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Ask to Join Fire Emblem: The War of Peace vs Glory, Hoshido vs Nohr

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Fraseandchico, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. Soreo Stood, he felt his power rising, and he pulled out the Levin Sword, the Arrows gave him time to charge, And then he shouted as he fired 15 bolts of lightning

    Pepy pushed Silver out of the way of the Shurikens, and then Fired at Takumi, which broke through his arrow, Meanwhile silver Went to kick Sazi.
  2. Kathie used her bow for the rest of the fight.She looked over at Soreo and gave him a your crazy look.
  3. Sazi grabbed the kick and stabbed silver in the leg. He exclaimed,"You really need to work on your strategies."

    Daniel fired his Tome and the clearly power-hungry Soreo. He leapt back onto his horse and circled Soreo.

    Takumi fired three more artows and ducked under Pepy's shot. He scoffed and said,"You Nohrians are too prideful."
  4. Jensen drew her bow again and fired one quick arrow with poison powder on it at Daniels horses, hoping to kill
  5. Soreo avoided the lightning, and Put Away The Levin sword, he pulled out the Iron Sword, and Saw The Arrow hit the Horse, he smiled
    "well...Looks Like your horse is having some problems." He Jumped up and shoved Daniel off his Horse, he then Slashed.

    Pepy Dodged 2 of the arrows, And Blocked the third one, she turned to see Sazi Going to stab her horse's leg, She rushed over and blocked, before jumping on Silver, and Riding a Bit Away, She then went To Help Daniel.
  6. Daniel blocked the attack and also slashed. He looked at his dieing hoese and looked at Jansen and cursed," You won't get away with this!"

    Takumi looked as Pepy ran away,"I guess Nohr is just afraid of us!"

    Sazi coughed up blood and ran towards the Hoshidan archer tower and climbed to the top.
    Takumi followed his retainer up the tower.
  7. "Awww yeah I will" she shouted with a smile firing another volley at Daniel to just make certain he's dead she smiled at the retreating nohr
  8. Soreo Took His Chance and attacked, Sadly, Pepy Came In on Time to block the attack
    "Oh No You Don't, Hoshiden." She Said, Soreo Rolled his eyes
    "Another Nohrain? You have got to be kidding me. This is Unfair."
    "War Isn't fair, Dummy."
    "That...Was Uncalled for." He Slashed again, This time knocking Pepy off Silver.
  9. Eyouko ran through the field. He saw Daniel's dying horse. He sliced it's back two legs off. "Hah! Loser!" Eyouko shouted as he sprinted off. He climbed the archer tower and got out his bow. He aimed it at Daniel.
  10. To dodge the arrow volley, Daniel tackled Soreo as he attacked Pepy. He opened his tome and electricity in his fingers as he threatened Soreo,"Now, Foolish Hoshidan, You will surrender and tell your useless friends to give up, or else."
  11. Soreo stood up again, this time weakened, he said
    "Never. I W i l l N e v e r g i v e u p. This Isn't Just For Hoshido, is it? After All, You Nohrains Destroyed places such as My Home, Izumo, and other places, I Will Have My Revenge." His Eyes, instead of purple, were a Fiery red for a second, He Sliced With all his might, Pepy tried to block, But her sword Broke and she Got a large scar on her forehead as she jumped out of the way.
  12. Daniel smiled and said,"Well, I guess you get the pleasure of me killing you," He fired a shot from his electricity tome and Thunderburn took effect,(Ooc: Increased tome power, plus extra damage)
  13. "Argh!" Soreo screamed as He Got hit by Lightning, He Stood up Again, and focused, He Saw pictures of his now dead family in his mind, this gave him power he Shouted At The Top Of his Lungs "ULTRA ASTRA!" As Giant meteors Infused with Electricity came down, as Pepy Lay On The Ground Unconscious

    (OOC: This is kinda How you obtain new abilities.)
  14. "This is.. in-human," Daniel said as he ran away. He had never been more horrified in his live. He jumped on another Nohrians horse and retreated.

    Takumi fired at Nohrians as he waited for Sakura on the tower.
  15. After The Skill was used, Pepy got away on Silver, while Soreo Stood
    "W-We Did it." he said, But Then He Fell over, Unconscious.
  16. "I think we won!" Sazi shouted as he lept of the archer tower."This was just a small skirmish though, so we shouldn't be too excited."

    Takumi celebrated as he sheathed his bow.
    He looked at the sun start to set and said,"Shouldn't Sakura be here soon?"
  17. ((OOC: I'll take Sakura for just this post.))
    Eyouko noticed a Hoshidan soldier fall. He jumped off the tower and raced over to him. "Dude. Wake up! We can't lose another soldier, even if the Nohrians are retreating!" He said.

    Princess Sakura emerged from the Tower. "I'm here!" She said. "Am I late?" She asked, seeing a lack of Nohrian Soldiers.
  18. As Soreo lay on the Ground Knocked out, and still breathing, He Saw Thoughts and heard them as well, He Saw his life as a kid, Born Into the Royalty of Izumo, Seeing his mother and father die, and Izumo Burning as he Evacuated every Citizen and Army man or woman, he saw his journey to Hoshido with all those people, the last one he saw before dreaming was of Everyone he cared about.
  19. Sazi walked to Takumi's caravan and entered the driver's seat and reighned the horses.

    Takumi entered the carvan and the carvan started of to Hoshido. Takumi rested in the seat of the caravan and drifted to sleep.
  20. Sakura looked around the battle field. "I think we won!" she exclaimed. Eyouko walked up to her. "We did Lady Sakura. Those Nohrians scattered like Bunnies. Terrified." He said Smiling. "That's great!" Sakura replied.
  21. Soreo Had nightmares. He Hated Nightmares. He Would Never Explain them, However. He Finally Got Up in The real World.
    "Ugh, huh, Hi, Princess Sakura." He Looked at Eyouko "What happened?"
  22. "Oh, you did a crazy strong move. you fell unconious." Eyouko replied. "Let me guess, Nightmares? Let me help you up." Eyouko helped lift Soreo.
  23. "yep. Remind me Never To try that Again." Soreo Said "let's go Back To Hoshido. We Need to Rest, I reckon."
  24. Jensen and zen left the battle with a smile Jensen made it to eyeokuo "you seem to be better" she said smiling "told ya you wouldn't die"
  25. Eyouko looked to Jensen. "Eh, when have i ever been close to dying?" He said. "What? You almost died? Are you still hurt? I can heal you!" Sakura said. she wanted to make sure Eyouko was okay. After all, he's been protecting her since she was young. Childhood friends, you could say. "Nah, i'm fine milady." Eyouko said, bowing.
  26. At The Castle Of The Hoshiden Capital...

    Soreo Was Already Feeling better, So He was Completely Up To Reporting to The Queen Of Hoshido(Mikoto Is Still Alive In This) And Possibly telling her What He Pulled Off, he Said To What Was left of his Army
    "Guys. Come on! We Need to report the Battle To The Queen!"
  27. "Got it!" Eyouko said. "C'mon milady!! Faster!" Sakura ran as fast as she could. "Hah, C'mon! I'll go slower if you want." Eyouko said. "I would like that!" Sakura said. She smiled.
  28. "Heh, I Guess I should Go Slow As Well, Shouldn't I?" He Started To Slow down, Smiling, He Thought "They Do not Know Your past, They Do Not Know you are royal." he then Thought "Shut Up, Me."
  29. Later at the queen's throne...

    "Milady, we are back from the battle." Eyouko said, bowing. "Soreo will explain the rest." He got up and stepped back. He smiled.
  30. Soreo bowed
    "Queen Mikoto, The Battle Has Been Won. But I Have To explain some, Unusual things that Happened." He Pulled out a Bit of paper to write his report on "The Battle Started as they Normally do, but then Their 2 Generals came Along, Luckily, Prince Takumi came along, I actually Got into a pretty bad Situation, but I got help, and I, uh, may have Found a New Skill, with it, The Nohrains Retreated."
  31. "Yeah! Those nohrians scattered like wimps!" Eyouko said pumping his fist. Sakura smiled. She loved the energy of Eyouko. It always kept her motivated. "But he did fall unconsious after using it." Eyouko said.
  32. Soreo wrote everything down. He Stood Up, and Told The Queen
    "Excuse me, Queen Mikoto, I Should Go And put these In the Archives now, then I Should Get Back to Defending Azura." He Walked To The Archives on the bottom floor of the castle, muttering "200th attack now. why can they not give up?"
  33. "Thank you for reporting, Soreo, please, do take record of this battle, altough it be a mearly small skirmish. I don't want to loose any of our history," Queen Mikoto exvlaimed with a smile. She stood next to the White Throne and held her ands tigether reverently.

    Takumi and Sazi returned to Takumi's wing of the castle. Sazi walked to his small, but decent living quarters and wrote in his journal
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  34. (OOC: I'll Be In Control of Azura.)
    Soreo Always Had To Do This Job, Putting Reports in The Archives, Then He Went To Azura's Room, and Said
    "I Am Back, Milady." To That Azura Looked Up, She Smiled, and Said
    "I never Doubted that you would come back."
    "Thanks, Azura. Although, You might Want To Know Something, I May have, Uh, Discovered A New Skill. I Think I Remember Shouting Ultra Astra."
    "Hmmm, That is Very New, I Wonder..."
    "What Is It, Milady?"
    "Oh Nothing."
  35. Takumu called his Retainers to a small planning room with a map of Nohr and Hoshido.
    He pointed to a small Hoshidan outpost near the Bottomless Canyon. He looked at Sazi and the other Retainers as they entered and said,"This is our next move,we need to stop having mindless battles on the border, We'll take a route to get to this base, and we'll start our siege on Nohr."
  36. ((OOC: And i'll take Hana/Subaki))
    "Sakura. would you like to watch Hana, Subaki, and My training?" Eyouko asked Sakura. "I would love to!" Sakura squealed. They walked to the training area. Hana and Subaki were already there. "Sorry for the wait guys. had to report the battle!" Eyouko exclaimed, drawing his katana. Sakura sat down.
  37. (Ooc: I guess I'll take Oboro and Hinata)
    Hinata, Oboro and Sazi just laughed.

    Takumi glared at his retainers and scoffed,"I wasn't trying to be funny."

    The Retainer instantly straightened posture and saluted. Sazi stepped foward and asked,"You expect just us four to do this?"

    "Ofcourse not, I want all of you to go to the training hrounds and spread the word." Takumi explained as he walked towards the door of the room.

    Sazi and the others followed. The group found themselves in the training grounds. They stopped when they saw Sakura and her retainers. Takumi sighed and asked," Can we train with you Sakura?"
  38. "Sure! But it's my retainers doing the training." Sakura explained. Eyouko waved. "Hi Prince Takumi!" He exclaimed. Hana took the opportunnity. she lunged at Eyouko. Eyouko quickly turned around and blocked the attack. "Really Hana? You know NOTHING can distract me from a battle! Plus, i can see out of the corner of my eye!" He exclaimed. Hana chuckled. "Yeah, guess you don't get distracted." She remarked.
  39. Soreo And Azura Went Onto The Training Grounds, And Soreo Led Azura to A Small Extra Training room, Meant For Practising Skills, Soreo Said
    "Milady, I Will Show You What I Pulled Off." Azura Responded By Saying
    "Alright, Soreo."
    "Here We Go, Ultra Astra!" This Time One Meteor Came, Infused With Electricity, After An Explosion, The Room He Was Standing In Was Ruined, He Said "That Was Way More Powerful Than Last time, I Reckon."
    "Hmm, That Was...Quite Cool, Actually."
    "Heh, Thanks, Milady."
  40. "Alright,then," Takumi responded. He drew his bow and aimed it at Hinata.

    Hinata put up his katana in defense. He let out a small yelp from behind his sword.

    Oboro saw a weakpoint and charged a Takumi with her naginata. Seh ran towards the prince and shouted,"This should be it!"

    Sazi watched from a distance and lept in to block Oboro. He drew his katana as he landed and parried the stab from Oboro. Oboro attempted to move the blade into Sazi. Sazi pulled out a shuriken and traped the blade of the spear like weapon. He was only inches away from Oboro, so he blushed. Sazi let the pressure of his blades and said,"To beat a Ninja, you have to quick, and powerful."

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