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Private/Closed BnHA: Your Hero Academia (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GalacticDeg, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. Please feel free someone to intervene and stop this fight, because I doubt either one of us will de-escalate it alone
  2. But Naya never actually wanted a fight xD

    He can get Bakugou to intevene before anything even happens

    Naya is a guy that many people would consider a coward cause he doesn't want a fight unless it's absolutely necessary
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  3. Nor did Kazumi, he jsut cant back down after making such a bold declaration and essentially challenging the entire class
  4. To be honest, that's something Naya would be able to do. And come out on top. But only if it was on life and death cause he would have to do it quickly
  5. Not really, not all metals are easily magnetized, and without magnetized materials Naya doesn’t seem to be able to win
  6. What the hecky heck is happening right now? XD
  7. But he has metal materials. Those dragon rings he has are made of metal
  8. True but it’s not much,
  9. It doesn't have to be much. It just have to be enough.

    But hey, if you can come up with a good enough way to defeat Naya, then go ahead. Losing can be good for him as he is a cocky douch right now xD
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  10. And Kazumi isn’t?
  11. Oh yeah. He's a cocky douch too. If our OC's will fight each other, maybe we can make it a tie xD
  12. Well Kazumi isn’t really he jsut feels like he has to be at first so people will take him seriously he will ease up with time.
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  13. funguy

    funguy Previously j o n a h

    So, @GalacticDeg are we gonna do like a battle trial. With two students on two.
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  14. @XBD Mai was talking to Fuku in my last post btw, but whatever.
  15. Later in the roleplay, would people think something like the U.A. Sports Festival as a good idea? If there's anything you guys would want to do, just ask me in the discussion and I'll take it into account.
  16. I think that the sports festival race is fine, the cavalry battle should be scrapped and the duels should be in pairs
  17. funguy

    funguy Previously j o n a h

    I agree with @Frontier Master, but we do need a three-part sports festival.
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  18. The sports festival should definitely happen but it hosts different events every year I believe.

    Yeah the Calvary Battle would take WAY too many characters and too much hassle to manage, even if we got more before that point in the RP. Not sure about the other events though...

  19. I love dodgeball with it being one of the only sports I like, and it could work. Though, I think we should still keep the thing where if you win the first event, you get a massive nerf on the second one, like Midoriya having an unbeatable amount of points on his tag in the calvary battle.

    I was thinking something like 4 large USJ-like arenas, 12 people per arena, and the people who are top in the event before the arena start in the middle, and have a piece of tech that glows, so they're really challenged?
    Maybe there could be something like healing-packs scattered throughout the arenas?
  20. I mean maybe man. I think we should focus on the present right now though and worry about the sports festival when we get to it.
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  21. Who are we waiting on to continue?
  22. Me and a bunch of other people.
  23. Oh yeah @Frontier Master I really need you to post in more than 5 sentences per posts. Thanks.
  24. When should I come in? I’ve had to focus on other roleplays and stuff for a few days, and then I was on the Switch, then watching TV all day yesterday.. fun..
  25. My last post was only slightly shorter than everyone else’s
  26. I'm talking about genuinely most of your posts, they're pretty much all 2 or 3 sentences. I don't mean to be rude or anything. :@
  27. @Jodie.xox now is the perfect time. Read up on the posts.

    (sorry to double post)
  28. I’ve removed or expanded some of my posts, is that better now?
  29. I didn't mean to have to edit them now but hey that's amazing. I just meant for future.
  30. My post will hopefully be up later tonight (If you live in the U.S.). It's a bit long.
  31. Hey guys I’m headed on a few days vacation so I may not be able to post as often, I will still try though
  32. But the condition is I’m not reading those posts ~.~

    I never made you read all the posts on my roleplay!
  33. OK then..

    Now, homeroom is over and the day actually begins, with a bit of a test thing. There's gonna be 5 but you only need 1 post because you're not going to be waiting for someone to talk to you. The first test is the Power test and the students need to each destroy as many crates as they can using help from their Quirks, and then they'll get ranked. You've put the results in your bio already so you'll get whatever you put into your bio. Does that help?
  34. Might be difficult for Benjiro as his quirk doesn't exactly enhance his strength in any way.
  35. Easy! Akiko can just pounce ‘em and Sumiye can just make them levitate up high then smash into the ground
  36. 'using help from their Quirk.'. Not all Quirks help in an offensive way, it could help Technique.
  37. Or Benjiro could just pounce ‘em like Akiko, XD Not really, it was just a funny thought I got at that comment
  38. @Jodie.xox I just had a quick look through this discussion and I can’t find your bio’s. Would be nice to have some background on your characters and their quirks for better understanding
  39. What're y'all talking about?
  40. For Sumiye, think of Peridot, Bill Cipher, villains like that,
    And for Akiko, she’s just friendly, happy, maybe a little ignorant, and thinks she’s friends with everybody

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