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The Vending Machine Game!

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Tunolipede, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    *gets a penny*

    *inserts a child*
  2. Gets Tsamia back


    Inserts a spork.
  3. Gets two forks spooning.

    Inserts a "Hello there"
  4. Gets a note reading "Hello therrrrreeeee"


    Inserts an elephant hoover
  5. *Robo carefully reaches into the machine and gets a steel tusk*

    Beep ba boop beeeeee ba?

    *Robo slowly inserts a pink buzzsaw in the machine*
  6. Get a tree branch.

    Inserts homework.
  7. Gets a school play

    Inserts an upset seagull.
  8. Gets a Wingull

    "Hey! Stop pecking me!"

    Inserts the Wingull
  9. Gets a bagel.

    Inserts how it feels to chew 5 gum
  10. Gets Ditto

    Inserts Chicken Nuggets
  11. Gets a Torchic.


    Inserts water
  12. Gets a Magikarp.

    Inserts a basketball.
  13. Gets hit by a basketball

    "Woah whoa waoh..."

    Inserts dizziness
  14. Gets balance.

    Inserts glitter.
  15. Gets a glitter bomb

    "I'll just place it here an- whoa!"

    Inserts some of glitter that came out of the glitter bomb
  16. Gets a sparkly Micheal Jackson vest.

    Inserts leather pants.
  17. Gets a heavy metal band.

    Inserts E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial for the Atari 2600.
  18. Gets an Atari 2600
    Inserts a rubber band
  19. Gets a rubber headband


    Inserts my profile picture.
  20. Get Ash Ketchum

    Insert YouTube
  21. Gets the video with the most balanced like/dislike ratio

    "Ooh, I might try to balance it out more..."

    Inserts a rabbit.
  22. Gets road-killed bunny

    Inserts calculator
  23. Gets a note with a complex equation on it.


    Inserts a forum.
  24. Gets Naruto.

    Inserts a TARDIS.
  25. *Robo uses his four blue, square hands in a careful way to pull out a small statue of a weeping angel out of the machine*

    Beeee... ba boop ba beep beeee?

    *Robo carefully inserts a coin into the machine that is worth 10000 Beat Points after he manages to somewhat control the center of gravitational force on his hover pad*
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  26. Gets a music track


    Inserts a broken microphone.
  27. Gets a Popstar.

    “Huh, neat.”

    Inserts a Little Red Riding Hood book.
  28. Gets an axe.
    Inserts a can of cat food.
  29. Gets a Crazy Cat Lady

    Inserts "Torches" album cover
  30. Gets a torch
    *Flashes it in your eyes*
    Inserts shiny coin
  31. Gets a Meowth.

    Inserts the Meowth
  32. Gets a Team Rocket badge

    Inserts the Team Rocket badge
  33. Gets a star-shaped pin.

    "Ooh, shiny!"

    Inserts a staff.
  34. Gets impaled

    Inserts computer chips
  35. Gets tortilla chips.

    Inserts a burrito.
  36. DreamyVictini

    DreamyVictini Previously Victinope

    Gets a taco.

    Inserts realistic Mr. Mime.
  37. Gets a long, drawn-out scream.

    Inserts tears.
  38. DreamyVictini

    DreamyVictini Previously Victinope

    Gets Sobble.

    Inserts Scorbunny.
  39. Gets burned grass.

    Inserts Grookey.
  40. DreamyVictini

    DreamyVictini Previously Victinope

    Gets Pansage.

    Inserts unoriginal joke.

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