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Male, 15, from Sweden

Fighting Steel
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    I love music. Especially Rock, Hardrock and Metal. Some of my favourite bands are AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, Slipknot, Black Sabbath Overkill and Motörhead. I also like to play the bass, and I'd say I'm pretty decent at it. I also play in a band.
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    Jul 26, 2021 at 11:47 PM
    May 24, 2019
    May 25, 2006
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    Infernape, Lucario, Sceptile
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    Ice Beam
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    • The Story of a Survivor: The Story of a Survivor: Chapter One

      The story about the "apocalypse" is finally starting, and this is how it all began. *WARNING! May not be suitable for younger readers, involves a certain amount of gorey scenery. Proceed at your own caution.*

      May 22, 2020 552 words
    • The Story of a Survivor: The Story of a Survivor

      The apocalypse that turned everyone insane is finally over, and of course you want to hear the story. Right? *WARNING! This series might not be suitable for younger readers since it will involve cursing and detailed violence/gorey scenery (not crazily detailed, I'm not a psychopath. I only have a pretty messed up mind.) Proceed at your own caution.*

      May 21, 2020 154 words

    Trainer Cards

    1. CrazyWolf
      Just got more patches for my battlevest, now I just need to sew them on...
    2. Killerbunny the god
      Killerbunny the god
      Det är så konstigt hur man träffar folk ifrån sitt eget land ibland. Tycker inte du det?
      1. CrazyWolf likes this.
      2. CrazyWolf
        Ja det är det, men av någon anledning träffar jag andra svenskar på internet hela tiden.
        Nov 1, 2019
        Killerbunny the god likes this.
      3. Killerbunny the god
        Killerbunny the god
        För mig är det lite annorlunda. Jag träffar allting utom svenskar. Förutom, som du märkte nu, vissa få gånger. Känner en finsk kille dock. Och känner till en norsk
        Nov 1, 2019
    3. CrazyWolf
      Yay, it's my birthday today! I messed up on the day when I made my account.
      1. Mockingchu and The Gay Knight like this.
      2. ~Rinko~
        You can talk to one of the staff members about it and ask if they can change it if you want to?
        Sep 13, 2019
      3. The Gay Knight
        The Gay Knight
        Wait... Your birthday is today, Friday the 13th...?
        Sep 13, 2019
    4. CrazyWolf
      Going on a scoutcamp in two days, won't be on for about a week.
    5. CrazyWolf
      Just read The Hunger Games for the fifth time. First book btw.
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      2. Umbreon06
        Yes... I know, but there's Effie for that (?)
        Jun 17, 2019
      3. CrazyWolf
        In the movies Effie didn't give Katniss her Mockingjay pin. It was a character that never appeared again.
        Jun 17, 2019
      4. Umbreon06
        Oh, right, Effie gave the golden braceletes. My memory is like a handkerchief, has found feuds
        Jun 17, 2019
    6. CrazyWolf
      Last day of school and guess what, I was sick. Rip
    7. CrazyWolf
      Why is Lucario such a badass?
      1. Ariados twice likes this.
      2. ManyAchievables
        His English voice actor is Sean Schemmel, the same guy who voice acts English Goku.
        'Nuff said.
        Jun 13, 2019
        Ariados twice likes this.
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