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Private/Closed The Epidemic Virus

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades looked around, then realized he was wrong. This wasnt where the base was. He shrugged and hopped off Hydreigon, casting it back into its pokeball before having Hunter help him carry the motorcycle inside the building. The Zoroark and Hades came into the doorframe, seeing as there was no door to open, and lowered the motorcycle to the ground. " Man, I could've sworn it was here.. damn rain making it hard to see.. " He said to himself, before looking over at JC. " So, guess we are holstered in here while it rains. I don't know exactly how long it'll keep raining, but if I were to guess.. " Hades looked outside, at the clouds. Then, he quickly pulled his head back in. " The clouds are still dark. It will probably rain for a few more hours. " Hades sighed, and returned to the corner Hunter was stood at. " So, uh.. do we have anything to talk about, or do while we wait here..? "
  2. She looked at Hades. "I built the secret base somewhere else but I upgraded it a lot better, you'll see when we arrive there Hades, but in the meantime..." she paused grabbing her katana blade before she removed her hooded cape and folded it neatly before handing it to Gem. "I'm going to do some training...in the rain of course so you can watch if you want until the rain stops but don't think you will be able to guess my battle style because you won't be able to" she told him as she removed her shirt to reveal just a tank top. "Come Blue," she said looking to the shiny Umbreon. "Umbre!("Of course") she said following her into the rain. She felt the rain drip on her clothing, skin, and hair as she stood still on one side while Blue stood in front of her as her black pelt got soaked as well. There was a moment of quietness before in a swift moment she pulled out her blade striking it towards Blue, but not to hurt her of course as this was how she trained her. Blue leaped up dodging it before she balanced on the silver part of her blade once she flipped to do so. Gem watched her as she loved to see her train as she looked to Hades pointing her hand to her training. She continued to do this with Blue for quite a while as her strikes seem like they were invisible to the eye, which in this case, they were.

  3. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo leaned his head back and laughed along with the Ninjask, "Man, some humor you got there." He teased, "I wouldn't mind being the weakest of the group, so long as I'm not the youngest." He struck a straight face, "If I am, then I think we have a problem." he warned, though the hint of laughter was clear in his voice. He smoothed his hair a bit, getting the tangles out of his face as he grinned at the Ninjask, "Personal issues." he said, giving Ninji a wink. Kiki seemed to get the wrong idea, as he rubbed Milo's arm sympathetically, startling the boy a little.

    "What? No, I wasn't bullied for it silly." Milo laughed, smacking Kiki gently on the back kiddingly, "I just don't like being the youngest." he giggled, patting the now embarrass Kelfki on the head, who only huffed and turned away, "Ooh, someone got a temper." he teased, poking at the Klefki continuously. He laughed, looking at Ninji as he giggled, barely able to contain his laughter while at the same time trying not to sound too loud.
  4. Nancy was surprised and even more concerned after seeing how serious his injuries were, and she didn’t notice that a blush was creeping onto her face as she looked at the man who basically just tore off his shirt in front of him and looked down to grab the bandage. Kneeling closer to the boy, Nancy was now red as a tomato as she cleaned all the blood off of him with a rag. Obviously, Nancy wasn’t used to seeing a shirtless man, usually she’d just look away since they usually didn’t have any open wounds that she needed to fix. Embarrassed, she cleaned off the wounds and applied bandages to them. “U-uhm, since it’s still raining out and you r-ripped your shirt, I-I think we should stay in here for now so you don’t get sick,” Nancy stuttered, her voice shaking from embarrassment and just being nervous. “What’s your n-name? I’m Nancy..”
  5. Ninji's POV

    She just chuckled. "-It's fine I'm not judging you for it Milo, I'm just relieved that your not obsessed with wanting to become the strongest because Mask and I have met trainers like that so it's nice to see someone not minding being weak-" Ninji answered giving a chuckle as she looked to the Klefki.

    Shadow's POV

    He looked behind him seeing how red she was under his mask. "Before I answer your question..." he said as he signaled Sparkx to grab his bag as the female Jolteon made over to it before handing it to him. He first washed his hair from any blood that may have gotten on it before he opened his bag and pulled out a tank as he placed it on him careful not to strain his shoulder too much. "It's Shadow and sorry you had to see me shirtless suddenly like that...and this is my partner Sparkx the female Jolteon and Serabis the female Houndoom, one of my teammates and you have already met Talon the Braviary..." he answered as under his mask he was blushing slightly about what he did for her to fix his injury. "Sorry if I..embaressed you" he added looking away for the moment.

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  6. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Yeah, that's fine. I'm suprised you managed to find the time to upgrade something in this time of walking corpses swarming the place, but suppose that doesnt really matter. " Hades said as he stood by the corner, hunched over. " If you want to train in the rain, thats fine by me. I can hang up your top to dry while you're busy out there. " He said, seeing JC leave. He picked up the shirt that she dropped and shook it out, then hung it over the left handle of the motorcycle, leaving it to dry. Then, he wiped off a few raindrops off of his own clothes and went to the window to watch the events outside. He leaned his arms against the windowsill and put his head on his arms, now kneeling down rather than standing. He decided to remove his helmet and mask to breathe in a little fresh air in a direct way, throwing both accesoires onto the other handle of the motorcycle, upon which he stood up again, careful that no drop of water splashed on his exposed head and face.
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  7. Nancy felt the blushing fade away slightly, thought she was still redder than a tomato. “No it’s fine.. it happens to me a lot. Well, not the shirtless part, the nervous part.. I guess I can show you my team,” Nancy said quietly and unclipped six Pokéballs from her belt. When everyone was out, they quietly looked around without calling out their names as they used to do. “This is Marie the Ampharos and my partner,” She said, her embarrassment fading. “Hydra the male Hydreigon, Pixel the male Sylveon, Edna the obviously female Salazzle, Wren the Metagross, and lastly Claudia the Altaria,” Nancy introduced all of them, and right away Edna slithered over to Serabis. She seemed to have liked the Houndoom and wanted to be friends or something. Nancy giggled, revealing her pearly white teeth.
  8. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Ha, if I ever cared about being strong, I wouldn't have chosen a Klefki to be my partner out of all the pokemon I could've caught." he laughed, then dodged as an offended Klefki aimed for his head, "Alright! Alright! Chill! I was just kidding!" he pleaded, laughing. He brushed the Klefki off his shoulder and chuckled when Kiki decided it was a good time to give the cold shoulders.

    "Ah shucks, now he's mad at me," he cooed, once again starting to poke teasingly at his partner, who has the joy to swat him away haughtily. He leaned his head on his arm, patting the upset Klefki as he chuckled at the Ninjask, "Welcome to my life Ninji." he joked, "You'll see this quite a lot with me around," he said, "my pokemon and I clash like crazy, people question why are we still together." he chuckled, sharing a lighthearted glance with Phoenix, who barked at him, "Just kidding, just kidding, jeez, someone can't take a joke."
  9. JC's POV

    She returned back inside after training but it was still raining. She was soaking wet so decided to change for the moment as she went to a hidden area to do so. She returned wearing her spare clothing holding her wet ones. She saw her shirt resting on the handle of his motorcycle as she gently took it before finding an abandoned rack and hung her clothes to dry. Blue shook her pelt to get the water off her fur before she felt a towel on her seeing JC dry her.

    She undid her hair before brushing it for the moment squeezing the water out as she places it back up in a high ponytail. She saw Hades mask was removed as she seemed to have remember something that she had made to help with burns like this. She went into her bag before pulling out a white container filled with a medicated ointment. She walked over to him before she spoke. "Hades, mind if I see your face for the moment?" She asked in a calm way.

    Shadow's POV

    He saw the rest of her team before deciding to do the same. "Well, might as well do the same" he said before pulling out three Pokeballs as they all opened revealing a shiny Decidueye, a shiny Arcanine, and a midnight Lycanroc. "This is Ghost the shiny female Decidueye, Hetilla the shiny female Arcanine, and Eclipse the male Lycanroc but midnight form.." He said as he stood up slowly before grabbing his scythe and a bottle of water as he spilled it on the blade to wash off the blood. The silver color of the blade only showed before leaning it back on the wall. "Its fine really I mean...I am a guy so...I guess its only natural to blush...when you see a male shirtless..." He gave a slight chuckle before sitting down to rest again as his team surrounded him a bit as a protective instinct. "The rain won't let up anytime soon...my...sister is probably training in the rain like this...or maybe just finishing it with Blue..." He said softly as he knew she thought he was still missing. "Fighting those zombies...I dropped my black cross in the process...but maybe some Pokemon I know picked it up to give to my sister to tell her that I am still alive...since she thinks I'm still missing..." He added.

    Ninji's POV

    She just chuckled before speaking. "-Its probably best not to make your Pokemon angry unless...you want an attack being hit in you...-" Ninji warned as a sweatshop seemed to appear on the side of her head.

    @MysticalBreeze2 @Willow Tree
  10. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " ..uh, sure? " Hades turned around, and spotted the container of what he assumed was some sort of medicine of sorts. " If you're planning on using that on my skin to heal it, please don't. These scarrs are permanent. Rubbing anything into my skin is basically rubbing it into my breathing, blood-filled flesh, and that hurts. Bad. Like, salted lemon juice in an open cut wound levels of bad. These things aren't to be cured. " He tried to dissuade her, backing away to his motorcycle, specifically to the handle where he left his mask and helmet.
  11. “Oh, you went missing?” Nancy was still redder than any tomato in the universe, and she nervously played with her hands silently until the blushing died down. And when it did, her cheeks were still flushed with a light pink color. “No, this isn’t the hardest I’ve ever blushed. Trust me, you haven’t seen the worst,” She giggled, and Marie looked down like she knew the day very vividly. Edna slithered over to Nancy and hissed, indicating that all the romantic stuff, including blushing, better stop. “Oh Edna.. Fine,” Nancy rolled her eyes, smiling and patting the Salazzle on the head. “Your sister must be awesome. I don't train in the rain, but it sure is constant. Three times a day at least.” Nancy leaned against one of the torn-up chairs, and reached into her backpack for a snack, pulling out a bag of popcorn. It didn’t have anything on it, so it would be considered healthy. “Hey this isn’t junky popcorn, do you want some?” Nancy held out the bag to Shadow, who probably was hungry.
  12. JC's POV

    She followed him to the motorcycle. "This won't burn you I promise you that, I made it so it wouldn't burn you...I studied really hard on medical and even ones that don't burn you...this will only soothe the burns nothing more...but you have to trust me ok..." She said gently as she looked away for the moment. "I'll make a deal with you...if you allow me to put it on your wounds then I'll allow you to remove my wolf mask and see why I cover my right eye all the time...I don't offer this to just anyone as only my missing brother Shadow knows what is under my bang...I want to help your condition but able that just impossible..." Her voice softened as Blue leaped up on the motorcycle giving a bright light in the abandoned building. She was thinking about her right eye which was completely blind now so Blue takes care of her spot that is very vulnerable.

    Shadow's POV

    He looked to Nancy. "Yes...ever since this virus started I was separated from her for a long time...and yes she is...she wields a katana and my goodness she wields it well...and when she uses it...its like when she uses it the blade is invisible to the eye, which in this case it actually is...she like disappears in one swift movement and appears in another spot like she wasn't even there...I'm lucky to have a young sister like her...her battle style is very unpredictable...that I can assure you..." He said as Serabis went up to the Salazzle as she barked wagging her tail as she was happy that a Pokemon was interested in her species as she gave a smile.-

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  13. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Ha! You won't do that now will you buddy." Milo laughed, giving Kiki a nudge, "You won't actually send me for the hills if I piss you off hmmmm?" He teased. Kiki only responded with a pout and turned away, refusing to admit to anything, which only seems to amuse Milo more.

    "But in all honesty, we get along great, regardless of our usual bickering." Milo said, "We'll never attack each other, and I don't care what your reasoning might be but hitting a pokemon is beyond my league." He snickered, "And attacking your own trainer is beyond your league too Kiki." He laughed.
  14. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades thought about it, then sighed. " Well, if its just to soothe, fine.. but my skin can't be cured. These burn scars will stick with me until I die, so please don't try to make something to cure it. Because I know it won't work. " Hades said, then approached JC and crouched down to get on an even eye level, hands on his knees. " Y'know, I'm actually kinda suprised how you've come to trust me. The fact that you had no qualms with both taking me with you again, knowing how I act, or even changing clothing while I'm around. That signals trust and friendliness, something I dont get from others. Most people usually see me as a common raider, like the ones you'd see in those post-apocalyptic movies and games. They just give me whatever in exchange for having me spare them. I'm puzzled as to why you didn't see me as the same as the others do back then. Why is that? "
  15. She slowly opened the container as she thought for the moment about his question. She took some in her two fingers before gently reaching out after she bent down his level as she sat on her legs since she was rather short for her age. She gently reached out her hand to touch his scarred face and slowly spreaded it on his face. "The answer to your question is that I accept people for who they are even if they recieved any type of permanent injury that can't be healed...I never judge others either...even if they are crazy and reckless just as you are..." She paused as she moved the ointment up to the top of his head.

    "You are a very important friend to me Hades, and I don't want anything happening to you...I wouldn't be able to bare it...I had to put down both my parents by force with the blade of my katana...even if I didn't want to...and with my brother missing...its...double the pain...I have to deal with......alone...with Blue...I grieved for a very long while before I was able to bring myself back up again..." She said removing her hand from his face as she gently reached to touch her mask before slowly removing it revealing her face as her light blue eye showed in the dark building behind her glasses as her right eye was covered.

    She placed down her mask on the ground just in front of her and Hades. She gently wipped off the remaining of the ointment from her two fingers before speaking again as she rested her hands in her lap. "We are sort of similar in a way...at times...I can be just as reckless as you are...with my life...I think of my friends lives instead of my own...meaning I would probably...risk my own life to save theirs...even if it may pain them...but even so I'm just too stubborn to go down that easily...even if an injury is holding me back...I have scars just as you do and the bandages around my wrists and ankles proves it...and not only that...my right eye paid the price as well...the vision...to no longer see..." She closed her eyes while saying this as she could hear the rain start to slow on the thumping a bit but it still rained hard. Blue leaped off the motorcycle as she walked over to Hades looking at him as she pointed to her right eye and nodded her head "no" to it before sitting down next to JC keeping her rings lit as she looked up at her.-

  16. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Oh.. I see.. I never realized the similarities.. but, now that you do mention them.. " Hades responded. The ointment felt just a little burning on his skin, but it soon faded. Nothing too overbearing. He moved his right hand over to the bang covering her blind eye. " Uh.. you dont mind if..? " He asked, before carefully moving the bang to the side, getting a full glance at JC's face. " You know... I thought it would've been worse.. I thought, with the way you hid it, that I would see, like... I don't know.. a gaping hole into the head? " He said, then paused. He lowered the hair back infront of her hair. " But, truth be told, that doesn't seem too bad. I know you've gone blind on that eye, but the damage could've been a lot worse. You shouldn't really have to hide it. I think it looks kinda cute on you, actually. Without the mask. " Hades said, grinning. Then, he pat her on the shoulder. " The ointment's actually not that bad. Good on you for making it that good! " He praised her before standing up to walk over to the sidebags on his motorcycle. He took out two small water bottles from one of them and walked back, holding a bottle out to JC. " Want one? It's probably better to drink this than the water currently pouring outside. " He joked.
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  17. She blushed slightly but shook her head as she just gave a smile. "I'm use to the bang covering my right eye and well the mask I wear helps hide things I do not wish to see...and it helps me remain focused so I don't hesitate when I wield my blade" she taking the water as she took a drink. "Thanks for the compliment...and to be honest...its the first in a long time that someone has said that to me...although I lost vision in my right eye due to an accident...Blue helps me cover that side that seems vulnerable..." She said as she could feel tears well up in her eyes as she quickly turned away from him. "I'm sorry...give me a moment..." She said as she placed her water down as she cried softly as Blue watched her in worry. "Umbre...".-

  18. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Oh, no problem, really. I do understand why you'd want to hide it though. It's not much use being blind now, so there's no real point to keep it out in the open. " Hades said, nodding. Then, he frowned as he saw her tearing up. Hades placed his water bottle down aswell and hugged JC for comfort, saying: " There, there.. " reassuringly to help her calm down. " Ain't noone here to watch you cry, just let it all out. "
  19. She teased slightly when Hades hugged her from behind. She remained silent as she cried softly as her bang hovered off her right eye as she looked down. "Crying?...who said I was crying...hehe a young lady like me shouldn't cry...not at a time like this" she said as her stubborness kicked in. "I just have...dust in my eyes..." She added as she slightly trembled suddenly from the thought of fear. Blue leaped up on Hades shoulder balancing as she looked to JC in concern. "Umbre..."

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  20. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Crying at a time like this is normal. It's a messed up world out there, and it messes up their survivors even more. I should know. We both should. " Hades said, then let go. He picked up his water bottle and went to the window. He watched as the clouds would begin getting lighter again. " Hey, I think the rain's over soon. The clouds are getting lighter. We should probably prepare to get moving back to the main base. Whenever you're ready, of course. "
  21. She knew her friend was right but crying wasn't going to make things any better and she knew that. She gently picked up her mask before placing it on her face again hiding her face. "You can't hesitate...when you slay them down because if you do...you'll end up losing those important to you that you want to protect...I know because I have experienced it before..." she paused while saying so as a quick flashback reminded her of that day.


    "Mom, Dad! No!"

    She saw her parents on the ground bitten by the neck by those nasty creatures.

    "You must end us now JC...we don't want to become like them and bite you and your brother too...we won't be angry with you...but we both love you JC and Shadow..."

    "no, I can't! I won't!"

    "You have to or you will become...one of us...just promise us you will survive...and stay safe..."

    She saw her parents smile wanting to be free as she pulled out her blade and cut them both down with a scream until the rain slowly washed that blood away.

    End of Flashback

    "It was raining just like this...when I had to force myself to end my parent's life with the blade I hold now...that's why I told you to be careful and aware of your surroundings Hades..." she warned. "Honesty, it should have been me...I'm already ill as it is...I know I shouldn't strain myself too much but if I have to I will even if my life is at stake...and just remember Hades I won't ever judge you in any way even if your face is scarred up and burned understand" she added as she placed her bandaged hand on his scarred face. "I won't allow anyone to harm you Hades and I'll make sure those parasites stay away...but I don't know if I'll survive this epidemic virus with my condition at stake..." she finished as she felt Gem walk over and gently rest her head on her shoulder as she felt her other hand gently touch her head. Blue had followed by leaping on her shoulders.

    Ninji's POV

    Ninji just listened to Milo before giving a smile. "-I understand Milo hehe but I am getting a bit worried about my trainer Mask though...he has been gone for a while...probably found a survivor somewhere in the forest with Ember...-" Ninji saw looking at the clock seeing it was almost 7.

    Mask's POV

    He looked at the sky for the moment seeing night time was approaching fast. "You should follow me back to the secret base my friend built before it gets dark...they are more active at night and that could be dangerous..." he said looking to Elesis and Mia. "Flareon!" Ember said agreeing as Yami followed.

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  22. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Hm, does he usually takes this long?" he asked, tilting his head to the side, "Maybe whoever he found is just really stubborn," he guessed, "or he's in trouble, but let's not assume the worst." he stood up and picked up the cup that used to hold the water that he drank from, now empty of it's content, "Do you wish to go find them? I wouldn't mind staying here alone, though it'll be unsettling without a guide." he admitted, "Or... I can go with you," he suggested, "just that I'm not going to be keen on the fact that I have to go charging into the herd of zombies again." he cringed at the thought.

    Phoenix whined, tugging at his sleeve in disagreement, and Milo shared a glance with him, "Or...we don't go at all." he finished. "Not that I'm don't care about your trainer, but my pokemons are clearly tired, if they go out and fight as they did just a few days ago, we'll be signing our own death contract," he said, "you are probably well rested in this protected space, so I won't question how energetic you might be but truth to be told, we were only able to rest here for like, a few minutes." he laughed nervously, "And my team isn't all that good with battles either," he said, looking a bit embarrassed, "you see... we're performers, not fighters," he confessed, "before all this, we were just a team of lighthearted magician team." he shrugged, "So you can probably already tell that we're not going to be great with battles."
  23. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades listened to her quietly, and began frowing again. He knelt down on one knee to look at her from an even eye level, and put his hands on her arms, just a bit below the shoulders. " JC. JC. Don't say something like that. Whether you're ill, damaged, scarred or have any other problem, you're still alive. The people that care for you are glad and joyful that they know that, no matter the times, you are still alive and well. If it were you, just imagine how someone like your brother would feel. Just to come home, into the base you've focused your attention on, only to see your lifeless corpse. Just about anyone that cares for you will feel guilt for having been unable to stop that fate, or atleast being at your side while you succumbed to death's embrace. Even I would feel sorrow for that moment. Look at me. I've been through a whole lot of damage and traumatic events, too. But, why do I keep on living? Why do I stay determined to be alive? Because there are people that care for me. And I don't want to make them feel bad. Live as best as you can, JC, disregarding what scars you may wear. If you can be determined enough to power through, you'll find that life won't be as bad as you thought it to be. " Hades said, ending his speech. He hugged JC again as he ended his speech, and then stood up, letting go. " C'mon. It's turning night. We can't stay here longer. The zombies will know. " He said, then grabbed her hand and smiled. " You wanna drive back together? "
  24. She blushed slightly for the moment as he held her hand. "Those are sweet words you say Hades....really...but what you say isn't wrong...there are people out there that care about me...Mask, Shadow and even you...but there are people that just want to you with me just for the fun of it but one inparticular or maybe just a crazy obession of me...he is probably somewhere out there looking for me." She paused. "I may be brave on the outside but on the inside I'm scared to death...afraid of making the same mistake I did with my parents...I only act brave to hide that I am really scared...I mean who isn't scared" she chuckled to herself but her voice had a sense of fear in it.

    "I think its more safer to be in the air then on the ground because stage 4 and 5 come out more frequently at night but...we can still drive together if you want but just this once" she said as she used one of her arms to cross it against her chest. She felt Gem nudge her from behind as she pointed in the distance seeing the stage 4 and 5 zombies. "They are already here, only flight is the only choice we have here because even with a motorcycle you can't take down zombies like that and I'm pretty sure stage 5 with smash that motorcycle in an instant with its iron hammer it holds...unless...your very skilled at dodging its attacks..." She added looking to him before glancing down at her hand seeing he was still holding it. She gave it just a gentle hold before slipping her hand out of it. "Let's hurry, they are faster then you think"

    She grabbed her hooded cape and put it on her before putting away an supplies she pulled out of her bag before placing it around herself to put on her shoulder. She got on Gem's back before Blue followed. "But...maybe you can do me that favor and take me for a ride on that motorcycle of yours once everything is clear, I want to see IF you can impress me Mr. Hades" she smirked before patting Gem's neck as she flew off the ground leading them both to the actual base.-

    Ninji chuckled. "-I won't force you to go with me if your tired and to be honest I am still tired from carrying you here so I can't complain, but I am a patient Ninjask so I can wait but if you are a performer there is a training area downstairs for that too, not just for battling-" Ninji said.-

    @DevVoid @Willow Tree
  25. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " ..eh, you make a fair point. Would be pretty stupid to drive out now with all the high stage zombies around. " He laughed quietly, as to not alert any zombies nearby. " If you want to go for a ride later, then sure. But for now, we should probably get going. " Hades said as he went to his motorcycle and put on his mask and helmet, hiding all of him again. Then, he wave hunter over and both rolled the motorcycle outside as Hades threw out Hydreigon again. The hydreigon lifted the motorcycle into the air as Hunter and Hades got on its back and flew off, following Gem and JC back to base.
  26. She looked around for the moment until she saw the upgraded doors in a corner. She patted Gem's neck to lower down in front of the door as she got off Gem's back. Blue followed in pursuit towards the door as she looked up at her trainer. "This is the new and improved base I built with the help of a friend but enough talk until we get inside and just be warned the system will scan you to make sure your clean" she said as she raised her right hand to touch the scan pad as Blue did the same with her paw on the other one. The system both scanned them until it spoke. " JC, Female, human not infected and Blue, Female a shiny Umbreon, scan complete" it said until the doors opened. "Quickly Hades inside" she told him as she went in first as Blue and Gem followed her in.-

  27. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "What!? There's a training room for performers too?!" He exclaimed, gaping at the Ninjask in shock, "Just how big is this place?" He whipped his head at his remaining pokemons, who look equally as shock though not as worked up. "You can't be telling me that there's going to be an entire forest for a backyard now can you?" He look at Ninji accusingly, "You guys rich or something? Where did you find all the equipment, materials, manpower, patience to do this!" He babbled.

    "Dang, I'm going to get lost in this place within days." He groaned, "Actually no, not even days, I'm going to get the lost the moment you leave me Ninji." He pointed out, "I should, like, get myself a map of this place or something." He said, "Wait, but will a map even help at this point, this place is huge!"
  28. Ninji raised her claw hands up to calm him down. "-Calm down Milo, and well Mask's friend JC built this secret base with his help and your question about electricity well she used the help of electric type Pokemon of course but if you want to know more about the base and the map of it well you have to ask JC about it hehe but yes there is hehe-" she answered.

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  29. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo only gave a laugh before plopping himself back onto the couch lazily, "Y'know, maybe I'll just sleep in the living room, I wouldn't get lost." He joked, "All I have to do is just walk in through that door and here I am." He slumped comically, "See, easy as that, you guys take the comfy room for all I care, I'm stayin." He laughed, sitting back up straight.

    "Alright, joking aside, I still need to memorize the map if I'm going to stay here for the time being," he chuckled, "cause right now, at this moment, this very minute, I really need to know where the heck the bathroom is." He stood up, "Cause that trip through the herd of zombies could've made me wet my pants." he giggled. Kiki gave a shrill, seemingly laughing at his own trainer after hearing that news.

    "Hey, don't give me that look," he glowered at Kiki, who jingles their keys mockingly, "I may have the body of a teen, but I have the heart of a child." He placed his hand on his forehead melodramatically, laughing when Kiki batted at his shoulders.
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    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Hm, this is definetly different than last time. " Hades mumbled to himself as the three lowered down. Hades jumped off Hydreigon and cast him back in his pokeball when he lowered the motorcycle to the ground fully. Hades grabbed one of the handles of the motorcycle, Hunter grabbing the other. Both moved up to the scanner and Hades removed the glove from his free hand, then scanned his hand as Hunter did the same. "Hades, male, not infected. Hunter, Male, Zoroark, not infected." The doors opened again, and Hades and Hunter walked in, carrying in the motorcycle. After the door closed, Hades turned to JC. " This place is a whole lot more high-tech the last time I was here. I'm impressed, J. " He said, looking around the improved place. " You got anyone else here already or is it just us now? "
  31. (finally, a reason to have my characters DO something!)
    Allie and Mia were sitting together, talking, when JC came in with people that they didn't recognize. One was carrying a motorbike.
    Allie gave a curious look to them. She didn't know who they were, but they didn't seem hostile.
    Mia got up, and waved to all of them. "Hai! I'm Mia. Nice to meet you guys! Oh, and nice motorcycle~"
    Allie held her head in her hands. "...why do you do this to me, Mia..."
  32. JC's POV

    She turned to Hades after the doors shut before speaking. "There are a couple of more survivors here including another friend of mine that Shadow assigned to me for my protection" she answered as she saw Allie and Mia along with the new kid she didn't know just yet. She felt a gust of wind that came from a window as her friend Mask appeared standing on it as Ember was on his shoulder while Yami floated just next to him. "Mask, you returned, find any others?" she asked him. She saw his head nod no remaining silent as usual. She sighed before speaking again. "Guys, I like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, this is Hades and his partner Hunter, the Zoroark," she said. "If you guys could introduce yourselves again then I will do the same to those who don't know my name yet," she said.

    Ninji's POV

    She saw Mask come in from the window just like he usually does as she flew off the stand towards him. "Mask your ok, thank goodness!" she said giving a smile.

    Mask POV

    Mask nodded as he took off the speech collar from her and placed it on the counter before gently petting her. He walked over to stand next to JC as he waited patiently for her to introduce him since he prefers not to talk very much

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    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades looked to Allie and Mia, while Hunter noticed a person who JC seemed to call 'Mask' by the window. Hades waved back before transporting the motorcycle to a corner, then walked back to where he was. " Oh, hey. Thanks for the compliment. I'm Hades. And the Zoroark next to me is Hunter. " Hunter, upon hearing his name, looked back to Hades, then at Allie and Mia and waved. Then, Hunter tucked at Hades' arm to inform him of the person at the window. Hades turned to look at Mask, questioning internally on why would someone climb through a window like that in the middle of a zombie-ridden night.
  34. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo flinched back, bewildered by the sudden cluster of humans suddenly barging in. The girl from earlier he recognized, but the rest are obviously new faces, and apparently, there were two more survivors in this building that he wasn't aware of. Ninji had already returned to Mask, at least, whom he assumed was Mask, seeing that she went to him first.

    He waited patiently while everyone chatted and greeted one another, and by the ways they did it, he guessed that he's not the only new one, which is a relief. As he watched, he couldn't help but just realize that Mask climbed in through a window. And he ponders that thought for a while.

    He didn't even notice that he has dazed off until Kiki thwacked him upside the head, to which his body retracted upon the impact. "Ow! What was that for!?" he demanded. Kiki swayed back and forth, signaling at the group, bleeping for him to start talking too. "Well, no need to hit me!" he scolded. He quickly turned back to face the group, smiling, completely covering up his earlier attitude and gave a cheery greeting to start things off on his side, "Hi! It's Milo," he patted his chest, indicating at himself, "this is my partner," he glowered at Kiki, "his name is Kiki, try not to show anything that can be hooked on keychains, trust me, he will steal it." he warned. He pointed at Phoenix, "This is Phoenix, you don't need to worry about him, he's usually very chill." he said, "And this is Ditti," he held up the Ditto's pokeball, "they're tired, so I won't show him for the time being, but he's a Ditto." he finished, "Nice to meet you all I guess." he ended, rather quickly, not sparing any extra information as he leaned back onto the couch.
  35. She waited until the rest of the group introduced themselves before speaking. "Now that we got that squared away, I'm JC and this is my partner Blue a shiny Umbreon and the Flygon behind me is Gem, one of my teammates"she said before turning to Mask. " This young man next to me is Mask, one of my closest friends, he don't talk much so don't expect him to speak to you and his partner Yami the shiny Yamask and Ember the shiny Flareon, one of his teammates" she said. "Also, if you need to use the restroom, its up stairs in one of the many empty rooms which you can sleep in for the night" she paused feeling her chest hurt suddenly but shook it off.

    "As I said before, the kitchen is over there along with the living room with the training room downstairs. I just want to clarify to those who just arrived here"she added as she set the system to zombie mode. "If you guys want to rest for the night feel free because I am about to go myself"she said as she started to head upstairs with Blue and Gem following behind her. Mask patted Hunter's head to show he wasn't suspicious before he followed JC upstairs to his own room as Yami and Ember followed just after.

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  36. “Oh really?” Nancy smiled, still holding out the popcorn to the boy incase he wanted some. Putting it down and sliding the bag over to him, Nancy stared out the window. “It looks like the rain is dying down. Do you have a Pokémon that can fly?” She asked, looking back at Shadow. “The sooner we get out of here and over to the small hideout I made, the better.” Standing up, she motioned for Claudia to come over. “Everyone else, return. Let’s get going,” Nancy declared, busting open the large, cracked window with one kick. Flying out, Nancy put her sweater back on, since she used it to protect herself from the rain earlier, since it was too cold for her tank top.

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  37. He slowly followed Nancy before he spoke. "Talon is the only flying type I have so yes he knows fly but for now...I found some shelter that we can rest for the night...I can't move as much because of this shoulder since I wield my scythe with it..." He said returning Serabis as only Sparkx was out. He got on Talon's back before Sparkx followed as she leaped up and sat down in front of him. He grabbed his Scythe as he rested it behind him as he extending his bandaged hand out to her. "Quickly before they appear" he warned.

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    Hades waved to Milo who introduced himself briefly, then Hades saw JC and that other person head for the bedrooms. Hades paced through the room, first walking to the kitchen to make himself a coffee and a sandwich. Then, he used Hunter's help to create an Illusion that made them both invisible. While they were invisible, Hades used the moment to eat up his snack and drink the mug of coffee empty, removing his mask and helmet beforehand. When he was finished, he put his mask and helmet back on, just in the moment when the illusion wore off. Hades took the mug he drank out of, washed it out and then poured MooMoo Milk into it, taken from the fridge. He briefly warmed it up in the Microwave and then went upstairs, holding the mug. Hunter had also made himself a mug of warm moomoo milk and followed after his trainer, both taking a room which they listened on the door to check if it was empty. They took the one near the restrooms, down the hall. Hades had took off his mask and helmet, putting them on the coat rack by the door. Then, he took the key hung onto a hook on the wall opposite of the coat rack and locked the door. As Hunter drank his milk and went to lie down in bed, Hades walked to the window, thinking. Speaking of, where could Shadow even be? I don't think we found him back when I was here the first time.. but, just to make sure, let's send someone out. Hades set his mug aside and opened the window. He took out two pokeballs and went to cast Hydreigon out of the first one, and his Cacturn out of the second. The Cacturn rid on the Hydreigon, and both looked to their trainer. " Go out and see if you can find JC's Brother. Help them out in any way possible. " Hades commanded them, to which both pokemon nodded and the Hydreigon flew into the sky. Hades then closed the window, sat on the bed and looked at Hunter. " Hm.. you really want to sleep here too, eh? Well, I guess it's not that weird. Just don't like, scare me or try something. The door is locked after all, so noone can get in or out until I unlock it again. " He told him, to which Hunter rolled his eyes in response and tucked himself in, setting the empty mug aside on the bedside table on his side. Hades shrugged and grabbed another pokeball, now casting out his Mightyena. " Here, you can sleep here too. Wouldn't be fair if I kept you locked in that thing all the time. " He said, petting his pokemon on the head before tucking himself in. The Mightyena barked happily and jumped up on the bed, laying down inbetween the two. And, as on cue, all three fell asleep.
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  39. She made her way into her room aa she wemt to wash up again before walking out of the bathroom to only wearing a white plain night dress as her long hair was loose almost touching the ground. She felt her cheat start to hurt again until at that moment she coughed still blood slipped put her mouth to her hand. "Don't start now..." She said as she started coughing more then she usually does. She went to the bathroom again to wash her hand off as she looked in the mirror seeing that she was starting to look pale. She wasn't really good at all as this caused her to fall back but felt Gem grab her before she fell. "Gem...take me...to the bed..." She told the Flygon as she saw her nod before lifting her up and placed her on the bed. "Don't let anyone see me like this...I don't want to worry them..."she told the girls as she let her whole team out. Delta saw what was going on as she used her Fairy aura to help calm down her coughing. Wolfa leaped on the bed as she sat down close to her being protective now because of the condition she is in. Gem placed her oxygen mask on her face to help with her breathing before covering her with the blanket.

    Blue was more concerned then anybody else on the team. Only Shadow knew how to make the medicine for JC's illness. She looked to Blade and Meadow before leaping out the door. Blade and Meadow understood what Blue was trying to tell them just by the look on her face. Blade and Meadow followed her downstairs as Blue was searching the cabins and drawers for JC's cure as she was very worried. Luckily, downstairs was empty no one could ask what was going on.-

  40. DevVoid

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    While Hades, Hunter and the Mightyena were sound-asleep, two other beings are currently crusading through the air.
    " Hey, Hydreigon. Who are we looking for again? " The Cacturn asked. It didn't exactly know who, or even what, Shadow was.
    " We are looking for the brother of a friend of our trainer. Though, from the way he was acting today, if I had known any less about them I'd say it was more than that. " The Hydreigon cackled at the last statement, and the Cacturn crossed his arms.
    " Hey now, it ain't nice to chatter on about people behind their backs. Especially if it's your trainer's. " The Cacturn replied, giving a stern look down at the Hydreigon.

    " Oh come on, you heard them too from your pokeball, didn't you? There has to be something going on there, atleast with Hades. " The Hydreigon replied, to which the Cacturn then sighed.
    " You do make a fair point.. I have been hearing them talk, and it really does sound like something else, doesn't it? " The Cacturn replied.
    " See, I told you! Hades was awfully nice back there. He usually ain't like that. Somethin's going on in that noggin' of his, for sure! " The Hydreigon responded, slightly cackling from laughter again. " But, I suppose that you're right. We can't talk behind our trainer's back. It's rude to do that. Let's keep looking. "

    Minutes, which felt like hours to them, had passed since they took off into the air. Down below they sighted nothing but nature and zombies. But, they soon saw something strange. It looked like a circle of zombies slowly inching closer to some sort of building. Upon lowering down a bit and flying closer, they could see two people, one of them mounting what looked like a Braviary. They both nodded to eachother and swooped down in a dive, Cacturn hanging on just barely. The Hydreigon stopped just above them, looking down at them. It made a greeting noise, which was cut short by a slap of an angry Cacturn on it's back. Said Cacturn then waved to Shadow and Nancy, while the main head of the Hydreigon snarled at it. The Cacturn just waved it off, and motioned the two trainers to follow them.

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