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The Vending Machine Game!

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Tunolipede, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    *gets Fortnite season 8*
    Wait a second...
    *inserts the police*
  2. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    FBI tells me to open up

    *inserts PS4*
  3. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    *gets a PS4 pro*
    *inserts an Xbox 1*
  4. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets XBox One X

    *Inserts WiiU
  5. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    *gets a Nintendo Switch*

    *inserts Sm4sh*
  6. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets Smash 5


    *inserts PS5*
    Swirled likes this.
  7. Gets a PS4 and an Xbox 2046

    "Um... okay then"

    Inserts a typo backwards
  8. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets a typo forwards

    *inserts Super Smash Bros Ultimate which came out today*
    Swirled likes this.
  9. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    *you get Joker from Persona 5 as DLC FOR Ultimate*


    *inserts empty four DLC slots for Smash Ultimate*
  10. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, and Classic Sonic

    Yeet I love sonic

    *inserts snow which I’m getting a lot of because I live in North Carolina*
  11. Gets a snowball

    "Alright! Mini snowball fight time!"

    Inserts a note with a scale drawing of a highly-decorated Christmas tree on it
  12. Gets a paper with a christmas tree drawn, and turns it into a real tree with Zach King Magic.

    Inserts the leftover papers.
  13. Gets more paper

    "I guess I could practice painting and colourmatching with this paper..."

    Inserts a goache/watercolour painting I did a little while ago
  14. Gets my face being sprayed by ink.

    Inserts an item that, when obtained, will become the owner's biggest desire.
  15. Gets the finished version of a book I was working on a while back

    "Huh, seems to be slightly different to the last one from the future..."

    Inserts a rip in the space-time continuum
  16. Gets a...
    this is getting repetitive.
    Inserts... a fart
  17. Gets a glass mountain filled with gases

    Inserts said mountain
  18. Gets mt. everest.
    Inserts dimensional traveling and time traveling devices.
  19. Gets breach to a different earth

    "Annyone get the reference? Anyone? No? Okay then"

    Inserts a complex language that makes no sense
  20. Gets Japanese.

    Inserts myself.
  21. Gets a Allnyta Shock to the eye.

    Inserts the Joker DLC reveal at Game Awards.
  22. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    *gets the hype of millions

    *inserts the speculation of the remaining four DLC slots.
  23. Gets broken hearts.

    Inserts my sleep schedule.
  24. Gets a good nights sleep


    Inserts a board
  25. gets a table flip.


    inserts mining away
  26. Gets Minecraft


    Inserts the longest word in existence
  27. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets supercalifragilisticexpiadocious X 999

    *inserts me*
  28. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    *gets a sonic plus his remodeled from a scissor plushies which could be described as amazing*

    *inserts the worst color in existence*
  29. Gets a shiny Espeon and a colour palette with shiny Espeon's colours on

    Inserts a shiny Sylveon
  30. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    gets IM BLUE (and white) DABBA DE DABBA DA

    Inserts memes
  31. Gets the memes

    "I. Hate. Memes."

    Inserts an anti-meme
  32. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets the anti-meme

    Modified the anti-meme to do the opposite and make even MORE memes

    Inserts the “anti”-meme
  33. Gets a bunch of memes

    "Stop. With. These. Memes. Please."

    Inserts a Chinese letter/character/whatever you want to call it
  34. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets a Japanese letter/character/wherever you wanna call it

    Inserts Ali-A clickbait thumbnails
  35. Gets clickbait

    "Bleh, why does this exist?"

    Inserts some strawberries
  36. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets Blueberries

    Inserts nothing
  37. Gets nothing

    "Ummm... I think the machine might be brok-oh wait, nothing got put in"

    Inserts a toolkit
  38. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    Gets a wrench

    *inserts bacon*
  39. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets sausage

    *inserts eggs*
  40. Gets Twilight Sparkle

    "Umm... ookay"

    Inserts subtle references

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