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Ask to Join Fire Emblem: The War of Peace vs Glory, Hoshido vs Nohr

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Fraseandchico, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. "A hoshidan activated a dragon vein, he wasn't even a Hoshidan Royal!" Daniel said as he rode his horse toward Leo's camp. He looked intently at his sword and said,"I'll be the Nohrian to kill him..."
  2. Pepy and silver Jumped Back In Shock, Pepy Said
    "BUT THATS IMPOSSIBLE!" She Ran Back To Camila

    Soreo And Everyone Else Arrived Back at The Castle, And Met Queen Mikoto In The Throne Room, Soreo Bowed, And Said
    "Queen Mikoto, We have Returned From A Small Adventure, And We Have Some News To Tell You."
  3. "Please do inform me." Queen Mikoto said with small bow. She was in her normal place, standing in front of The White Throne.
    Daniel rode his horse as he looked around for Leo.
  4. Soreo nodded, And Said
    "Well, Then." He pulled Out A bit Of Paper, and found a pen, He Said, with A Sad Tone In His Voice "Let's Start With The Bad News, Takumi, I Think, since He Was Responsible For Protecting You, You should Explain This One." He Gave Eyouko's Knocked Out Body To servant, Telling The Butler To Take Him To The Infirmary.
  5. Takumo sighed and said,"My Retainer, Hinata, was killed, and we were almost executed by a Nohrian general."

    Mikoto nodded and said,"What warnted this attack, why did you leave without my permission, Takumi?"
  6. Soreo Gulped, he Had forgot What Takumi Was Like After Moments Like This, he said
    "Anyway, Um, The Other News." he Wondered what The Queen Would Say To This "I May Uh, Have Been Hiding Something From Most People, I, Um, I am the Last Royal Of Izumo." He Knew That The Queen Might Not Have Believed it, But He Hoped She Would.
  7. Takumi clenched his teeth and his hand. He tried to hold back, so he wouldn't be rude in front his mother.

    Mikoto looked at Soreo and said,"Why, we must tell Izana, I'm sure he'd be happy! But, I am sceptical, I thought all of the Izumo royality we're killed."
  8. "Yes, Queen Mikoto, I Figured that, And, To be Honest, One Of The Reasons I Didn't Tell Anyone Before Now Is Because There Could've Been A Spy, And When They Found Out, I Would Get Hunted, Along With Anyone Close To me." Soreo Said, And Then Said "Also, I Remember, Um, Finding Out A Prophecy Telling How I'd Die, Interestingly, It Is supposed To Be To An AXE. An Axe To The Chest Is How My Dad And Hinata Died."
  9. "Not to mention that Nohrian General hates you, I can tell that he wants to kill you." Sazi buted in.
    Mikoto exclaimed,"I wonder, did you get that prophecy from Izana? I recieved a Prophecy recently too."
  10. Eyouko, laying on the ground, opened his eyes. He sat up. "What did I miss?" Eyouko muttered. He yawned. Sakura giggled a tiny bit.
  11. Soreo Looked At Sazi, And Said
    "Thank You For Pointing Out The Obvious, Sazi." He Turned To Face The Queen, And Said "Strangely Enough, Queen Mikoto, But I Actually Learned It From Izana And Reading It Not Long Before Izumo, Well, Burned Down." After Saying That, He Had A Dark Expression On His Face, He Said "What was The Prophecy You Got Told?"
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  12. "I'd rather not share that right now," Mikoto reassured.
    Sazi shrugged and said,"I guess he did try to kill all of us. He definatly is out for blood."
  13. "Alright, Queen Mikoto, I Won't Ask Details." he Stood Up, And Said "I Should Put This In The Archives." This Was A Obvious Sign That He wanted To Be Alone, As He Walked To The Archives.

    meanwhile.... At King Garon's Castle
    Pepy Bowed For King Garon, She Had To Tell Him The News Of The Defence Against Offence Battle
    "King Garon, We Are Back From The Bottomless Cavern, As You Expected, A few Hoshiden Royals And Their Retainers Attacked, We Managed To Kill One, And Capture The Rest, However, A Hoshiden WHO WASN'T A ROYAL Used A Dragon Vein To Help Everyone Escape."
  14. Eyouko got up and started to walk to the throne. Sakura, who had come with the butler, followed him. He walked into the throne room.

    King Garon's face was emotionless. "You will capture the one to activate the dragon vain. I'll punish you otherwise," Garon ordered.
  15. "Right, Your Amazing Majesty." Pepy Stood Up, And Walked Out. She Held Her Face Down, She Did Want To Capture Soreo, But She Had No Idea How She Was Going To Do It.

    Meanwhile Soreo Walked Into The Archives, He Found The Correct Bit To put His Report In, And Put It in, He Walked To His Little Cabin, And Started Writing In His Diary/Journal.
  16. Miya was waiting outside. "Is the King mad?" she immediately asked. "I feel so guilty! I wasn't at the fight, I was managing some other problems in the city.." she bowed her head, seemingly ashamed for her actions. "I heard that someone opened a dragon vein without being a royal?" she asked once more.
  17. Pepy Saw Miya, And Said
    "Actually, Miya, Do you Wanna Help Me capture That Person Who Activated the Dragon Vein?" She Knew That Miya Probably Would Say Yes "Oh, And Yes, King Garon Ordered Me To Do This."
  18. Miya's eyes widened slowly. "That's a big responsibility! Of course I will!" She looked around, and bowed her head low once more. "I want to make up for lost time. I know that if King Garon knew I never helped, he'd have my head by now.."
  19. "Alright, We Leave At First Light Tomorrow! So You Better Get Prepared." She Passed Miya A Piece of Paper "This Is some Information Found Out By Our Spies. Trust Me, After This, I'll Try To Get You Better Missions, Instead Of The Bad Ones."
  20. Miya stared at the paper, biting her lip. She then nodded, and thanked Pepy quickly. "I have to return to some others. The riot has some people trying to ignite it again." She put the paper in her pocket and ran off.
  21. "Alright, See you Tomorrow." Pepy Rode Silver To Meet Camila

    Soreo Finished Writing, He walked Out Of His room, He Decided To Go and Train.
  22. "It seems I must go and and hunt down this Dragon Vein using scum," Daniel shut the book he was reading and left to the stables. He hoped upon a random black hose and rod off into the distance towards Hoshido.
  23. "UGH! WAIT DANIEL! I HAVE a... Plan?" Pepy Said As She Saw Daniel Riding Away. She Sighed "That Idiot Is Going To Get Himself KILLED!"
  24. Daniel abruptly stopped his horse and turned around. He looked at Pepy and said," Why what is your plan? I was going to form something when I got to the bottomless canyon."
  25. "Well, Looks Like He Has To Protect Someone, My Plan Was To Capture That Person, Then Hold Her Ransom So That He Comes Alone, Then We Defeat Him, Take Him To King Garon, He Ordered Me To Bring Him To Him, Yada Yada, He Dies, We Get Promotions, The Hoshidens Lose the War. Oh, And I Got Miya To Help." Pepy Explained To Daniel.
  26. Eyouko was sharpening his sword. After he was done, he went to the border. "Might as well keep those Stupid Nohrians from entering Hoshido. They'll most likely want to capture Soreo," Eyouko drew his sword. He smirked.
  27. Alex, Who got Bored of waiting, Walked out, And Started Looking Around For What New Stuff was in stock, Bought Arc-Fire, Then Started Walking around, "It can't be That hard To find a Soldier, Right? I mean chances are they Have Armour on," He said.
  28. Soreo Was Training, and he Saw What Appeared To Be the New Recruit He Was Told They Would Be Getting, He Said
    "Hey! You The New Guy!?"
  29. Alex Looked At the Direction The voice Came from, "Thats Right!" He said, Running To Ze Person who was Training, "Alex Nar'rayya At your Service" He said.
  30. "Neat, Well, I'm Soreo Blano, Retainer Of Azura, Hoshiden General, And Last Royal Of, Destroyed, Izumo. So, Let's Check The profile I Got Given, let's See." He Looked At A Large Rock With Fancy Writing Engraved "From the Kingdom Of Ylisstol, Hm, I Think I heard of That Place, Uh, You Do Know That There Is A Portal, Made For These Kinds Of Situations? Anyway, Looks Pretty Much Like You Could Be Great On The Front Lines, That Ok?"
  31. "Yeah, i could Easily Wipe out Enemy's With the Right Spell" He said, Putting The Newly-Acquired Arc-Fire In the Free Space of his Tome-Belt, "And with Nosferatu, i could Steal the Enemy's Life Force if they Manage to Weaken me."
  32. Miya walked up to where Pepy and Daniel were, a bit tired. "What are both of even doing? They threw a riot back in the city!" She sighed and waved her hand meaninglessly. "It's done anyway, there'll be no help for any of those poor people."
  33. "Oh, Uh, Sorry, Miya." Pepy Said To Miya, Kinda Guilty.
  34. "Hmmm, I guess that there's nothing I can do," Daniel shrugged. HE continued to ride towards Hoshido, but he drew his sword now. He had to be ready.
  35. "UGH! Wait Daniel! It Is Not A... Good Idea." Pepy Tried Saying To Daniel as He Rode Away, she sighed, And Said "Miya, Get Your Stuff Ready, We Should Go Early, I AM NOT LETTING THAT IDIOT GET HIMSELF KILLED!"

    Soreo Said
    "You Know What? Wanna train with Me?" He Hoped That Alex Would Say Yes...
  36. Eyouko saw Daniel approaching. "Yo! Nohrian! Ready to die?" Eyouko shouted to him. Eyouko was on an archer tower. He had a confident smirk.
  37. Daniel saw a Hoshidan archer tower an decided he had second thoughts. He turned his horse around and said,"This was not the best idea."

    Takumi and his retainers were sentenced by Queen Mikoto to survey the bottomless cliff for Nohrians. Takumi took a group of 7 Samuri, 2 Sky Knights, His retainers, and 3 Diviners to bottomless canyon.
  38. "You got it" He said, Putting his Sword Hilt where he could Easily Grab itt, and Showing him his Brave sword, "This is Kind of a Specialty Over in the Ylissean Kingdom." He said.
  39. Miya groaned, glaring at Daniel. "Just now you realize that? We have to get ready first." With a little sigh, she hefted her dagger, glared at the Hoshidan, and dropped to the ground, a bit tired.
  40. Eyouko turned around. He saw Takumi with a scout. "Hey Lord Takumi! Scouting for Nohrians? One came, and I didn't even have to do anything! He ran!" Eyouko exclaimed. He was still on his archer tower.

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