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Ask to Join Fire Emblem: The War of Peace vs Glory, Hoshido vs Nohr

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Fraseandchico, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. Soreo And Azura Walked Over, And Said
    "Hey Guys!"
  2. Takumi turned his attention to Azura letting done his bow he started to shuffle a little and said,"I still don't trust you, Nohrian."

    Hinata let sone his defenses and waved. He responded witg a swift,"Hey"

    Sazi turned his attention from Oboro and just said,"Hello."

    Oboro waved and exclaimed,"Hiiiiii."
  3. Azura Smiled
    "You Still Don't Trust Me, Takumi? Well, You Have Every Right, I Was Born A Nohrain, After all."
    "But You Aren't Like Them, Milady." Soreo Said, A Bit Annoyed At Takumi for Still Not Trusting Azura, Plus, Azura was The Only Other person Who Knew That Soreo was The Last Living Royal Of Izumo, So She Treated him Like An Equal.
  4. Oboro and Sazi went back to training in attempt to ignore Takumi. Oboro tried to stab Sazi, this time quicker. Sazi leapt up to dodge the naginata. Oboro swung up and hit Sazi. Sazi fell to the ground and exclained with joy,"There, that's it!" Oboro smiled and Sazi blushed

    Takumi looked at Azura and said,"I'll trust you when you do something for me to trust you, so far your just another Nohrian to me."
  5. "C'mon Lord! She might be a Nohrian, but she's yet to harm you, or any Hoshidans!" Eyouko exclaimed. He had climbed an Archer Tower and was shooting arrows at Hana and Subaki.
  6. "But still, she could be a Nohrian spy!" Takumi was starting to geta bit angry now.
    Hinata, Oboro and Sazi tried to calm him down.
  7. Soreo Scowled, he Didn't Understand Why Takumi Did not trust Azura, Azura just Ignored It Though, Soreo Decided To Train With Eyouko, Hana, And Subaki, This was Obviously Because he liked Hana.
  8. Hinata joined Subaki, Hana, and Soreo in training.

    Oboro and Sazi continued training one-on-one. Sazi couldn't stop blushing. Oboro finally noticed and asked,"Why are you so red?"
    Sazi responded by saying,"Oh, it's nothing."

    Takumi practiced his marksmanship. He finall decided to say something about his plan,"Hey, do any of you want to join my Retainers and I in our plan to attack Nohr?"
  9. Soreo Jumped A Little When He Heard Takumi say That, While he Didn't Exactly Like Takumi, He Always Wanted to Beat The Nohrains, he And Azura Both Said, Azura Being A Bit Excited


    Pepy Was Moping, Due To the last battle, She And Daniel Were Put On Guard Duty, At The Bottomless Cavern
    "Ugh, This Wouldn't Have Happened If It weren't For The Hoshiden General Learning A new Skill!"
  10. "Alright, we need all the help we can get," Takumi exclaimed. He sheathed his Fujin Yumi.
    Sazi and Oboro stopped their training and walked to Takumi
    Hinata followed and said," When are we going?"

    Daniel looked at Pepy and sighed," It was in-human, it seems it countered my tome." Daniel had recoeved a new horse and was riding if now."Where is Prince Leo, we need him here."
  11. Soreo And Azura Walked Over, Soreo Sheathed the Levin Sword, While Azura Was Talking To Hana, Soreo Said
    "Prince Takumi, I Recommend We Leave Soon." Azura Replied
    "I Agree."
  12. "I'll come. I'm handy with a bow and a katana." Eyuouko said. He jumped off the tower. It wasn't to high. "This'll be child's play!" He exclaimed. He drew his katana. He smiled. Sakura got up and ran over to Takumi. "I'll come, too!"
  13. "Then I guess we should head of," Takumi exclaimed. He keft the training grounds with his retainers and prerpared his Caravan.

    Oboro, Sazi, and Hinata prerpared for per ations.They packed food, armor, weapons, clothing, and water.
  14. Eyouko packed as much as he could. He helped Sakura pack. He handed Sakura a Brass Yumi. "If you wanna come to Nohr, you gotta know how to use a weapon. Let's use a bow, shall we?" Eyouko said. He handed Sakura a Master seal. "This'll boost your confidence. And help you grow!" Sakura nodded. Until they had to go, they practiced using the Yumi.
  15. The carvan was ready, so Takumi and his retainers got in. Takumi gestured for the others to come. Takumi sat down by the map and plotted their course.

    Daniel sat on his horse and said,"There's not to do here, ehy can't Hoshido attack."
  16. Soreo Got in The Caravan, Knowing this Mission Could Decide The Fate Of the World, Azura Sat down on a seat next to Soreo, She And Soreo had Packed A Lot Of Things, Ranging From Provisions to Extra Materials, Soreo had learnt Why Azura Came, She Wanted To Learn More About A Set Of Sacred Weapons.
  17. "Let's go," Takumi exclaimed to the caravan driver. He sat back in his seat and pointed yo a Hoshidan fort near the bottomless canyon. "It should only take few hours to get here, but then our next move is to attack a hroup of Nohrians here."

    Sazi sat next Oboro, he gave her tips on how to fight mounted nohrians.

    Hinata looked out the open windowsill and just wondered what was going to happen next.
  18. Eyouko arrived just in time with Sakura. She had masterd the Yumi. She was now a Preistess. The duo got in the Carvan. "Sorry we're late. We were practicing and we lost track of time." Eyouko explained. Sakura had her bow in her hand. She liked the look of it.
  19. (Note: I'll Also use Camila)
    Meanwhile Pepy Jinxed Herself, She Thought Nothing Interesting Would Happen, After A While, Though, She Saw Takumi's Caravan, And Gasped, Shouting To The Other Nohrains
    "Hoshidens Incoming! Looks like Their Prince Takumi As Well!" She Muttered "where is Princess Camila When You Need her?" Suddenly, She heard A Wyvern And A Horse, Camila and Leo were There, Camila Said
    "Hello Darlings, Need Any help?"
  20. Daniel saw thecaravan and fired his tome at it.
    The caravam rolled out of the way and crashed int a tree.
    Takumi lept out and drew his Fujin Yumi. He aimed it at Camilla's wyvern.
    Sazi and Oboro left the carvan with their weapons drawn.
  21. Eyouko hopped on the top of the Carvan. He charged his bow. He shot Daniel in the arm. He chuckled. He smirked. he wanted to insult to injury.
  22. Soreo And Azura Leapt Out Of the Caravan, Soreo Drew The Levin Sword, Before Seeing Pepy And Camila, And Stared, saying
    "They Also have Two royals."
    "We have 4." She Spotted A Dragon Vein, Soreo Noticed It As Well, And went To it, Muttering
    "Let's Try This!" He Glowed With The power of the Dragon vein, And It Summoned a Skeletal warrior To Fight, Meanwhile Camila Flew Quickly Over To Takumi, Pepy Right Behind Her, Camila Said
    "Oh Don't You Dare try To Shoot My Wyvern! Taste My Royal Strength!" She slashed With Her Axe
  23. Takumi lept out of the way and nocked an arrow in his Fujin Yumi.

    Hinata leapt frim the wreckage in to protect Takumi from Camila. He was already weak from the crash, so the axe pounded through his armor. Hinata fell to the ground weakliy.

    Daniel drew his steel sword and blocked the arrow. "I'll have you know that Nohr does nit like loosing in battle."

    Sazi and Oboro rushed to Takumi's side, ready for battle.
  24. the Skeletal Warrior That Was Summoned Charged At Daniel, While Azura And her retainer took The Chance To Help Takumi, Soreo said
    "huh, Nohrain Royalty, Eh? Well, Taste this!" He Unleashed a Bit of Thunder, Which Camila barely Dodged, and she Said
    "dearie, You Really Need To work On Your Aim." meanwhile Azura Sung To Hinata, To Get Him Back In The Fight
    "sing with Me A song, Prosper and Light, You will Fight..." While Soreo Stopped Camila and Pepy's Attacks against Azura, saying
    "TASTE THE STRENGH OF THE FALLEN!" Camila Fired A Flame At Soreo, Who Retaliated with Some Electricity.
  25. Takumi fired the Fujin Yumi at Camila's wyvern.
    Sazi lept onto wyvern and put a shuriken yo Camila's throat.
    Daniel fired his Tome at the Skeletal Warrior. He charged in with Sword drwan and slashed at the warrior's leg.

    Oboro stabbed at Daniel as he ran by. The attack knocked him of his horse, but left him relatively uninjured

    Hinata looked at Azura as she sung to him. He softly said," I don't think it will help, I'm already gone." Hinat stared blankly into the sky as he lost all life.
  26. Soreo Turned Around And Saw Hinata, Dying, He Felt A Surge Of Power Coming From Anger, He jumped Up Onto Camila's wyvern As She Knocked Sazi Off, As the wyvern Dodged The Arrow, And Soreo Slashed, Breaking Camila's Axe, She Kicked Soreo off, Screaming
    "You Brat!"
    Azura was Crying, She Had Tried, and Failed To Save Hinata, She Threw Her Naginata at Daniel.
  27. Daniel was skimmed by the naginata, causing a small wound on his shoulder. He laughed and fired his tome at Azura. He slilwy walked toward the water maiden and said,"Now, you see that Nohr is more powerful!"

    Oboro, with tears in her eyes charged at Daniel from behind.

    Sazi drew hus sword and stabbed into the wyvern as he fell off.
  28. Azura Got Lucky, Soreo Came In On Time To Block The Magic With The Levin Sword, he Said
    "And I have The Levin Sword." he Smirked "Now, Pay For Your Crimes." He Said Knowing That Oboro was About to Attack.
    as Camila fell, Pepy Caught Her, But Not Before Firing 10 Arrows At Sazi and Takumi.
  29. Oboro stepped on a twig. Daniel turned and saw her he fired a his tome at the ground under her. Oboro leapt out of the way. Daniel turned and looked at Soreo. HE pointed his sword at Soreo and said," It seems we meet again."

    Takumi dodged most of the arrows, but one lodged itself In his arm. Sazi dodged them and started to climb up Camilla's wyvern.

    Takumi fired there arrows at Pepy and Camilla. Takumi cursed under his breathe and pulled the arrow out o0f his arm.
  30. Sakura ran over to Hinata. She used one of her Sun Festivals. she hoped she could still save Hinata. Eyouko drew a katana. He raced to Daniel. He sliced him with his Katana. He was mad. he saw what happened with Hinata.
  31. Soreo Gestured To Eyouko to stand down, he said
    "this time, no tricks, no help, let's do this!" He jumped And slashed at Daniel, while Azura used her water pendant to hold off Pepy's Arrows, making her mad
    "aghhhhhhhhh! STOP IT NOW!!" She fired Dark Arrow, Which Broke through the water, and Azura barely dodged it, Camila Called For Leo's help.
  32. Daniel struck Soreo's blade and held it against the blade.
    Sazi threw two shuriken at Camilla and stabbed at her with another.
    Oboro stood and brushed of her armor. She picked up her naginata and ran to Takumi.
    Takumi fired the fujin yumi at Pepy.
  33. Soreo Held His Blade Against Daniel's For A Bit, before Jumping Back And Firing Lightning at the Man, Then Slashing with Incredible Speed, Pepy Dodged The Arrows, And Rode Quickly to Azura, Before Saying
    "try ANYTHING! Except Surrender, And She Gets Decapitated." To Which Azura Said
    "Don't Listen To Her! just Attack!" Meanwhile Camila retreated Into The Bottomless Cavern, To Meet With Leo.
  34. Sazi leapt of the wyvern and grabed onto the cliff edge. He pulled himself up and stealthy tried to get to Pepy.

    Daniel ducked under the lightning, and fired his own back. He parried the slash and tried to stab at Soreo
  35. Soreo Ducked Under The Lightning Bolt, Then Knocked The Sword Out Of Daniel's Hand, And Held the Levin Sword At Daniel's Throat, Saying
    "I Should Just Kill You, You Know That?" Azura Used her Magic Pendant to Block Pepy's Way.
  36. Daniel kicked Soreo's legs out from under him. He pressed his hand to Soreo's throat. He he let go and pressed his foot to Soreo's throat. He then said," My how the tides have turned." He held his tome up and electricity crackled between his fingers.
  37. Soreo Swept Daniel and Punched Him In The Gut, Then Took the Tome, He opened It, and Said
    "Let's Try This!" And He Unleashed A Thoron, Before Throwing Away The Tome And Slashing Again.
  38. Daniel ducked under the Thoron and tackled Soreo to the edge of the bottomless canyon. He held his hand to Soreo's throat and said,"Afraid of heights? It won'f matter when your falling."

    Nohrian reinforcements arrived at the bottomless canyon. Daniel looked up and said," looks like your friends will be dead too." Daniel punched at him. Daniel made sure Soreo swords were nowhere nearby.
  39. Soreo Looked To where Everyone Else Was, He Got An Idea, A Bad One, But He Had To try
    "You Know What, Just Take me, As Long As You don't Hurt My Friends, I'll Be Your Prisoner, Also, Just saying, Azura, She Is Partially Nohrain."
  40. "I like that idea, but how 'bout, I kill you, and we inprison your friends, I hope you aren't afraid of heights," Daniel attempted to push Soreo into the bottomless canyon.

    Sazi watched as nohrians crowded him. A mercenary tried to handcuff him, but Sazi stabbed him through the chest. He through a volley of shuriken at his foes, only to evetually fail and be captured.

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