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Private/Closed BnHA: Your Hero Academia (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GalacticDeg, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. Thank you
  2. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Yo you guys still accepting new members?
  3. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Name: Gon Riku
    Age (Year): 15 (1st Year)
    Appearance: Gon Riku is about 5,9 in height and 150 pounds in weight. His skin tone is mixed though his is complete black. With his hair style he looks like a Gon Freecs with gray eyes.
    Clothing: Gon usually wears a white shirt with a hoodie tied around his waist(The hoodie is a mix of black, white, and a somewhat lighter shade of blue), jeans, and full blue sneakers.
    Hero Costume: A different color if normal attire basically but reinforced to adjust to his quirk.
    Personality: He has a dad like Todoroki so he's pushing himself to his limit. Trying to be free from his control. Besides that he's pretty chill (Haha puns) and easy going.

    Quirk (Type): (I'm sorry creativity kicked in I kinda hope you accept this Idea but if not I have a backup) Name: Transmuter

    4. Transmutter: Allows him to control elements, only a few at the moment consisting of lightning, fire, and water.

    Setback:He can only use 1 at a time for now because he has no experience with 2 and never tried it. Also after using his quirk he's totally run down. Though he has a limit he's done if he hits it, then he becomes useless. His limit is like the amount of time it takes to cook rice.
    Extras: ;-;

    Power: 5
    Speed: 5
    Technique: 3
    Intelligence: 3
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  4. Just gave the rp a reviving post, i think we need to work out exactly who is still interested

    If you need me to explain what the two support items are for I can
  5. I didn't get any notifications.

    @Kyle From Hoenn please may you use the 'backup' Quirk? That Quirk is just like having 5 Quirks in one.
    If all the different modes were very similar, then maybe I'd say yes.
  6. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Is it fine if just keep 2 or 3 part of the quirk and lower its power and speed?
  7. Can you just tell me the backup Quirk? Still 2 or 3 parts of the Quirk is like having 2 or 3 Quirks, and I think aura's a really hard thing to try and use and it'll just get everything confusing.
  8. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Mk, the back up was just being a transmutter controlling elements like fire, lightning, water that stuff.
  9. So who is still interested in continuing the rp cause it feels like we’re waiting for people who don’t plan on continuing
  10. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    I wanna join I'm just complaining and explaining the quirk I made lol
  11. So guys. Hi.
    I think I'm going to have to get up on out of here, for a few reasons.
    Hopefully the rp stays alive without me.

  12. Are we posting or what?
  13. I think we’re waiting on @GalacticDeg to post the next trail, or better yet just tell us here what the tests will be and we can just write a long post about the remaining 4
  14. @Frontier Master I am posting the next test but I'm stuck on a way for Konyo to live up to his 4/5 speed.

    @Kyle From Hoenn you can use the elemental control if you still want to use it. Probably best to keep it to a few elements and only being able to use one at a time. For a setback, maybe your elements have a limit, and they have to recharge. It might be quite small as you start U.A. but it could grow from more use?

    @Quake that's totally fine.

    @Jodie.xox look at my first point on this post.
  15. I'll try and think of a post on how Benjiro can get through this.
  16. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    I can agree to that, should I repost the sign up sheet or edit it?
  17. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Welp I finished editing now.
  18. Maybe explain the setback differently? Mentioning his imaginary limit bar? Then I can accept you finally.
  19. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

  20. @GalacticDeg Just say Konyo is naturally fast, people can be fast without powers or training naturally
  21. That’s how I was planning to explain Kazumi’s speed
  22. Eh, he posted anyway, @Barefoot_Kittens is doing a thing with Akiko but I gave her permission, incase any of you were wondering
  23. Name: Midiki Anagennisi
    Age (Year): 14, Year 1
    Appearance: Midiki is tall, standing at 5'9''. He has brown eyes and curly dark brown hair. He also has olive colored skin. He has a lean physique.
    Clothing: Midiki has little fashion sense, so his casual clothes often consist of hoodies and varsity jackets. He often prioritizes comfiness over style. He has a favorite pull-over sweater that has a caduceus emblem in the center.
    Hero Costume: His costume is quite simple. Midiki wears a toga that is quite durable and weather resistant and carries a large caduceus staff that can be used as a weapon. He hates his costume and wishes it would be more flashy.
    Personality: As a child, he was incredibly quiet and antisocial. Only recently has he started trying to get out more, so he's usually not that good with people and can come off as cold. He may be snarky and mischevious but is very loyal to those he is close with.

    Quirk (Type): Reconstitution (Emitter, Support/Utility)
    Explanation: Midiki is able to reconstitute dead bio-matter into new life. He can use this to heal dead cells, create plants out of soil, and temporarily reanimate corpses. After restored, Midiki can control the reconstituted bio-matter for up to a day. For example, if he heals a cut on somebody's arm he can control said arm. He can control corpses as zombies and even control the growth of trees to trap opponents in branches and roots. Midiki can even heal his own damage.
    -Midiki needs concentration when reconstituting bio-matter, especially when healing. If he is disrupted, it can malfunction and cause necrosis, or the death of cells. The chance of causing necrosis heightens the more he uses the quirk.
    -He can reconstitute less things the more complex the organic matter is. For example, he can create 20-30 trees but only up to 10 zombies
    Extras: Although his quirk is mostly support, Midiki wants to make up for the lack of destructive power which has lead to him practicing kick-boxing and becoming very creative with the applications of his quirk.
    Power: 3/5
    Speed: 3/5
    Technique: 5/5
    Intelligence: 4/5
    Cooperativeness: 3/5

    He's a Greek exchange student, but planning to move here permanently with his Japanese mother.
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  24. @PumperPenny you're accepted!

    And, by necrosis, you mean that simply healing a cut could backfire and kill the person?
  25. @GalacticDeg Necrosis doesn't cause instant death unless it's super severe, as it's even seen in spider bites. Even during overuse, it would only cause painful black spots on the skin at most.
  26. @GalacticDeg will this rp be continuing or not because we seem to be waiting for the next test
  27. Sorry, I left it a bit to let you guys interact with your characters. I will begin the next event now.

    There's only going to be 3, not 5, because Intelligence will have been covered in the U.A. entrance exam's mental side, and technique will be counted over how you do in all 3 of the tests.
  28. Ok great, how would u like us to describe those two? Like as an additional note made by Bakugou or perhaps as a leaderboard, because Kazumi’s two best traits happen to be Technique and Intelligence
  29. Maybe we can discuss the groups so the actual RP isn't so hectic. It's 2 groups of 5 not 5 groups of 2, right?
  30. Yeah, we need the groups posted here, it’s just going to be confusing, and the roleplay was down for 2 days, so is it actually alive or..?
  31. I think some people have lost interest and have left so we end up waiting for them to post not knowing they have left.
  32. Can we please post groups guys
  33. Well I know it's Amelia, Fuku, and Konyo for sure. Midiki was just invited to her group, it's a maybe there. Who else needs to be grouped? How many characters are left?
  34. My two girls need a group, but I don’t know what to do
  35. I think it would probably be best to have them on one team for simplicity’s sake
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  36. Alyssa, Konyo, Fuku, Midiki
    Sumiye, Akikio, Benjiro, Kazumi

    Even groups of 4? We can change stuff around if you want too

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