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Private/Closed BnHA: Your Hero Academia (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GalacticDeg, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. Whatever works really, I don’t think the teams matter that much
  2. *the user @Jodie.xox has been reported to the cyber-police for hurting someones feelings*

    well at least I didn't post a discussion post in the actual RP, also can someone please post because I was the last to post an actual RP post,
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  3. I can post after school.

    School.. :(
  4. Sorry everyone, I didn't get notifications. First off, @Jodie.xox you posted in the wrong thread, your Discussion post is in the actual RP. Second off, yeah, that group would be fine @Barefoot_Kittens but you did miss out on @Kyle From Hoenn.

    That is... if he's gonna post.
  5. @Jodie.xox just going to say but they're not going to see your post in a few hours of you posting it. They have real life jobs too. And no time to read absolutely every post that happens here. Please be patient with them.
  6. Hey, been awhile since I've gotten alerts from this page, mind filling me in?
  7. @Mystic Zander in short, we've done a test of Power, and a test of Speed, and now we're grouping up for a cooperativeness trial.

    GROUP 1: Alyssa (Barefoot_Kittens), Konyo (GalacticDeg), Fuku (XBD), Midiki (Pumper_Penny)
    GROUP 2: Sumiye, Akikio (both Jodie.xox), Benjiro (Red Gallade), Kazumi (Frontier Master)

    Hopefully if Kyle From Hoenn will respond, along with you, the teams will be even with 5 each. If not, maybe I'll make another OC or something.

    The Roleplay is now closed.
    Of course, it may re-open, if users have to leave, but for the time being, it is closed.

    Also, not to mention, I changed Konyo's personality in his bio. He's come out as a really shy person so I'm matching my bio to that.
  8. And, @XBD @Killerbunny @Kyle From Hoenn ,

    please can you say if you're leaving. If not, read my previous post, and please post. Since you guys (excluding XBD) weren't assigned to the team idea, feel free to mention what team you want to join.
  9. Yeah i stopped getting notifications. Sorry. And now i don't think i'll be able to be in more roleplays. So yeah. I'm leaving
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  10. O yeah I completely forgot about this because I thought it died So am I still in?
    And wdym by teams?
    Also can you fill me in on what happen?
  11. Kyle, I literally just mentioned in the post I tagged you in, to read the post above it. It has a brief overview of recent events.
  12. Well excuse me princess I was skimming said stuff anyways will do
    #255 Kyle From Hoenn, Jan 8, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2019
  13. @Kyle From Hoenn You good now? I’d be fine with you on my two characters’ team of four, and hopefully Red and Frontier are, too
  14. Have you finished your disrespectful temper tantrum now?
  15. @Kyle From Hoenn there's no need to get mad at me for simply telling you something. :'|
  16. Wasn't mad I was using a meme xd

  17. It’s still rude
  18. Well I'm sorry I seemed rude even if I wasn't trying to be rude
  19. Kazumi hates Gon heads up so putting them on the same team is just asking for trouble
  20. That sounds fine and it would call for good drama so why not
  21. Kazumi will need to be invited to a team in rp, he’s not going to seek one out
  22. Same with Benjiro, but he may not be able to use his quirk as it might separate him from the team.
  23. @Kyle From Hoenn can you please review your last post in the rp, as it currently makes no sense
  24. Sure it was a rush anyways because I had to go somewhere
  25. @Kyle From Hoenn just thought I'd mention but the post you just edited makes less sense than it would previously and I would prefer it if you could expand on it.. Sorry if I bugged you or anything by this.
    If you're in a rush to go somewhere, don't force yourself to post. Wait until you can get free time, to then think and make a good post.

    @Frontier Master can you please stop being so picky with Kyle? I mean, it's fine pointing it out every once in a while but you're nitpicking every mistake. You also mention about Kazumi hating Gon but unless I misread something I don't think I saw something showing at it.
  26. I finally... did it I reassure it's better this time

    Like so:
    Gon hadn't even volunteered he was suddenly chosen out the crowd after talking to lord explosion. Though he had heard everything about everyone needing a team for an event and this team decided to choose him. It's not like any other team seemed open so he didn't have a choice. He simply walked on over and waited for things to take it's course in life.
  27. I’m letting people know, @Kyle From Hoenn and I have spoken about it privately. I’m telling people in advance so that they don’t think kazumi has suddenly completely backflipped on how he was presented up until this point
  28. Sorry about not posting. For some reason my draft for the roleplay is on my phone and I don't know how it's on there. I need to get my phone and finish it soon so sorry about taking so long.
  29. Is this roleplay still going? Because I want to join more alive ones
  30. It’s basically dead
  31. Uuuuugh I forgot again. Does anyone want me to actually continue this?
  32. Last I post I mentioned several characters who have yet to respond. I, personally, really liked this RP but I understand if others are bored or busy and this ends up failing.
  33. I was invested it was just very slow going
  34. @Frontier Master also, I saw your new BHNA RP. I'm making my form to join that now :D, I agree that this RP is just kinda slow
  35. I'll leave if we don't start up soon, I have more active roleplays that I need to tend to everyday
  36. Dang that's just wow Ok, I'm ok with doing this it's just slow as this was previously said

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