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Private/Closed The Epidemic Virus

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. Looking back up at the two Pokémon and down at the growing horde, finally making their way in, Nancy yelled at Shadow. “We have to get out of here!” Flying higher up to the unknown Pokémon above the building, Claudia made a greeting coo to the Cacturn and the Hydreigon. Nervously waiting for Shadow to fly off, Nancy played with her fingers.
  2. Shadow's POV

    Shadow quickly patted Talon's neck as he nodded before spreading his wings taking flight away from the zombies. Talon had caught attention of a Hydredigon and a Cacturn just riding on it. "Braviary!("You too look familiar? Who are you Pokemon") Talon asked as Shadow noticed them as well. "You two look familiar, but enough talk we can figure that out once we are at the cabin" he said as Talon gestured the two Pokemon to follow to get away from the zombies as they all headed towards the cabin.

    JC's POV

    Blue couldn't find any of JC's "special" medication that was specifically for her. She knew that JC told her not to tell anyone about the condition she was in right now but telling Hades would probably be for the best at the moment. "Umbre! Breon!("We need to tell Hades about JC's condition Blade and Meadow. I know she said not to tell anyone about her condition right now but she isn't doing well at all...I'm worried that we may lose her because of her condition...I mean you girls did see how pale she was...") She said looking to them in concern. Blade and Meadow looked to each other with the same expression before looking back to Blue. "Absol! Sol!("At this rate we can't ignore this...its best if we do tell Hades, I don't want to lose JC...if it wasn't for her...I wouldn't be where I am now...I vowed that I would assist her with her battles and always be there for her no matter the struggle") Blade said. "Saws! Sawsbuck!("I have to agree, we can't just stand by and watch her suffer in this state so asking Hades for help is our only choice") Meadow said.

    Blue nodded before leaping off the counter as she told Blade and Meadow to remain here as she went upstairs to get Hades. She opened his door with Psychic as she slowly opened it making her way inside. Her rings lit the room as she walked in as she saw Hades on the bed sleeping. She leaped up on the bed before gently tugging his shirt collar to wake up. "Umbre! Breon!" She cried. Meanwhile, in JC's room with Delta and the others, JC's condition only worsened as her breathing was trying to keep up as her hand was stained with blood from coughing it out.-

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  3. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    In the View of Hydreigon and Cacturn
    " No, wait, don't go yet. We come from the base that your sister and her friend built. Our trainer is seemingly close friends with her. It's best you come with us, it's safe there. " The Cacturn said. The Hydreigon nodded in agreement. " We can lead you there safely. It's why our trainer sent us out in the first place. So, if you please come with us. " The Hydreigon added, then went on to fly back the way they came.

    In the View of Hades and Hunter
    Mightyena was the first to wake up. Taking up scent of three different pokemon approaching the room is something that you can't miss with a good nose. Neither is the fact that the door was opened by them despite being locked. This is either an emergency, or an attempt at an assassination. Either way, Mightyena jumped up and stood her ground, snarling at the umbreon that dared to jump up on their bed. " HEY, WHAT'YA THINK YOU'RE DOING?! YOU- " The barking of the Mightyena woke up Hunter, and then Hades. Hunter turned to his other side to look what was going on, and Hades pat the Mightyena on the head, before looking at Umbreon. " Calm down there, girl. This umbreon is a friend. There's nothing to worry about. " He told the Bite Pokemon. The Mightyena looked to her trainer and sat back down, calming down. She trusted her trainer. Hades had sat up and rubbed his eyes, walking over to the door. " Alright, alright, hold on.. just need to put these on.. " He said as he grabbed his mask and helmet, putting them both on. Then, he slapped himself in the face to wake up quicker. " Now, what's wrong? "
  4. Blue's POV

    Blue leaped down off his bed before gently tugging at his pants to follow her downstairs. "Umbreon!" Blue said having a very worried look in her gold eyes. "Umbre..." she said as tears seemed to well up in her eyes feeling frustrated as she leaped her way out of the door to downstairs. "Umbre("Please come downstairs, it's important!") Blue said telling the Mightyena to tell him before she made her way downstairs to where Blade and Meadow were.

    Shadow's POV

    Talon stopped in midair once he heard the Hydredigon and Cacturn say they were sent by a friend Shadow's sister knew of. "Brave! Braviary!" he said looking to Shadow. "Alright follow them Talon, quickly," he told him as Talon nodded before turning around and followed the Hydredigon and Cacturn. "-Wait, are you Hades Pokemon by any chance?-" Talon asked flying next to them as he looked to him. Shadow could feel his shoulder starting to bother him from the pain but had to dwell with it for now until he was able to rest.

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  5. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    In the View of Hades and Hunter...
    Hades saw the Umbreon leave with tears, and his Mightyena suddendly follow them, motioning him to do the same. Him and Hunter went after, following the two downstairs. They didn't know what was going on. Hades got worried. He imagined all the possible situations that could be happening here. But, he remained calm. Because Panic doesnt solve Problems. Hades, Hunter and the Mightyena then stopped by the group of Blue, Blade and Meadow. Hades was confused, and Hunter decided to speak up. " What's going on here? "

    In the View of Cacturn and Hydreigon
    The Cacturn looked back at the trainers, seeing them follow them back. When they got near, he listened to their question, suprised they know their trainer. The Cacturn spoke up while the Hydreigon remained flying. " Why yes we are. Why are you asking? "
  6. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Pfffftttt, talking about restroom..." Milo muttered under his breath, starting to stand up, "One out of the many rooms there is, how am I supposed to know which one it's in?" He sweat dropped.

    As he tried to procrastinate on that problem, Hades's wave caught his attention and he gave a hasty wave back, also quickly mouthing the word "nice pokemons" to him before turning away again. "Alright, Kiki, Phoenix, let's go find ourselves some rooms." He chuckled, "But I'll go find the restroom first so you guys go on ahead." He ordered. Kiki nodded and dragged Phoenix along, both disappearing after walking out of sight. Milo merely stretched, walking into the lonely hallways plastered by dim lights to show the way, making him shiver, "Dang, being alone is quite freaky, don't you agree Ditti?" He said. Ditti's pokeball vibrated in respond.

    After Milo entertained himself with the stressful idea that he's totally lost in the maze of a hallway, he finally found the restroom, vowing to himself he's never going without a guide or a map again. "I'm serious Ditti! My sense of direction is never accurate! And what's that noise inside your pokeball?! A-are you laughing at me?!" He demanded, shaking Ditti's pokeball jokingly.

    "Nevermind that, this place is really fidgety didn't you realize? Everyone is moving yet it's literally time to sleep." Milo said, "I'm still pretty worry about the zombies, what happen if they do manage to break through? Those people aren't gods, they can't miraculously be able to expel all zombies from this place." He pointed out, "Especially those Level 6 ones, those are a real biggie."
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  7. Blue's POV

    Once she saw Hades follow her down stairs she leaped up on the counter. She sat down for the moment before seeing the speech collar on the counter that Ninji wore. She stood up making her way to it as she lifted it up with her nose before flicking it in the air as it landed around her neck perfectly. She raised her paw to turn it on before she spoke.

    "Please don't freak out, this is a speech collar that allows you to understand me since you can't understand me like JC can..." Blue said as she took a breath before speaking again. "Hades...theres something important we need to tell you...and I'm not going to lie to you...it will really hurt you..." Blue warned as she saw Blade and Meadow put on the speech collars as well to speak to Hades better before they returned to Blue's side looking to him with worried eyes.

    Talon's POV

    Brave!(" I thought so, we met just two years back when this epidemic started, that's why you seemed so familiar to me. So your saying JC is with Hades right now? Shadow doesn't know because he can't understand us like JC can so he will be happy to see her once we arrive there") Talon said before looking ahead again.-

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  8. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    In the view of Hades and Hunter..
    Hades was slightly suprised, but not by much. JC could already understand pokemon, and with the technology here, that translation collar wasn't a long shot. However, he got confused by the Umbreon's Statement. Something real bad must be going on, but something so bad that it would hurt him? Physically was definetly not what they meant by that statement, because that would make no sense. Emotional Damage? What more could break him than what Life had thrown at him...? " Well, let me hear it. I can't help what looks like an emergency without knowing what it is first. "

    In the view of Cacturn and Hydreigon
    " Yeah, now I remember. Your trainer was lost at first, but we managed to find him. Oh, and JC is indeed with Hades right now.. and, between us three... " The Cacturn looked left and right, then motioned Hydreigon to fly closer so it could whisper into the Braviary's ear. The Cacturn crouched down to do so. " We're thinking our trainer's probably just a little bit crushing on her. " The Cacturn and Hydreigon laugh a bit, then quiet down again. " But, don't tell anyone that. Especially not her. Hades is always trying to act like the tough guy, he couldn't handle the embarassment. We're pretty sure he would die from it. " The Cacturn nudged the Braviary with his shoulder.
    " Oh, and there is something else. I feel like we should hurry on back, because I'm getting this sort of premonition that something bad is going to happen there if we don't. Catch you ahead! " The Cacturn said, both pokemon saying the last statement in unison before boosting off towards the base.
  9. Blue's POV

    Blue closed her eyes as she took a breath before speaking. "Its about JC, she is not doing well at all...her medical condition...kicked in the moment she went up stairs...she is very pale...and we are worried we might lose her...we don't have that "special" medicine to help with that illness...the only person that knows how to make it is...-" "Shadow..." Blade said cutting Blue off. "He is the only one that can help JC in her state but...without him...she will only suffer then she is now...Delta is using her fairy aura to sustain it for the time being but she can't hold onto it forever..." Blade said eyes filled with worry.

    "We thought we should tell you this now to try and help her but...I don't know if you can...that state she is in...its like she is in a coma with that oxygen mask on her and her skin that is lost in color...I wouldn't recommend seeing her...because you may break down...but if you want to...we can lead you to her....I know we promised her not to tell anyone but she needs support...the more she coughs up blood...the weaker she gets..." Meadow said pausing before she spoke again. "She is very vulnerable in this state....and I know for a fact that a certain "person" will appear at some point to snatch her...I just have a bad feeling that might happen...because she can't defend herself...in that state she is in...so please Hades...we need your help...even of you can't fix this..." Meadow finished as she looked towards Blade and then Blue as tears welled up in their eyes.

    Talon's POV
    "A crush on JC...I really highly doubt that...I have to see it for myself in order to believe you and he has to get through Shadow if that ever happens..."
    Talon said as he picked up his flight speed to keep up with Hydreigon and Cacturn.-

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  10. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades' entire body seemingly lowered, as if gravity intensified on him, upon hearing the news in sadness. He was a bit aware that JC had some kind of condition. But, that it was this bad, without any common medicine to help it? For a few seconds, Hades gave no noise from him. Not even breathing. His entire body froze up. Hunter pat him on the shoulder and nodded reassuringly. Hades took a few deep breaths, then said with a more monotone, sorrow-filled voice: " Bring me.. to her. If these are indeed the last moments, then.. I atleast want to be there. "
  11. “Keep going, Claudia,” Nancy pet her Altaria on the head, who responded with a happy coo. Speaking to the other Pokémon, she seemed confused. “Who is this JC person I hear about?” She said, flying faster to catch up with the other Pokémon.
  12. Blue's POV

    Blue's ears raised up upon hearing what Hades said. "If your sure about this....then I'll take you to her...its possible that you will break down by seeing the state she is in...I'm just giving a warning...to you..." Blue said as she leaped off the counter. " Follow me...or us I should say..." Blue said before walking her way upstairs. Blade and Meadow followed just behind. Blue made it to a door before she used Psychic to open it. She walked inside until she saw Wolfa, Delta, and Gem inside the room beside JC who was laying on the bed resting on her side facing the door. Her long hair was loose as half of the bottom rested on her side and hips. She was only half covered by the blanket as only her hips and legs were underneath. She didn't wear the outfit she usually wears as it was only a plain white dress. Her glasses were removed so her eyes were seen much better. An oxygen mask rested on her nose and mouth to help keep her breathing stable with the help of Delta's fairy aura.

    Her right hand was stained with blood from the amount of coughing she had done from her condition. Her skin was pale, like a ghost, as this gave a sign that she was very weak. Blue walked over and check her forehead feeling a high fever going on. She leaped off the bed as she grabbed a bucket as she told Delta to fill it up with Hydro pump and freeze it was ice beam. She used iron tail to break it down before turning to Hades. "Would you mind...placing some of this ice on her forehead to try an bring her fever down....with this bag and cloth...?" Blue asked as she leaped on the head and laid down close to her. Blade and Meadow did the same as they laid down on the floor next to her.

    Wolfa leaped off of the bed as she placed some ice inside of the bag before she walked over and handed it to Hades. She barked as a whine came out signaling worry.

    Shadow's POV

    "JC is my going sister that I have been looking for, we were separated when this epidemic started so we just both assumed that we were missing from each other..." Shadow answered Nancy looking behind him. "-This feeling...I know it can't be good...-" he thought as he hoped that JC was ok and this feeling wasn't about her.

    Mask's POV

    Mask knew this bad feeling very well, JC's condition took over her. What frustrated him was that he couldn't do anything to help her condition. He felt very worried that he might lose her as he felt the comfort of Yami and Ember.

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  13. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades followed the three, Hunter coming with him. And the Mightyena following Hunter. As all six got to the room, Hades looked at JC and let out a sad sigh. He tried his best to hide is feelings, but things are starting to look real bad. Hades thought of what to do, then he remembered the duo he sent out. Snapping back to reality, he took the bag of ice Wolfa handed him and put it on JC's forehead. Then, he grabbed himself a chair and set it next to her bed, sitting down in it. " She might not be gone.. earlier, I sent out Cacturn and Hydreigon to bring back any survivors that are still out there, with the main goal being to bring back Shadow. Now, we all have to wait and let time see how it will let this play out.. "
  14. Blue's POV

    She sat close to JC before looking to Hades. "JC does not give up very easily, she is a fighter...I have known that since I hatched from my egg as an Eevee...I was her support when she lost both her parents and fell into grief...but Shadow was also her support to bring her back up...she didn't let her medical condition get in the way of what she wanted to do right...I trust her completely and the bond between us is inseparable..." she said looking to Hades. "I wouldn't...we wouldn't be able to bare it if we lost her...we have traveled everywhere together...even help her become champion of Alola...those are memories we have cherished together...all of us..."

    "Yes...if it wasn't for JC...I wouldn't have been where I am today if it wasn't for her...she saved me and accepted for who I am even if I was labeled as a "Disaster" Pokemon...I owe her everything...so I vowed that I would help her with even the toughest of battles..." Blade said.

    "She has a very kind soul as she never judges a person or Pokemon by appearance as she accepts them for who they are...that smile never fails to bring a person's mood up and she would do anything to protect those important to her...even at the cost of her own life..." Meadow said looking to her with sad eyes.

    Suddenly she started coughing badly again as she forced herself up and removed the oxygen mask as she raised her hand up to cover her mouth as blood just splattered on her hand. "JC!" the girls said. She pulled her hand away as she saw Blue and the girls look to her in worry but then had seen Hades just sitting next to her. "Hades..." she said as she felt very lightheaded as her body started to fall back again.-

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  15. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades nodded silently and listened to their stories. It truly does sound like they have been quite through a lot during their times together. No wonder they have such close bonds. It seemed kinda familiar to his story, actually. Not that it suprised him. After all, it wouldn't be the first time he had something coincidentally similiar with JC. He mumbled: " I see... " after hearing the stories, then shook up when he saw JC suddendly jerk up from coughing. He reacted when she started to fall back into the bed, as he stood up and grabbed her shoulders to gently lower her back onto the bed and putting on the oxygen mask again. " Calm down JC, breathe in... and out.. help is coming, JC. I've sent Hydreigon and Cacturn out to find your brother. You'll make it through... you have to! "
  16. She was too weak to disobey so did what she was told her as she breathed in and outside. Her chest was hurting as it appeared more difficult to breath. "Hehe....don't worry....I'm just...too stubborn...to die this easily...I can't die here..." She said slowly pulling herself up as she used the headboard to try and stand up. "....I...hate this...I don't...want..to die..." She said as tears welled in her eyes before they fell. "JC! Don't strain yourself! You don't want to overdue it!" Blue said as Blade and Meadow agreed. "Blue..." She felt lightheaded again as she lost her grip from the frame falling forward as she reached out to try and grab something.

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  17. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades sighed in relief of her listening to him. She wouldn't be able to breathe as good, but keeping calm in this situation is the best action. He frowned behind his mask, trying not to cry. " You won't die here.. I won't allow it.. " He told her, still stood up. When he saw her start to fall again, he quickly reached his arms out, one infront of JC to allow her to lean on it, and the other hooked to her shoulder to help keep her up straight. " I just wonder when the two are gonna get back.. I refuse to let you die here, JC.. I swear it on my life. " He said, slowly breaking down. He hinder a single tear from welling up in his left eye. It rolled down his cheeks and through the eye sockets of the mask, dripping onto the ground.

  18. JC's POV

    She looked up at him weakly as she saw tears break off from his eyes under his mask. She weakly reached out to grab his mask and pull it off gently. "Don't...cry Hades....I won't die...not just yet....I'm too stubborn...to...die..." She said pulling herself up straight with the help of his arm as she reached out to gently touch his face gently wiping the tears. "Why are you crying for me...there is no need to..." She said weakly but managed to give a gentle smile to him. "I'll be...ok.....don't worry..."she said as she pulled off her oxygen mask before violently coughing bring put more blood as it collected on her hand. She gently wiped it off with the wet cloth before placing her oxygen mask on again.

    "Its going to be ok....I promise..." She gently placed both hands on his face. "Don't...give up on me yet...I'm not going anywhere...have faith in me...and believe in me..." She said before feeling lightheaded again as her balance stumbled a bit.

    Talon's POV

    He looked to Hydredigon and Cacturn. "Brave!("Are we almost there guys? I can't fly forever...I need to rest once in a while") he asked them as he looked to him.-

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  19. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    In the view of Hades and Hunter...
    Hades looked on to JC, as he slowly couldnt hold it back anymore. More and more tears came from his eyes, and another emotion slowly started filling him. Shame. Why did he cry? Well, he wasn't quite sure himself, since he rarely does so. He closed his eyes as to not stream out any more tears. Why was he crying? He was about to lose a close friend. More so, he was about to lose someone he held into a view with more... personal, affectionate view. But, he wasn't even sure if they held him in that view too. They probably don't. Why should they? Someone like him especially? A crazy, reckless idiot he was, turned into a horrific monster by that damn house fire. He nearly looked like one of them. He was just missing the primal instinct and scent of dead, withering flesh. No, it couldn't be, he was unloveable. He thought himself of such. After all, a reciprocation is but a hope. A hope that couldn't flicker into reality in these harsh times. There was no time for his humanity to play such emotional distress onto him. He began speaking, stuttering slightly.
    " Why am I crying for you..? Well, its just that.. I.. well, I am close to losing a close friend.. one of the only ones I couldve ever made in this damn apocalypse.. that, and.. and.. well, its.. uh.. " He stuttered and mumbled something so quiet it was inaudible to hear. He'd pretend he'd gotten an idea, and lowered JC's hands from his face. " Give me but a moment. " He gestured Hunter and his Mightyena to follow him back to his room. There, he made sure he locked the door, before letting his distress out a bit, crying in streams again. Hunter pat him on the head, and his Mightyena had jumped onto his lap, standing up and hugging him. She'd seen this done by humans before, and she saw it successfully calm them down. " H-.. Hunter.. c-check... the windows.. " He muttered as he sat on the bed, wrapping his arms around the Mightyena. Hunter nodded and walked back to JC's room to open the window. Then, he spoke up. " My trainer will be.. back in a few moments. Help should be arriving soon. I'll prepare a landing spot while we wait.. "

    In the view of Cacturne and Hydreigon...
    " Yes, actually! I see light in the distance! ..but, wait, this isnt where we flew off... hm, wait.. I see Hunter, my trainer's partner Zoroark standing by the window. We must by right. Let's hurry, quickly! " The Cacturne replied and pointed in the direction of the open window where the light was coming from. The Hydreigon nodded and dashed off, flying as fast as it could to the direction.

  20. JC's POV

    She watched Hades walk out of the room for the moment before seeing Hunter walk back in. She listened to his words before looking back where Hades exited the room. "Hunter...has he ever expressed his feelings like that before...its like...he didn't want me to see him cry that much...is it because people immediately judged him because of the way he looks...."she asked the Zoroark as she may have a feeling that he has developed personal feelings towards her but seemed to think that it was impossible.

    Talon''s POV

    Talon sped up his flight speed following Hydredigon close beside him. He felt Shadow's grip of his hands tighten a bit as he sped up.-

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  21. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    In the view of Hades and (mostly) Hunter...
    While Hades started to gather himself again, wiping tears away and whatnot, Hunter looked to JC, with a saddened look. " Well, it's not that he really cares about what people judge him for based on looks.. it definetly does sadden him when they start shooting, cowering or running, but it had helped him stay away from trouble most times. I can't exactly say why he didn't want you to see him cry, but my guess is that he's just always been trying to act like the tough guy. He's endured all the physical, emotional and mental pain he's suffered through, which is how he always keeps a calm and reserved outlook. He shoves his emotions aside, atleast the negative ones. He represses them, and makes room for more positive ones. But in turn, those positive ones dont last very long. And if something real bad happens that does affect him bad, he'll break that tension he's holding. Why he broke down now is very likely that you both are close friends, and this is always something that saddens the beings in such circumstances. What affects him more though, I believe, is that, well.. you're probably getting an idea of what I'm about to say, don't you? "

    Off in the other room, Hades had calmed down and managed to supress his emotions again. His face was burning from the salt water that were his tears, sunken into the flesh. He hissed under his breath from the pain and stood up, walking back to JC's room. The Mightyena that he had cast out had followed him along, should something happen to him now as he was vulnerable. He quietly opened the door and sat back on the chair he put down, with his head hanging down. He felt utterly shameful of what his human emotions had brought to him at this time of emergency.

    In the view of Cacturn and Hydreigon...
    " Look, almost there! " The Cacturn shouted, the Hydreigon flying into the room of JC. It had to squeeze in, and the Cacturn on his back had to lay low in order to fit in with him. The Pokemon went to greet their trainer, but quickly realized the mood he was in. They went silent, with the Cacturn getting off the Hydreigon and the Hydreigon making room for the other two.

  22. JC's POV

    She listened to Hunters story before she saw Hades walk back in feeling ashamed. She grabbed her glasses from the nightstand just next to the bed before she placed them on to see better. She slowly made her way to him as Gem came over to support her balance. Once she was close, Gem let go before she bent down his level. She reached her trembling bandaged hand out to touch his hand holding it gently as her right touched his cheek. Tears had fell immediately before she even had the chance to speak. "I'm sorry....Hades...I didn't mean to make you cry...just for worrying you...its ok to cry...to show your emotions...but right now I'm scared...In only act brave to hide my fear....afraid that this illness will take me...I'm not in the condition to defend myself like I do with my blade...I need your help to do that part for me until I am back on my feet...."she asked gently moving his head to look at her fearful eyes. "Please...just tell me your feelings before my body gives out on tiredness again..." She said gently hugging him for comfort.

    Shadow's POV

    Talon flew inside the window before landing in JC's room. Shadow had got off Talon as he looked around before seeing JC in the distance. He wanted to go and hug her to death but saw she sas comforting his long time friend Hades. He stood where he was as he waited for her to notice him.-

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  23. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades had tried to talk, but could only stumble, stutter and mumble. He breathed in and out deeply, and this time around, he was the one to faintly blush from having his hand held. It wasnt all that visible because the red colouring of the blush mixed in with the red colouring of his flesh and blood. Yet, on the spots where the skin could re-connect and cover his cheeks, it was visible. " W-well.. " He began mumbling, quiet enough for only JC to hear as a whisper. " O-over the course of... the two years that we've known eachother.. I.. I have.. ,well.. I seemingly have.. developed.. a, uh.. " He felt peak shame admitting this, and his blush lit up more. " A.. crush.. o-on.. y-y-you...? " He said, going more and more quiet with each letter spoken. Admitting that at a time like this? He felt like he could just bury himself alive to escape this shame. Then noone else would have to put up with this embarrassment that he became.

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  24. JC's POV

    She blushed shyly at the words he said as she held him into a hug. "I had...a feeling that might have been the case...Hunter told me something...about you...regarding your feelings...how you had to push them aside...like how I did...in a stubborn way..." She said as she suddenly coughed violently again as she removed her oxygen mask and covered her mouth with her hand. Blood splattered on her hand again as she found herself leaning against him. "I wish I could...say more...but my body is about to give up on me from tiredness..."she said as she slipped off into a bit of a coma.

    Shadow's POV

    He saw what was going on as he saw how pale his sister was. Her medical condition was making her suffer. He walked over to Hades before he spoke. "I'll take her from here friend"he said gently lifting her up bridal style before placing her on the bed. He went into his bag and grabbed a small box container. "I have her medicine here so no need to worry she will live"he told him as he removed his mask from his face and placed it on the night stand.-

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  25. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " D-don't worry about it for now.. just, please... take your time to rest up. I hate seeing you suffer like this, JC.. " He whispered in JC's ear before letting Shadow take her back to her bed. He stood up from the chair and nodded at JC before looking at Shadow. " I.. trust you got this handled. I'll be right back.. just need to get something to.. help me with this. " He said as he walked towards his pokemon. He casted Mightyena, Hydreigon and Cacturn back into the pokeball, but not before giving them a pat on the head and an approving nod. Then, he walked out of the room with Hunter following behind and went downstairs, to his Motorcycle to get himself some drinks. Shortly he came back into the room, him and Hunter holding one bottle of beer and five cans of soda from the Cola Brand. He put the drinks down onto a dresser nearby. " I didn't bring the bottle here to drink myself wasted. We can use this for disinfectant or something. Possibly even to start a fire should it be necessary. Though thats probably not a good idea.. " He quietly chuckled as he and Hunter opened themselves their own cans of soda.

  26. Shadow's POV

    He nodded to Hades watching him leave the room. He opened the box container as it was filled with medicine in flasks of a blue liquid. He grabbed a syringe before taking all the medicine from the flask. He rubbed the middle of her arm before inserting the syringe as he pushed the back of it seeing it enter inside of her body. Once it was empty he pulled it out as he then covered her was the blanket. "Just a minute longer and I would have lost her...now you just need to rest JC..." He told himself as Blue and the others greeted him as they were happy to see him. He walked out of the room as he looked around until he saw a door open as he walked in. He saw Hades drinking something as Sparkx followed him in. "Hades, she will be fine so no need to worry about losing her but it will take some time for her color to come back to her so all she needs is rest...and actually...I like to talk with you if that's alright..."he asked looking to him.

  27. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades nodded as he listened, then raised his left eyebrow, which wasnt visible considering he only had the bottom part of his mask pulled up to drink. " I mean sure, if you want to talk then thats fine. " He finished drinking his can and put it aside on the same dresser that all the other drinks had stood. He walked to the door and pulled his mask back down. " You wanna talk outside or in here? " He asked, still a bit confused on what Shadow would want to talk about.

  28. He remained silent for the moment before speaking. "Thank you for supporting JC when I went missing for a while...if you had not found me sooner...I would have lost JC to her illness because of how pale she was...but she is now more vulnerable to a "certain" person that is out there somewhere...she has become a target for him...and I don't know when he will appear but what I do know is that his partner is a Banette...female to be exact..." He said as he closed his eyes resting one hand on his hip. "I might need your help in this case..."he added sighing.

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  29. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades listened, and slowly got more serious. However, he also grew a slight smirk on his face, as Hunter also had started to grin. Hunter motioned as if using Hone Claws, grinning. " Oh, don't worry about them.. See, if their team consists of other ghost pokemon.. well, " He pointed to Hunter, and then to his pokeballs. " Dark types brutalize Ghost Types. " He said, then continued. " As for the trainer.. they shouldnt be too much a problem either, with my little secret weapon.. " He reached into his upper portion of his jacket and took out a big silver desert eagle, pointing it upward at the ceiling. " It's on safety now, but once it shoots, it can do more than just hurt someone. It's loaded with .44 ammunition rounds and has a semi-big recoil in exchange for firepower and damage. " He explained, then used the spike-less sleeve on his other arm to clean the barrel of the gun.

  30. He looked to him and just chuckled. "You never fail to amaze me Hades, that's why I trust you with things like this but his team may not be all ghost type, he could possible have some dark type as well but I'm not exactly sure on the matter" he added as Sparkx greeted Hades with a happy smile. "Jolteon!" She said until her ear perked hearing something in the hall. She looked out of the room until she saw JC standing in the hallway holding the wall. "Jolteon!("JC what are you doing out of bed!? You should be resting!") She told her.

    Shadow noticed Sparkx look out of the hallway as he went to check what was going on. He saw JC out of bed walking on her own when she shouldn't be. "JC what are you doing out of bed?!"he asked her.

    JC's POV

    She saw Sparkx and then her brother Shadow come out asking the same question. Her bang covered both eyes as tears fell. "I wanted...to see you...brother...I was so worried about you...that your life had slipped away from me..."she said softly. "JC..."Shadow said as he walked over to her gently hugging her. "Its alright...I'm alive and breathing...no need to worry about me leaving you..." He told her feeling her hug him like never before crying softly in his chest. He looked to Hades as he raised a finger to his mouth about what they were talking about to not worry JC. Shadow smirked to a thought. "Do you like my sister?" He whispered giving a chuckle. "Cause if you do, you have to go through me first in a brawl" he joked.-

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    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades smiled and put the weapon away. If anything, it's best he keeps that thing hidden until he really has to use it. He can use it that way as an advantage, and a suprise tactic at the same time. He nodded to Shadow, then noticed his Jolteon notice someone leaving JC's room. Then, he saw that it was her. He was worried that she had gotten out of bed, so he walked over. He looked into the room, to see if anyone else is gonna come up into the window, then silently motioned Hunter to close it. When he heard Shadow talk again, he shook up. What, how did he know this secret? Could he overhear them talking? He lowered his head. " Well, suppose not, then.. " He sighed and went to walk his way back to his room. Clearly, he didnt get this as a joke and took it seriously.
  32. He gently lifted up JC once she had fallen asleep again before placing her on the bed again. He covered her with the blanket only to the hips as her hair rested on them. Her team was all out of their Luxury balls keep an eye on her. He lowered the lighting to help her sleep better before making his way back to Hades room. "Sorry if I asked you that question but it was kind of obvious with the scared reaction you had when she was in that condition" he said as he let out Eclipse, his midnight Lycanroc who stood on two feet like Hunter did as he greeted him raising his paw up to high five him.

  33. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hunter had returned the high-five, and Hades had begun talking: " Well, wouldnt any close friend do that? ..I suppose I was a bit more sentimental than that, though.. well, I do, but.. I guess that doesnt really matter now.. I better get on suppressing those emotions too since.. I dont want to fight you.. " He said, sighing after the last statement. He's down again, but slowly became more emotionless as he tries to be again. Hunter looked over to his trainer, slightly confused. What was going on with him? Why is he such a downer now?

  34. He sighed. "I was only joking Hades, I mean who wouldn't have those type of "feelings" for JC...she is a very understanding person..."he said shifting his eyes to look out the window as he folded his arms against him. "...You can always rely on her when something goes wrong...and will never judge a person by the way they look or act...as long as I can remember, I have been protecting her since she was a child because that's what decent brothers do..."he closed his eyes for the moment. "She is not a child anymore...and she can take care of herself when I am not around...you can express those feelings you have for her that you have bottled up deep down inside of you..."

    "She is not stupid just stubborn..so if you tell her she may hesitate for the moment because she has been hurt before...emotionally I mean..." He added. "She understands what the feeling is so if you want to express it when she is back on her feet again then I'll give you my permission to do so..we have known each other for a long time so I have my trust you but just promise me one thing, protect that delicate heart of hers from an emotional harm because she won't be able to bare it..." He finished as Eclipse walked over to him as he stood in front of him looking at him. "What is it Eclipse? Your concerned about Wolfa? Well she can take care of herself you know I mean she is a Dusk Lycanroc after all" he told him. "Lycanroc! Ly!" He said pointing to Hunter.

    "What? You think Hunter might fall for her haha Eclipse are you like her protective brother or something" he asked the Lycanroc. "Lycan!" He said nodding before he heard the door being pushed open as Wolfa walked in the moment Shadow said her name. "Wolfa? Geez..the moment I say your name you walk in a few minutes later...but maybe you two should be related..since you both have the same hair cut in the front...oh wait you are...I'm a breeder and I should know that..."he said giving a chuckle as Eclipse shook his head before patting his sister's head with his claw. "Lycan!" Wolfa said looking to Shadow as she raised her paw to touch her forehead. Shadow seemed to understand this as he nodded. "Looks like JC has a high fever again...want to help me out with this Hades" he asked him.-

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    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades sighed in relief. " Oh, oh.. I thought you were serious there.. see, I always got those things wrong in my younger years.. I'd laugh at serious stuff and don't believe what I was being told. That inevitably lead me to believe everything. Nowadays, I can't tell the difference between sarcasm and serious comments when it's about a rather touchy topic, per sé. But, it's all good. You have my word and my promise that I'll keep your sister safe, from one bro to another. " He laughed and shoulder-nudged Shadow. Then, he saw Eclipse enter, listened to what Shadow said, and chuckled. " Hey, Eclipse. " He turned to the Lycanroc. " You rather want to see more of Hunter in Wolfa's life, or more of someone like a Rattata or a Diglett? " He said, laughing. Then, he stood up and walked to the door. " Alright, let's go see what's up. " He said to Shadow as he walked to JC's room, leaving Hunter behind.
  36. He just chuckled as he saw Eclipse reaction to what Hades just said. "Lycanroc!" He said shaking his head about a Ratatta having Wolfa. "He's joking Eclipse don't get so worked up" he told the Lycanroc. Eclipse just nodded knowing this was the case anyway as Wolfa wagged her tail looking to Hunter seeming interested but had shook her head as she walked out of the room to JC's room. Shadow walked out of the room as Eclipse followed leaving Hunter behind. He walked into the room but froze to see someone in a black cape hiding its face touching JC's forehead. He pulled out his secondary weapon, a katana. "Get away from her!"he said swinging his blade but the person had jumped out of the way with a creepy grin on his face. "You have to be Fernande! I know its you that Banette next to you proves it!"he said as Blue and the others surrounded themselves around JC. "Umbre!" Blue said as she opened her mouth about to use Shadow ball on that Banette. "Hehe, that girl will be mine, such soft skin she has..." He said not answering Shadow's question before he disappeared out of the window as if the shadows took him.

    He lowered his blade putting it away before approaching his sister still on the bed. He placed his hand on her forehead as it was very hot. He made sure she wasn't hurt anywhere before checking her temperature with the thermometer. It read 105° on the thermometer. "Her fever is crazy high, 105°
    degrees...this isn't good..and she's not very swearing...I need to cool her body down Delta use Hydro pump and ice beam in the bucket" he told her. "Prima!"she said before using Hydro pumpkin the bucket and then ice beam to freeze it. She banged on it with her flipper to break it before pushing it to Shadow.

    He grabbed a bag and filled the ice with it. He placed two more under her body as he could hear her breathing a bit heavily. "Shadow....its...cold...."she said still with her eyes closed. "I know...but it will help bring down your fever...its very high" he whispered to her as he gently rubbed her cheek for her to fall asleep again. "She is unharmed Hades so just remain calm...that person just now could have been the guy I told you about....he had a Banette so that must have been him" he said ajesting her oxy mask. "I may have a fever reducer but I'll have to check downstairs, just sit next to her until I return" he said before walking out of the room. Blue went to lay back down close to JC as her other Pokemon remained close. Wolfa pulled the blanket back to where it was to rest on her hips before she sat down next to Hades watching her in a concern look and gave a whine.-

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  37. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades was enraged at the stranger in the room that he nearly revealed his desert eagle, but kept it holstered when he saw them leave. He frowned, which quickly developed into an angry kind-of frown. He looked to JC, then to Shadow. She seemed okay to him. Maybe not with the temperature, but thats not something he can help. Sure, he has a water type. But not one that heals. Sharpedo's don't heal, last he knew of them. Then, he got an idea. " Hey, Shadow. This may not be the best time, but I have an idea. " He went closer to Shadow to whisper it in his ear to ensure noone else hears of the plan. " We secretly move JC to another room, and leave Hunter on the bed here instead. Hunter will disguise himself as JC and trick the guy into coming back for 'her'. Then, as he comes in, we wait at the door. When we hear him stand at the bed, we enter. I'll have Hunter prepare with Agility so that he can lock the window before the guy has time to escape. " He whispered to him, then quietly knocked against the wooden wall three times, four times after a two second pause and two times after another one second pause. This was a pattern Hades and his team made up to know where one is, and to arrive quickly. Hunter had already stood by the doorframe by the last knock.
  38. He thought about it for the moment before he sighed. "He won't be that easy to fool...he can make our plan backfire on us if we are not careful...who knows what plan he has up his sleeve..." He said as he found a fever reducer for her as he took the mask off before using a spoon to put it in her mouth for her to swallow. He closed the cape before placing her oxy mask back on her face. "That should help her fever go down a bit so for now we will have to do night patrol to keep her safe...you can take the first shift if you want...that way I can rest before the next one" he told him as he looked out the window.

    He chuckled as he was thinking that they were trying to fool him. "Hehe, no matter what you try, I'll get her eventually..Hm I'll wait until she is back on her feet to appear again" he said before completely disappearing as if he was never there.

    She shifted a bit uncomfortably still asleep as she reached her hand out to touch a hand as she gently grasped it not knowing it was Hades hand. Shadow noticed JC shift a bit seeing her grasp Hades hand without even knowing. He sighed. "She might have a nightmare tonight...probably about the night she had to be forced to end our parents life...and at that point she becomes completely vulnerable with fear...she will shake violently...and try to stubbornly admit that she is fine...which I know she really isn't...but once she feels those arms of comfort and embrace she will let it all out...those tears of pain..." He explained before looking at the time. 9:30pm it said on the clock as he yawned before looking to Hades. "I'll get some sleep while you watch her for the night, we'll alternate through nights to make sure we get enough sleep" he said before walking out of the room as Eclipse and Sparkx followed after him.-

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    " Oh, alright. I'll keep watch, then. You just get some rest. " He sat down on the chair, now noticing that JC had held his hand. He blushed up a bit, but it wasnt visible because he had his mask on, which he was thankful for having. He waved Hunter over and whispered something in his ear. Hunter would then use his power to create illusions to make JC and her bed, and him and his trainer invisible to everyone in the area except for JC, Hades and their pokemon, him included. Then, he put his other hand on hers as he rested the first one on her bed. " It's just a nightmare.. I'm here for you.. " He quietly whispered reassuringly to her.
  40. She moved in her sleep as the nightmare was starting as her eyes moving proved that she was. Wolfa came over and raised her paw to place on Hades and Hunter's which JC was currently holding. The Lycanroc was worried as she whined. Blue had the same look as she huddle close to her partner. "Umbre..."she said no longer having the speech collar around her neck, as goes for Blade and Meadow.

    She jolted up with a heavy gasp as she looked around the room. She saw Hades, Hunter and his team in the room along with Blue and girls with Wolfa close to the bed. She noticed she was violently trembling and realized she was holding Hades hand. She quickly let it go before she put both hands on her face to hide her tears. "I'm fine...just don't look at me..I want to deal with this alone..." She said voice trembling as Blue and Wolfa looked to her in worry. "Umbre..("You shouldn't have to deal with this alone JC...we are all here for you...") Blue said as she looked to her. "Lycanroc...("JC...stop acting stubborn and let us comfort you...we are worried about you...") Wolfa said trying to convince her. However, her stubbornness got the best of her and refused. "No...I don't want to show this to anyone....I'm just...vulnerable...with fear...why do I fear....is this normal...am I afraid of making...a mistake...again...no I..." She paused as her tears fell frequently as her hands his them from everyone around her.


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