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Ask to Join Fire Emblem: The War of Peace vs Glory, Hoshido vs Nohr

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Fraseandchico, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. "Nice, This Is My Weapon!" Soreo Said As He Pulled Out The Levin Sword, He Said "Short, But Actually Quite A Dangerous Weapon!" He Held It In A Fighting Position, And Asked "Ready?" He Held It Like This:
    [​IMG] (Note: Soreo Is Not A Muscle Man, He Actually Looks Kinda Pathetic At First.)
  2. "You got it, And to make it fair" Ge said, Grabbing Arc Thunder, "thunder VS thunder, Lets take that Levin Sword to the Test." He said, Charging it,"You get first dibs on attacks."
  3. "Ok. Here We Go!" Soreo Did A False Slash, Then, To Confuse, He Ran Around Him At A Very Fast Speed, Then Slashed From Behind, he Said "And That's Why Confusing Is A Good Strategy!"
  4. He Jumpped from the Face Slash, Not Noticing His plan, Looked Behind him, Ducked in the Lower Left, The Jumped Back, "Arc Thunder!" he yelled, Shooting The Charged Aec-Thunder.
  5. Soreo Smirked, He Moved The Blade Quickly Enough To Absorb The Arc-Thunder, Then He Said "THUNDER!" He launched His own Lightning at Alex, Then Slashing Again.
  6. He switched his Arc Thunder for Arc-Wind, "Arc Wind!" He yelled, Shooting A gust of Wind To the Lightning, "Not to Shabby! I May not Be able to attack you With thunder, But I still Have These!" He said, then putting the Arc Wind, And Getting his Brave Sword out.

    His stance:[​IMG]
  7. Soreo Smiled "Ok, I'll Need to Change My Strategy." He Ran In Close, And Swiped, Then Used An Uppercut Punch Combo. He Then Said "How About That!?" He Changed Stance, Or More Specifically, this:
  8. He would Jump Out of the way of the Sword Slash, But Was Hit by The Upper Cut, "Ngh, I have to say, I did think You Were A Wimp" He said, Quickly Slashing TO the Side, Then a Upper Slash.
  9. Soreo Blinked Just Before The Attack Happened, And His Right Eye, Just For A Second, Turned A Light blue, And He Dodged Both Attacks With Ease, He Then Said "Okay! No Holding Back!" he Then Started To Do An Uppercut, Before Quickly Changing To Doing A Spin Attack.
  10. "Alright I guess i shouldn't hold back Either," He said, Backflipping away from him, Then Dashing to him, For a Charged attack, "Sonic Slash!" He yelled, Then Trying to slash him.
  11. Soreo Put His Hand On The Ground, And As Alex Got Close, He Kicked Him Up, Then Said
    "Here We Go!" He Started To Become Invisible, he Jumped Up, And Shouted "Shadow STRIKE!" he Started To Slash Several Times.

  12. (#Darkmagestyle)

    Some of the slashes did indeed Hit him, But Just Pierced his Tactician Robes, "Damn, You managed to Pierce these, i'll Give you that." He said, Putting His Sword away, and getting Nosferatu, Then Trapping him in a Darkness Robe.
  13. Soreo Smirked, He Had A Feeling That This Kind of Thing Would Happen, He Said
    "Okay! Here We Go! Astra!" He Unleashed Astra, Which started A Barrage Of Meteors Falling.
  14. "This Might Not Go well," He said, Taking a Sip From His Elixir, "Bologna!!" He yelled,taking his Bologna Out, And Shooting Some of the Meteors, Of course, It Didn't Pierce Them, So he Just Calculated How long and Where they would land, Then Going Where None of them would land, "The After-Math Might Hurt, But Not As Much As Being Crushed Alive." He said.
  15. Soreo Smirked "I'VE GOT YOU WHERE I WANT YOU!" He Charged Forward, And Punched At Alex's chest, Before Saying "Hm, Maybe We Should Stop For Now."
  16. "Ngh....You Got That Right" He said, Putting His Spell Book Back, "Im sure We'll Get Along Just FIne" He said, "I'll go Get something to Eat, See yah!" He said, Then Started for the Nearest Restaurant
  17. "See ya!" Soreo Said As Alex walked Away, He Muttered "Strong, Needs To Work On Physical Combat Though..."

    The Next Day...
    Pepy Was Ready, She Found Miya's Cabin, And Knocked On the Door, Asking
    "Miya!? its Time To Go! Ready?!"
  18. "I have to say, I expected Him to be Weaker, But it works though" He said, Gulfing Down the Food Like it was going out of style, "I hope i was Good Enough Though."
  19. Miya opened the door, hair tied in a ponytail. "Pepy? Its time to go? I have my stuff on my bed, let me get them." She walked back to her bed and picked up her stuff. She closed the door and quickly changed, and left wearing her armor and holding her dagger. She gave a small smile to nobody in particular. "I'm ready."
  20. "Right. Oh, Miya,"Pepy Said, Before Gesturing To A Witch "Part Of This Battle Strategy Involves Magic, Let's Go." He Led Miya outside, Where Pepy Got Silver, She Said "Remember Silver?" She told The Witch A Few Words, She Nodded, The Witch Muttered
    "Aetherial Teleportation." And Suddenly, Pepy, Miya, And The Witch Appeared Near The Border Of The Two (SORT OF) Countries.
  21. Miya almost stumbled back in shock, but thought herself too strong for that. She stared at their surroundings, making sure no Hoshidans were watching them.
    Her face analyzed the border, picturing different scenarios and solutions. Then she smiled lightly, and stood straight.
  22. "Heh, Let's Do This, Miya." Pepy Said, Staring At The Castle, She Said "Here's the Plan, There Is A Princess Named Azura Who He Apparently Has To protect, So Capturing Her And Holding Her For Ransom, Him Coming Alone For Him To Be Captured, Then We Take Him Back To Te Castle of The Mighty King Garon." Then Added "We Will Do This Via Teleportation."
  23. OOC: When your nickname is Via.

    "Fantastic." Miya exclaimed. "But.. how are we supposed to use teleportation?" Oh, who am I kidding, a Witch just transported us to the border of Nohr and Hoshido. We can probably do anything.
  24. OOC: Yep, True.

    Pepy Sighed
    "This Witch's Ability Can Bring Us Into Some Kind Of Area In The Castle, Hopefully Near This Princess Azura. Ready?" She Asked, Excited For This mission.
  25. Suddenly, Miya paused. "Azura? That name sounds familiar." She stopped Pepy for a bit, and thought. Azura.. where have I-
    And then, she remembered.
    "Azura is a Nohrian Royal!"
  26. He Finished Eating, Paid, Then Walked Out to see what was new, Bought some Ladle's for Trolling, And Arc Wind, "These Stores Change Alot, Thats New." He said, Analyzing the Stores Stocking New Things, As Much as it was Different, He Got Used to it Fast, Checking Out To see if their was any Either's For sale.

    Pepy Nodded
    "Correct, And Powerful in Another Way, She Has A Pendant Which Controls A Water-Like Substance That Can Block Most Attacks, INCLUDING MY ARROWS!" She Stated, She Said "Let's Go!"
    "Aetherial Teleportation..." The Witch Said, They Appeared Behind A Large Crate Of Food In The Castle, Near Azura's Room And Soreo's Room, Pepy Said

    Soreo Was Still Asleep, So Was Azura...
  28. Miya halted for a bit. She remembered who Azura was and why she left Nohr. With a firm nod, she grinned. "They'll be in for a surprise."
    She held her daggers just in case, and looked around. "Not a lot of guards to stand around, huh?"
  29. Miya halted for a bit. She remembered who Azura was and why she left Nohr. With a firm nod, she grinned. "They'll be in for a surprise."
    She held her daggers just in case, and looked around. "Not a lot of guards to stand around, huh?"
  30. Pepy Nodded
    "Stay Focused, You Never Know When A Guard Will Appear." As She said That, A Guard Entered The Area, Pepy Stayed Still, She Muttered "Of Course, Let's Kill This Guy." She Pulled Out Her Bow, and Put In An Arrow.
  31. Miya held her hand in front of Pepy. "No, save your arrows. I'll do this quick and easy." she swung one of her daggers behind her and scurried to a dark corner of the room. As the guard turned to look at what the disturbance was, Miya hit.
    She clanged him on the head with the underside of the dagger and watched him crumple to the floor. "Not easy, but I don't want to have to clean blood, I'm not that blood-thirsty."
  32. Pepy Rolled Her Eyes, She Said
    "Whatever, We Now Have Quick Access." She Walked To The Door Of Azura's Room, She Tried Opening It, She Said "Its Locked, Didn't Think Of That..."
  33. ((Yup, He Fell Asleep Eating, And the next Day he paid :p
    He Then Started Walking to The Hidden Shopkeeper Everyone was Talking About, Just in Case, He Put His Arc Thunder Right Where he could Grab It, And Started off To The Hidden Shopkeeper.
  34. Miya pulled out a hairpin. "Do you know how to use this?" she asked quietly. "I'll stand guard, you can pick it." She gave the hairpin to Pepy, a awaiting glint in her eye.
    She swiftly turned and guarded, looking around.
  35. "Right." Pepy Said, After Taking It And Started Lock-picking The Door, She Said "Ugh, So Hard, Wait." She Stopped, As She Started To understand How To Lock-pick The Door, She Said "Yes! Done." She Turned Around, And Gave The Hairpin back, It Was Now Twisted And Stuff.
  36. Miya put the hairpin into her pocket, and went beside Pepy. She touched the knob of the door, and slowly, but surely opened it. "I don't really know why I'm being so cautious," she whispered. Slowly.
  37. "I See Why, You Might Be Too Loud..." Pepy Whispered To Miya, The door Was Opened, they Saw Azura, Sleeping, Pepy Said "Great. She's Asleep. Let's Do this." She picked Up Azura, And Put her in A Cage.
  38. Miya stared at Azura, particularly her necklace. "Looks pretty, probably holds a lot of power in that amulet of hers."
    She almost reached out for her hair to push it away, but scared she'd wake up, she left it be.
    "Bait time!"
  39. "Yes. And I have A Plan." Pepy Said As She Pulled Out A Note, Saying
    Dear Whoever Is Reading This,
    I have Captured The Princess Azura, And To Get Her Back, You must Follow THIS Instruction
    Send Soreo Blano(ALONE) With No Weapons To The border of Our Countries To Be captured Instead.
    Sincerely, The Nohrain General.
    "That Should Do It." Pepy Said before Placing it On The Door.
  40. Miya huffed. "Better put me in that note too, Pep."
    "Also, yes. I'm calling you Pep from now on." she gave out a little smile.

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