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The Vending Machine Game!

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Tunolipede, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets non subtle references
  2. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Inserts potato
  3. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    *gets French fries*

    *inserts tomato*
  4. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets ketchup

    Inserts sausage
  5. Gets a venison sausage wrapped bacon

    "YUM! :nom::nom::nom:"

    Inserts a chocolate cake iced to look like a robin
  6. Yoshi Star Shine

    Yoshi Star Shine Previously Moo Moo

    Gets a robin

    Inserts a horse
  7. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    *gets a unicorn*

    *Inserts a Pikachu and a thunderstone*
  8. Gets a Raichu

    "...The only Raichu I like are shiny Alolan ones"

    Inserts a shiny Alolan Raichu nicknamed "Chocolate"
  9. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    *gets a chocolate candy shaped like an Alolan Raichu*

    *eats the chocolate*

    *inserts a shiny Espeon*
  10. Gets swatches of every annoying shade of green and a regular Espeon Plushie

    "...this machine can annoy me so much at times..."

    Inserts the Espeon Plushie
  11. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    *gets 100 dollars and a message*

    The message reads "Thank you for giving me the beat Eeveelution Plushie"

    *inserts Starburst Minis
  12. Gets a miniature starburst drawing

    Inserts the drawing
  13. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets the mini starbursts again

    Yummmmmm <.>

    Inserts Hershey’s
  14. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    *gets a note*

    "Sorry I ate the chocolate lol"

    *inserts Kit Kat Bar*
  15. Gets a cat sculpture made out of kitkats

    "I wonder, is there any cake inside of here?"

    Inserts sillyness
  16. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets seriousness

    Inserts nothing
  17. Gets nothing

    "I was expecting something to just appear but what ever"

    Inserts a red sapphire
  18. *You received a green amethyst! Or is it an emerald? Or is it an amethyst?

    *You inserted the Top Cake
  19. Gets an upside-down cake

    Inserts firworks
  20. *You recieved Guy Fawkes's body.... oh wait, it's just an action figure.

    *You inserted a random person off the street.
  21. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    *gets an action figure of said random*

    *inserts the action figure*
  22. *You received the same person in real. How embarrassing.

    *You insert the same person in a speed to not be seen inserting people into a vending machine.
  23. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets the person but than he just disappeared like thanos snapped again

    Inserts Thanos
  24. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    *gets a rasin*

    "Funny, I see no difference"

    *inserts 2018*
  25. Gets annoying politics blabber


    Inserts several flags, namely the UK, Japanese and French flags
    Swirled likes this.
  26. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets American flags X3

    Inserts space-time continuum
  27. Gets a miniature Palkia figure with a note stuck to it read: "Sorry for the rip in the space-time continuum inside the vending machine!"

    "Um, what now?"

    Inserts the figure and note
  28. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    *gets a dialga figure and note*
    I also apologize for the tip in space time continum
    *inserts the figure and note*
  29. Gets the figure and the note

    "Okay then..."

    Inserts a miniature Giratina figure
  30. +BlueSalty

    +BlueSalty Previously ThatOneSonicFan

    Gets Giratina figure with nothing changed what so ever

    Inserts same figure with nothing changed what so ever
  31. Gets the figure

    Inserts Marisa's mini-Hakkero
  32. Gets a Master Spark in the face

    (Why TF did I come back to this game? IDFK.)

    Inserts a very hungry walker from The Walking Dead
  33. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    *gets a well fed walker*

    *inserts Kirby*
  34. Gets sucked in, and spat out

    Inserts Michonne's katana
  35. Tries to attack the machine with it.

    Inserts a cat.
  36. Gets a Meowth

    Inserts an Amulet Coin
  37. *a baby alien creature comes over and gets some Poké Dollars, as its antenna flashes a green, flickering light for a brief moment*

    *the young alien decides to insert a small note that reads:*

    The Spon'sith Bubble from the Druidician forms a small, yellow shield that absorbs most conventional arms. It can fire all absorbed projectiles back at the foe at the Druidician's will. A truely threatening weapon of the Zolucations that poses a great threat to Super Earth.
  38. Gets that note

    "...just like always"

    Inserts Arceus and all of the Plates
  39. *the baby alien gets an unobtainable Arceus that appears to be highly overpowered to the point that it would be banned from all RPs even if it had staff approval*

    *the young alien decides to insert a Photon Pistol Model ZL-X05 into the machine*
  40. Gets hit by Photon Geyser


    Inserts a note that reads: "s dear tah teton astres nI"

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