kaylee giggled and quickly answered with, "My Quirk is Stolen Kiss. I'm Kaylee." she said shortly.
    Kaylee assessed the situation and she didn't particularly like where it was going. This little girl had just brought some strange man into the cafeteria and right on top of their current location no less. Not wishing to be caught in any sort of altercation this early on in the game, Kaylee slowly backed out of the room while Kenji was talking to Kokoro. "Something is definitely going down soon." she said to herself.

    It was finally time. Max was back from his small job and was roaming the halls of UA again trying to find Deku. He was assigned to the first years after all so maybe looking for Red Riot...er...Kirishima Sensei was a better bet, but nonetheless Max kept moving on. He passed by the infirmary and noticed the girl inside, doing a quick back pedal to get another look. He took a few steps inside the room and gave Sylvia a quick stare down. He could tell by the features and her scent of course. "So you must be Jack's sister." he said, already assuming that he was correct considering people's scents never really lied to him before.
  4. while they were talking Kiza saw the switch for the lights “I’ll give them a quick test, I’ll see the results tomorrow” he thought as he turned off the lights and 10 wolf-like beings came out from the darkness there red eyes glowing in the dark and when the lights came back on, Kiza was gone but the goons were still there and with a cry they ran at the students with grinding force.
  5. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji sighed, "Fine, but if he does anything even remotely strange or suspicious, I'm not gonna give him another chance." Kenji started to keep an eye on him. Kenji decided to do a little test. He heated his hand up and was planning on placing it on Kiza's shoulder. "So what's up, are you a first year or second or something." Kenji started to think. "Depending on how he reacts will show what kind of person he is." Kenji smiled. But before he got chance to do that the room went dark and 10 wolf like creatures appeared, but Kiza was gone. "I knew something was wrong with that guy, and also what was the rule again, no quirks?" Kenji laughed as he engulfed his fist in flames.

    Yuzuru walked the halls looking for Max, "Where the hell did he get to?" Yuzuru said as he came up to the infirmary. He noticed Max in there. "Hey Max you going to Kirishima soon?" He then noticed Sylvia, "And who's this? Well judging by the wings and scent, your Sylvia aren't you." However, before she could answer he heard something coming from the dining hall, he ran out to look and saw the wolves. "MAX! Something strange is going on in the dining hall, I think we should sort it out."
  6. Yasumi was lost in his thoughts, playing with his messy, orange hair. Lunch break was almost over, and honestly he didn't mind that much since things were getting kinda boring. He almost ignored the other students joking and talking to each other, but he did listen just enough to get a general idea of what they were talking about.
    All of a sudden, the lights went off.
    This is not really what I expected from UA, I mean really now, can't even afford to-
    His thoughts were cut off by the lights coming back on, but the scenery was a little bit different from what he remembered. Well, everything was the same, except for about a dozen black wolves apparently appeared out of thin air.
    Yasumi was as calm as ever though. Let's be honest: It had to be some kind of test the school prepared for them. There was no other possible explanation. I mean, it could be a villain but.. here? No way.
    He looked around to see the other students reaction. Kenji in particular looked ready to fight, as he was already activating his quirk.
    "Kenji, don't panic, this is most likely a test of some sort."
  7. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji laughed at Yasumi, "That's funny you think that you think that I'm panicking, Yasumi if anything I'm excited." He charged at one of the wolves, "Hey you guys, you gonna join in as well?" He asked as he blasted one of the wolves with his flames. He started bleeding from the his nose after an attack from one of the wolves. He laughed and then went in for the final blow.

    Nobu heard Kenji and smiled, "Yeah I'll join in, I guess it's time to be an actual hero." He said as he stretched his arm out towards one of the wolves, "This'll be fun." He said chuckling.

    Yuzuru walked into the dining hall, "Ok fellow students, don't panic." He said as he put his hand on the ground and made scolding lava come out from underneath one of the goons.
  8. Whoa!” Kokoro wasn’t expecting this to happen. Was this some type of test? She jumped out of her seat and got into a fighting stance. A wolf came right at her but she quickly dodged and kicked it back causing it to yelp. Her Quirk may not be suited for battle but she did have some martial arts experience. Wait? Is Sylvia in here? She had to go find her in case she gets hurt!
  9. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    It wasn't long that Max got to spend in the infirmary before he heard Yuzuru come walking in after him. "YUYU it's been a while." Max laughed. Yuzuru was also a friend that he'd met back in his first year of UA. The two of them along with Jack formed UA's strongest team and they all worked really well together. However, before Max could answer the comment about Kirishima, Yuzuru was already saying that there was an issue going down in the cafeteria.

    It didn't take long for Max to respond at all. He already took off down the hallway. "Let's go then!" The UA student took a bottle of water from his pocket and doused his right arm, letting his quirk take it over. His right arm grew scales and a razor sharp fin while his hand grew fur and claws. Max discarded his poncho as he neared the cafeteria. He would've jumped straight into the fight had it not been for the insane amount of first years that Max noticed in the cafeteria. However, the threat level didn't seem to be too high so in this particular situation numbers were their friend.

    Max jumped into the air and squirted some water on his lower back, causing his razor-bladed tail to erupt from his body. He came swooping in, spinning like a cyclone right towards the wolf that Kenji had just given a bloody nose. His feet planted on the ground as his tail swung through, cleaving the spirit wolf in half. "Guess you're still pretty fast Yuzuru." Max said calmly.
  10. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji saw Kokoro running, "Kokoro where are you going?" He asked while trying to defend himself from a wolf that was attacking him. "You look like your worried about someone, I know that look, if you need to find someone go and do that I'll try and cover you." Kenji said as he punched the one wolf that was attacking him. Kenji noticed Kaylee standing and not fighting, "Hey Kaylee, you need to borrow my quirk, because right now we could use more help.

    Yuzuru smiled at Max, "Not too bad yourself Max." He said as he kicked one of the wolves right in the jaw." He stood there still for a moment, "Hey Max they're pretty damn good for first years aren't they." He said smiling slightly.
  11. "Huh?" Kibou realized something was wrong. Recovery Girl had come back to check on them when Kibou filled her in on what was happening. "We have to tell Jack or something, right?!"

    "I think he already knows," Recovery Girl said. "You can go, Kibou, but Sylvia stays."

    It was probably for the best; it was the most logical way to keep her safe and make sure no one got hurt.

    It never crossed her mind when Sylvia blankly stood and spread her wings, fluffing them for good measure, and sending a brilliant chamomile scent wafting around the whole room. It never crossed Sylvia's mind when she flapped them once, twice to test them, and then sent tons of papers flying as she flew thoughtlessly out of the room. She didn't care how much her lungs burned, how much bile built up in her throat, or how blurry her mind was. She could close her eyes and use her other senses.

    She didn't care how she had disobeyed the oldest person in the whole school with the most power to heal her.

    Sylvia didn't know what happened until she landed in the cafeteria, gasping for air. She was alone now.

    What next?

    The wolves and students were all wrestling each other. Sylvia didn't know what to do. She was in the cafeteria and she had absolutely no idea what came next.

    Then a wolf attacked her.

    She jumped back, and for a second, it felt like her lungs completely shut off. Her wings fluffed with adrenaline, and bursting from her skin were dozens of thorny roses, all growing to be the size of oak trees and surrounding, stabbing, hurting other wolves.

    Jack had smelled Sylvia's chamomile scent and immediately froze when he realized whose roses were sprouting that big at the entrance to the cafeteria. He realized what she'd done.

  12. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji noticed the Sylvia, "Wait, that's the one with the lung problems right?" He then saw that she was attacked by a wolf. "Oh Shit! That damn wolf, she can't even fight back." Kenji ran over to where Sylvia was. "I don't know why I'm doing this, I don't even know the girl, but I guess that's what a hero would do, it's what Deku would do." Kenji jumped up and this time he covered his entire arm in flames and went straight for the wolf attacking Sylvia. He wasn't able to defeat it right away, but he was able to get it off of her. Once he had done that he jumped back and started to breathe fire, but he decided to go full power, after a while the flames turned a bright blue. The wolf went down, but so did Kenji, he didn't pass out but he was immobilized for the time being.
  13. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    The blonde mulled it over for a second, but decided that it was probably worth it to get into a fight alongside them after all. What better way to build their trust? Things continued to play out one after the other. A girl flew in who looked sickly and injured, but still tried to fight? She was attacked by a wolf and Kenji darted over to save her. He let loose a brilliant blue flame and took out the wolf at the price of his consciousness. Kaylee sighed and she ran over to Kenji and slid down on her knees next to him. "I know this'll be weird Kenji but you're out cold and I...kinda need your quirk. So uh.." she stopped talking and just proceeded to kiss Kenji. Maybe it was for a..little longer than she should've but hey she stole more power from the person the longer she kissed them so she could never be too safe right? Kaylee broke the kiss and patted the boy's forehead, "Thanksss." she said with a smile before looking up at a wolf. She clenched her fist, igniting a fire around it.
  14. Suddenly the remainder of the wolves backed of and went back to the green wolf. They fused with the green and became a buffed wolf with better strength and speed it howled a big roar with the launch room cracking. Just then Crystal came out and she saw everybody and the wolfs and wished she could fight.
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  15. Sylvia was hidden in her forest of giant flowers. When she felt the flames licking away at the still-attached roses protruding from her skin, she knew someone had come to save her. It was late now, though.

    Jack sprinted toward the huge roses, using the air to boost himself however he could. Sylvia looked nearly unconscious, and with those huge flowers she had bloomed from her skin, she had certainly exerted herself. Some of the roses which had been touched by the flames had some burnt petals, and from those flowers dripped blood. Lots of it.

    Too much of it.

    "Ohhh no no no no NO!" Jack searched his uniform for something to cut her flowers off with, but he had nothing. "SOMEONE! Someone bring me a knife, please!" he cried desperately. "Anyone!"

    Sylvia's vision swam in every possible direction but the correct one. Her throat lungs throbbed, throat full of blood and bile, and she couldn't breathe, not even through her nose. She kept coughing violently, gagging, and occasionally hurling, until she was completely empty of blood, exhausted from her flight and amazing feat, and embarrassed that she was discovered as a weak link in the entire school. It's not like many important people would band together to protect someone as useless as her. Jack only did it because he was Sylvia's brother, that was all. He was supposed to.

    Kibou saw Sylvia passed out on the ground and gasped. Aina joined him and soon, all of Class 1-C and then some had crowded around her.
  16. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Max quickly responded to his friend's request for a knife. He knew that Jack needed to get to his sister so he was gonna tear right through those flowers in one blow. "Move out of the way kids!" Max shouted, swinging his tail right through the flowers, cleaving straight through them. "I knew you'd be here Jack." the teen said.

    Kaylee noticed the wolves fusing into one being and tried her best to take a shot at the creature. She pulled her arm back and thrust it forwards releasing a burst of flames that traveled right towards the wolf.
  17. Jack lifted his sister and held her close, pressing his ear against her chest. He calmed his own breathing and searched for any sign of a heartbeat. When he didn't hear it beating against her chest, he checked for a pulse at her neck or hand and was very relieved to find it beating just fine, albeit much faster than it should. Kibou and Recovery Girl found their way to her.

    "She just flew out for no reason!" Recovery Girl cried. "Why would she--"

    "No time!" Kibou exclaimed, pointing to the giant wolf fusion. "We gotta get her away!"

    Jack carefully placed her on the ground and growled with rage.

    "Oh no. You guys are NOT getting away with what you've just done." Jack whipped around to face the wolves and suddenly, an intense tempest was being built up inside the cafeteria. The winds Jack had created with the force of his arms alone were enough to snap several branches off a tree. Not enough to lift a person, since he didn't want to toss around any students, but he was clearly livid at the wolf monster.

    Suddenly the air around the wolf froze. No, it didn't just stop being windy, it froze. Ice encased the wolf from freezing the air alone. Jack had the power to control air particles, including their temperature. Whether he moved them around so that he could create gusts of wind, gave his sister oxygen particles when she was low, or slowed or sped up the air molecules' vibrations to change the temperature, he had control of it all. It required the use of his hands and arms, of course, but over the years, he had trained so much that his range had increased exponentially.

    Liquid oxygen was one of the coldest substances on Earth. Combining that with regular frozen water made one of the coldest and hardest casings of ice there could possibly be without a regular ice quirk. Of course, condensing oxygen of all things was strenuous on Jack's arms, but he didn't care.

    Any pain he felt was nothing compared to what Sylvia must've been feeling currently.
  18. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji still lay there, trying to not pass out. He noticed Sylvia bleeding. "Wait, did I do that, was that my flames?" Eventually he figured out it was, "What did I do?! I tried to be a hero, but I ended up injuring the person I was trying to save." Kenji finally got the energy to stand up, he followed Jack. "There's gotta be something I can do to help, your name's Jack right, I've heard that she is your sister, and I want to apologise this was my fault. I tried to be a hero, but obviously If I ended up hurting the person I was trying to save, it just proves to me that I'm not ready to be a hero." Kenji clenched his fists as he still looked at Sylvia. "Please if there's anything I can do to help, tell me."
  19. Crystal was getting madder by the second “why would he do this, he hurt a innocent person and I won’t forgive him!” She yelled out, she started to glow a blue aura and the room she was in started to freeze with ice. She could feel the air around the wolf had stopped moving, and stuck out her hand and yelled “FREEZE!” And the wolf was caught in a cube of ice, which Crystal made a ice scythe and slashed it to pieces. When it was over she fainted from overuse of her ice quirk and grew a fever, she started painting a lot from it.
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  20. It....It all happened so fast. One second I was eating lunch...The next, they...

    Ingo was still sitting down, his eyes filled with a mixture of shock and fear, but you wouldn't be able to tell which was more prominent. Before him, lay Kenji, who was on the floor but evidently trying to get up. A young man who had seemingly encased the giant wolf in ice, and Kaylee, who was also fighting the wolf monster, but with a fire quirk. Not only that, but multiple people that seemed around his age gathered down the hall around somebody. Ingo wanted to see what exactly they were surrounding. But he could barely move. He tried moving, but his muscles trembled every time. Before he knew it, his breathing became faster, and faster, and faster. His heart rate increased. His vision began to go blurry. Soon, he was stretching over the table, clutching his chest with his giant dragon arm, which, must have hurt somewhat, but he was unable to feel the pain through the horror.

    WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! These words began to echo through his mind, over and over.
  21. That stranger...she had to find that stranger. He had to be the one that did this! “ I won’t let him get away with this...I won’t forgive him for hurting Sylv and my friends!” Kokoro rushed out of the lunchroom and went outside going to the locked gates of the school. She needed to catch him! Glancing around the area, she noticed a tree that was close enough to the gate. Without thinking she climbed up the tree and then jumped across the gate. Now where did that stranger go? “ Hey, come on out!” Her usual happy go lucky personality now changed into something more serious. “ If you want to fight someone, then you can fight me. Just please don’t hurt anyone else!”
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  22. Jack's arms grew sore, so much so that they fell to his sides, completely useless. He looked around, taking in the area around him.

    It was completely destroyed. The cafeteria needed serious repairs, the students had used so much of their quirks that they were completely spent, and now Recovery Girl had to tend to more than just Sylvia.

    He needed to find a hospital. He needed to find Kouki.

    Pinky--or rather, Ashido-sensei--and Chargebolt (Kaminari-sensei) ran into the cafeteria, ready for action.

    "Where's the fire?!" Pinky exclaimed. "What wrecked the place?!"

    "The students come first," Chargebolt told Pinky. "Tend to everyone, make sure they're okay, and try and call Deku if you can."

    "YO 'ZUKU!"





    And now the teachers were giving everyone headaches. Jack groaned. Were they like this when they were students, too? He felt sorry for their students. And their previous teachers, whoever they were.

    He ran behind him, kneeling at his sister's unconscious form again. Kibou had apparently left the cafeteria in search of something and came back with a pink and white notebook that Jack didn't recognise. The boy gave it to Jack. "S-sorry," he said. "I-I didn't mean to get Sylvia in this trouble."

    "You sent her out here?"

    "N-no, she just kinda... flew off on her own."

    "She flew?!"

    Kibou winced. "I-I'm sorry I couldn't stop her--"

    "Deku told me that a hero is someone who acts before they think in order to save someone's life. I think that's what happened with Sylvia. She didn't care how hurt she'd get, she just wanted to help. It sounds like a Sylvia thing to do, anyway."

    When the boy from 1-A whom Jack recognized as Kenji had apologized to him for burning Sylvia, Jack allowed himself a heavy chuckle. "Nah, don't sweat it, kid. You didn't know. Besides, this wasn't something you could control. My sister wanted to be a hero too; she always does, but she ends up being a victim in her own heroic actions." Jack straightened out Sylvia's wings so that they wouldn't be strained and then proceeded to rub her feathers. There were some pin feathers she hadn't attended to that morning, so Jack took care of pulling away the wax encasing them. It was a useless thing to do, technically, but people with bird-like feathers or plain old birds couldn't fly very well with pin feathers.

    Even if Sylvia really shouldn't fly in her state.

    "It's not your fault she got in this mess, it's the wolves'. Or rather, whoever went and sicced 'em on us," Jack continued. "This isn't the end. It's usually like this with villains." He sighed and pushed his emotions down his throat before standing back up and forcing his arms to move to his hips and look around, walking to any injured students. "Is everyone alright?" he asked. "Everyone, if you're hurt, gather at the entrance! Otherwise, stay here in the cafeteria and wait for the teachers to come along and sort things out! Recovery Girl will help you when it's your turn!"

    He hoped this would suffice for the time being. Unfortunately, his arms flopped uselessly to his sides again and he sighed at how physically and emotionally awful he felt to have let any of this happen under his watch.

    That's what it meant to be a hero, though, right? Sylvia was trying so hard. He should try just as hard too.
  23. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji was still running with Jack until he decided run back to the others, "Jack I'll have worry about getting out after, but for now my friends need help." Kenji ran back as fast as he could, he noticed Kaylee fighting the giant wolf, he decided to run over and help her first. Kenji propelled self forward at high speeds and then punched the wolf, I only got damaged a little. "Hey Kaylee take this one seriously, it's stronger than the others." He as he held his arm, "God dammit one of the wolves injured it." Kenji moaned.
  24. Yasumi was with the injured students, trying to help as many as he could. Some got bit by the wolves, while others got injured while running away.
    I guess it is true that a huge amount of people trying to run away from something is most likely more dangerous than the one thing they're trying to run away from..
    Many students had small cuts over their arms and legs, while only a few were more seriously injured (still, nothing to worry about).

    Yasumi was using his power to slow down the bleedings, almost completely stopping it. It was pretty weird to see honestly: the wounds were there, but there was no sign of blood loss whatsoever. This had two advantages: the first, which obviously most people would think of immediatly, was that people wouldn't lose blood. The second was a bit more subtle: his mother told him that most people panic when seeing their own blood, as they get the impression that they are more seriously hurt than they really are, and they just end up speeding-up their heartbeat, thus losing more blood. Seeing yourself with some scratches but no blood at all coming out from them made most people believe they were completely fine, therefore providing some psychological relief which surely helped with the placebo effect.

    "You're fine, you just barely got hit" He said, while tending to another student's wounds. He was still smiling, but he surely wasn't as calm as he was before.
    How could villains already infiltrate the school during the first day?
    There had to be something going on. Yasumi looked around and noticed that more and more adults were coming. Recovery girl too was helping out the students. Everything would've turned out fine then, right? With this thought in mind, he relaxed a little bit, and kept looking around, hoping to find his classmates.
    He couldn't see Kenji, nor anyone else he recognized, but he noticed a girl, apparently seriously injured, and walked up to her. The winged girl was unconscious on the ground, and she seemed to be in pain.
    Yasumi kneeled near her, and tried to figure out what was going on. Her breath was slower.. no, heavier? He gently opened her mouth, and noticed small traces of blood.
    Probably damaged lungs? But there's no way she got injured now, there's no sign of injury from outside, and I don't think those wolves had any toxic-like abilities since no other student had these symptoms.
    He tried using his power on her, but to his surprise, he couldn't seem to repair the blood vessels in her throat. It was like they got damaged a long time ago, and every time he tried to 'rebuild' them, they'd just fail again shortly after.
    "RECOVERY GIRL! THIS ONE OVER HERE SEEMS TO NEED MORE HELP THAN THE OTHERS!" Yasumi screamed, hoping his voice would reach the woman on the other side of the cafeteria.
    He decided to wait and keep 'healing' that girl's lungs until Recovery Girl would come; even though it was ineffective, it should still lessen her pain and help her breath.
  25. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Having taken a back seat once again to Jack's overwhelming power, Max didn't really know how to handle it. However he did notice that a girl had escaped the lunch room. In a situation like this, someone fleeing the scene of the crime just as it ends is always suspicious of being the villain. "Hey! Get back here!" Max shouted as he began to run after the girl. Normally he'd be able to keep up, but she'd already gotten the lead on him and also proved to be fairly fast. This seemed like one of those situations that it might have been better to leave up to a teacher or another staff member, but this was something that Max couldn't let go. "If Jack is gonna take out the wolves, then I'll find the one who made them all up in the first place." he thought as he ran.

    He doused his legs with water and they quickly grew hair and claws on his feet just like a wolf. Max dropped onto all 4's, greatly increasing his running speed as he rapidly trailed the small girl. He came rushing out, sliding across the grass to a stop before he redirected and sprinted towards the gate. He hopped the fence, landing right in Kokoros path to cut her off. “Where you off to do fast?” the boy asked, not planning on letting her go just in case she was the one who did this.
  26. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji noticed that all the wolves were gone, it must of been the older students that helped them. He thought it was fine but he then remembered that he injured his arm earlier, it wasn't that bad, but he started losing quite a bit of blood. "I need to make it to Yasumi or Recovery Girl." He thought as he ran and grabbed Kaylee's hand, "I need to go if I want this healed." When he finally made it to where Yasumi and Recovery Girl were, he started to tremble, so he sat down, leaning against the wall.

    Nobu was waiting to be healed by Recovery Girl, his injuries weren't that bad, especially compared to many other's. He was only bleeding from the head and had a few cuts and bruises on his body.
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  27. Jack examined the notebook he was given. "So what's this supposed to be?" he asked Kibou.

    "O-oh! Sylvia and her friend were exchanging messages in it. Since Sylvia's... delicate, the friend couldn't stay near Sylvia because of her quirk, but she wanted to be friends anyway, so she came up with a clever way to communicate."

    Jack nodded, but refrained from opening it. "I see."

    "I thought when Sylvia woke up, she'd wanna respond, since it was on her desk..."

    "Kibou, right?"

    Kibou nodded. "I'm Sylvia's friend, and I sit next to her. I guess we're 'Deskmates', kinda?"

    Jack nodded. Recovery Girl continued tending to her, giving her gentle kisses around her wounds carefully. He sighed and watched Sylvia pitifully. "Recovery Girl, is there anything you can do?"

    Recovery Girl faced Jack sadly. "Aside from her slice wounds from the flowers she recklessly bloomed from her skin, I can't help her regain blood. She needs a blood donation from a hospital."

    "Isn't your office essentially a hospital?"

    "There's only so much a Pro Hero for recovery can do on her own, Jack," Recovery Girl sighed. "I have a lot of energy to give around to the other students as well, and healing her lungs right now would require pumping her heart faster in order to give her more blood. Her anemia isn't helping in the slightest. Every drop of blood she keeps or loses is precious. Increasing her heart rate will lead to heavier breathing. She could hyperventilate, and even if she doesn't, her lungs aren't elastic enough to move around so much. It will only cause more harm, trying to heal her with my quick recovery quirk."

    "Then we just leave her to stay in a hospital?!"

    "There's nothing else to be done," Recovery Girl said grimly. "I'm sorry."

    Jack's grip on the notebook loosened, but he shoved it in Kibou's chest to take from him before it could fall into the blood pooling on the ground from her little stunt.

    "Then I'm going with her."

    Recovery Girl nodded. "Understood. I'll let your teacher--did you say it was Ingenium?--know where you have gone."

    Jack nodded. He knew Iida-sensei would understand his reason for his absence. Besides, he loved Jack because of his outstanding grades and show of effort. Every now and then he made mistakes or wasn't feeling up to his top condition of learning and his teacher was always understanding.

    He knew how much it hurt when a family member was severely injured too, after all.
  28. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji tried to stay calm, but he couldn't stand the sight of blood. "I wonder if there are bandages at where Recovery Girl is that I could use until Yasumi can take care of my wound." Kenji walked in, he didn't really want to interrupt Recovery Girl, so he went to ask Kibou. "Excuse me, I know you might not know me, but do you happen to know where any bandages are, I kinda need some." Kenji said as he pointed at the blood coming from his wound. He noticed Sylvia, "She may be in critical condition, but at least she is alive." He said trying to stay positive.
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  29. Kibou shrugged, but when he glanced to the side, he noticed someone tending to someone else's blood-wounds. "Maybe you can go to them and ask them for help with your arm. They seem to know a thing or two about first aid," he suggested. Fortunately for Kibou, he didn't have to talk too much. When he had led the boy away from him and Sylvia, he opted to leave the cafeteria (after telling Ashido-sensei, of course) and wandered around the school, in hopes that his luck-inducing pheromones would attract Deku.

    Pheromones, of course, wasn't an actual smell that emitted from humans, but it was still a sensation detected by the nose and creating certain signals in the mind of the one sniffing them. Many would consider it stupid, but knowing his own luck and with the situation they were in, Kibou felt that he was the best way to attract Deku to whatever had happened.

    He hoped Deku found him or the cafeteria soon. Everyone seemed to be either unscathed or completely broken down, especially Sylvia. His pace quickened anxiously at the thought of possibly losing the very classmate who would have sat next to him for a whole school year.
  30. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Kaylee was still in shock from Jacks raw power. He took down the big bad wolf like it was nothing. “What a powerful quirk.” she thought to herself. Before she could react she was being tugged along by the hand, it was Kenji. She was surprised to see that he recovered so fast from his last fire breath trick. All of a sudden she found herself in recovery girls office along with Jack, Kibou, Sylvia, and Yasumi. She was kinda confused, but she wasn’t going to question it. The wolf attack was over and at least they were all safe for the time being. “Kenji are you feeling alright. You kinda...went all out back there.” she said.
  31. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji heard what Kaylee had asked him, he wanted to make her think he was fine so he tried to cover his wound. He smiled and stuck his thumb up, "I'm doing fine, don't worry about me." He then sat down. "So Kaylee were you good at using my quirk?" He asked curiously. "Cause if you were, I might let you start using it a lot." He said before lay down on the ground. "I wonder if she got injured, cause if she did she should be worrying about herself and not me."
  32. Ingo's fear turned into sadness. His sadness turned into regret. And his regret, into pure anger. He was absolutely livid. While his classmates jumped into the fray without a moment's notice, their bravery shining like a golden, radiant sun, all he could do what sit and watch, dumbfounded, and petrified. He had always thought if something like that were to ever happen, he'd be one of the first to jump in and protect the others.

    It was clear now that he was painfully wrong.

    Why am I even at U.A? Why would somebody as pathetic as me have business in a place like this, designed for the upbringing of true heroes? What's a coward like me doing here? I obviously don't belong. I'm just a loser, wasting my time, and the time of those around me.

    The thoughts bounced around in his head, simply adding fuel to the already destructive flame that was Ingo's fury. He brought his head up and looked around, gritting his teeth as he tried to contain himself. Before him was what resembled the aftermath of a riot. The entire place was wasted. Knives, forks, tables, and other items scattered messily across the floor, some shattered and broken. What really struck him was the injuries that some students sustained. A lot of them had many claw marks and bruises all over. People he had just started to get to know, such as Kenji, also had been wounded. A tear dropped from his eye, and soon enough, his anger had all but faded away, extinguished by the sorrow that crept in.

    I...don't deserve to be here anymore...

    With that final thought, he dropped his body on the desk, his head crashing against the cold, grey surface of the table, and his hands covering his head in shame.
  33. "Don't play tough guy with me" Yasumi said, smiling, as he placed his left hand near Kenji' s head. His cut, although not deep, was more than just a scratch.
    "Try and keep calm for a couple of hours now, and don't worry, It won't leave a scar" he said after finishing cleaning up the blood from it's face.
    "You'll be back kissing girls in no time!" He joked, trying to lighten up the mood.
    He turned around only to see Ingo, whom he recognized as one of his classmates, dropping on a table. Did he just faint? I better take a look
    He felt like a battle medic right now. He was expecting to do more fighting and less healing, but without his glaive he couldn't do much. Still, it felt nice being useful.
    "Kenji, let's see what's going on with that guy, I think he's from our class, right?"
    He walked up to Ingo, then put a hand on his shoulder.
    "Are you ok there? Are you hurt? I may be able help you". Yasumi said, even though the student didn't seem to be hurt.
  34. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji looked at Yasumi with a cold stare, "Haha, you're hilarious." He said sarcastically in reply to what Yasumi had said about him getting back to kissing girls. He noticed Ingo at the same time Yasumi did, "Yeah he is from our class, I'll come with you to see what's going on." Kenji walked over to Ingo. "Hey Ingo, what's up with you, you don't really look injured." Kenji stated. "Something else must be going on, is he upset? But what about? I'm really confused now." He thought as he still tried to comfort Ingo.
  35. Ritsu

    "Sure." Ritsu replied to Kenji. They both ate lunch together, though he finished very quickly. He continued to sit at the bench, now with more people that Kenji had invited. They look nice, at least it's more than Kenji and I. Ritsu witnessed many of the events that had happened, looking around the school. A wolf was attacking a student, and a shiver went down his spine. "All those wolves?" Shocked, he stood there, unable to move. He grasped the ability to get out his seat and was about to attack the beast.

    Kenji was the first one to take down the wolf, though he was injured in the process. At least the wolf is down, but he's hurt. He ran over to Kenji, and asked if he needed help. He looked back, the girl was also injured by his flames. "Ouch, that must hurt. Sorry I didn't help you back there." He looked at Kenji. As the wolves fused, Ritsu decided to attack them. "HA!" He threw piles of rocks against the wolf, though it barely hurt him. I don't want to use my entire power on campus, so I have to hold back. I can't hurt the wolves, though.

    Ritsu continued attacking the wolf, though the other students had quirks that didn't restrict them in campus, which they were eventually able to defeat it. Kenji left, which he presumed was because of his injuries. I hope he can get better, I couldn't do much at all. I was worthless during that attack, how could I even be a hero?

    I have to improve, because at where I am, I wouldn't help anyone. I'd just be the person standing to the side, fodder. Because of the low score, I don't even think I have another chance. All I can do is hope.
    He clenched his fist. He walked back to the benches, contemplating.
  36. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Kaylee really didn't know what was going on, but the battleground looked terrible. She was just worried about her injured classmates, but especially that flower girl who seemed to be having the worst time out of all of them. She kinda stood with Kenji and Yasumi as they checked up on Ingo, who seemed to be passed out on the lunch table. "Well...I mean yeah surprisingly I was really good at using it for real for the first time, maybe it's because it's common and pretty simplistic in it's functions and all that." she said. Not like she was trying to discredit him or his quirk, it was just a fact, and even more helpful in the situation that his Wildfire quirk for easy to use.
  37. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji heard Kaylee's statement about his quirk, "Yeah it is kinda easy to use, I guess that's how I got the hang of it so easily." He said smiling. Kenji still tried to comfort Ingo, "Look I don't know what's wrong with you, but your gonna be fine, ok Ingo." Kenji then turned to Kaylee and Yasumi. "Can you guys do anything to help him, because I can't do much more than that." He said as he walked away from Ingo.
  38. After knowing that Kaylee, Kenji, and Yasumi came to comfort him, he began to feel an immense guilt build up in his heart. He felt he was undeserving of them, but appreciated them nevertheless. He raised his head up.
    "I-I'm fine, thank you." He said in a low, downtrodden tone.
    He couldn't bring himself to look them directly in the eye. It was a right he felt he didn't deserve.
    "I'm okay. It's fine. You should go and spend your efforts on those who deserve it." He continued.
    He glared toward the line of injured students near the entrance of the cafeteria.

    "They need you. They need all of you."
  39. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kenji looked Ingo right in the eyes, "Look I can stay here with you, and Yasumi and Recovery girl can sort all the injured students out." Kenji explained as he still tried to keep eye contact with Ingo. "And what do you mean by those who deserve it, and if it's about you not fighting, don't sweat it. Your allowed to be scared, and don't beat yourself up because of it." Kenji walked around the table thinking, "Hopefully that will cheer him up a little, I can't stand seeing a friend like this." Kenji smiled, "I mean look nobody died, yeah people may have gotten injured, but they're all alive."
  40. Kokoro was about to head into the city to see if she could find the stranger there but she was stopped by one of the older students. They seemed suspicious of her and honestly she couldn’t blame him. She did just stormed out of the school without any warning. “ I’m looking for the culprit. He probably escaped through the city!” She couldn't just hideout at the school and do nothing. The Villain might attack again leaving more people injured. Kokoro couldn’t allow that. Besides...it was her fault for trusting him in the first place. When she first noticed him, she should’ve warned a teacher about him and then none of this would’ve happened. “ It’s my fault for trusting him...so I have to make it up to everybody somehow.” Even if she had to risk her life, she will make things right. Taking a deep breath in, she smiled at the older student. “ I’m Kokoro Kobayashi and my Quirk is Joy. I may be weak but I’ll protect the ones that I love with all my might!” Kokoro had a feeling that he wouldn’t just let her go that easily. There's a good chance that he’ll accuse her of being the Villain and try to turn her in. If that happens she hoped that her friends will come to her defense.

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