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Private/Closed BnHA: Your Hero Academia (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GalacticDeg, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. With the new year at U.A., it's said that the famous, Symbol of Heroes, 24-year old Deku is teaching a lesson at U.A. . But, will that cause the League Of Villains and its owner Tomura Shigaraki, a helping hand? Japan's society is becoming very unsure about the balance between heroes and villains, and hopefully a U.A. class will rise, able to stop this issue.

    • The normal Pokecharms rules apply.
    • In a battle with another participant's character, please discuss who's going to win in the battle.
    • Romance is allowed, but nothing past a kiss.
    • Swearing is fine as long as it's minor words, and occasional.
    • Your Quirk needs a setback. Mention that in your bio.

    • You may control canon characters, if you ask me first. I'm probably gonna say no to people like Deku and All For One.
    • If you want to use a fan-made Pro Hero, that's fine, but have a student please.

    Age (Year):
    Hero Costume:

    Quirk (Type):

    Power: (If your Quirk doesn't primarily hurt, 1/5. If your Quirk is town-destroying, 5/5.)
    Speed: (It's obvious. 1/5 would be really slow, 5/5 would be really fast)
    Technique: (What method do they use? Rushing in would be a 1/5, planning well would be a 5/5)
    Intelligence: (Again, it's obvious. 1/5 is like Kaminari the giggling idiot, 5/5 is being very bright)
    Cooperativeness: (1/5 would be refusing to work with others, 5/5 would be a supreme teammate.)

    Please mention something if I missed something out in the bio. I probably did.

    Name: Konyo Rikimaru
    Hero Name: Draw And Flee
    Age (Year): 15 (First-Year)
    Appearance: With his rainbow-coloured hair, similar to Deku's style, Konyo could stand out in a crowd easily. His eyes are different colours, the left orange and the right dark blue, and his skin a pale colour. His height is a tall 5'9", and his weight about 160 pounds.
    Clothing: When he isn't wearing his uniform, he prefers something like a t-shirt, a white jacket and jeans, in his white trainers.
    Hero Costume: Konyo's costume is mostly designed to make him look good, but also swift enough to flee when he can't make something in time. It is a yellow thin jumpsuit with black stripes, and grey metal armour around his neck and chest, and another piece down at the front of his legs, where you'd wear shorts. Around his arms are small sharp pencils, which are designed to throw, to act as a get-away method. He also has black leather boots, with faux fur at the top.
    Personality: Konyo is a very shy person, and stays away from interaction for as much as he can. Of course, if he has to work in a team, he will, and can be a very useful member to a team. Behind this quiet layer though, there is a surprisingly large bomb of competitiveness, ready to go off when he's immersed in something.

    Quirk (Type):
    Explanation: His pointer fingers can leave a pencil trail behind it, allowing him to draw midair. If the drawing resembles something, it will bend and shape itself into the actual thing.
    Setback: Drawing takes time, especially making the right texture. In a situation where the attacker is swiftly attacking, his Quirk is nearly useless. And, if one simple mistake happens, it will fail, and burn itself.
    Extras: The fire made from a failed drawing can spread onto anything he's drawn, and burn it to thin air. If it touches anything else, it does nothing, not even harm a living thing.

    Power: 1/5 E
    Speed: 4/5 B
    Technique: 4/5 B
    Intelligence: 5/5 A
    Cooperativeness: 3/5 C

    @Aether Ace @Jodie.xox @J-DAWG @Red Gallade @Killerbunny
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  2. Figured I'd use the same char.

    Name: Benjiro Shinigami
    Hero name: Smokescreen
    Gender: Male
    Age (Year): 15 (1-A)
    Appearance: He has Pale skin, Light grey eyes with thin Black eyeliner, stands at 5'10 with a slim and somewhat muscular build.
    Clothing: His main attire consists of a plain Grey t-shirt underneath an open black long coat with a tail that reaches his knees and a collar that reaches halfway up his head, Dark olive jeans and Charcoal slip on trainers.
    Hero Costume: He wears an even longer closed Black long coat that reaches his ankles with Silver streaks along the edges, a fur mane and Silver metal plating on the shoulders and elbows, Black baggy pants tucked into Charcoal boots and a simple looking Jet black mask with Silver streaks around the eye holes.
    Personality: Benjiro mainly comes off as a calm, stoic and laid back person who barely shows interest in anything. He is also a 'go with the flow' kind of person who would help fellow students whenever he felt like it. Once you get to know him, he can actually be seen as a friendly individual with a sarcastic sense of humor. However, he hates getting dirty and despises losing. He can also be very cruel when angry.

    Quirk: Smokescreen
    Explanation: Smokescreen allows Benjiro to transform his entire body into a cloud of black smoke that he can freely move around as. While in this form, Benjiro is able to pass through the smallest of gaps as flat as gaps between doors and avoid attacks that may seem unavoidable and go right through him.
    Setback: The drawback of this power is he can't physically attack/touch anyone in this form, he cannot pass through liquids and can only go through small gaps that have a way through to begin with.
    Extras: While his Smokescreen isn't normally a quirk used for attack, he uses it for other situations and is exceptionally skilled in martial arts.

    Power: 3/5 C
    5/5 A
    5/5 A
    4/5 B
    3/5 C

    His mask makes his voice deeper with a metallic echo to provide a sense of intimidation. He can bake an amazing apple pie.

    Dunno if I might make a second.
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  3. @Red Gallade You have a choice to change your class and age, you could be a first year instead of a third year now. Check the new bio frame:3
  4. I'll also use the same character as i did before
    Name: Kitsuki Nayano (Naya)
    Age (year): 15 (1A)
    Appearance: 177 cm tall. Pretty muscular (like Kirishima basically). He have messy short brown hair. He have grey eyes. He also have scars on his right arm and left palm.
    Clothing: Dresses in random t-shirts (mostly with rock band logos on them) and torn jeans.
    Hero costume: Pretty much his regular clothes but with two dragon-like rings that slither down his arms.
    Personality: he's a trickster and often gets into trouble.
    Quirk: Magnet.
    Explanation: he can control any type of metal in a 30 meter radius even in liquid form.
    Setback: if the metal is affected by electricity or by a magnet (or another person with similar powers), he won't be able to use that metal at all.
    Extras: in some cases, this quirk can make Naya control electricity but it's very hard for him to do so.
    Power: 5/5
    Speed: 3/5
    Technique: 3/5
    Intelligence: 3/5
    Cooperativeness: 2/5
    Other: pansexual
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  5. Name
    : Kasai Doragoni
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Class: 1-A (First Year)

    Appearance: Kasai has fair skin, and brown hair. His eyes are blue, although he would like his eyes to be red sometimes.
    Clothing: Kasai wears regular blue jeans, and red shoes, similar to Midoriya's shoes. He wears a classic white t-shirt, and wears a grey button-up shirt over that, although he prefers to keep it unbuttoned and roll his sleeves up to his elbows most of the time.
    Hero Costume: Ace's Hero Costume is very reminiscent of that of Ban from the Seven Deadly Sins. He wears red boots instead of shoes, and now wears dark red pants. His hero costume doesn't include a shirt, but instead, a long crimson trench coat that reaches down towards his knees. He uses a brown belt which keeps the trench coat closed for the most part, up to his chest, which is fairly exposed. On the back of the costume is a giant hole lined with a metal ring, exposing his back: the hole is to provide space for Kasai's rings to grow, otherwise he'd rip up the trench coat every time he sprouted wings. He also has two smaller metal rings on his collar, but there are no holes to that collar, he simply likes the aesthetic of them, and said collar is kept up. Kasai's hero costume was made to stretch and grow with Kasai if he were to turn into a Dragon, similar to Ryukyu's hero costume.

    Hero Name: Dragon
    Role: Student
    Quirk: Dragon
    Quirk (Type): Emitter
    Explination: Dragon allows Kasai to change parts of his body into that of a Dragon. This quirk works somewhat differently then the quirk of Pro Hero: Ryukyu. For starters, Kasai is able to breathe flames, nothing massive, but he's able to start fires, or use them to ward off foes. Kasai has the ability to turn his skin into Scales, similar to Hiryu Rin from Class 1-B, the slight differences being that Kasai's scales are a red color, and cannot be fired off like Hiryu's scales. Also, Kasai can sprout wings, horn, or a scaly tail, similar to all dragons. To top it all off, Kasai can turn into a full grown dragon, although it has it's limitations. Kasai grows as tall as Ryukyu in her dragon form, and has similar abilities such as greater durability, and stamina, but Kasai can only hold said form for about five minutes every hour, so he chooses to reserve it as a final resort.

    Setbacks: A drawback is that Kasai's flames aren't the strongest, and against someone who can control elements such as water, or wind can easily put the fire out. Kasai should also keep focus, if he manages to loose focus during battle, his scales will revert back to skin, and he will lose his draconian like features, because of this Kasai attempts to keep his mind a clean slate most of the time, but sometimes he can't help but lose focus.

    Personality: Kasai is preferable quiet, but even he tends to want to talk with others sometimes. He stutters on his words sometimes, and when given the option to speak with others, he happily does so, although he is very quiet. He thinks that training is a necessity when you're in Class 3-A, but also believes that breaks are needed.

    • Power - 5/5 A
    • Speed - 3/5 C
    • Technique - 5/5 A
    • Intelligence - 3/5 C
    • Cooperativeness - 5/5 A

    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Crush: N/A

    Other: Kasai Doragoni has meaning to his name. Kasai is the Japanese word for Fire. And Doragoni is close to the Japanese word for Dragon, simply adding the I to the end of Doragon.

    Boom, I'm using Kasai from the other RP, but I had to edit some stuff out, like his crush on Nejire.
  6. Since so many are joining 1A, i'll edit mine and go into 1A too
  7. The next generation of 1-A students pretty much.
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  9. donald.duck

    donald.duck Previously funguy

    Ok, I'm in. I'll play:
    Name: Yawarakakusuru Fuku
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Class: 1-A (First Year)

    Appearance: Fuku has fair skin and pale hair. He has teeth similar to Juzo Honenuki's. He is tall and lengthy and rarely can be seen with any type of muscles, but he swears he has them.
    Clothing: Fuku usually wears buttoned up shirts (with fruits and cacti on them) and dress pants. When he is feeling casual he wears the exact same pattern just with sweats and a hood.
    Hero Costume: Fuku's hero costume is similar to Fat Gum's (meaning that it's a simple tracksuit and some equipment). The suit is made of rubber and it had pads in it that transfer his quirk to his body to soften blows. He has thick gloves that transfer his quirks easily. These gloves also have the ability to reverse the quirk making stuff harden instead of softening. His outfit is mostly made of disguised metal (other than his tracksuit). He wears a black mask that he rarely puts on and his boots are pressurized so that he is able to walk on whatever he softens.

    Hero Name: The Soft Hero: Punching-Bag!
    Role: Student
    Quirk: Soft Body
    Quirk (Type): Transform
    Explination: Fuku is able to soften his body at will. This allows him to take hits easier and long-range attacks as well. Activating his quirk allows him to even fall of high altitudes without severe damage. Although he cannot soften anything but himself (like Juzo Honenuki). When softening his body he his softening his bones and his skins. So he is also able (though he has never done it) to recover from broken bones when he softens them and hardens them again (but it rarely works). Although he cannot soften anything else his hero costume allows him to transfer his quirk to objects and reverse it hardening things that are already softened.

    Setbacks: When using his quirk Fuku isn't able to move as well since his bones are being softened. So in order to make up for this, his boot on his hero costume is air pressurized allowing him to float. This is the only drawback since he has unlimited time for his quirk.

    Personality: Fuku is very energetic and rarely likes quiet. He frequently yells and is the class clown in most of his classes. He loves to work in teams and loves to be around people (hence why he strives to meet new people)

    • Power - 3/5 C
    • Speed - 5/5 A
    • Technique - 3/5 C
    • Intelligence - 4/5 B
    • Cooperativeness - 5/5 A

    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Crush: N/A

    Other: Yawarakakusuru Fuku is Japanese words literally meaning "soft blow".
    (Fun Fact: Fuku likes bananas. He also trained a bit with the retired "Space Hero: Thirteen" as a kid.)
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  10. @J-DAWG usually, a student's stats usually total about 16, and yes, the majority of the people in this RP total up to 20, but Yawarakakusuru are 22. Can you shorten it down a bit? Apart from that, you're good to go!
  11. donald.duck

    donald.duck Previously funguy

    Gotcha, chief!
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  12. Really? Then we're already doing better then Class 1-A xD
  13. @J-DAWG Good to go!

    Everyone, yes, this has gone really fast, but the thread should be up very soon. I forgot my laptop charger somewhere, and I can't get it til possibly later than tomorrow. So, I'm gonna start it now, and it should be up in about ten minutes.
  14. I'd only post so much, if I'm not around, I'm either lazy, busy or playing Red Dead 2.
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  15. donald.duck

    donald.duck Previously funguy

    I'm either with my friends, homework, playing with my bird, playing Ones justice or maining Joker in Smash or I'm dead.
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  16. I'm not posting until tomorrow. I need to sleep now
  17. @Red Gallade All me except I don’t play that game, xD

    And I don’t know what to post right now
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  18. Are we still open for business?

    Name: Alyssa Green
    Age (Year): 14 (First Year)
    Appearance: Alyssa is an overall small girl, not quite developed even at her 'teenage age'. She stands at around 5'1 and has a rather flat figure, overall skinny and fragile with the slightest curve at her hips. Lyss dons rather fair skin, with a visible pink undertone that flashes when she is embarrassed or flustered. Her round face sports a set of rosy, thin lips; large, sparkling, emerald green eyes; and a button-like nose. The girl's hair is thick and dark purple, contrasting form the rest of her fair body, it is bluntly chopped off about an inch below her shoulders and typically parted in the middle then simply left down.
    Clothing: When not in uniform, Lyss sports a t-shirt. Either plain or with some sort of pun or picture on the front, that always makes her chuckles but never seems to catch the attention of anyone else. She matches said shirt with a range of colorful skirts and white sneakers, which are the only sneakers she owns.
    Hero Costume: Alyssa decided to have a lot of fun when making her costume, but it was completely rejected by her father, a pro hero, who claimed it would get in the way. After getting rid of all the fluffiness and lace- Lyss was left with a bright pink jump suit with blakc stripes down either side of her shoulders. She then layers a tight and short tutu over it, and straps over her shoulders connect to the skirt, holding jars which are intended to store her glue for easy access so she doesn't have to make it during battles. Lastly, the costume consists of a bright pink helmet, like a motorcycle helmet that exposes her face- which is typically decorated with pink-warpaint.
    Personality: Alyssa is a loud girl, happy-go-lucky but also dangerously tenacious. Though immature and obnoxious at times, Alyssa tends to think things through despite her actions seemingly having no point. The girl can be rather manipulative and cunning, though she's outright friendly to everyone anyways. Fear is something that Lyss might have never experienced, but she loves a good challenge and never backs down form anything; she's rather cocky but also tends to give props to others who preform better than her. Alyssa is a hardworking when it comes trianing time or a sparring match, but she tends to goof-off before hand, finding herself easily distracted and bored until competition is brought up.

    Quirk (Type): Glue (Emmiter)
    Explanation: Alyssa can virtually stick any items together. Whether this be gluing together few pebbles to make a rock, or actually forcing people to stick to there environment. With just her fingers applied to any object, Alyssa can create a gooey substance that dries in a matter of milliseconds and is practically invisible. This glue is nto impossible to break, but depending on the amount of time spent of the applying the glue, it typically take 10-20 minutes to break out of without a quirk.
    Setback: Alyssa can't produce her glue-like substance if she is either too cold or too hot, it also takes time and she must make actual contact with both objects to mend them together.

    Power: 2/5
    Speed: 3/5
    Technique: 5/5
    Intelligence: 4/5
    Cooperativeness: 4/5
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  19. Sorry. I saw wrong. This one was closed earlier so i got confused xD
  20. @XBD I'm calling your character Fuku. Yawarakakusuru is the longest name in the world, I hope you don't mind, XD
  21. I think all of us are gonna be nicknaming that char.
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  22. Akiko and Fuku. Sorry i didn't clarify
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  23. So I'm guessing this is everyone making their way to/entering the school or something?
  24. Basically @Red Gallade we're all in a room listening to a speech about what we're gonna do, and now some of us are going to the doors to get ready for the physical test we have to do, you have to do the physical tests to get in, such as in the anime, all the students had to fight robots to get the most points

    Like a video game battle, basically
  25. Alright, I'll try and think of what to post then.
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  26. Alright so apparently @GalacticDeg have said that it wasn't robots this time. I'm gonna act like Naya doesn't know that because then he'll need to rethink his whole strategy and it'll be more challenging for him that way
  27. They're all assuming it's robots since it usually should be, there's no problem with that, they don't know what's coming
  28. Either way, Benjiro tries to prepare for ever scenario or can at least learn to; his favourite form of fighting is trying to outsmart his opponents.
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  29. That's what my character HAS to do, or she's pretty useless up front when you know she's gonna attack you
  30. Oof, is this thread not open after all, or did you just not see my post?
  31. He wasn’t around on the weekend as usual, you’ll probably be in though, @Barefoot_Kittens
  32. @GalacticDeg Can we please move on?

    @Barefoot_Kittens I'm just gonna go and say that if Deg doesn't come around and you're getting bored, just prepare your post, we're at the door waiting to get out for the exam right now, everyone's just doing random stuff, feel free to come say hi to anyone, or stay sat waiting where @Aether Ace and @GalacticDeg are right now

    And he won't mind me, I know what type of people he accepts :3
  33. @Red Gallade @Jodie.xox

    First, it's not a room, it's open. Remember when Izuku and everyone are waiting to start the entrance exam to get into U.A. (and Izuku gets in fully on rescue points), he's waiting in an enclosure outside of a large gate, am I right?

    Second, @Barefoot Kittens in you are in.

    Didn't I mention about my charger being lost? I have it now though, and we can move on after I read everything.
  34. So basically, our chars are fighting other heroes or quirk users and have to find and hit a 'certain point' on them to gain points? If so, have the opponents' quirks been decided or can we make them up or something?
  35. Any hero you introduce in the test may have any Quirk you want, @Red Gallade

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