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Ask to Join Fire Emblem: The War of Peace vs Glory, Hoshido vs Nohr

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Fraseandchico, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. (Discussion Thread Here If You're Interested!

    Soreo Walked Onto The Hoshido Fields, Where Nohrain Troops Were Getting Ready To Invade, He Sighed.
    "Well. Looks Like We Have A battle On Our hands. Worst Part, Princess Sakura Is Going on A Walk Here In About Two Hours, ARMY 5! WE HAVE A BATTLE TO WIN!" And Some Troops Of Hoshido Walked onto The Field, Weapons Ready "This Fight, We Shall Win, FOR THE PEACE OF HOSHIDO!"
    "HOSHIDO!" And They Marched On To The Battleground.
  2. Sazi ran towards the field of battle with an aray of shuriken in his hand. 'We must keep them out of our homeland! This Is for Lady Mikoto! I stand with Hoshido till the end!"

    Sazi marched toward the battle and looked at the postiton of the sun to tell the time," Price Takumi should be hear any minute," He muttered as he marched.
  3. Eyouko stood on a tower. He pulled out his bow and aimed at a Nohrian. He shot his bow, killing the Nohrian on sight. "Nice." Eyouko whispered. He saw Sazi race on the field. "Hope he doesn't die." Eyouko said as he shot a Nohrian in the chest. He looked around, hoping to find out who shot the arrow. He couldn't seem to find anyone.
  4. Jensin moved onto the tower next to eyouko "you see that nohrian off in the distance" she fire a arrow and the nohrian died before he knew what hit him


    Zen charged into battle and cut down a few foot soliders he blocked and arrow with her shield and killed another solider
  5. Sazi stayed relatively hidden. He was a Ninja after all. Sazi slit a nohrian's throat who was distracted. He hefted the body over his head and carried him into the shadows. Another Noharian saw him. Sazi quickly through 3 incredibly accurate shuriken into the Solider. He collapsed to the ground dead.
  6. "Rookie!" Eyouko whispered. He shot an arrow into the sky. It fell down and struck a Nohrian in the head. It was on a horse, and it fell off. For safe measures, he shot the horse too. It fell to the ground. "Bullseye." Eyouko Whispered. He smirked.
  7. "Hey you just need to kill the solider not the horse jeez" she said amazed shooting a arrow out of the sky then going back to killing soliders
  8. "Horses can kill too! Watch them run over you, and the blood'll spill. Plus, someone's horse who run's away can get a new one if you don't kill the horse!" Eyouko said, shooting someone without looking, killing him. Eyouko laughed. "Easy kill!" He whispered.
  9. "Yeah but realistically what are the chances" she said barely missing a horseman "come on" she fired another arrow and it landed in the guys head
  10. Soreo was Doing well, He May Have got surrounded 2 times, but to escape them, All He Had To Do Was Use Astra, afterwards, He Was Obliterating Nohrains With Astra's Meteors, and he was Slashing with high speed, He snuck a look to his left, and saw Sazi, he Smirked, Because he knew that meant that Prince Takumi would be here soon, he then saw the Fujin Yumi(YES THAT'S THE OFFICAL NAME!) and Its Master in The Distance, He Smirked again as He Used His Katana To Slice A Nohrain In Half By Pure Luck!
  11. Kathie stepped on the battlefield she was surrounded,but she escaped it.She stared to be successful on her fighting and she didn't care what the other people thought of her,she threw her sword in the air and caught it just for a trick.
  12. Zen was charging though the battle cutting down who ever got in his was blocked arrows and smiled as she did it fighting of multiple enemies at once
  13. Violet saw Zen but ignored her,she did a back flip in the air and stabbed her opponent."bullseye."She said said under her breath.
  14. Suddenly, A Grey Horse Cried At the mountains, its Rider, a Nohrain General, Rode Along, With Some reinforcements, her Name was Pepy Carlos, A Bow Knight, She Rode Into Battle Quickly, and shot most of the Hoshiden Soldiers, And Looked At Zen, She Pulled out an Arrow, and Shouted, With a Definitely Evil Voice
    "DARK ARROW!" She Shot An Arrow, and it turned black, covered in mist

    Soreo got up, he was tired, But Seeing most of his men dead Gave him Anger Which changed to energy, He Unleashed an Astra, Which The New Nohrain General just Dodged, and Pulled Out A Sword, they Then Clashed In The middle of a Bridge, At Equal levels, Meanwhile Most Soldiers on Both Sides were dead, except a few people, Particularly Zen, Kathie, Eyeouko, Sazi, Jensen, and for Nohr, Daniel.
  15. Kathie looked around and slashed a horse "Oops."She said,she looked st Zen once more,and got back to fighting.She killed three opponents in 10 seconds. "This is too easy."She muttered and stabbed another one.
  16. Zen had the black arrow in his chest plate and it was centre meters away from hitting her skin she grabbed the end of it and pulled it out "I knew this would come in handy" he said with a smirk
  17. Kathie dodged the attacks,she grabbed someone's sword and threw it.She then stabbed that person,she jumped in the air and attacked.But someone tried to dodge her....but it didn't happen,She slid underneath the the sword and attacked from the back.
  18. Eyouko Aimed. He was in focus. He was being ignorant and was aiming at a Hoshidan. "Aim, and, FIRE!" Eyouko shouted as he shot. Sazi. Sazi was the target.
  19. Sazi through a shuriken and split the arrow in half,"The hell!" He shouted. He took cover and disappeared. He wond up at the archer tower and started to climb it.

    Takumi leapt of his caravan when it reached the battle field. He drew his Fujin Yumi and fired at Noharina soilders who attampeted to attack him.

    Daniel enter the battle on his steed. He petted the horse and smiled," Time to spill Hoshidan blood."
  20. Kathie looked over at the others.She didn't want to stop now,she looked over at Zen.The next thing she new she had now been thrown to the ground.She quickly got up and dashed to Sazi.
  21. Takumi saw Sazi and shouted," Sazi@ I'm over here!" Takumi shot a Nohrian point blank with his bow and rushed to his retainer.
    Daniel rode his horse into battle shot electricty at Hoshidans. A samurai saw him an charged. Daniel drew his sword and engaged in combat eith the Samurai.
  22. Soreo Managed To Knock The Girl Off her Horse, Prompting her to leave
    "I'll Get You One Day!" She Had Shouted, he then saw a Samurai fighting against a Nohrain Soldier, He Jumped in, And Told The Samurai to Stand back, as he didn't want to lose anymore people, He Drew A Short Blade, With the Writing 'Levin' On It...
    "Face Me Alone, Evil Nohrain."
  23. Jensin saw the general off in the distance she nudged eyeouko "hey look at this" he drew back his bow and fire a rain of arrow covering the samira the Sauria saw the arrow took the chance and ran
  24. Pepy And Silver Dodged the Arrows, And Pepy Shot 30 arrows at the source, Shouting
    "I Will Strike You All Down! You Traitors To The Nohrain Kingdom!" And Rushed In Quickly with Her Blade, she Saw Takumi and his Retainer, She Charged Towards Them, and Said "Hoshiden Royal! You, As A Traitor To Nohr, You Must Die!" Her Face Was Now Visible To All, and Pointed Her Bow And Arrow at Takumi.
  25. Jensen saw the incoming arrows "holy mother duck get down" he shout to eyeokou pushing him out of the way then jumping to the floor as the arrow landed on the tower
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  26. Kathie looked at the arrow go into the tower.She then was surrounded,she looked around and soon she had killed all of the people who surrounded her,she now looked quiet nervous.
  27. As Eyouko fell to the ground, his arrows scattered. Most of them landed next to him. Two of them landed in his chest instead. "You... Idiot... Now i'm going to die. Damn." Eyouko said to Jensen. He struggled to keep his eyes open. One of the arrows had a powder on it. Anyone it hits would make them fall asleep.
  28. "Oh god oh god oh god I uh bandages" he pulled the arrows out and bandage him up "I I NEED HELP OVER HERE" Jensen shouted carrying eyeokuo away "your gonna make it trust me"
  29. Eyouko closed his eyes. He was accepting his fait. he was going to die. He was sleeping soundly. He couldn't hear or see anything going on.
  30. "Um medic medic! Do do you think he'll make it?!" Jensen asked frantically
    "Um yes see seeing how quickly you react and little no no blood lose I'd say more then likes he'll make it" the medic said trying to calm Jensen down
  31. Sazi rushed in front of Takumi and drew his sword. He smiled datkly and said,"I could kill you in eight different ways, so back away from Prince Takumi.,"

    Takumi pulled back the string on his Fujin Yumi and shouted,"You picked a fight with the wrong country! This mistake will be your last, Nohrian!"

    Daniel confroted the man in front of him. He stayed on his horse, but drew his tome,"Face me, foolish Hoshidan,"
  32. Zen looked up at Daniel "oky'dok" she said childishly swiftly moving in for a attack swiftly cutting at his arm and putting her blade to his neck "I could kill you but I won't as long as you request for a retreat" she said know she had him caught
  33. Pepy Stared At The Hoshidens, a Murderous look on her face, she drew her sword, and held it, facing towards Takumi and his retainer
    "Very well, Hoshidens, for opposing Greatness, you shall die!"

    Soreo held the levin sword, and took a large swing, But before slicing the nohrain, he punched him in the chest, then swung
  34. Eyouko was felling better. Better enough to hop off the tower. He drew his sword. "Arrows can't kill as much as the Sword!" He said as fell. He stabbed a Nohrian close to the tower in the head, killing him. Eyouko laughed. He raced off the kill other weak Nohrians.
  35. "I won't go down that easy," Daniel myttered as the Hoshidan slashed at him. He counteredvthe punch by grabing it. Daniel blocked the sword strike by fire his electricity tome at the Hoshidan's sword. Electricity arched through the sword.

    Sazi disappered and then reappeared behind the Nohrian. He drew a knife like shuriken and pressed it to her neck from behind.

    Takumi aimed the Fujin Yumi at the Nohrian's head and said," Any last words, Nohrian scum!"
  36. As The Levin sword absorbed the Electricity, Soreo Expected an Explosion, But instead It Glowed with Power,
    "What the--" Soreo Was Cut off as it fired Electricity at The Nohrain "Woah! That was...AWESOME!"

    Pepy was very Surprised, So She only just blocked an arrow, Silver Kicked Sazi From Behind, allowing Pepy to aim her bow and arrow at Takumi
    "DARK ARROW!" She Fired a black arrow at Takumi.
  37. "What, Thunderburn took no effect," Daniel said in awe. He lept of his horse and drew his sword. He held his tome in his other hand shut it. He dodged the electricty and said,"Just wait, I'm mearly a pawn compared to Prince Leo."

    Sazi clutched his back from the kick and threw a shuriken at the arrow. The arrow was nocked of course and embedded in the ground.

    Takumi fired the Fujin Yumi at Silver, while he was diatracyed by Sazi.
  38. Silver barely dodged the arrow, and Pepy got hit on her Shoulder pad, She Plucked it out
    "Gah! You Shall Pay For Your Insolence!" She Jumped Down And Slashed Sazi On the Arm, and then shot a quick arrow at Takumi.

    Soreo Put Away The Levin Sword, and pulled out an Iron Sword
    "What Are You talking about? Who is 'Prince Leo'?"
  39. Sazi cluthched his arm as blood spurted from the wound. It was relativley small, so he threw 5 shuriken at Silver.

    Takumi ducked under the arrow and fired back. He looked at Pepy and scoffed,"you'll have to try harder than that if your going to stop Hoshido!"

    Daniel responded to Soreo," Prince Leo the youngest son of King Garon, but far from the weakest if his kin, the hero who will line the streets of Shirasagi in Hoshidan blood." Daniel approached with his steel sword and smiled darkly.
  40. Jensen was back up on the tower and drew back her bow looking for anyone in need of cover fire she saw Daniel and soreo she then let out a volley of arrows

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