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Private/Closed Wolfborn: The School of Powers (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jodie.xox, Jul 12, 2018.


Should we continue or wait for people to be back after this week, and just catch them up later?

Poll closed Aug 7, 2018.
  1. Continue.

    3 vote(s)
  2. Pause the RP while people are gone this week.

    2 vote(s)
  1. Sorry for not posting. I was busy with school and other things. Can a get a summary, since there has been a lot, an I mean A LOT of posts made while I was gone?
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  2. I don't have time to sum things up right now, but if someone doesn't beat me to it, I'll come back later to sum the events up for you :)
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  3. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Imma post on the RP now, It will probably be short though.
    @AnimeTail I have no idea what went on while i was away XD
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  4. @AnimeTail
    So, after Zack came to the school, Syn got a massive Hydra out that we eventually lured away. The school is in a bad condition, and the next roleplay day will be Friday, Delphi's birthday. We have the day off so the school can be repaired to the state that students can safely walk around again. Delphi and Crystal are in Delphi's dorm playing Pokemon Let's Go, and we're currently battling, then we're probably going to sleep so we can continue onto Friday, so if you get Zack back to base and Mark to bed, it'll be fine. @Barefoot_Kittens has made two villains that are in our villain base thing, and Scarlett entered it to find them there. She is yet to reply back to me, and you can come join in. If you need the villain bio's for the new two, I suggest getting Barefoot to find them or see if you can find them yourself

    @AstrapiDappletail Chaos, my dear Reshiram, absolute random chaos. The normal business, y'know!

    Edit: Delphi's birthday is actually on Sunday, but she plans to prepare a party with Crystal before it. She wants to surprise everyone.
    #964 Jodie.xox, Jan 15, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2019
  5. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Delphi's B-day is Sunday, actually ;)
  6. Oof, how did this happen? Somehow I kept putting my reply off until I just forgot about it XD. I'm at school right now, amd have a basketball game afterwards. I'll sneak in a rpely later tonight.
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  7. Any chance we can move on to the morning soon?
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  8. @Barefoot_Kittens Reply to Scarlett when you get time, and don't worry about the morning, just carry on from Scarlett arriving and seeing you there, she just asked who your characters are.

    @Pokéboy098 Yup, sorry, I had some homework to do, I'll post soon!
  9. Syn’s punishment teacher is Mr. Beamon, the creature taming teacher.
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  10. Woops, sorry 'bout that, I'll change it if you really need me to, at least she wasn't talking to people about it, I was just mentioning Syn's extras for everyone
  11. Sorry, I’ll get to posting after school this afternoon, I’ve run out of time already..
    @Red Gallade Are you busy? You haven’t done a post yet, but lemme know if you need help about what’s happened
    @AnimeTail are you also able to post sometime? I’ll give you more of a catch-up if you want, we’ve just gone into the morning now, and people are doing their different things
  12. @Jodie.xox yes I should be able to post after school, no more of a catch up needed! :up:
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  13. I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble catching up. And I am busy so it’ll take a while until I have time to post.
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  14. Thought so, that's a-okay
  15. Not to be that one person that complains about how the role players aren’t on enough (I understand that many of us probably have stuff going on; I do.) but this RP seems to be going inactive, and I don’t like that because this is my main RP and has been going on for over half a year. I would post, but I don’t know what to say.
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  16. I would, too, but I’m waiting for someone else to post, I don’t really have anything to do except randomly go to spend some time at the pool, maybe, and that’s kind of out of context right now :p

    @AnimeTail @Barefoot_Kittens (Will reply with Scarlett soon, I keep forgetting, sorry!) @GalacticDeg @AstrapiDappletail @Red Gallade @Dratingonair (You already posted, but I’ll reply to Brian in my next post for you)
  17. I’ll try and post again soon, sry I haven’t been as active on this as before.
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  18. Please see my most recent status post.
    Each of my RPs has at least one of you in it, so it really only applies to you guys.
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  19. Okay! Didn’t see that, let us know when you can post!
  20. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    "Pygmy dragons are the smallest category of dragons, being on the same scale as domesticated animals. They are often found around concentrated populations of dragons, relying on their larger brethren to ward away potential predators and leave scraps. As such, the majority of a pygmy’s diet is scavenged. Due to their tiny size, pygmies do not breed with larger varieties of dragons."
    From DragonCave Wikia
  21. I want a pygmy dragon! XD
  22. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    I want a Pipo Pygmy ;3
    You may have any on the list below, my beloved Meowth
  23. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Woo Hoo! Three cheers for @GalacticDeg
    Your Awesome dude :D
  24. It said your link was invalid or had expired. Then, on the second try, my school’s internet blocked discord (it does this on and off). Then, on the third and fourth tries, my iPad couldn’t get a secure connection to the server, so I don’t know what the problem is.

    I guess I’ll try again later... :'|
  25. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    This is helpful to me.
  26. Sorry, I didn’t feel like coming on yesterday, I’ll post if I need to! ❤️
  27. I have one, but I rarely use it. While I do appreciate the fact there’s one for the RP, I can’t promise that I’ll join it at all.
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  28. Add me, Meowzers#8259
    You can come join, doesn't matter if you're there or not, I'll send an invite, plus I just want to add you there
    You can turn notifications off for the server even if it starts bothering you
    @Barefoot_Kittens Same for you, my discord is here^^
    @AnimeTail Feel free to add me and come join, too!^^
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  29. Trust me, there is a very good reason that we are trying to get everyone to join, but I can:t tell you on here, so I need you all to join so I can tell you.
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  30. Sorry for the double post, Admins.

    For the other roleplayers' information, we decided on the discord that I would be taking over the role of Delphi.
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  31. I’ll be posting after school now, then I guess we should also think of something for the villains
  32. :O. I thought that the RP was just slowing down because people were busy. Turns out I wasn't getting notifications.
    @Jodie.xox you haven't responded with Scarlet yet, have you? Just making sure I'm not missing anything.
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  33. I kept forgetting constantly, XD
    I'll do it now

    Also, @Shadow_Pup is back in the roleplay with Renwick the villian and Bellamy
  34. Always have to check if you are getting notifications. You just can’t trust pokecharms. I Forget all the time.
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  35. @Barefoot_Kittens About discord, would you like to be in the server? We were planning to voice chat sometime, and by 'we', I mean me and Astrapi, but y'never know who else will decide to join in!

    @Pokéboy098 10/10 advice ;3

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