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Private/Closed Wolfborn: The School of Powers (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jodie.xox, Jul 12, 2018.


Should we continue or wait for people to be back after this week, and just catch them up later?

Poll closed Aug 7, 2018.
  1. Continue.

    3 vote(s)
  2. Pause the RP while people are gone this week.

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  1. Roleplay: https://pokecharms.com/threads/wolfborn-the-school-of-powers.19628/

    The school is set on a floating island just about the ocean surrounded by smaller islands and obviously, the countries. It's a castle that from the outside, appears to be old, but the small area in front has a stony area with a big fountain and lots of big grass fields, along with a rather large greenhouse full of mythical, and normal, plants. Inside, everything is pretty much up to date and modern, with personalized dorms for students.

    The school has lots of class rooms, but it also has much more than that. It has an arcade near to the dorms for the students to play in, called Bazaarcade. It also has a library with lots of comfy pillows and bookshelves full of old and new books. There is a Cafe named Sunset Cafe, which is basically the school canteen, for the students to eat at whenever they please. The food changes with time of day. There is a stable outside full of mythical creatures which is tended by the older students and teachers.

    -Attack & Defense
    -Creature tending/taming
    -Power Casting
    -English & mythical languages
    -Science of the magical world

    - Pet can be mythical, whatever you want.
    - You can have any power, just don't become a Mary Sue.
    - Animal people are allowed if you wish, but don’t go overboard.
    - You can control teachers, make sure you ask if you want to make one or use one. (use the bio frame)
    - Pets are allowed to gain/have powers.
    -Swearing is okay.
    -Any romance is okay.


    (Your character)
    Appearance & Clothes:

    (Your pet) - optional
    Appearance & Accessories:


    (What will your students call you?)
    Subject taught:
    Appearance & Clothes:

    Any more ideas are to be posted to the role play discussion, aswell as questions.
    [​IMG]And just have fun!
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  2. Sounds cool! Heh, hope my character is fine tho (jesus what was that 'heh' - Deg from the future)

    Jesse Pearson
    Power: Slightly faster and stronger than a normal human, and can become a demonic creature. Whilst one, Jesse is able to be physically touched, but can go through walls. Much stronger, too, and able to use various forms of dark magic, such as levitating and energy blasts. Any non-powered being will become unconscious if near him when he transforms.
    Personality: Even though he used to be quiet and liked to be lonely, as he's come to Wolfborn, he's definitely become more extroverted, but is still quiet. Now, Jesse is a person who likes to make friends and his main aim, even though he hides it, is to be popular. He also has a lot of common interests, which aids with making friends.
    Appearance: Jesse has messy dark blonde hair (look at Harry Potter in the Prisoner Of Azkaban for an example of the style.), crimson eyes, thin eyebrows and very bright skin, as if he'd been kept away from light his entire life. He wears different clothes every day, but usually it's a short-sleeve hoodie, with a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath, and nearly any long-legged trousers, and in Winter, a blue-red scarf. His shoes are black boots in Winter, and dark blue converse in Summer. Jesse also wears glasses (the ones with the thick black thing at the top). He's not overweight, but not underweight either and is 5"4' tall. When he becomes his demonic self, he becomes human-shape, but made of thick black smoke, that looks near enough solid, and is solid to touch. Whilst in this form, he also wears clothing that a fantasy-setting thief would wear, and still has the glasses
    Age: 12
    Backstory (Optional): He was sent to Wolfborn, because he reached the age, had the powers and his parents were also scared that at a normal high school, he could transform at any moment of stress, which would alert the world of his species.
    The backstory to his actual self though, he's part of a large family of royals, from hell, but his grandmother and grandfather were sent to live on Earth. From time to time, they get messages and other forms of interaction from hell. He keeps this as one of his biggest secrets. Usually, in the summer holidays of a year, he goes on vacation to hell. His voice has a slight posh tone to it, which is strange compared to his casual-ness.

    A Cerberus puppy
    Name: Ashes, 8 years old.
    Personality: All his heads are the same person, he's not got three different minds. Playful and able to sense emotion well, and will try to calm anything down if he feels it is upset. Follows commands well, too, he's not at all a troublemaker on purpose, he tries his hardest to be a "good boy".
    Backstory (Optional): The Pearson family have had a Cerberus for each family member, as the mum's and the dad's of a Pearson child will have the exact number of puppies for each child in the family. So, Jesse got a Cerberus as a 4-year-old.

    *From Page 14, makes my life easier than looking for it so hard.*

    Name: Eric Cryst Diamonson
    Power: The ability to form diamonds from thin air, in any shape.
    Personality: Usually confident and sociable, never backs down from a challenge. However, if he makes a plan, it's usually an extremely irrational one, as he tends to over-think.
    Appearance: White hair, with no fringe, brown eyes and skin, nearly a light-blue colour. His clothing is usually all one colour, usually purple, and usually a jacket and baggy shorts, but there's been known to be occasions where he wears lazy, casual clothing. He has a black wrist-band and a purple backpack
    Age: 12
    Backstory (Optional): His family have been going to Wolfborn since it opened. This was no exception for Eric, who was sent. However, he missed the plane, and arrived on the day of the house-picking. His and Jesse's families are good friends, so he knows Jesse.

    Pet: A slightly enlarged flamingo that can fly very well.
    Name: Lolly
    Personality: Friendly, likes to try and make friends, and also quite persuasive.
    Backstory (Optional): As a kid, Eric stole a flamingo from a zoo that was known for having strangely larger animals, as he thought it was cruel, as the flamingo looked sad. However, this was just because it did that to persuade people to give it food. Now, he keeps her as his pet.
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  3. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Name: Ryan Thorne
    Power: He gets the power of a dragon, such as breathing fire, also when angered he can turn into his dragon form, he can also control fire and use it to attack
    Personality: He likes making a lot of friends and doesn't give up at anything, while caring for his friends and family
    Appearance: He has the same hairstyle as Taki Tachibana from Your Name except his hair is black, he has brown eyes and is pale and quite tall
    Age: 13
    Backstory: He was sent to Wolfborn because, his parents were terrified of him and were scared that he could get angry and injure, or even kill them.

    Pet: Wolf
    Name: Devil
    Personality: He is quite loyal to Ryan however he has a short temper and is very protective of Ryan, and will attack anybody that hurts him
    Backstory: He found Devil as a pup, he found him over the body of his mother, she was dead, Ryan took him in and raised him
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  4. Bio-
    Name: Mark Aquaisa
    Power: Mark has the power to grow up to 10 tentacles from his back (WARNING: DO NOT ANGER THE TENTACLES, OR THEY WILL HAVE A MIND OF THEIR OWN!). The tentacles also have a sticky subtance on them so that Mark can stick to anything dry (How do you make an octopus laugh? Ten tickles!).
    Personality: Mark is friendly, and outgoing. He always wants to make friends, but he only chooses based on how they act toward him and if Mark thinks they are trustworthy.
    Appearance: Mark has brown short hair, with brown eyes. He also has a red-gray polo shirt that on the side has the logo for Wolfborn. Mark has gray jeans, red sneakers, and a galaxy backpack.
    Age: 13
    (Optional): Mark always hoped to be enrolled in Wolfborn. He enrolled at 12, and was excited to be accepted. At 13, when Mark heard he got accepted, he screamed and quickly pack his bags.

    Pet Bio-
    Pet: A cute little leviathan
    Name: Levi (pronounced Lee-vai)
    Personality: Humorous, and very cute. But if you diss him, or be rude to him or Mark in any way, he will become crazy and agressive.
    (Optional): The ocean that Levi lived in, Alabac Ocean, was getting infested with sharks, so Levi's family quickly escaped, but when they got to land, they couldn't breathe. So they back to hide in the water. Levi then saw Mark swimming underwater, and decided to tell himabout the sharks. Mark then decided to to take in the cute animal to his home in a bowl. When Levi was being brought home, Levi saw a saw his parents being brought into a animal control center. When Levi told Mark, Mark comforted him. Levi was very happy, and later on grew a power of being able to breathe outside of water, so he could go with Mark to Wolfborn without being in a bowl.
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  5. Right, so, I got a few questions. (Sorry, I use Harry Potter as a bit of reference as they are similar.)

    • Maybe we could do houses? Kinda like Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff & Ravenclaw from Harry Potter.
    • Is it going to be modern or old?
    • Is it a school where we all share the same classes or do we have different classes for each period?
    • Is there an evil to the story?
    • What are the surroundings to the school? Is there a place you can go to occasionally, like Hogsmeade in Harry Potter?
    • Sure, we could name them after mythical creatures, if that sounds good to you guys. For example, like a Phoenix.
    • Modern.
    • We all have the same classes. (In our group of friends, we all have a similar age anyway.)
    • Only if we make one throughout or something, that's if anyone wants one.
    • We can have outside places and hangouts, like you can go out to the shops on the weekend or anywhere you want.
    We should probably decide on the surroundings, so let me know all of your ideas if you have any and I can do a description about the place.
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  6. I've got 2 ideas:​
    • A cafe for hanging out during free time, so friends can talk and drink their favorite beverages. Name idea: Sunset Cafe
    • An arcade to compete against you best friends at your favorite arcade games and earn tokens for awesome prizes. The most special prize is the 10,000 token glow-in-the-dark diamond necklace. Name idea: Bazaarcade
  7. For house names, I'm going to list some mythical creatures and what they could mean.

    • Demon - The "bully" type group, people who usually grow on to become villains. (Demons, evil, pretty obvious)
    • Basilisk - The brave type group, people who look fear in the eye and face it. (Basilisks kill with eyesight, so it fits)
    • Hydra - I have no idea, but it could be cool. (Hydras are nine-headed dragons)
    • Unicorn - The popular group house, people who are the typical teens. (Unicorns are beautiful and snobby, it's hard to explain)
    • Sasquatch - The clumsy group house, people with big hearts and generally act like "goofballs". (Also known as Bigfoot and Golem could work instead)
    • Sphinx - The joker group house, people who tend to say riddles and do practical jokes. (Could also be the smart/nerd group)
    Using all of them might be a bit confusing, but you could use some or come up with others?
  8. We could use as many as the people in the roleplay and have everyone choose a house each, @GalacticDeg

    The places sound good, I'll make a description later, thanks! @AnimeTail
  9. Going from the logic of "houses", I'm pretty sure you mostly spend time with your house, but I don't know, it's fictional, we can twist it.

    Ooh, and maybe depending on which house you're in, it grants you an additional, small other power?
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  10. @Jodie.xox, is there a plan on how we will meet?
  11. @AnimeTail maybe in a class? Not totally sure yet
    @GalacticDeg each house could grant a small power, yup, and we could just be in houses in the morning for a short time or something on school days
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  12. @AnimeTail @Jodie.xox We don't have to plan a meet, we just might eventually. And who says they have to be friends? :>
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  13. @ShadowGreninja244 - I know I can't tell you to, but please can you come up with some ideas and help with the discussion? Thanks in advance.
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  14. For houses. How about basing it on grades? So the school will feel more like school. Hey kids, here's incentive for studying and obeying the teachers. The good grade house would have more privileges like maybe a salon for relaxing and better equipment.
  15. @Spoiled Bread Nice idea, thanks! They could have access to a special living room with a nice, big TV or something too, xD
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  16. What about there's like, 5 houses. You start on House 3, and can move up or down?

    House 5 - Really good house. Creature - Brownie? Unicorn?
    House 4 - Good house. Creature - Unicorn? Phoenix?
    House 3 - Medium house, usually for new kids before rated. Creature - No idea. Maybe Hydra?
    House 2 - Bad house. Not bad enough to be expelled. Creature - Demon?
    House 1 - Special need bad house. If you're "really" bad, you'd be expelled. So what about for kids who have like, uncontrollable powers or anger unable to be helped? Creature - Gorgon?
  17. @GalacticDeg But what about the names? One for each house, even with the ratings? I guess we could all pick one for our character and help define how they are more! Gorgon sounds good too.
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  18. Brownies, if you're curious, are little elves or goblins that are super helpful with chores and stuff. Gorgons are basically Medusa.
  19. Sounds great, I'll add a description of the place and the houses, explaining what they are soon.
    While I'm here, does anyone have ideas for lessons? I do myself, just wanna check with you guys.
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  20. Well, we should have lessons such as:

    • Power Controlling - Learning how to rightfully use a student's power
    • Creature Care - Learning how to look after or deal with a mythical creature.
    • Basic Lessons - Superheroes still need to learn maths and science, etc. However, you could do like Hogwarts and just have the magical lessons.
    • Flight - I don't know how it'd work, but I think it'd be cool.
    • Gardening - Learning how to look after plants (If there's mythical creatures, there's mythical plants, right?)
  21. Overview:
    • Power Controlling - Leaning how to rightfully control and use your powers.
    • Creature Care - Learning how to look after or deal with a mythical creature.
    • Basic Lessons - Math, English, Science.
    • Flight - For all students who have the flight ability. (For Mark @AnimeTail , his tenticles could launch him, and he could be taught how to control direction?)
    • Gardening - Learning how to look after mythical plants.
    • Connecting - Learning how to connect with your powers, like controlling them but on a more mental level.
    • History of Powers - Learning history of past powers and what a lot of powers do, how to deal with people that have them and what to do around them/what not to do around them.
    • Powers Problem solving - Learning how to use your powers to solve different situations, a lot of physical work involved, as well as mental thinking.
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  22. We should think of more, I agree with them all.

    For Flight, Jesse, as he can become a phantom thing I am yet to name, he is able to levitate. I'll put it on my bio later.
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  23. JayTaku

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    Sorry I wasn't interacting I wasn't getting any notifications for the thread
  24. @ShadowGreninja244 Oh ok, no problem. If you don't get notifications, maybe check the thread every now and then.
  25. JayTaku

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    ok I will remember to to do that, anyway when will the RP be started
  26. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    oh ok gives me time to do what I need to in real life
  27. Are you still accepting?
  28. @FrostCrispz Yep, just make your bio from the description! This is why I didn’t start yet, to give us time for more people and to get sorted and all that. If you have any ideas about more lessons, places in the school or houses or anything, let us know!

    @ShadowGreninja244 Have you watched the thread? It might give you notifications then.
  29. For lessons I suggest things that's easier to roleplay. Like:

    - attack
    - defense (power control, connecting and problem solving will be included in these first two.)
    - rules and ethic (sounds like that one lesson every student think as boring)
    - creature tending
    - english
    - physic & biology & chemistry (who know? You might find some nice tricks after learning these 'mundane' lesson.)
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  30. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    ok thanks I am getting notifications now
  31. Name: John Tella
    Power: John can warp space/reality through 'wormholes' and his body's power. By doing so, he can teleport himself and items around. He can also store things outside of reality. The charge of his body is dangerous to others around him.
    Personality: John isn't one to brag. Instead, this nice kid is normally a trickster and not exactly a well behaving kid. John also believes in every man for thenselves, not exactly open to making friends.
    Appearance: Short black hair with green eyes. Also, John has two main clothing styles. The main one which he wears everyday is a lightweight black coat over a silver shirt and black pants. The other is his sneaking clothes, which is pretty much the same as before but he wears a mask that looks like a Basilisc
    Age: 13
    Backstory: Na.

    Pet: Will work on later.
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  33. @Jodie.xox, the descriptions for the cafe and arcade are great. Love it! The rest of the descriptions are great too!

    EDIT: This RP is gonna be good!

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  34. Is everyone ready to start the roleplay? We'll start as soon as you guys all say you are!
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  35. :DYes! I am so ready!:D
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  36. Ready, but first, do we need anything else, like more lessons or something?

    @Spoiled Bread - Are you going to join?
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