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Open Welcome to Kanto!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by SwordKeeper, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. This RP (Like all the others) will be based in Kanto. The first few people who join this will have a chance to get a true Kanto starter. Everyone else that joins later in time will have to come up with some other way they got a Pokemon that isn't a Kanto starter, yet that can be other generation's starters, or other random Pokemon. No Legendaries/Mythics whatsoever! We read the rules. You also must not be older than 13 when you start, but you will age over time. Sadly, we all aren't Ash Ketchum.

    What you must do to explain your character:
    Name: Jackson
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Blonde, straight hair, red shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes.

    Jackson slowly wakes up to the echo of his alarm clock ringing in his ear. His accuracy was very off when he was trying to stop his annoying clock. Once Jackson finally woke up, he felt like he was forgetting something. Jackson's eyes widened once it came to him." Today's the day!" Yelled Jackson. He then quickly put his red shirt, blue jeans, and shoes on to get ready for his day. Once he was ready, he ran downstairs to greet his mother, but she had already left for work, but left a note on the table." Hey honey, I hope you get that first Pokemon from the Professor. I love you, and I'll miss you. Sincerely, Mom. After reading the note, Jackson stuffed it in his bag and he ran to get his Pokemon. Once he got there he noticed nobody was around, so he just thought to open the doors, and walk right in. It was a very big place, full of Pokemon pictures, books, and collections. He looked down to a moving object, and realized it was the Professor, Professor Oak.
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  2. Name: Noah
    Age: 11
    Gender: male
    Appearance: short black dirty hair, purple jacket and underneath a black T-shirt, and blue jean.

    Noah had just arrived pallet town from viridian city. The trip was a complete pain trying to avoid the Pokemon between the two towns, but he finally made it and soon trying to figure out where the professor this laboratory is, and as he looked up and saw a huge laboratory up the hill, then he slapped himself in the head, not realizing where it was sooner. Noah then walk towards the laboratory and opens the door realizing that he was not the only trainer there and so he walked next to the training and look towards the professor. "It's amazing to finally meet you professor oak, I've heard a lot about your research, it's really amazing how much you've done for everyone in Kanto." Noah said barely being able to control the his excitement meeting such a brilliant man.
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  3. Name: Kana Maso
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Long brown hairy, With a white dress and black heels.

    Kana was on a plane, soon traveling to Kanto! She had lots of pokemon at home, but she wanted to try something new. So, she left her older pokemon to be delt with some of the maids and butlers. After all, she might return. When they made it to land, she was walking through the airport, and her family walked toward some cars. ( FAST FORWARD CAUSE IM LAZY- ) When they arrived at pallet town, her family went back in the car, waving goodbye. She walked to professor oak's lab, staring at the other two. She quietly walked up to professor oak, staring at him deeply in the eye.
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  4. Jackson then turned to the door, as two people walked through the door. He didn't bother to talk to them because he was to excited to get his Pokemon. Professor Oak then said, "Welcome you two. Jackson, this is Kano Maso and Noah, Noah and Kano Maso, this is Jackson. Since Jackson was here first, he may choose his first starter." Jackson stared at the three Pokeballs that were on pillars. One was covered with leaves, another a pool of water, and one with lit candles. Jackson was looking forward to getting the Pokeball covered in leaves. Bulbasaur." Bulbasaur, I choose you!" Yelled Jackson in excitement. Professor Oak then said," Very well, Kano Maso, Noah, it is now your turn to choose!"
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  5. (OOC) (Out of Character) Thanks you guys, I'm new to this site, and you guys joining makes me feel much more welcome. Again, thanks. (BIC)
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  6. Noah then was the second one to head towards the two pokeballs. "Well if nobody minds, I'm choosing Squirtle to be my partner."Noah said as he picked up the pokeball from the pool of water. "Oh professor, if you don't mind me asking can you tell us what are Pokemons moves are, it would save a lot of trouble for us and I would like to know my partner a bit more." Noah said as he rub the back of his head.
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  7. Name: Red (Taylor)
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female.
    Appearance: Long red hair that flows down her back. Bright blue eyes. Stands about 4'3. Has a slim but toned build. She tends to wear black floral leggings with roses, a band t-shirt, black combat boots. He also wears a leather jacket when it is colder out. She carries a backpack over her left shoulder. It has a rose pattern on the front flap.


    Red had just gotten in from a flight from Kalos. She had done her journey there. She had competed in contests and beat a few gyms. She had desided to go to a different region to train a new team of pokemon. With her partner Eevee on her shoulder she could not wait to get to Pallet town to get her Kanto pokedex. She walked along route one from Viridian City to the pokemon lab in Pallet town. She walked in going up to the three other trainers and the professor she talked with on the vid phone. "Hello professor I am here a bit earlier then planned the plane made good time. I am here to pick up my the things you had ready for me." Eevee looked around the room she was excited to be exploring another region.
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  8. sorry im replying so late lmao- )

    Kana looked at the fire starters ball. " Charmander " It was called she believed. She grabbed the ball, and looked at the professor. " Thank you. " She stared at her possible traveling group, wondering if they would be good friends.
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  9. Name: Jack
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: White skin with black hair, not too long. 1,65 meters tall and blue eyes. Usually wears black clothes, but sometimes he will wear dark blue instead. He have a necklace with a fist on it and a black cap pulled down so far so they make a shadow that covers his eyes. (He can see perfectly well.)

    Jack had just arrived in Kanto after a looong trip and were really tired. They went into the house that Professor Rowan of Sinnoh had hired to them. Jack's partner Riolu were jumping around on him, annoying but funny. Jack went to sleep and woke up the next day when he saw that Riolu was gone. He ran down the stairs while he yelled
    " RIOLUUU!"
    No answer. He ran out of the door and saw four people in weird clothes taking away Riolu. Jack had no Pokemon that he could battle them with, so he yelled for help.
    "HELP!" Jack yelled, panicking. "THEY TOOK MY RIOLU AND I CAN'T BATTLE THEM!"
    (This was a bit from their hired house so his parents couldn't hear him.)
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  10. Jackson heard a scream outside," Stay here, I'll be right back." He then ran outside and saw four people with a, well he didn't know what that Pokemon was, it didn't look from this region." Guys, I changed my mind. I'm going to need some help..." They were all ready, they were sure they wanted to fight. That was it Red, Noah, Kano Maso, and Jackson all up against the four big guys. ( Fighting, fighting, more fighting against Zubat's and Koffing's) Red, Jackson, Kano Maso, and Noah were all done, Jackson than gave the strange Pokemon back to the boy, that looked liked his own age, and gave it to him." My name's Jackson, what's yours?"
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  11. "My name is Jack, thank you for saving Riolu." Jack said, both happy and scared. Riolu jumped up on Jack's shoulder and started punching the air. Jack laughed, because Riolu were always training. He saw the faces of Jackson and the three other kids.
    "I'm from Sinnoh, so would it be okay if I accompanied you guys. I don't really have any friends besides Riolu." He added, not sad, but not happy either.
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  12. "Why yes Red I have the package right here." Red opened the package. Inside was her pokedex, an egg case, and a set of pokeballs.

    "Thanks professor. I will see soon." With that she walked out into the sun and walked up to the others. "You guys do know that the professor gives out more then just starter pokemon." Eevee sat on her shoulder as she talked. "You might want to go back there so you can get the items you will need." Red walked up route one. She qanted to get to Viridian before dark.
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  13. "He already sent me a Pokedex and some pokeballs before my trip to Kanto, so I'm good." Jack said, pulling out his Pokedex to prove it with a smile on his face. "I heard that the first gym is in Viridian City, so I want to go there."
    Jack hadn't had a real battle in ages, so he couldn't wait much longer.
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  14. "Hahahaha...... I'm sorry to say this but the gym leader isn't there at the moment he's been gone for quite some time."Noah said a bit disappointed. "We should head towards Pewter City first, I heard that his gym is Rock theme and we could catch a few Pokemon on the way wouldn't you guys agree?" Noah then started walking in the tall grass hopefully looking for Pokemon.
  15. Name: Alana
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Medium curly blonde hair with blue tips, hazel eyes, freckles, 153cm tall. usually seen wearing a plain white tshirt and a grey hoodie jacket with ripped hight waisted jeans with black converse. She has a golden bracelet with a shappire stone.
    '' Alright vulpix, lets try using Ember once more! '' she encouraged the tiny pokemon. it had originally been her older brothers Vulpix but since he had already finished his adventured, he had let Alana take care of it. it was a very shy Vulpix and has so far only managed to spit out a tiny ember. ''hhhh,,, its okay!! We'll work on it! I guarantee that we will get stronger every day Vulpix!'' she shouted out into the grass excitedly.
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  16. " That's a good idea Noah. We really need to train, and collect some Pokedex entrees." Explained Jackson excitingly. He than looked at Jack, nodded, than ran off into the grass." Pidgey?! Alright, let's do this!" After a little battling he came out of the grass with a new Pokemon on his belt, Pidgey.
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  17. She quietly watched Jackson catching a pidgey, and looked at her phone. Apparently, pidgey was flying, and Charmander could evolve into a flying type. She decided it wasn't worth catching one. She stared at the two and skipped toward a place called Viridian Forest. Based on the battle with the 4 men earlier, She thought that Charmander would've learned a fire type move. Thankfully, she was right! She trained a little bit on the local pokemon, not that interesting in the cute pokemon, even Pikachu!
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  18. Noah had been congratulated Jackson for being the first one of us to catch a Pokemon. "It says here on the Pokedex that we can catch a Nidoran and nidorina on route 2,I'm going to head there right now if anyone else wants to come, but for now let split up for right now and regroup in an hour in viridian city." Noah then started walking through viridian city heading towards route 2.
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  19. Kana ran into route 3 a little early after running past pewter city.. She Immediately caught a sandshrew and a clefairy ( Yes it was possible ). She sprinted back toward pewter city, used the pokemon center, and ran back to virdian forest to train.
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  20. Noah then follow kana for a bit headed towards route 2 and route 3 capturing a Nidoran and Mankey. "Hehehehe I can't wait for my full team I know for a fact all of them will be heavy hitters." Noah chuckled before then heading out towards virdian forest, but on the opposite side of the forest so he wouldn't disturb kana own training.
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  21. Alana had tarveled a for a bit, looking to train her vulpix. ''Lets go and see if someone is up for a battle Vulpix!'' She spotted Jackson town the trail and a big smile started growing on her face. '' hey!'' she waved at she jogged up to him. ''You just caught a pidgey? Thats awesome! me and my vulpix are just starting our adventure togheter, wanna have a friendly little battle?'' Alana beamed with excitement over her first potential battle
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  22. (OOC: Sorry about disappearing like that! The character I was using was sort of in progress at the time of posting, I didn’t want to jump in without completing. I had some free time to revise and I’m here for good now )
    Name: Yania Corbin
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Yania has dark skin, curly brown hair and eyes. She tends to wear a lot of warm colors (Red, orange, etc.) and light-weight, comfortable clothing that is easy to run in.

    As she trudged through Viridian Forest, Yania rubbed the painful spot at the back of her neck. She must have slept on it wrong on her flight over from Unova.

    A twitch from inside her backpack reminded Yania why she had come to the forest in the first place. Houndour grew more impatient to be let out of its ball by the minute. She stopped, and took the shaking pokeball from its pocket. Yania hesitated, remembering how she and Houndour had first met. Houndour was disobedient, Yania had lost her temper, and it had taken two people to wrangle the jumpy Pokémon back into its ball. Now, she was stuck with a Pokémon who distrusted her.

    Finally, Yania resigned to let the Pokémon out, he couldn’t stay in there forever. Houndour appeared in a flash of light, and looked around. Houndour eyed her suspiciously, before dashing deeper into Viridian. Yania ran after it.

    “Hey! Slow down! Heel!” She shouted.
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  23. Noah had just finished his training with his Pokemon as he saw a small dog Pokemon heading towards him running away from a girl he assumed was his trainer.
    "Hmm might as well go help, Mankey block that Pokemons way." Noah said casually as he threw the pokeball releasing the small ape Pokemon in front of the dog Pokemon.
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  24. misterhipster

    misterhipster Previously squidiot

    Name: Amandine (Amy) Fontan
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Amy has wavy, jet black locks that she put a streak of violet in pre-roleplay. She stands at 5’1. Amy has tanned skin with hazel eyes accompanied by plump lips that she usually puts red lip gloss over. She usually wears a black leather jacket and a shirt that is also black with flower patterns on it. Amy likes to wear black cowgirl boots and red jeans. She has a backpack that has blue and orange markings on it, along with a sequined rose design. Amandine has a black Pokeball belt that contains two Pokeballs for her Sneasle, who she calls Gladiator, and her Electrike, who she calls Bolt. (i hope it’s okay to already have Pokemon.)

    Amandine woke up that morning and stretched, quickly changing into her day clothes and eating breakfast. She already had Pokemon, and she wanted to begin her journey today. Amy has decided to start late, because she wanted to start out with Pokemon that she had trained and they trusted her and much as she trusted them. She walked down the path, on her way to Viridian City to find someone to battle. A couple minutes later, when she got there, she sat on a bench and let out her Pokemon. “Good morning Gladiator and Bolt,” She grinned, patting them both on the head.
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  25. Name: JC
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She has dark brown long hair up in a ponytail with light blue eyes, right slightly blind which her bang covers. She wears glasses. She has a well feminine build but light. She wears a black tank with a purple and black plaid shirt over it and black caprice. She wears bandages on her wrists and ankles with black flats on her feet as the straps wrap around her ankles securely. She wears a silver and black cross necklace. She wears a black hooded cape and white wolf blue streaked mask to hide her appearance.

    Since starting this journey all she has been doing is training partner a shiny Eevee who rested on her shoulder inside her hood and two of her other Pokemon Petal the Chikorita and Ocean the Piplup. She was walking on her own as her brother Shadow told her he would meet up with her later. She agreed to it as she passed a couple of people not saying a word. She didn't care if others stared as she just ignored and moved on.-
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  26. Houndour’s sprint through the forest didn’t last very long, as a Mankey suddenly jumped out to block its way. Surprised, Houndour stopped in its tracks just long enough for Yania to catch up. She lifted the feisty Pokémon into her arms.

    The young trainer sighed with relief. “Nice try, Houndour, maybe next time.” Yania looked over her shoulder to see another trainer, presumably the Mankey’s owner, and smiled apologetically.

    “Hey, thanks for your help! Sorry we had to meet like this, believe it or not this isn’t the first time he’s tried to run away. Anyway, I’m Yania, pleasure to meet you.” She extended a hand out to the other trainer while holding her Houndour, still squirming, in the other.
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  27. Alana looked over at the commotion happening, spotting a running Houndour. She quickly ran after it, almost out of breath when she saw it had been stopped. ‘’ Oh! Thank god its okay, I just saw it running like lighting and got very worried. Im Alana! ‘’ she smiled at Yania while catching her breath.’’ Your pokemon is very fast it must be well trained. ‘’
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  28. Now, a young girl trainer had run up to her. Yania turned away from the Mankey and it’s trainer to see a girl, obviously very out of breath, running up to her.

    Yania was surprised to hear that the other girl, who went by Alana, thought her disobedient little Pokémon was well trained.

    She chuckled, “Well trained? Oh no, not Houndour. He and I are still figuring this whole, ‘trainer’ thing out. This trainer over here was just helping me catch him after he ran off.” Yania gestured to Noah. “But thanks for your concern, I guess. I’m Yania, nice to meet you.”
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  29. Noah accepted the handshake then notice that a second girl was right next to them and heard her compliment. "I don't know why but the only explanation is that It probably doesn't see you as a worthy trainer of its power." Noah try to explain as mankey was then glaring at houndour.
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  30. She chuckled. ‘’ Its nice to meet you too Yania. ‘’ Alana looked over at Noah, ‘’ oh is the mankey that stopped houndour yours? That’s quick thinking, nice job! ‘’ she complimented, flashing a small smile. ‘’ My vulpix tends to run off sometimes too so I can understand how stressful it is. I got her from my brother, so we are still getting used to each other but we’re doing all right now aren’t we Pixie? ‘’ she cooed at her pokemon, getting a happy bark in return.
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  31. Yania turned back to Noah, and shrugged at his remark.

    “I...don’t exactly blame him.” She said, frowning. “When we first met, I sort of lost my temper with him when he wouldn’t listen.” She looked down cautiously at the fire type in her arms. “I guess we both have a lot to improve on.” Houndour grumbled back at her, having finally stopped trying to get away and resigned to his defeat.
    “In the meantime, I thought I’d bring him out here to train against some weaker Pokémon.”
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  32. She stopped for the moment hearing a conversation from a couple of trainers. She decided to approach before speaking. "Why don't you try bonding with him better by apologizing first and then give him something that he really likes" she advices sensing the Mankey's anger as Blue felt this as well who was hiding in her hood at the moment.-
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  33. Yania thought for a moment about the new girl’s suggestion.
    “Something he likes... I don’t really know what he likes yet.” She looked down at her Pokémon. “First things first, let’s set you down.” She lowered Houndour to the ground, giving it a stern look, warning it not to try anything. To her surprise, Houndour didn’t run, instead it looked over at Noah’s Mankey, who’s anger was visibly growing. Houndour’s fur bristled a bit, but it stayed put.

    “I have a few berries with me, “ Yania suggested. She dug through her backpack to retrieve the fruits. She kneeled down and offered the berries to her Pokémon. However, Houndour refused the offer with a small sneezing sound. Instead, he turned back around to stare at the Mankey.
    “Maybe he’s just not hungry.” There’s always next time I suppose.”
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  34. Noah was a bit confused why yania was looking towards him then he looked down to his right to see mankey and houndour intensely glaring at each other, but then remember what the other girl that just arrived said.
    "When you meant something that he really likes did you mean food or battling?" Noah said as she was looking at JC with so concern in his voice.
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  35. Alana looked at the new face.’’ I don’t think bribery will work, and a battle can turn violently very fast. If houndour will not listen to her while walking, a battle might be very dangerous.’’

    She looked in the direction of the nearby city.'' maybe we can ask at a pokecenter for advice and get some food. i havent eaten breakfast yet'' Alana said as her stomach grumbled.
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  36. Yania nodded at Alana. “I have to agree with her. Houndour’s never battled before, and I don’t think he’ll be too keen on listening to any attack commands, anyhow. A trip to the city sounds like a better plan, I can stock up on items before I start training.” She shot a look at the fire type at her feet. “Houndour’s going to need a lot of it.”
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  37. Noah sighed in relief. "Okay then mankey return for now, I'll call you when I need you ok."
    Before Mankey was returned in his pokeball he looked at houndour and pulled his eye down and stuck his tongue out at him as he was sent back in his pokeball.
    "Sorry I just caught him a few hours ago, he's great with following orders, but he has bad manners, anyways let's head out to Peter City it shouldn't be that far and besides we need to get our first gym badge from somewhere don't we." Noah smiled as he put his hands behind his back and walked towards pewter City with almost no care in the world.
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  38. Houndour watched Mankey return to its ball, huffing quietly in response to its gesture. Yania returned Houndour to its ball shortly after, and headed north through the rest of Viridian forest.

    Along the way, she considered the Pewter City gym. Unfortunately, Its theme was rock type, leaving Houndour at a complete disadvantage. She resolved to make a stop at another route later and catch a Pokémon that could help her. For now, she focused on making her way through the dense tall grass.
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  39. As they arrived at Pewter City, Alana could feel her excitement grow more and more.'' Are you guys planning on taking on the gym? Personally i don’t want to, as Pixie is a fire type so it’s a very big disadvantage so I’m just going to stock up on supplies while I’m here, go to a nice cafe and have lunch.'' she commented as they entered the city, taking in the scene of the buildings.
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  40. Noah was absolutely excited, he can wait for the gym battle.
    "I'm planning on challenging the gym tomorrow and with my team I'm sure to win it, would you guys like to see the team I'll be using against the gym leader?"
    Noah said as he brought out two pokeballs
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