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Ask to Join Fire Emblem: The War of Peace vs Glory, Hoshido vs Nohr

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Fraseandchico, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. "Right, Just, If You Call Me Pep, I Will Hate You." Pepy Said As She Wrote A reference To Miya in The Note, She Placed It on The Door, Again, he Told The Witch "Now."
    "Right..." The Witch Started, She Said "Aetherial Teleportation." They Teleported, Along With The Sleeping Azura, Back To The Border.
  2. Miya grinned just as the witch teleported them to the border.
    "Cool. Report back to King Garon, I'm guessing?"
    She put her daggers in her belt. "A little family reunion."
  3. Pepy Replied
    "Sorry, But We Cannot Return Until We Catch Soreo." She Then Said "Also, What Do You Mean By 'Family Reunion' ?"
  4. "When I was a child, there were rumors of a Nohrian Royal named Azura being captured." Miya explained.
    "I feel this Azura is that Azura, and.. well, thats what I mean. Quite a shame that Soreo probably is not awake yet."
  5. "Huh, Wonder Why I Never Heard That Rumour. Maybe The Royal Family Didn't want To Be Seen As 'weak' For Losing One Of Them..." Pepy Stated, She Heard A Ring From The Castle, It was Time. She Said "They Should be Waking Up Soon..."
  6. "I learned it from my uncle, he was a guard." Miya said quietly. "We're going off-topic. Hope they see the note."
    She fiddled with her hair, a bit bored.
  7. Hopefully. Hopefully They Do..." Pepy Replied, "Actually, They probably Will."

    Soreo Woke Up, He had nightmares The night Before, About A Large Dragon Destroying the World, He Said As he Sat Up
    "Argh! oh, Phew, Just A dream." He Stood Up, Got Changed, And Ate breakfast, He Didn't Notice Azura Wasn't There, he Walked 'round the palace, And Saw Something On Azura's Door, it Was A note, He Took It, Read It, And Panicked, he Ran To The Throne Room.
  8. Asaka was travelling through the two Kingdoms when the war began. Being a Tactician, he was forced into the Nohrian Army by Iago and Hans and put on the front line at all times due to his demonstrations of skill.
  9. Eyouko was in the throne room. He saw Soreo rushing in. "Hey, Soreo! What's the rush?" He asked. Eyouko tilted his head. He chuckled.
  10. Soreo Was Huffing And Puffing As He Reached The Throne Room, He Said To Eyeouko
    "Azura...Captured...Ransom..." He Almost Fell Over In Exhaustion.
  11. "Azura, got what, why would Nohrians be in the area, where wee you, Soreo?" Queen Mikoto prodded. She looked at Soreo with kind eyes but was still not happy.
  12. Soreo Nodded, And Said
    "it Must Have Happened While I Was Asleep, And Nohrains, Those Cowards, Took Azura, And Left This." He Gave the Note, A Grim. Look on His Face
  13. Queen Mikoto looked at Soreo and grimly said,"Read me the more, I must no more, even if this is my adopted daughter, we must know more before charging in blindly."
  14. Soreo Nodded Again, He Said
    "Alright, Apparently, They Are Holding Her For Ransom, At The Borders Of The Country, And The Thing they Want, Is... Me? Apparently, Its Either She Ends Up In Nohr, Or I End Up In Nohr." He Was Shocked Inside, He Was Thinking, Man, Does That Count As Cheating, or Is It Fair?
  15. "I'm coming with you!" Eyouko exclaimed. "I'll sneak in, and attack 'em!" Eyouko sliced the air with his sword. He had a confident smirk. Eyouko looked at Soreo.
  16. "Go, save my daughter, Soreo, try to save Azura without getting captured. Take on of the siblings that isn't Takumi to aid you," Mikoto said with a proud smile, she looked a Eyouko and nodded for him to go to.
  17. Soreo nodded, He Said
    "Right, Queen Mikoto, I Will Not Let You Down." He Said To Eyouko "Come On, Let's Get A Team Ready." He Led Eyouko Out of The Throne Room.

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