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Ask to Join Fire Emblem: The War of Peace vs Glory, Hoshido vs Nohr

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Fraseandchico, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. "Woah! Alright, I'll Tell You Something, I'm The Last Royal Of Izumo, And Many People In Hoshido Came From Izumo, Just Don't Hurt My Friends." he Said, Just Avoiding The Fall.
  2. Eyouko tried to fend off other Nohrians. Sakura was behind him. There were too many though. They took Sakura. "SAKURA!" Eyouko shouted. The Nohrians grabbed Eyouko. "Let go of us, Nohrian scum!" He shouted. He didn't hear Soreo's remark about him being a Royal.
  3. "I'm not accontable for what Garon does to them, just fall! Dang it! Then I can work my strings to get them saved." Daniel shouted. He tried harder to through Soreo into the canyon.

    Oboro killed a caviler and tried to escape with minimal fighting, but was overcome when she backed into a group.

    Takumi killed about five nohrians before he was noticed. He was handcuffed but still managed to kick a nohrian into the bottomless canyon. A sorcerer cast a sleep spell on him and he went out cold.
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  4. Soreo Nearly Fell, He Grabbed Daniel's Leg, and Pulled, causing him to Fall A Small Bit, Soreo Got Up, And Said
    "Nevermind." he Ran To the others, and Saw Them, He Picked Up The Levin Sword, And Attempted To fight Back, and Killed about Ten Nohrains Before Getting Captured.
  5. Daniel grabbed the canyon's edge before he could fall down. He hoisted himself up and looked at all of the Hoshidans get captured. He stood up and gathered his weapons and stole a horse from another dark knight and rode it towards Nohr.
  6. As Soreo Was Dragged Along, he Noticed That while some of His Friends Were Being Brought To Nohr, He, Sakura, Takumi, Azura, Eyouko, Sazi, Oboro, Hana, And Subaki were Being Brought To The Edge Of The Cliff, He Muttered
    "Why? Just Why?"
  7. Daniel stayed to watch the execution. He walked apon his horse behind Soreo. He looked at the Hoshidan and said," I would have let them of easy, had you let me kill you myself." Daniel jumped of his horse. He walked up to Soreo and said to the executioners," Do it."
  8. Eyouko scoffed. "Yeah, you kidnapped us, but you're still WEAK." He said. "A true warrior fights to the death. They don't get someone else to do it. Plus all of your cheap tactics. Pah! Weakling, that's what you are! Weaklings!" Eyoukou shouted. He chuckled.
  9. "Ya' know we have a far worse form of exacution, if your willing." Daniel said, not at all fased by Eyouko. He drew his sword and walked to Eyouko. He smiled and waited for the exacution to happen.
  10. Soreo Gulped, He Knew That Eyouko Was Saying The Truth, But He Knew That It Just Led Them into More Trouble, But Soreo And Azura Felt A Dragon Vein, One That Could Definitely Help, Plus Eyouko's remark Distracted the Executioners for A Few Secs, He Whispered To The Man
    "Keep With The Remarks, There is A Dragon Vein Near."
  11. Eyouko nodded towards Daniel. "Bring it on! I could beat you; tied up or not! Because you're a Nohrian! You shroud yourselves in darkness to protect yourself! Your only adjcetive is WEAK!" he shouted. He had a smile on his face. Who cares if he died? This was helping his friends. He would sacrifice himself for his friends.
  12. The Remarks Gave Soreo A Lot Of Time, he Fell Onto The Dragon Vein, An Ability that only Royals Could Do, it Broke His Ropes, and His friend's, and made Rocks Fly At The Executioners and Daniel, He Landed, And Picked Up The Levin Sword, Azura Said
    "Brilliant work, Soreo!"
  13. Daniel moved Eyouko to a seven foot metal slab kept on Nohrian caravans. He laye Eyouko out on the table and tied him up more. He searched through the caravan for Iron bucket and a cage full of rats. Daniel placed the rats in the bucket. He set the bucket on Eyouko's chest. He opened his tome and cast a fire spell on the bucket with the rats in it. The rats began to ran around in the buckef as it heated up. Daniel scoffed," This method is saved for people who disrespect nohrian genarls and hierarchy."
  14. "Mmm, feels good! Thanks for the treatmeant, old man!" Eyouko exclaimed. One of the Nohrians had let Hana go. They had tied Subaki's pegasus up; Hana ran over to it. It chomped off the Handcuffs. She raced to Eyouko. She knocked the bucket of rats off. She flicked the rats off. Then she cut the rope. Eyouko jumped up. "Welp, i have to go. See ya later, old man!" He said. Hana and Eyouko jumped off. They ran.
  15. Sazi escaped from his binds and released Oboro and Takumi. The three escaped following Sakura and her retainers.

    Daniel hopped back onto his horse and started to pursue the Hoshidans with several other Nohrians.
  16. Soreo And Azura Chased Daniel, And Caught Up, Soreo Said
    "not So Fast! Taste Out Strength!" He Shouted As He And Azura Activated A Dragon Vein, summoning Boulders To Block Daniel's Horse, Soreo And Azura Quickly Went Around The Large Rocks, And Ran To Their Friends, Saying
  17. Eyouko looked back. "THIS ISN'T THE TIME TO GO SLOW!" He yelled. "HURRY UP!" Eyouko felt rumbling. Some rocks were still falling. Eyouko stopped and looked up. A boulder was falling. Right on top of Eyouko.
  18. "Where are we going!" Takumi shouted as he ran. Sazi and Oboro followed him. The had trouble scaling the rocky terrain of the Bottomless canyon, but somehow the managed.

    Oboro tripped along the way up the mountain. Sazi gestured for Takumi to go as he retraced his steps back to Oboro. He helped her up and started to carry her up back in the direction of Takumi.
  19. Soreo Sped Up, He Saw The Boulder, And Pushed Eyouko Out Of The Way, he then Shot A Bolt of Lightning at The Boulder, destroying it, While Azura Also Sped Up after Picking Up Hinata's Dead Body, She Had Said
    "We Need To At Least Give Him A Proper Funeral!" They All Just Got To The Exit. Puffing and Huffing.
  20. "I won't be able to run that fast ever again..." Eyouko muttered. He fainted of exahstion. "Eyouko!" Sakura exclaimed. She used her staff on him. He was still breathing. But he wouldn't wake up.
  21. "Three people were slowed," Takumi muttered as he went down to help the others.
    Sazi carried Oboro to the others and Takumi quickly followed. Takumi and Sazi stopped to catch their breath.
    Sazi set Oboro down on a rock. "Owww, i think I sprained my ankle!" She exclaimed as Sazi set her down.
  22. Azura Set Down Hinata, She Couldn't Help But Cry A Little, Soreo Lifted up Eyouko and told Princess Sakura
    "Milady, I Will Carry Eyouko For Now."
  23. "Okay. Thank you, Soreo." Sakura said. She smiled. She was breathing heavily. So were Hana and Subaki's horse. They weren't used to going so fast.
  24. Takumi rejoined the others and sat down. He started to move some rocks. Looking at the ground, he said,"So, what's our plan."

    Sazi tried to treat Oboro's leg as best he could, but he was ineffective. He sat on the ground next to Oboro.
  25. Soreo Didn't Smile, or Reply, He Had No Clue What He Was Supposed To Do, He Had A Thought.
    "Uh, Guys, what I Said About Me Being Izumo's last Royal, Its True." Azura Said
    "Yes, He Told Me Before."
  26. "You are?" Sakura asked. "That's cool," Sakura held her staff. "So, is anyone hurt? I can heal you!" Sakura announced. She had a smile on her face. A gentle smile.
  27. Alex Just Got off the Ship to Join Hoshido, Putting his Tomes And Books In Separate Places, And his Sword in his hilt, And Went Inside the town, But first Looked around To see whats new, Bought some Books, Some new Tomes like Arcfire, Mire, And Arcwind, Then Decided to Walk Into the Whatever you call it to Join up, "Hey! Is this where you sign Up!" He yelled.
  28. Soreo Smiled As Sakura Asked If Anyone needed healing, And Said
    "Well, I Think Oboro needs healed." he Sharpened The Levin Sword, Muttering "But We Still Lost Hinata, It Should Have Been Me, It Should Have Been My fate."
  29. "It shouldn't have been anyone!" Sakura exclaimed. She healed Orboro. "Those Nohrians were being selfish," Sakura explained. She looked down. She had tears in her eyes.
  30. Alex--Realising No one was their, Just waited, Reading Some books, Or slashing the Dummy With his Sword, Or Using his Magic on it, But Mostly Reading.
  31. "Are You Kidding, Sakura, I, I learnt That I was supposed To Die From An Axe at A Young Age, I Mean I Learnt it when I was Young, Now Look What happened To Hinata." He Shook His Head "Maybe I'm Just Cursed."
  32. "Thank you, Princess Sakura." Oboro exclaimed as she bowed. She grabbed her naginata and attached it to her back.

    Sazi played with one of his shuriken as the other members of his party moened over Hinata.

    "We lost someone close to my heart today, but let's not let Hinata's sacrifice be in vain." Takumi reminisced as he shwathed the Fujin Yumi.
  33. "So, Soreo. You're a Izumo royal? That's interesting!" Sakura exclaimed. She smiled a great smile. "An Axe... Then I'll protect you around axe-wielding Nohrians!" Sakura smiled. She had a determined expression on her face.
  34. "Your royalty? I don't believe you," Sazi stated as he drew his steel katana,"Prove it, use dragon vein so defeat me in combat."

    Takumi shruged and said,"I may not trust Azura, but it is a believable story."
  35. Soreo Smiled again, But Then He Frowned, and Said
    "yep, I'm The Only Royal Left from Izumo, But Sakura, trying to Fight fate, It Just Makes It worse, I can tell You That For Sure, My Dad Tried." Soreo Stood Up, He Moved His Foot To the Left, And Said To Sazi "Alright, If You Insist. DRAGON VEIN!" He Glowed, And Sazi's Katana Flew Onto The Ground. Soreo Walked Up To him, and Punched Him in The Chest Playfully, he Said "Now Do You Believe Me?"
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  36. "Maybe," Sazi shrugged," That could just be wind magic." Sazi sheathed his sword. He was still sceptical,but, he wouldn't bother Soreo much more.
  37. "Oh, Come on Sazi, Do I Look Like I could Use Wind Magic?" Soreo Smirked Again, And Put Away the Levin Sword "Lets Head Back, Queen Mikoto Might Wanna Hear This." Azura agreed.
  38. Jasmine continued to walk with her mace in her hand ready to swing at and movement towards her. She stopped as she saw a light flash. She sprinted over and hid from sight as she saw the two soldiers and a sword in the ground. Jasmine prepared her mace and mumbled a dark magic encantation. Her mace lit up with purple shadows.
  39. "Well, I guess we should return," Takumi stood up and brushed himself off. He started to walk towards the light of Hoshido.
    Sazi and Oboro got their things and prused the prince. Sazi looked at Oboro and tried not to look suspicious, but he did anyway. Sazi's face was red whenever he was with Oboro.
  40. Soreo Smiled, He Always Wondered How Oboro Didn't Realise that Sazi had A Crush On Her, He Said
    "Right, Let's Go." he Carried Eyeouko As He walked Towards The Kingdom

    "Ugh, We Lost Them." Pepy Said To Princess Camila, Due To Her Efforts, Pepy Had Become One Of Camila's Retainers, Camila Said
    "Don't Worry, Pepy, Remember, We Took One Down That Seemed Very Close to the Rest."
    "But, Milady, That Was just One, Mind If I Ask Daniel What happened During The Executions?"
    "Alright, Darling."
    "Thank You, Milady." She Rode On her Horse, And Eventually Found Daniel, She Said "DANIEL! WHAT HAPPENED DURING THE EXECUTIONS!?"

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