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Private/Closed The Epidemic Virus

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. Discussion Thread:

    Thread is up guys ^-^ enjoy

    It had been two years since the virus of an epidemic suddenly appeared out of nowhere. No one was prepared for it, it was terrifying. Many lives were lost, others were put down by a blade or a weapon that held bullets. These creatures weren't human as how they reacted proved they truly weren't. They ate other humans as if they were a cannibal but in truth, they were. Zombies they were called, just one bite from them can cost you your life. That's all it takes, just one bite and you become one of them. Researchers have discovered that only one typing can cure the bite before you turn and that was the Fairy type. Kanto, Hoenn, Johto, and Unova are completely taken over by zombies. Only Kalos and Alola are the only two remaining as quarantine zones for those who had survived. JC lost her mother and father during the epidemic and now her brother Shadow is missing. She doesn't know if he is alive or dead as this concerns her. She felt angry and irritated at the same time because she couldn't find her brother anywhere. She hated these infected beings that fed on human flesh and the only way to release that anger is to slice them down with the blade from her Katana. Just seeing those zombies made her sick.

    She sat on top of a high abandoned building as she looked down at the zombies below. She couldn't help but feel irritated and angry at the same time just by looking at them. For the past 2 years, she was looking all over the place to find her missing brother, but every time she gets close to finding them, it comes to a complete dead end. This frustrated her as all she could do was break down and cry because of that frustration. She didn't believe he was dead, not even for a second. She knew he was alive somewhere looking for her. She felt a gentle nudge from something as she turned to look under her wolf mask. It was an Umbreon with a black and blue flower resting on its right ear. Normally, the Umbreon had red eyes and gold rings but this Umbreon was special as she had gold eyes and blue rings. This Umbreon was her partner, a shiny Umbreon named Blue. They had been together ever since she hatched from an egg. They bond was inseparable and nothing could break that strong bond they have. She gently petted her as she gave a gentle smile. "As long as you're with me Blue, nothing can stop us from finding Shadow," she told her.

    "Umbre!"Blue answered giving a nod. A Flygon stood just behind her as she walked up a bit more closely. She lowered her head to reach JC as she felt her hand gently touch her. This was Gem, one of her team members but also her escort in the air. She needed to find any survivors that may have survived long enough to be able to help her. Luckily, Mask had gone out with Takani, his male Unfezent to help with the search and knowing him, he knew how to handle himself since he wields the same blade as she does. Blue lit up brightly once the sky was starting to turn dark as she watched the zombies below. "Gem, go for a flight search, return to me once you find any survivors" she commanded. "Flygon!("As you wish JC, I'll be back soon") Gem said taking off into the skies. JC had focused more on the ground just in case she found any survivors just down below. A wind suddenly picked up as her black hooded cape blew through the wind.

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  2. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Shhhhhhh...." Milo silently shushed his crying shivering pokemons, all probably scared to death after the past events they had to go through. They huddled close together, as if staying in one spot can suddenly wipe away all the chaos and trouble and they'll be safe again, performing under that spotlight as the world goes on as it used to. Sadly, the world doesn't work that way anymore, plagued by zombies, nothing will ever be the same again.

    Once again, his pokemons cry out and he had to quickly silence them again. He sighed, they're not going to last like this, not without help, but the call for help has been fruitless, he could only hope for a miracle to happen. But with the world like this, he wouldn't dare to hope for such a thing.
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  3. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah was hiding behind a dumpster in alleyway right outside of the streets which were filled with zombies therefore he pulled out a pokeball releasing Micro the rotom. "Ok buddy, time to work on your magic." Micro nodded as he went to a nearby powerline and started to move fast when in the circuits and after a few seconds, a store filled with TVs started to go on making a lot of noise and attracting the zombies in the nearby area.

    "Excellent now I can search through that store in peace." Noah thought as he grabbed his bat and started to run across the street towards a small grocery store and hop through a broken window. "Now let's see if I can find anything that's not spoiled already." Noah thought after a few minutes of only finding a few cans of food and water for himself and his Pokemon. "Okay that should be enough food to last us a few weeks." Noah said quietly as he hopped out of the window and saw the store of TVs where all the zombies were currently bashing through the window starting to get inside and destroy the TVs, while Noah was signaling micro that he can come back now.

    Micro had moved into the back of the store escaping through a broken circuit on the wall and found his way back towards Noah appearing right in front of him. "Great work, let's head out before any of them notice us." Noah said as he returned micro into his pokeball and ran back into the alley climbing up an fire escape to the roof of the building.
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  4. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    Axel wasn’t hiding like everyone else was, he was just being quiet as he tip-toed across the sidewalk, trying not to alert any of the undead nearby. He allowed his Pokemon to go to an alley one-by-one, and he was currently the last one. Apparently he wasn’t being quiet enough, because a stage one zombie had sniffed him out and hungrily drooling at him, his body like a completely open wound, with his eyes bulging out. “Hrrr,” It moaned, and Axel was reluctant to get out his gun, but since only that zombie was alerted, he used his machete to basically decapitate him. And that sound alerted nearby zombies, the vast majority of them being stage one.

    “Damn it!” Axel yelled as he sprinted toward the alleyway that his Pokemon waited in. “Guys! Go! Climb the dumpster onto the roof!” Axel yelled, attracting more zombies with his loud footsteps and voice. Again, his team clambered up and Axel had to wait last as the zombies swarmed into the alley. Skipping the whole dumpster, Axel was thankfully tall enough to leap up and barely grab the edge of the roof. “Wyvern, help me out!” His Kommo-o frantically pulled Axel up.

    The zombies began climbing whatever they saw, and Axel and his team didn’t have much roof to run on. Looking around for any possible way they could take out of it, or something to jump off of onto the roof, would be appreciated. All he saw was a Flygon, seemingly looking around for survivors not to far away. “Hey! Over here!” He yelled.
    ‘Never thought I’d need help in this apocalypse,’ Axel thought.
  5. Gem had heard a human voice and a hand trying to get her attention. She saw the male on top of the building as she lowered herself down to his level. Around her neck, it was some sort of collar that said "Flight Escort". "Flygon?"Gem said before she used Flamethrower at the Zombies that were making there way up to him. She quickly grabbed the male with her arms as she allowed his Pokemon to go on her back. She flew up a bit higher before taking off as she held on to him firmly.

    Mask, on the other hand was still searching for survivors until he found someone climbing up an escape route to the building up top. Takani lowered himself towards the roof as he waited for him to at least see him.-
  6. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    (wyvern is 172 pounds, and all of his other pokemon are out, i’ll just have him return them if that’s ok with you :))

    Quickly, Axel returned his party back to their respective Pokeballs and stuffed them back into his backpack. Thankful that the Flygon allowed him to go for a ride, Axel climbed onto the Pokemon’s back to make the fly easy for both of them. Usually, he’d be more cautious about getting on a stranger Pokemon’s back or follow someone he didn’t know, but at this point he was a little desperate to get away from the horde he had unfortunately attracted, so it was kind of a relief to get a ride, safe or not. “Where are we going, Flygon?” Axel asked.
  7. (Yes that's fine ^-^)

    Gem couldn't actually answer him with words so kept flying for a bit longer until she reached a building from a distance seeing her trainer sitting on top of it. "Flygon?"Gem said pointing at the building where her trainer sat under the wolf mask and hooded cape with a shiny Umbreon beside her. She lowered herself down once she was close to the building as she gently grabbed the male and placed him down on the rooftop before she landed just behind her trainer. She lowered to reach her level before she felt her hand gently touch her. "So you returned Gem, and with a survivor it seems"she asked her. "Flygon!("Yes I have JC") Gem told her. She stood up on her two feet before turning to the unknown male that stood a distance from her. In a swift movement she pulled out her katana as the blade pointed at his throat. "Are you clean?"she asked sternly.-
  8. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    As Noah reached the top of the roof he notice a person riding on a Pokemon hovering above him. "Oh god dammit, who the hell are you?" Noah said as he gripped his metal bat tighter as he place his other hand behind his back. "What do you want bird man, because if you're here for handouts then beat it I have other mouths to feed or are we going to have trouble?" Noah said angrily as he pulled out a pokeball preparing for a fight.
  9. Mask looked to the male as he patted Takani to land. He got off his back before nodding his head no to him. "I'm...not here to fight you...I am looking for survivors..."he said gently as Takani stood in front of him just in case he did decide to battle him. "Are you...clean? If your...looking for a safe place to hide....then...I know a friend...that holds a place that is....safe..I don't...want to battle you...if I don't...absolutely...have to..."he added remaining silent again for him to answer.-
  10. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah stood quietly trying to think about the weird bird guy offer. "No, I'm not infected if that's what you mean by clean and you're going to have to take my word for it because I'm not going butt naked on top of a rooftop for you." Noah said as he placed his metal bat onto his shoulder. "So what's wrong with your voice why do you keep pausing like that every time you say something it's a bit annoying to be honest." Noah said as he began to lower his pokeball and put it back into one of his pockets.
  11. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    For once, Axel tolerated the woman dragging him to a rooftop because she was nice enough to risk her Flygon’s safety for survivors. Axel looked at the woman who raised her katana to his throat in an unfriendly way. Putting his hand onto the blade and lowering her sword, he replied calmly to her question in a nonchalant manner. “The ride was a.. long way, and by the time I arrived, wouldn’t I already be a zombie?” Axel fibbed a little, because the flight wasn’t actually that long. Axel looked slightly annoyed at the mystery woman’s impertinent tone and question. “Quite a friendly introduction, also, I don’t appreciate your threat with a katana. You can even check me to make sure there’s no bites, I’m clean,” Axel grumbled, but his tone was still stern.
  12. Mask looked to the male remaining silent for the moment before he spoke. "Its just the way I talk...normally I just...don't bother to talk..and if it seems annoying to you then I just won't talk..."he answered in a slightly cold voice. "If you want to survive then you can follow me...the decision is up to you...I'm here just to look for survivors that are planning to stay alive in this apocalypse...but yes that's what...I meant..."he answered as Takani stood next to him now watching the male cautiously once he put his Pokeball away. He got on Tanaki's back before looking to him as he pulled out a notepad. "-Are you going to come? I rather you stay alive then be attacked by these creatures?-"he wrote before putting the notepad away as Takani got off the ground being in midair.-

    She lowered her blade as she put it away. "My apologizes for pointing my blade at you just now, you can never be too careful in a region like this and it I sounded that I was threatening you then I apologize for that as well"she said looking to him as Blue stood at her side looking to the unknown male. "State your name young man?"she asked in a stern voice but had a bit of gentleness in it.-

    (Going to slow down here and wait for others to catch up and @Willow Tree I will get Mask to meet with your character ok)

    @~Add~ @Mangoez~ @EeviumZ
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  13. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah sighed as he pulled out a pokeball releasing a meowstic. "Just saying this if this is some kind of trap to steal my stuff and kill me remember that this pokemon can turn a 2-ton truck into dust when he feels threatened. Noah said as both him and his Pokemon were floating with a blue aura around them while the meowstic eyes were glowing blue. "So where exactly is this safe place of yours?" Noah said as he crossed his arms with his bat still in hand.
  14. Mask looked to the male. "-You have to follow me if you want to know, only a friend of mine knows how to locate it and open it-" he wrote as he patted Takani'd neck to go. "Unfezant?"he said as he took off into the skies. He was looking around down below to see if any other survivors was down below. He pulled out a Pokeball as he threw it revealing a Ninjask.

    "Ninji...could you investigate down below for any survivors..."he asked her. "Ninji!"she nodded as she flew down to investigate. He patted Takani to go again as the Unfezant nodded before before moving again to the location where JC was. Ninji flew down as she looked around until she heard faint cries of Pokemon inside. She flew in seeing the Zombies but paid no attention to her. She continued to fly around until she spotted a male with Pokemon with him. She flew her way over before she tapped on his shoulder with one of her arm hands as her wings vested really fast to remain airborne.-
  15. Allie and Mia walked through the wasteland - or in the latter's case, skipped. Both were visibly malnourished. Allie was visibly annoyed at Mia's lack of caution.
    "Mia. How many times have I told you. We are in the middle of a freaking zombie apocalypse."
    Mia giggled. "Who cares?"
    Allie held her head in her hands. "Do you really think any survivor groups are going to accept us if you act like this?"
    Mia still didn't look at Allie. "Nope, and I don't care~"
    "Well, we can't keep going like this. Mia, I'm going to ask you again: act your age for once in your lifetime."
    Mia giggled again. "Okay!" She cupped her hands, and screamed at the top of her lungs. "HEY! SURVIVOR PEOPLE! ANYONE THERE?"
    Allie looked like she was about to go nuclear. Mia didn't seem to care, and continued shouting to find other people. Allie just prayed that there were no zombies nearby.
  16. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo jumped a bit, his reflexes making him turn around to face the newcomer, flinging his crossbows at the stranger. His pokemons growled behind and he didn't silence them this time; they might've met an enemy.

    But what welcome his sight wasn't a zombie nor human; it was a Ninjask. He lowered his weapons and stepped forward a bit, in awe at seeing another live pokemon besides his own. The Ninjask remains airborne and a few safe distance away, probably weary of him.

    "Awesome...." he whispered, "Perhaps there are survivors out there after all." He said. Facing the Ninjask he held his pokemons close, "Do you have a trainer little one?" He asked, not exactly knowing what to call a Ninjask that isn't his own, "Or are you alone?"
  17. Ninji nodded "Ninjask!"she said as a note was attached to her as inside it said. "This is Ninji, the Ninjask. I sent her to investigate here for any other survivors around for me. She does have an owner but if you wish to survive follow her. She will help carry you if you don't have a flying type.

    Mask, the trainer of Ninji.

    Ninji gently tugged at the males shirt to come carefully as she found a shortcut to get out of here without catching the zombies attention along with the Pokemon here. "Ninjask?"Ninji said.-
  18. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    “I suppose so, be thankful I have common sense, if I didn’t there would be a gun pointed at you. But whatever. I’m Axel Knight, and I’m not a damsel in distress, I can take care of myself,” Axel’s response was cold, as if he still didn’t forgive the woman for pointing a blade at him. “Because I told you my name, you’re going to have to introduce yourself as well,” Axel narrowed his fierce eyes, crossing his arms and looking at the woman for an answer.
  19. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo read the note carefully, even reading it twice just to make sure, "Oh, you already have a owner- wait, what are you-" He was cut off when Ninji started to gently tug at his shirt. He watch the movement intently, not sure about what's going on, "You, want me follow you?" He asked, "And my ditto can fly, no worries, just tell me where to go." He assured the Ninjask, "So....Lead the way?"
  20. She turned to face him again. "I never said you were a damsel in distress, I can sense you are a strong male for your age, rather mature"she answered. "It's JC, just JC" she added introducing herself. "This shiny Umbreon here is my partner Blue and of course you met Gem the Flygon, my flight escort" she crossed her arms against her chest. "I understand if you don't forgive me right away because I pointed my blade at you but wouldn't you have done the same Axel" she asked in a stern voice.

    Ninji nodded before leading the away as she flew down a long hallway as an exit door was viable in her eyes but had looked back from time to time to make sure he was catching up.-
  21. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    He turned to his ditto, who instantly transformed into a charizard, pretty big but at least they'll have enough space to sit. He returned his delphox, knowing that there's no way to fit him onto Ditti's back. He made himself comfortable on Ditti's back and they flew off, Kiki close behind. Milo peaked over Ditti's wings, watching the zombies suspiciously, as if evolution will be a jerk and they'll suddenly fly up at them too. "I hope this won't take long..." he whispered.
  22. Mia continued screaming, despite Allie’s angry pleas for her to stop.
    “SURVIVOR PEOPLE? ANYBODY THERRREEE?” she shouted in the most obnoxious voice possible.
    Even Mimi, Mia’s Mimikyu, was miffed at her trainer’s antics.
    “Mim-kyu...” Mimi growled.
    “I agree,” Allie said to Mimi.
    Mia turned to her friend. “What’d she say?”
    A small smirk formed on Allie’s face. “Oh, nothing...”
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  23. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    Axel glared at JC, with his icy blue eyes locked onto her. If looks could kill, JC probably would’ve been dead much earlier. “If I met a survivor, I wouldn’t think that a weapon would be necessary unless they put up a fight and threaten me, with Pokemon or their weapons,” His brow furrowed, and he looked at his feet. Axel had said his reply in a rather calm, but rude tone, but he still didn’t feel like arguing.

    After a minute or two of silence, Axel had broken it. “Never thought I’d say this, but thanks a lot to you and Gem. There is a solid chance I would’ve made it out alive, even though it’s easy to jump off of a roof, without you and of course Gem,” Axel sighed, closing his eyes.
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  24. She felt the glare as she sighed. "My apologizes if I made you angry its just this virus is overwhelming that I had no choice but to remain cautious around other people because they could have been bitten without you even knowing it and turn on you" she said in a calm voice. "I don't want to make an enemy of you if I don't have to"she added as she cleared her throat. "Also, its no problem, its important that I find survivors that at least want to stay alive" answering his question but at a split second she pulled out her bow and an arrow. She lifted it up before she let go of the how as it looked like it was going towards Axel but it wasn't. It shot past him piercing the zombie that was behind him through the head as he fell off the building. She lowered her bow before placing it on her back again. "Sorry if I startled you, there was a zombie behind you, I had to act fast" she said. "I saved your life again but no need to thank me again" She said voice now stern as she crossed her arms again.
  25. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    Axel looked behind him, and back at JC. “I knew I smelled something horrid. Though you didn’t necessarily save my life, you did do me another favor,” He shrugged, crossing his legs and blocked out the sun with his hand. “Damn, what time is it? It’s pretty hot out,” Axel remarked, grabbing his backpack and guzzling a bottle of water halfway empty. “Any building that is fine to go into nearby? I don’t usually ask that, but I’m always cautious because other people can be in them,” He looked at JC with his bold gaze, putting his palm on the back of his head.
  26. She gave a chuckle afterward. "I have a place in mind, do you have a flying type on you? You will need one to get there"she asked him as she went over to get on Gem's back as Blue followed leaping up and sat in front of her. "Whenever your ready we will go Axel" she said calm but stern.-
  27. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    “Yeah, a Noivern named Umbra, he’s my air Pokemon. I don’t use him much, except for battling, because I want to save his energy. Go, Umbra!” Axel called, and what appeared out of the Pokeball was a way bigger than average Noivern, gracefully flapping his wings in the air. Umbra fluttered down to Axel and he hopped onto his back. “Lead the way, JC,” Axel let a small smile spread onto his face as he and Umbra flew in one spot, waiting for her to fly with Gem.
  28. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah sighed as he pulled up his hoodie and followed Mask to wherever he was going. "So how many zombies have you killed during the virus, I'm just trying to make conversation since it's probably going to take a while to get there right." Noah said as he placed his hands behind his head pick me up speed trying to keep up with mask.
  29. JC nodded before patting Gem's neck as she went airborne but she could somehow hear a loud scream in the distance, however, "First I need to investigate that scream...it needs to be stopped before they attract zombies..." she sighed but saw his smile as she returned it gently. "Let's go, Axel," she said in a gentle but stern tone. Gem flew in the air before she quickly picked up speed. The screaming was coming from a girl down below but was also with another girl beside her. Gem lowered herself to the girls but didn't touch the ground. "Which one of you girls was screaming your lungs like that? Your going to attract zombies much more quickly that way and being surrounded by them will be a big problem, not to mention a pain to deal with" she said sternly as Gem was aware of her surroundings just in case.

    Mask looked to the male before answering. "Too many to count...my blade never fails me when I cut them down..." he answered him as Takani picked up his flight speed flapping his wings from time to time. "How about you?..." he asked him. "It's pain to deal with those zombies in groups..." he added wondering if JC was ok.

  30. Mia was in no way startled. "Yeah, I know, and I don't care~"
    Allie's hand instinctively moved to her side, where her dagger was sheathed. "That would be Mia Mallux. This ditzy idiot is screeching at the top of her lungs. And I don't like it, thank you very much."
    Mia was completely ignoring her friend. She played with her dagger, not really caring about anything.
    Allie stepped backwards suspiciously. "Who are you?"
  31. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    Axel looked at the pair of girls down below, one of them with obviously dyed hair and had a bubbly demeanor. He didn’t trust her based on first impressions. Axel never trusted the bubbly people. The second looked a little more cold, and she seemed like she took the apocalypse seriously unlike her companion. Narrowing his intense ice-blue gaze, Axel landed Umbra on the ground, and patted him on the head as a thank you. He didn’t get off, he just stared at the two girls. “Fellow survivors, obviously,” He snorted, crossing his arms.
    “Anyways, stop hollering. Unless you want to turn into them,” Axel pointed at a nearby stage two zombie, “I suggest you shut up, Mia.” Axel didn’t like using the names of strangers who didn’t introduce herself, but as mentioned before, he could tell Mia really could care less about the chaos occurring at the time, terrorizing citizens and driving them into hiding.
  32. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo clutch onto Ditti tightly, half afraid of falling to his death, "Are we...almost there yet?!" He yelled over at the Ninjask, worried that the pokemon couldn't hear him over the wind, "Cause I'm not good with heights!" He admitted.

    Kiki flew close to him, their keys jingling as they flew at the fastest speed they could muster, "My pokemons are also tired.." he trailed off.
  33. It was like a switch had been flipped. A twisted grin formed on the immature teen's face, and she pulled out her dagger, twirling it in her hand.
    "I'll be right back."
    That zombie was essentially dead as soon as she laid eyes on it. She slashed it with a terrifying ferocity, still wearing her grin. Within seconds, the zombie was simply a set of slashed up body parts on the ground.
    She returned, an expression of sheer bliss on her face. She sheathed her dagger.

    Allie simply gave Mia a look. The teen immediately reverted to her rather careless self, sitting cross legged on the ground and humming quietly.
    "Before you ask, yes, this is absolutely normal for her." She turned to Mia. "Pretty good... about ten and a half seconds on a stage two."
    Mia beamed. "I bet I can get it down to less than ten seconds."
    Allie raised her eyebrows. "Bet I can get it down to nine."
    Mia smirked. "You're on." She gestured to another stage two zombie, approaching the newcomers from behind.

    Without a word, Allie snapped into combat mode. She pulled out both her katanas, and immediately performed an impressive maneuver.
    She gripped one katana in each hand, and sprinted towards the undead creature. She performed a front flip in the air, and slammed her blades into the zombie as she landed. It was killed instantly.
    Mia looked elated. "EIGHT SECONDS!"
    Allie simply sheathed her lethal blades, giving Mia a wink. "I win."
  34. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah began scratching his head as he kept up with mask trying to think of an answer. "Somewhere around 98 kills give or take, but most of them were stage one and two, yeah they're a huge pain to deal with but if you managed to distract them with some noise then you'll only have to deal with a few as long as the noise is loud and keeps going." Noah said as he just looked down. "Speaking of which there's a horde under us heading towards the direction we're going." Noah said angrily as both him and his meowstic face looks disgusted.
  35. Gem landed on the ground watching closely at the two girls. "I'm JC and this is Axel" he answered before getting off Gem's back. "By the way, I can kill them in just one second..." she told the girls before she made her way over to the group of zombies as Blue followed her. As she predicted the zombies surrounded her and Blue as she pulled out her katana as the silver blade was shown. "Blue...Psychic" she told her. "Umbre!"Blue nodded before her gold eyes turned completely light blue as the zombies were lifted. Then in a swift movement, she disappeared as if the wind took her, as all that was seen was the silver blade cutting the creatures down before she appeared out of the group in front of Axel and the two girls. The zombies were instantly cut down by her blade as blood came out of all of them before they hit the ground, dead. "One second..." he finished before she moved her blade at the side to shake the blood off before slowly placing it back in her sheath. "I beat you both girls..." she said giving a smirk."You have to cut them down as if they can't see you" she added as Blue returned to her side giving a bright blue glow that as coming from her rings and gold eyes.

    "Also, by the way, don't make Axel here angry alright, just a warning" he warned. "He is not playing around here and also..." she paused before pulling out her bow and arrow as she let go of the arrow killing a zombie that was right behind them straight through the head. "Be aware of your surroundings..." she said hearing the zombie fall to the ground afterward. "You should come with us now if you want to survive and if you have a flying type then use it, she said stern before she turned around getting back on Gem's back. "You're going to need it if you want me to lead you girls to a safe place where no zombies are around," she said.

    Mask saw the horde of zombies below as he was itching to cut them down. "Want to kill them...I'm just as irritated as you are just by looking at them..." he asked as he tapped Takani's neck to lower down quickly to the ground as he landed on the ground. Mask pulled out his katana as they were slowly approaching. "Don't hold back..." he told the male before in a swift movement he was gone as if the wind took him as all that could be seen was his blade cutting them down.-
  36. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    Axel rolled his eyes. “That wasn’t a second, JC. About two, maybe three,” He didn’t mean to be rude to JC after she had defended him, even though it wasn’t needed, and walked off of Umbra, towering over the women that were by him. In a swift movement, Axel whipped out his gun and struck a stage two zombie point black in the forehead at a decently far distance, killing it instantly. “I’m more of a firearm guy, though I do have a machete incase it’s out of ammo or whatever,” Axel shrugged. “Anyways, JC and I have to get goin’. Cya shorties.” Axel didn’t get good vibes from the two girls, making it clear that he didn’t want anything to do with them.
  37. Allie shrugged. "I've done one second before... I'm off my game." She tossed a Luxury Ball into the air. "Aero, I need your assistance."
    A Flygon emerged from the ball, glancing around. It quickly figured out what was needed, and lowered so that Allie could get on. The trainer did so.
    Mia had a different idea. "Atra, come out!"
    A Malamar appeared, rather large for its species.
    "Atra, please use Psychic to lift us both. Since I don't have wings or anything."
    Obediently, the Overturning Pokemon used Psychic, very lightly as to only lift Mia and not harm her.
    The pair followed behind JC. Mia's sweet demeanor was gone, replaced with a cold stare forward. Allie had an identical stare.
  38. She watched Axel leave on his own as she got off Gem for the moment. "Are you sure you want to do this alone Axel?" She asked her ignoring the rudeness he gave just a second ago. "I don't want anything happening to...lets just say a well reliable person"she said in a calm way this time. "Besides...Blue here seems to have taken a liking to your stern demeanor...since Umbreon have that kind of temperament...but because of how I trained Blue, she has a more of a gentle temperament" she said as Blue smiled walking up to him. "Umbre!" She said as her tail wagged a bit looking up at him.-
  39. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    “Oh gosh,” Axel lowered his gaze. “I guess I can’t really say no, especially to Blue, I guess I wouldn’t mind having someone around,” There was kind of a defeated tone in his voice, but also a slightly happy one, as Axel didn’t mind being around JC and Blue anymore. He rarely got comfortable around anyone, but I guess it was something about the pair that made him stay by them for longer than he usually stays by anyone else.

    Looking around, Axel saw a handful of lingering stage one and two zombies, but they didn’t really care for the trainers as they were just limping around, their horrid smell driving anyone away. “We kind of strayed into a zombie zone. They don’t seem to notice us, so if we stay quiet and get out of here quickly we should be fine,” Axel looked expectantly at JC, and hopped on Umbra. “Anyway, are those two tagging along?” The cold Axel was back as they were mentioned, and as he said that, he gave the pair a scowl.
  40. She sighed giving a smile to herself under her mask. She could have sworn that he just softened just a slight bit before his voice changed again. "Come on Blue," she said getting on Gem's back as Blue followed. She leaped in front of her trainer as she sat down to rest on Gem. "My apologizes Axel, I didn't think my words would get to you or someone else at least...don't get me wrong I don't like their vibe either..."she said whispering the last part to him. "Especially that one girl...she is going to get us into a lot of zombie trouble...with all that screaming and she thinks its a joke....honestly its just irritating me..."she whispered as Gem caught up to Axel flying next to the Noivern. "Come on girls keep up!" she said sternly as she sighed as she felt like she was being held back because of these two. "Another thing...I hope I'm not forcing you or anything...that's just not how I roll..."she finished looking to him.-

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