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The Vending Machine Game!

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Tunolipede, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Gets Brownie

    "Aww, you've grown a bit since I caught you!"

    Inserts a Hidden Ability Eevee
  2. Gets an Eevee with a mysterious mask.

    "Huh? I wonder what you do..?"

    Inserts a shiny espeon.
  3. DreamyVictini

    DreamyVictini Previously Victinope

    Gets a shiny Umbreon.

    "So cool!"

    Inserts a shiny Kakuna.
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  4. Gets a green bee.

    Inserts a bee sting.
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  5. *Robo gets a small vial of bee venom and has his pair of camera drones cautiously scan it*

    Beeeee ba booooo baaaa...

    *Robo inserts a hundred beat points into the machine after he managed to get an S rank earlier on his playlist*
  6. Gets music


    Inserts boredom
  7. *gets a copy of Despacito on vinyl*

    "Yeah boi"

    *inserts a copy of Kirby Triple Deluxe*
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  8. *a Nochrue gets a Nintendo 3DS with the top screen showing Kirby sucking up some health bars and other things on the screen*

    Nochrue: N... No, Noch Noch Noc.

    *the Nochrue carefully inserts a Time Potion into the machine, as the note on its back side reads:*

    "A peculiar spray-type medicine for delaying wounds. It can be used to turn imminent damage into deferred damage, slowing the rate of harm for an injured Pokémon."
  9. dratz

    dratz Previously Philucifer

    The time potion explodes and everyone is now lost in WW2

    *insert war noises*
  10. You get everybody putting the blame for WWI on Germany.

    Inserts the E3 Nintendo Direct
  11. Gets a lot of people hyped for Banjo in Smash.

    Puts in a fine wine and cheese.
  12. *A baby alien creature quickly rushes over and gets a miniature doll that appears to be intoxicated.*

    ???: *Sighs before putting down the doll and soon using a photon blaster on a nurse that he totally didn't steal from the Zalosian Armlos earlier.*

    *The young alien inserts a lengthy note into the machine, which reads:*

    "Part of the average Zolucation squad when called over, the Quaispt sports two pairs of photon blasters. A single round from this sidearm is often more than enough to incapacitate the average adult if hit in a vital area. The yellow quantum orbs the gun discharges are slow, and as such, can be easily avoided by many Helldivers. On the most challenging planets, the photon blasters are augmented to handle lightweight, highly explosive, electromagnetic rounds. This increases the weapon's accuracy, effective range and overall damage; a deadly trio of concoctions in a hellish time of war."
  13. dratz

    dratz Previously Philucifer

    You get killed instantly

    Insert a rubber ducky life-sized boat.
  14. Gets a few duck eggs

    Inserts a coupon for McDonald’s
  15. dratz

    dratz Previously Philucifer

    Its expired and you get socked in the face by Ronald McDonald fanboys that look like the band Kiss

    Inserts Ron Swanson token
  16. You get the Deed to Pawnee park (Parks and Recreation)

    Insert a green topped pokeball containing an enraged Rayquaza.
  17. Gets the delta episode from ORAS.

    "Not that again..."

    Inserts the delta episode from ORAS.
  18. Gets Rayquaza.

    Inserts a smile.
  19. Gets a Primarina plushie and a Mimikyu plushie


    Inserts hype.
  20. Gets the new Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

    Inserts The Big Bang Theory.

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