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Private/Closed Wolfborn: The School of Powers (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jodie.xox, Jul 12, 2018.


Should we continue or wait for people to be back after this week, and just catch them up later?

Poll closed Aug 7, 2018.
  1. Continue.

    3 vote(s)
  2. Pause the RP while people are gone this week.

    2 vote(s)
  1. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Ah, okay.
  2. Sorry, I couldn't get on for a couple days, I'll try to post as soon as
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  3. Man this rp has really grown since I've been gone, huh?
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  4. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Yeah, and I'm hoping it hasn't died
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  5. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Anyone think we can revive it? *pulls out max revive
  6. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

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  7. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Maybe we should put it on Ask to Join, cause there's only like 5, 6 of us..
  8. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    I don't think so.. I don't think new members would work well
  9. Would love to revive this but I can't really do anything here.
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  10. Hey guys! I've decided to re-boot this roleplay. We'll be keeping the same thread, too!

    I've made alot of changes, so go check out the first post for a more descriptive description of the school, rooms and for the new bios. We now have to make bios for teachers and I'd like you to put all your OC's into the new bios because there's a big chance they've changed. I also added and changed the lessons, and have got alot of new ideas.
    Our OC's will now be moving into a new year in Wolfborn and will be getting new responsibilities, such as helping tend to the stables and helping the younger kids settle in, as well as missions to go out into the real world to help with their learning. I'll also be making a timetable for all the OC's because they can all just be in the same class. We'll keep our dorms with one person, unless you have a reason to have more than one person in them, and maybe your OC will even re decorate their dorm for the start of a new year. We might even have a party in Wolfborn so the new -or old- teachers can welcome everybody, and if you want to add OC's, that's fine to do so, you can have as many characters as you can handle.
    If enough people don't return, we'll get some of our friends, or just new people in that we can all agree on.
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  11. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    @GalacticDeg @Red Gallade @Gold The Dragonite @Barefoot_Kittens @Pokéboy098
    Tagging people I know are in this (sorry if I missed anyone)
    Name: Delphini Storm
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Species: Human
    Power(s): Shapeshifter, can also predict if someone is lying, but it’s more of a quirk than a power
    Personality: Delphi has a rather wide personality and you can never tell how she’d react to something. She is loyal almost to a fault and will stick up for anyone. However she is stubborn, and once her mind is set on something nobody can change it, even if she ends up getting her butt kicked because of said choice.
    Appearance & Clothes: Delphi stands at approximately 5”8’. She is rather slender, she has pale skin dotted with freckles. Her hair is dyed silver, and blue at the tips. She wears brown boots, a white top, a red lumberjack jacket, and jean shorts. She has serval ears, small, chibi like angel wings and amber dragonlike eyes. Her left eye has a scar over it and is rather pale for she is blind in that eye.
    Backstory: Delphi was born to a rich family in the UK yet she hated the fact she had such a spoiled life, and wished she could have a normal family. At the age of nine she discovered her powers alongside her best friend, Laura. However Laura became overconfident with her powers and accidentally caused a disruption across the school, and Delphi had to use her powers to stop her friend from wrecking further havoc. Her friend got expelled afterwards and Delphi feels it was her fault. After being accepted into Wolfborn at 12, she made a lot of friends. During the attack with the hydra, Delphi gained her scar and almost died in the process, however Syn saved her and she has tried to return the favour ever since. She has a slight crush on him too.

    Name: Sprite
    Species: Serval, Female
    Personality: Calm, yet mischievous
    Appearance & Accessories: Wears a collar studded with fake diamonds
    Backstory: Saved by Delphi at a young age

    Name: Mitch
    Species: Serval, Female
    Personality: Complete opposite of Sprite
    Appearance & Accessories: Collar studded with fake diamonds
    Backstory: Saved by Delphi at a young age

    Name: Astrapi
    Species: Serval kitten, Female
    Personality: Jumpy, yet very playful. Sticks around her parents most of the time, or in Delphi’s dorm
    Appearance & Accessories: Collar with a small bell
    Backstory: Born to Mitch and Sprite

    Name: Cliffard (Cliff)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Power(s): Can transfer any of his wounds or illness to others by touching them, can also heal sickness. Occasionally he will give people a sickness he doesn’t have by accident
    Personality: Cliff is very content and quiet, with a negative view on the world. He switches sides easily, as long as there’s something in it for him. He is bad at making friends and gets nervous easily. Yet he is nice when you get to know him. He is also bisexual, with a preference for the same gender but doesn’t let anyone know as his parents frown upon it.
    Appearance & Clothes: Cliff has milk blue eyes and blond hair. He is rather tall. He wears a black hoodie, blue shirt, and shorts.
    Backstory: His parents fight often, and he feels uncomfortable around them. He was bullied at primary school a lot, which made him nervous and untrusting.

    Name: Nikki
    Species: Bat, Female
    Personality: Nikki is very quiet, yet mischievous and clever.
    Appearance & Accessories: Dark blue purple fur
    Backstory: Unknown. She just appeared one day and has never left Cliff’s side since.
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  12. Name: Crystal Parker
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Power(s): Can turn into and understand any (mythical) animal.
    Personality: She's very hyper and quite fit, she absolutely loves cute things and fluffy things, as well as any animal she meets. She tries to be nice to everybody she meets, but it's not the easiest thing in the world and she can sometimes snap in those situations. She can shake things off very quickly and move on, but with things that were closer with her, she can stay emotional for a while. If she is emotional, though, she seeks comfort from her cat, Sapphire.
    Appearance & Clothes: She has blonde hair which is slightly wavy and goes down to meet her waist, as well as fair white skin and slightly pink eyes. She likes to wear a small flower in her hair sometimes and wears a white and pink wavy striped crop top with light blue, ripped denim shorts and pink sneakers.

    Name: Sapphire
    Species: Maine Coon
    Personality: This cat is very fussy and quite spoiled, but also has a very high intelligence. She loves Crystal dearly and always follows behind her or sits next to her when she can sense something isn't right.
    Appearance & Accessories: She is very fluffy and a bit bigger than a normal sized cat, as Maine coons usually are. She has a blue collar with a big blue bow and a small bell.
    Backstory: Being the runt of her litter, although she is big now, Sapphire was an unwanted cat by breeder who bred her and was always overlooked by the buyers of her brothers and sisters. When Crystal saw her, she immediately picked her up and bought her with all her savings as a kid. Her parents didn't think she would be ready, but she kept Sapphire anyway and they made a tight bond together.
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  13. I’m tempted to join and bring back Roman and Athena.

    How are we going about this reboot anyhow, just a time skip or something?
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  14. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Timeskip to the next year
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  15. I'll add my bio very soon.
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  16. Name: Roman Mercer
    Power: Able to transform his entire body into a cloud of black smoke. When in this form, he is still able to maneuver around and even create a large cloud of smoke to blind and/or confuse his enemies as well as go through small gaps such as gaps in doors or vents... But after a few moments of anger, it's discovered he may have a different power hidden within him. He is also very skilled in hand to hand combat.
    Personality: Calm and blunt, has a type of 'aura' that makes people intimidated by him, but once you get to know him, he is known to actually be a big softie. Despite this, he despises losing and would never accept defeat and can be very intimidating when angered, he is very laid back and informal... unless eating dinner and also finds being formal to be 'suffocating' because then he couldn't be himself. During his time in Wolfborn, he gained a small crush on Crystal due to her positive attitude.
    Appearance: Pale skin, Red eyes (Which glow when angered), Silver short spiked hair, Wears a long black closed trench coat (looks like Sonosuke Izayoi's from Danganronpa), Olive baggy jeans, Brown boots. When in 'Smoke form' he appears as a large cloud of black smoke roughly resembling a humanoid body. The only other feature is two glowing red dots where his eyes would be.
    Age: 16
    Backstory: Roman was born within a wealthy family, he was the youngest of his siblings while his only sister was the oldest. The second youngest was successful in finances, the second oldest was successful in politics while his sister grew up to be exactly how their parents wanted her to be and made her next in line to the Mercer fortune. Roman however was to be successful in magic and combat, but he had his own dreams, much to his brothers and parent's disapproval and because of their desire for Roman to become 'perfect' they pressured him every chance they could. His sister was the only one who supported Roman's dream, when Roman was sent to Wolfborn, he finally felt a small amount of freedom knowing his family wasn't around to tell him how he should act.

    Species: Griffin.
    Personality: Very laid back, she follows Roman's orders without question, often clings with Roman and threatens anyone who gets to close to him.
    Appearance & Accessories: Both her feathers and fur are Silver and has sky blue eyes, her bird features resemble a snow owl.
    Backstory: Athena was left in an alleyway by an unknown person for unknown reasons until he was found and taken in by Roman, much to his parent's cautiousness. Eventually she grew up into a proud and loyal Griffin who would do anything to protect the one who took her in.
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  17. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Name: Brian Reic
    Power: Force fields, telekinesis and making clones
    Personality: Kind-Hearted and Energetic
    Appearance & Accesories: Brian has brown spiky hair, blue eyes, a green t-shirt, red sneakers and blue jeans. He also now wears a jade oval pendant which helps him with his force fields that his brother made.
    Age: 14
    Backstory: Brian was born 4th into a family which powers are usually associated with the brain. Because of this, many of his family was smart and became inventors. Brian's oldest brother left home to become an inventor, and gave him Bug before he left. However, he got stuck on a deserted island, but came back to Wolfborn with the others. During Brian's time in Wolfborn, his brother mailed him a pendant that helps him with his powers.

    Pet: Mircothian
    Name: Byte/Kilo/Mega/Giga/Terrabug (usually refered to as Bug)
    Appearance and Accessories: Bytebug is up to 3 inches, but Terrabug can be a kilometre big. However, Brian only has access up to Gigabug, which is a little longer than 4 feet. Bug takes the appearance of a phoenix, however, his form affects his size.
    Personality: Loyal and friendly, yet can be fierce when Brian is in danger.

    Other: It has the powers of a phoenix, so it can breathe fire, fly, etc.
    Backstory: Brian's eldest brother made Bug for Brian before he left for Wolfborn.
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  18. Name: Niklas Tighe, Goes By Nik
    House: Gorgon
    Power: Occasionally has visions of other timelines that allow him to see the future, but are usually bad futures. It isn’t really a vision as much as he gets transported into the future in another timeline and has to try and get back. There are two ways to get back, which are to use his powers (which he has little control over) or not go back (time is weird). Of course, the only real thing this is good for is if he does get back he can try to prevent this horrible future he experienced.
    Since this isn’t especially good for fighting, I figured I would give him similar temporal displacement powers to Tracer, because that is somewhat related to time as well.
    Personality: He has a very short attention span and a hard time focusing causing him to have bad grades. He also has a hard time making friends, because he always sees futures of them dying. These combined with his lack of control on his powers caused his placement in Gorgon, which didn’t help him make friends. He is very smart, though.
    Appearance: He has muddy blonde hair that is unruly and difficult to style, blue eyes, glasses, and a relatively non-muscular but thin body.
    Age: 14
    Backstory: Pretty boring life, even after going to Wolfborn. Had no friends, but after the Hydra Incident (which Syn will get in a lot of trouble for), he will be introduced due to the fact that other classes will need to combine with the main group because their classrooms were destroyed. Last year, he saw a vision of Syn predicting that Syn would betray the school to the villains. it didn't happen last year, but he still thinks it will happen.
    Pet: Since he never really had any friends, he made a robot, which helped him control his powers. However, it was lost in a vision and he didn't see it until he brought it back with him from another timeline. Then, he fixed it over the summer.
    Name: Robocop (Yes, he named it after the movie. He really is a nerd, after all)
    Power: Helped Control Nik’s Time Powers
    Personality: Not Revealed
    Backstory: See Pet Above
    Name: Syn, Short for Synth.
    Power: Shapeshifting, but is only able to turn into other people who he has meant before, a dragon, rope, water, or a sword. He often turns his hand into a blade or rope to fight, or he hides as water. He has also learned how to sprout arms, up to ten at a time, which greatly enhances his sword/rope abilities.
    Personality: Comes off as somewhat of a Cold trickster who just likes messing with people, but is actually quite loyal and kind once you get to know him.
    Appearance: Generally a boy with black hair and eyes, and pale skin. Often switches with other people to cause mischief or frame them for crimes he committed.
    Age: 15
    Backstory (Optional): Kicked our of his House by his parents, who were tired of his mischief making and ‘demonic’ powers, he had to make a living as a thief on the streets, which was quite easy with his powers. He got in lots of trouble last year, and was even expelled from the school. He still comes to school in a new appearance so they don't know it is him, but he lives in a cave a little bit outside of the campus. He has also stolen a master key and dog whistle from the headmistress. He also may or may not be romantically interested in Delphi.
    Pets: Therian
    Pet: What appears to most as a golden, metallic tiger cub is actually capable of shapeshifting into most animals, and is better at it than its owner. Actually, it can turn into a non-animal thing, and that is a small golden box to allow Syn to transport it and carry it easier.
    Name: Therian
    Personality: Very loyal and caring towards Syn, and would protect him at all costs.
    Backstory (Optional): Met Syn on the streets. after it would not get adopted or bought by a zoo due to its ability, it ran off and almost starved to death. A half starving Syn, before he became successful at his thievery, fed food for this poor beast anyway, and they have been friends ever since.
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  19. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Here are my two teachers too, totally not based off of my own teachers
    Name: Dan Atkins
    Title: Mr Atkins

    Subject taught: Attack/defence
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Species: Human
    Power(s): Lightning based, he can control electricity
    Personality: Very cheerful and nice to all his students. He doesn’t have much of a temper
    Appearance & Clothes: White shirt, blue trousers and a brown belt and shoes. He has slightly curly ginger hair and teal eyes. 6 foot tall.

    Name: Trev May
    Title: Mr May

    Subject taught: English/writing and geography
    Gender: Male
    Age: 43
    Species: Human
    Power(s): Has a great sense of navigation and can see further than any normal person. He has telekinesis too.
    Personality: Kindhearted and joking, only wishes for the best in his students. He does however have a short temper but tries to keep his cool. He messes around with his pupils a lot too.
    Appearance & Clothes: 5”6’, grey/silver brown hair and bright blue eyes. He wears a shirt, tie, and trousers.
    Other: Loves climbing mountains and is obsessed with them and geography. Also has a passion for writing
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  20. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Geography? Why does that sound so familiar....
  21. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    (I honestly have no clue what you're talking about)
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  22. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    *cough Discord *cough cough
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  23. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    @Jodie.xox i assume you’ll be making the first post?
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  24. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    I'll stay with this, but I'm gonna make new OCs.

    Name: Kasai Ōkami
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Power(s): Absorption (his skin can become any material he touches) and Duplication (he makes clones of himself).
    Personality: Kasai is sweet, gentle and kind, he hates bullies and hates seeing people upset, he has a talent for singing and also plays the guitar.
    Appearance & Clothes: He is of average height, muscular but lean built, he has silvery grey hair and purple eyes.

    Name: Ludovica Ippoliti
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Species: Human
    Power(s): Ludovica can turn into anyone, she can also copy their abilities as well.
    Personality: Ludovica is very open, she likes making friends and having parties, she is very fun to be around.
    Appearance & Clothes: She is rather short and skinny, she has Caucasian skin, black hair and green eyes. She wears a pair of blue jeans, a purple hoodie over a white crop-top, a pair of black trainers and a pair of large black rimmed glasses.

    Name: Jake Hale
    Title: Mr. Hale, Sir
    Subject taught: Creature
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Species: Human
    Power(s): Animal Transformation and Pyrokinesis
    Personality: Jake loves working to improve the abilities of his students, he has a strong connection with animals and despises bullies, he is rarely strict and is sometimes seen as immature for his age.
    Appearance & Clothes: He is rather tall, muscular, has brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a pair of brown Chinos, a black shirt, a pair of black loafers and a white tie.

    I am assuming that the villains are still a thing so brought this guy back.

    Name: Renwick Blake
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Species: Human
    Power(s): Increased strength, increased agility, tendrils, and regeneration. His weaknesses include that he is very sensitive to sound.
    Personality: Renwick is the embodiment of true evil, he despises everyone and everything, but this is only because people have always feared him and judged him.
    Appearance & Clothes: Tall, muscular, brown hair, white eyes and covered in tattoos. He wears a black cloak, white shirt and jeans.
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  25. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

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  26. I didn't submit a teacher for this year. We can just say that he got fired. And I think it was actually Deg's teacher.
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  27. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

  28. I forgot to mention this. Expect Syn to get a lot more new forms he can turn into besides humans.

    Also, I said Syn had to have a new appearance when he was at school in order to hide his identity, so here's a little addition to Syn's bio. I expect this to shake things up a bit:
    New Appearance at School: While at school, Syn will be in this disguise. He may hide his true identity from some of the roleplayers as well as the teachers because he doesn't trust them.
    Name: Poppy Hallow Westfall
    Power: Same as Syn's.
    Personality: To fit with his disguise, Syn tries to act differently. So, 'Poppy's' personality is that of being kind of quiet and shy. He will try to be an overall nice person to everyone, which he will find difficult since Syn is so used to being himself. On top of this, his fake personality at the beginning of the new school year will be standing out, and he may need some other students' help to learn how to make a more realistic personality.
    Gender, Sex, and Sexuality: Yes, Syn's new appearance is female, but he will not change gender or sexuality. In fact, he will probably make a big point about how it tires him out after every day and switch back immediately after getting to his cave.
    Appearance: While in this appearance, Syn has long, curly blonde hair reaching down to his hips. He is somewhat tan, but athletic looking, and he wears short athletic shorts and t-shirts, which are generally in cool colors, as he isn't quite comfortable with wearing bright colors (they aren't his style, even if they would help sell his disguise better. He is pretty short in this form, at only 4'4", but is also pretty slender. he has clear blue eyes. This form is a little more unusual than a normal human, however, and is set apart by the pale blue scales that run all across his body in similar stripey patterns to a trill's (You can look it up if you are really curious, but it is basically just 2 stripes down the side of the body. Trills are from Star Trek) spots.
    Age: 15
    Pets: None. He leaves Therian in his cave.
    Other: Syn does have a dorm for his fake identity, but doesn't use it. It is decorated wrong for him (because the school doesn't know who he actually is) and he doesn't like it very much. It might still be used at some point in the roleplay, however.

    So when can we actually start the roleplay again?
  29. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    I think @Jodie.xox Needs to post first. I'll tell her on discord
  30. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

  31. Quick summary of my post in case it is unclear:

    The new school year has started. All of the students are coming back through the gates and being greeted by the Headmistress. They have free time until 7:00, when they are supposed to go to the cafe for a party.

    Syn (in Poppy’s form, so no roleplayers will recognize him) is standing somewhere just past the gates with Trinity. There are tons of other friend groups who are reuniting in a similar fashion since the last year. Feel free to do so if you think it is the best way to get all of our characters from last year to talk to each other.
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  32. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

  33. Yeah, I’ll fix it. I got confused with other role plays.
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  34. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

  35. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    I would respond but my new characters have not been accepted.
  36. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Jodie has sorta disappeared
  37. I’m pretty sure Jodie’s not showing up. She hasn’t posted in nearly a week, even when we mentioned her. Anyway, you know she would have accepted you if she was on.
  38. IK I’m double-posting and I shouldn’t. I just needed to makes sure everyone saw this.

    @Astrapi Maybe we should slow down and wait for other people to post a little so they can catch up?

    And for everyone else, please post. If you are worried that Jodie didn’t accept you, I can make a different thread for Wolfborn Year 2 and then accept you officially (since I would be the thread creator) on there... but that is a lot of work and I’d rather not.
  39. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Yeah, we probably should oof

    But what about Jodie? She’s not replying, not even on discord
  40. I don’t know. If she ever comes back, we can come up with an excuse for her being late.

    BTW I’m waiting for Shadow_Pup to post before I do it again.

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