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The Vending Machine Game!

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Tunolipede, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Gets a pen with a cat topper on

    Inserts a banana-shaped boomerang
  2. *a baby Lapras comes over and gets a Boomerang Monkey*

    *the baby Lapras inserts a square-shaped coin*
  3. Gets an ancient coin

    "Oooh, interesting..."

    Inserts a moderately-sized heart-shaped box filled with scraps of paper
  4. *the baby Lapras gets a heart made from paper scraps, as he closely examines it*

    *the baby Lapras decides to insert a Despair Ball into the machine, as he almost faints due to the amount of dark aura the strange Poké Ball has*
  5. Gets a haunted Pokeball containing a Haunter/Darkrai fusion


    Inserts a bucket labelled "stress-ni"
  6. *a Noturile waddles over and gets a bucket of liquid that makes him a bit anxious at first sight, as he accidentally discharges some strange fluid from his tail*

    *the Noturile inserts a vial of oil after calming down*
  7. Gets some oil

    Inserts the most cringy anime in existence
  8. *a small, robotic-like Pokémon resembling a raptor comes over and gets a list of negative comments on said anime, as it transforms its arms into a pair of blades for a brief moment and uses Swordplay on the paper for practice*

    *the little Pokémon inserts a note, which reads:*

    Ability: ADS Unit
    “Changes the Pokémon’s starting move pool and added moves based on the type of memory drive held.”
  9. Gets the note

    Inserts the nearest loose brick
  10. *the little Pokémon gets a tiny house that has fallen apart*

    *the robotic raptor inserts a TM for the move, Hyper Beam Ver. II*
  11. Gets the TM for Hyper Beam

    "Oookay then"

    Inserts a cup of hot chocolate
  12. *Polino floats over and gets a box of melted chocolate, as he sucks on it while attempting to perform a mini T-Spin single after stacking some colorful tetrominoes*

    *Polino carefully inserts a cyan, I-shaped block into the machine*
  13. Gets a four-metre long cyan pole

    Inserts a rare variety of strawberries
  14. *Polino gets a large cup of strawberry juice, though it appears that the infant would likely prefer to have a bottle of milk or some sugar cubes instead*

    *Polino inserts a pink, T-shaped block into the machine after getting the inserting mechanism corrected*
  15. *extends the block to my size and does to the T-pose with it* XD

    *inserts a Super Smash Bros Ultimate invitation letter*
  16. Gets the letter

    Inserts a lemon filled with tons of smaller lemons
  17. Gets a sour joke.

    Inserts a pile of 64th notes arranged in slowly played arpeggios.
  18. Gets the music created from those notes

    Inserts a piece of light
  19. Gets a lamp.

    Inserts another Vending Machine, exploding it.
  20. Gets an explosion

    "...come on, at least it wasn't caused by someone who's really annoying"

    Inserts annoyance
  21. The machine is reconstructed.
    Gets the instructions.
    Reads them and inserts them back.
  22. Gets the instructions

    "Eh, I'm not interested in stuff like that"

    Tosses the instructions in a bin and then inserts the bin
  23. Get the tutorial of Dormitabis.

    Insert Willy Wonka`s Factory, destroyed.
  24. Gets squirted in the face with chocolate icing from a piping bag


    Grabs a towel, wipes of the icing and then tosses the towel in the vending machine
  25. Gets a dirty towel
    inserts it back, but dirty with slime.
  26. Gets the slime


    Inserts a silver flower with a blue metal stem
  27. Swirled

    Swirled Previously UniverSoul

    You get a cat, take good care of it

    *inserts a galaxy*
  28. Gets a marble with a galaxy pattern on

    "Does anyone know what movie that seems to reference?"

    Inserts a movie
  29. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets a rip off version of said movie

    *inserts a ring from Sonic the Hedgehog *
    #5469 +BlueSalty, Dec 5, 2018
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
  30. Gets snacks that are ring-shaped.

    Inserts the world.
    wait, that is...
    (machine blows up)
    inserts an omnitrix in the new machine.
  31. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets a figure of Four Arms.

    I was actually hoping someone would say gets a coin from Super Mario Bros but that works.

    *inserts the worlds biggest magnet*
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  32. Gets a giant box of Pokeballed Magnezones.

    Inserts a playable version of the pre-production series Capsule Monsters.
  33. Swirled

    Swirled Previously UniverSoul

    *gets a copy of Pokemon Green*

    *inserts a copy to Pokemon Ruby*
  34. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets a poke balled Groudon

    *inserts life itself*
  35. Swirled

    Swirled Previously UniverSoul

    *gets death itself*
    *the universe dies*
    *a new universe, exactly the same as ours is created in its place, complete with a new vending machine*
    *inserts a quarter*
  36. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets a nickel

    *inserts every meme and dead meme in existence with a note that says “IM ALREADY TRACER”
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  37. Gets a 5 hour cringe comp on youtube.

    Inserts all the times I was on here (which isnt much)
  38. Swirled

    Swirled Previously UniverSoul

    You get your Charms Story

    *inserts myself*
  39. Gets a soul with a universe-like pattern


    Inserts a fruit bowl hat
  40. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets a vegetable bowl hat

    *inserts fortnite season 7*
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