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Private/Closed Wolfborn: The School of Powers (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jodie.xox, Jul 12, 2018.


Should we continue or wait for people to be back after this week, and just catch them up later?

Poll closed Aug 7, 2018.
  1. Continue.

    3 vote(s)
  2. Pause the RP while people are gone this week.

    2 vote(s)
  1. I'm gonna join that server, just too busy as of noe. Gotta find time to do it on my computer.
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  2. Just go back a page for my discord, add me, then I’ll send the invite, thanks!
  3. @Barefoot_Kittens Scarlett said she would be willing to team up, she asked what the wild girl's name was, and @Shadow_Pup had a villain appear to meet them with Scarlett for when you can reply, the posts are far back now

    Also, does anyone have an idea of something to happen in the roleplay? We need something fun!
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  4. I’m out of ideas, anyone else?
  5. Maybe we timeskip back to when classes start up? That way we have classes to do and we have to deal with our punishments and we get to meet new students. It would make the RP much more interesting.
  6. I see you. I still havent had time to sit down and write a reply. My last basketball game is on Tuesday, hopefully that will free up my schedule some bit. Then I can get a reply in.
  7. What actually are our punishments, @Jodie.xox ? I couldn't find the post..

    Also, sorry everyone that I've been not on Pokecharms for a while... I'm kinda busy with other stuff so it's hard to respond to stuff.
  8. Well that worked.
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  9. It sure did xD
  10. The next person to post can put us in creature tending if you want.
    Also, what should we do in it? For the punishment, I mean. I don’t know what creatures we should have..

    Also, Astrapi made some villains!
    If you need her powers explained, ask her in discord or tell someone with Discord to let you know!

    Name: Kiara Lienn
    Villain Name: Firefox
    Power: Pyrokinesis
    Age: 19
    Personality: Impish and sly, one of the reasons for her name.
    Appearance: Tall, slender pale skinned girl with a scar on her shoulder and neck. She has long, ginger hair and a face similar to Ginny (From harry potter)
    Clothing: Black cloak and fingerless black gloves.

    Name: Lukas Hellslinger
    Villain Name: Ocelot
    Power: He can morph into a Ocelot, and is also a Were-ocelot.
    Age: 19
    Personality: Laid back. He is also very flirtish, and this annoys Kiara as she is Asexual .
    Appearance: Very tall boy with tanned pale skin and freckles. He has blonde surfer hair and aqua eyes.
    Clothing: Blue t-shirt, black leather jacket with an ocelot on the back. Skinny jeans.
  11. So is everyone just looking after their hydras again or something?
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  12. We have to fetch them from the stables with their cages and take them to class for the others, but the punished people have to do other things because they are punished.. the villains are going to steal some and the students won't know until they get to class and get told they didn't bring all the hydras @Red Gallade
  13. I won’t be posting until the villains come and steal the hydras. At that time, Syn will notice them while he is hiding in the bush and he will sneak around to where they are to spy on them. Nik will continue to spy on Syn who is spying on the villains.
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  14. So how do you expect the students respond to the hydra theft?
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  15. Syn will see them because he is spying in a bush, but everyone else has no idea it's happening and will only realize once they get to the pens and see some are missing, then maybe Syn can tell everyone or something, not sure what Poke's been planning for it
  16. I was thinking maybe Syn tries to stop them and they escape, then Mr. Beamon (who already hates Syn) and the other students walk in and think he stole the hydra even though he didn’t.
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  17. Crystal would have mad doubts for poor Syn xD
    Sounds good, let’s do it!
  18. So how many/which hydras have been stolen?
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  19. I can’t actually remember, people just took various coloured ones and Scarlett has Crystal’s Hydra
  20. Trying to think of a good post to make. (And hopefully get this RP active again)
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  21. Yeah, I really hope this inactivity is only temporary...
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  22. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Hey guys, sorry I've been so dead lately. :/
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  23. We all have more or less.
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  24. I have the posts I need out, I was just waiting for people to reply but nobody did, Crystal’s one was to start everything up but it never worked except for Pokeboy
  25. My plan for Syn is that he will show up at the villain hideout looking for the hydras, and the villains will pretend like he is one of them when they see Mr. Beamon following him. Then, Mr. Beamon will think for sure that Syn is a villain and he will go to the Headmistress and get Syn expelled. At that point, Syn will be so mad at the school that he will join the villains for real (as shown in Nik’s vision from earlier). Of course, this would likely be temporary.
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  26. Giving in to the dark side, huh?
    Sounds good to me!
  27. Can someone reply? Crystal ain’t gonna do this all herself, xD
    Someone just needs to lead the group into the teachers lounge to see if they have any cameras, we could either find there was no recording of the theft or find one that we can’t understand, or even something else if you have better ideas
  28. Oh my god I totally forgot about Wolfborn! Sorry, I'll try to be more on board with it!
  29. Actually, (sorry to double post), what's happening? I get the whole Syn thing but it seems as if the hydras are back but there's been no mentioning of how they got back.
  30. I guess this is becoming a two player wilderness survival RP, since nobody else seems to be posting. >_<
    I can live with that. Maybe me and Astrapi will make a Wolfborn 2.0 with open acceptance to get some more roleplayers?
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  31. I’ve seen someone make a 2.0 of a roleplay that was originally thriving, it got more people but then they never posted and it just died off really fast

    We could just sort out what we have going on since it was actually supposed to be a fun thing, but now I’ve just gotten sick of explaining it to people who never listen and then keep asking
  32. And I’m just doing a time skip, thank you @Shadow_Pup and @Red Gallade For actually following Crystal like I meant for people to do

    And thank you @Astrapi and @Pokéboy098 for actually doing something worth posting for
    But can you explain what’s happened between you two?

    I’ll probably just do a time skip to the next day and we can have everybody plan the trip to the villain cave (where the villains are escaping from to hide the Hydras) and probably to find delphi and Syn aswell
  33. Syn ran off to the woods and started living in a cave. Delphi came and found him and refused to leave. Syn is trying to get revenge on the school.
  34. Hello? Is anyone but poke and astrapi alive? Because I’ve told you what to do in Discord and seen you on Discord
  35. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Just asking, is this RP still dead? I'm willing to give it a shot still.
  36. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Me too. I had loads of ideas for this RP

    Will try posting after school
  37. Then where are your ideas..? I asked for ideas on Discord and you didn't tell me any
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  38. Crystal called Delphi, not Roman.

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