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The Vending Machine Game!

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Tunolipede, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. smew178

    smew178 Previously Caleb LaMont

    Get sponge.

    Inert a knife
  2. *gets some peanut butter*

    Inserts an empty page of paper...
  3. I would crumple it and throw it towards the bin and misses

    Inserts Airpods
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  4. Gets out a team of Explouds

    Inserts an Emu Egg.
  5. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Gets a kiwi. Not the bird. The fruit.

    Insert broccoli
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  6. Gets Deku (his head somewhat looks like broccoli)

    Inserts Toga's knife.

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