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Private/Closed The Epidemic Virus

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades slowly approached JC, calling back Mightyena. He had no particular reaction to the slaughter, as he was one to do it himself a few times. He crouched down over her, as to protect any more rain drops from covering her temporarily. " I know it's difficult to control your emotions sometimes. Trust me, I speak from personal experience. Sometimes, when things wouldn't go my way, when things went out of control.. I'd lash out, too. Sometimes at friends, even. Luckily for me, most of them have been understanding my rages. This apocalypse, it brings out the worst in people. Even in those who seemed good before. It's horrible. " He said calmly, then sitting down next to her, starting to get soaked too. " Listen, I ain't holding it against you for starting to lose it. It's been stressful nights, admittedly. I don't hate you for running away. Neither do I hate you for being stubborn at times. Infact, I don't hate you at all. " He answered, holding a long pause after before he continued. " As for what you asked me, earlier.. that, is an indefinite yes. But, there is one thing I do not understand.. Why did you tell me that you had a burden worse than what I could ever experience? You know we share nearly the same fate. You may have undergone emotional and mental trauma, but those things can be, even if only temporarily be fixed with Therapy. You may have also lost an eye, and have some scars on you... ,but , I believe I've suffered worse. " He said, taking off his mask, showing his completely burned face. " My face isn't the only thing burnt. I came out of that house as a living flame. Were it not for my pokemon, would I be ashes outside of my home. Were it not for my Sharpedo, would you have never even met me... " He said, looking to the side. " I wonder how things would've turned out if you didn't.. or if it would've been for the best if I didn't make it.. " He began speaking his mind, drifting off in his thoughts. Tears appeared in his eyes upon the thought, but he quickly wiped them away and put his mask back on. " No.. I don't want you to pity me. I must've done something wrong to deserve my scarrs, and now I have to life with them. What's done is done. "
  2. She gently wiped her tears before sitting down in front of him as her back faced in the other direction. "I don't deserve your kindness....I hurt you...when I didn't mean to..." She said reaching her bandaged hand out to touch his mask. "...And...to answer your question....well...I don't like others pitying me....or maybe I just wanted to hide them because I was afraid....I didn't want something like that to get in the way...because maybe I thought nobody cared about how I felt...no body cared on how I felt...except for my brother and Mask...so I just hid the fact that I was suffering more then anybody else...."she said pausing at her words.

    "I was conflicted about what Fernanade did to me...that's I was afraid of opening up my fragile heart to anybody else because of the same thing happening to me again...I fell into deep sadness because of it...that's why it takes me so long to accept those type of feelings another person has for me....I don't want to feel that ever again...because if I do....I may just...use my blade to end my life because of the pain...that I don't want to experience again..." She said looking away from him as she started to cry under her mask but the rain seemed to blend it in. "I'm sorry if I hurt you in that way....emotionally...I don't mean to do it on purpose...." She finished as her hand trembled a bit.-

  3. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades stood up and moved over to crouch down infront of JC, lifting her head by the chin gently with his left hand to look at her face to face. " I know you didn't mean any harm. But, you have no worries with me, JC. I know how you may feel at times, with everything that's been happening here at times. But, you should know.. no matter how much your doubts stack, no matter how bad you may act, I know you are a good person, and will always be. And that is why I love you. And, to set the point that I do... " He put both hands on her cheeks, pulled her in slightly, and kissed her on the lips, all within a moment.
  4. She tensed for the moment as she could see Hades kiss her. She sat there for the moment unsure what to do as all she could do was let her tears fall as it rained. "-Hades...-" she thought as Blue had blush of embarrassment by what Hades had done as she looked her eyes using her paw to cover. Under her mask she closed her eyes slowly as she leaned in as she didn't want to hurt him because of her stubborness with her feelings. She sat up until she was on her knees backing away for the moment. She pushed her mask to the side of her head. " Since you...took off your mask I'll do the same with me...what am I to hide..." She said before she slowly came closer and kissed him again as her hands rested on his chest as her tears seemed viable now despite the rain.-

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  5. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Feeling a bit embarrassed from the fact that he forgot that she still had her mask on, Hades was a bit suprised when she re-did the kiss. He closed his eyes, and pulled back after a few seconds. Now, he completely lit with blushing, red wherever the blush could appear. He held her hands, and looked her in the eyes. " See, you can trust me with your emotions. I know better than to hurt you. And I truly do love you, whether you believe me or not, JC.. "
  6. She lowered her head down a bit as her bang covered both her tearful eyes but had suddenly felt something that was coming right at her. "Just....shut up I know...but hold still...." She said as she reached her her mask on placed it on her face before quickly grabbing the handle of her katana before in a swift movement she raised it up before hearing a clang of another sword. "We got company or at least just one" she added placing his mask back on his face.

    "Figures you would attack me off guard when I am in the middle of something" she said sternly as she stood up looking to the person seeing it was Fernanade as she pushed him back with force before distancing herself from Hades and Fernande. "Its kind of irritating that you have to follow me like some kind of perverted dog!" She said coldly. "Aw come on JC, why do you have to be so cold?" He said sarcastically. "Don't give me that sarcasm! Your only doing it just to play with me!" She shouted. "Hehe may be I am but I don't believe that he loves you the way he say he does because I love you more then you can think of. Why don't you hand your feelings to me!" He laughed. JC's anger seemed to build but maintained herself as she swiftly went at him colliding blades with a clang. "Keep him out of this conversation! He has treated me way better then you can ever be!"she said as their movements seemed to follow the wind.

    Blue turned on her speech collar before looking to Hades. "They are fighting so fast its hard to see with the human eye-" she said watching them as all she could hear was a clang.

  7. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades could hear someone approaching. Within the sounds of rain droplets tapping against the ground, there were footsteps sounding. He held still as commanded, but turned around to see who came at them. To noone's suprise, it was Fernande. He watched them fight, angered by the fact that Fernandez is so persistent. But, he was also thankful. He turned back around, facing his back to the two. Then, he slowly reached into his jacket, taking out the same walkie-talkie again. He activated it, and spoke into it quietly, whispering: " HQ Dokuro, this is Headhunter. We have a bad guy on our hands. Guard Vehicle 1, stay behind and load my motorcycle into your truck. Guards 2-4, drive up to our location. Over and out. " He spoke into the walkie talkie and stood up, hiding it back into his jacket before turning around. He laughed up, at the fatal mistake that Fernande had done. " Ooh, you will get what's coming to you, boy.. " He laughed, then took out his silver desert eagle and pointed it in his direction. " I'll advise you to leave while you can. "
  8. Blue chuckled giving a smirk. "I don't think that's necessary Hades, she can handle him just fine without any help. They may be evenly matched but she has the upper hand in battle style. Just watch closely." Blue said through the collar. JC and Fernanade were fighting back to back as the clang of their swords kept being heard. As Blue predicted she saw an opening as she used her katana to knock his out of his hand until it landed on the ground being stabbed in the muddy ground. "Game over" Blue said chuckling before seeing her point her blade at his throat. "Battle over Fernanade now give up on me!" She said sternly as she saw him laugh.

  9. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Oh, I know JC's got the upper hand, Blue. " He said, as he saw in the distance that three trucks were heading their way. " Let me just tell you; never underestimate the enemy, even when you think you're gonna win. Because you never know what the enemy might pull next. " He held his hand up flat as the three trucks came into view and circled around them before coming to a stop. At the top of one of them was a soldier standing by at a mounted gatling gun, the same ones commonly used to shoot down jets from the air. The people inside the trucks got out of the black trucks, wearing a night camo with a black pattern of a team skull logo with crossed bones over it. The same logo was on the truck, in a more reflecting material. They all held different kinds of weapons, from swords to guns, from shotguns to even assault rifles. " May I present to you, my personal bodyguards. " He pointed to the two people running toward him, standing infront of him with their guns pointed at Fernandez in a protective stance. " Good to see you alive, sir. " They briefly said, without looking away. " Don't aim for the girl. Only for that boy over there. Make sure he can't escape, or bring harm to her, Mick and Ika. " He told the two, to which they nodded, but didnt leave Fernandez out of their sight. Then, Hades looked over to JC. " Troops, do not, under any circumstance, shoot the girl. JC, you may do as you please. "

  10. Blue saw the troops arrive as she just let it be. "Your a mysterious man Hades, really you are but what are we going to do with you" Blue sighed as she looked to JC. She looked to Hades before giving a nod. "Its your choice Fernanade, let me go or deal with the troops here!" She said keeping her blade pointed at him. Fernanade smirked before speaking. "Did you honestly think I was that naive? Well you got it all wrong!" He said as with the movement of his hand men covered in black clothing appeared going towards her. She could see what he was trying to do as she quickly reacted to block their sword attacks as she knocked all of their swords out of their hands. She grabbed each and everyone of them before throwing them to the ground in a pile for the soldiers to grab.

    "Did you honestly think I was that stupid?" She asked. "I could see right through their moves because I trained just like them" she added. "Hm not bad JC, it seems I underestimated you hehe" he said before he did another hand signal. She listened and watched closely until she felt it behind her. She swiftly turned around as she saw a ninja with claws on his hand actually injuring her on the shoulder tearing off the right side of her shirt. She stopped the claws from touching her again before breaking them with her sword.

    "You play dirty Fernanade...that was my favorite shirt!" She said tearing the rest if it off until only her tank top was shown as the rain poured on her shoulder injury washing the blood down her arm as it dripped onto her blade and down to the floor. She used her foot to knock the guy that was attacking her down with the others knocking him out. Fernande did play dirty as she caught her off guard this time as he was able to grab his sword and stab her from behind at the side of her stomach. She saw his sword right through her as she turned around quickly getting a good gash on his face with the blade of her sword.

    "You dirty fool....you used him to stab me with your sword now you get a messed up face!" She said before coughing up blood. "Aaaaah! My face! You will pay for this JC! Mark my words!" He said as he took out a sort of black ball and threw it on the ground causing a black mist to surround them all as she coughed. Once it cleared he was gone like he wasn't even there. "JC!" Blue called out running to her. "I'm alright Blue...don't worry about it" she told her as she put her sword away with a clink. "-Dang...I'm feeling lightheaded...this isn't good....and right after getting out of a fever...and my condition...-" she thought. "Hades....I'm sorry..." She said until her body gave out on her and fell to the ground with the sword still in her. "-JC! Hey! Don't die on us!-" Blue said to her.-

  11. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    The soldiers around had been busy fighting off Fernandez' troops, when Hades saw them suddendly appear close to the two out of nowhere. How was that possible, how did noone notice? That was his thought for a moment. The next, he saw JC get stabbed through the stomach. He pushed aside his two bodyguards and began running toward Fernandez, firing his deagle. He missed due to the smoke bomb and yelled out JC's name, coughing as the smoke cleared out again, seeing JC laying on the ground. He approached fast, and looked to the others, yelling in fear and desperation. " QUICK, GET THE MEDIC! GET A MEDKIT, STITCHES, JUST SOMETHING! ANYTHING!! " The soldiers scattered into their vans, frantically signalling HQ and getting out various medkits, bandage rolls and sewing needles with thread. He crouched by JC, watching as the medics amongst the soldiers came rushing to the scene. They checked for a pulse, and went on to prepare to fix up JC. Hades looked down to JC. " I won't let you die on me.. " He muttered with a whispery, shaky voice.
  12. Blue was concerned as she watched closely as the medics were treating her partner. She looked to Hades then back at JC. "Umbre...("stay with us JC") " JC started coughing out blood probably due to the blood down her throat. "Ha...des...." She called as she looked around eyes trying to fix itself before seeing him as she reached out her hand towards him, her bloody hand. "There is....-cough- something.....I want...to say....before I lose....consciousness...." She finished blood slipping out of her mouth.-

  13. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades looked to one of the medics as they had begun to talk. " She's losing a lot of blood. We could patch her up better back at Base. May we? " Asked the head medic. Hades thought, and looked at JC. " ..fine, I'll stay in the back to watch over her. " He said, as he went to pick her up by the shoulders when the head medic lifted her by the legs. Together they carried her into one of the trucks, putting her down onto a stretcher, activating the stoppers to ensure it wouldnt move. Hades spoke to the medic a bit, and they didn't drove off yet, still caring for her as he quickly left the truck to run to Blue. " Blue, I'm gonna need you to do something important for me. " He said to the Umbreon, then took out a pokeball and cast out Hunter. " Hunter will move with the other two trucks to the original base JC and Mask built. We need you to come with so that they don't get the wrong idea and think they're being invaded. We want to bring Shadow, Mask and the other survivors with us, for the sake of JC's, Shadow's and everyone else's safety. When you're ready, you hop into that truck over there. " He pointed to the one with an open back, usually used to load and unload crates. Hunter went on to hop onto the back, prepared to go. " I'll take care of JC. We'll meet you all back at the Base. You can trust the soldiers, they know where to go. Good luck. " He said, petting the Umbreon's head a last time before heading to the truck JC was in, closing the doors. That same truck then drove off, back the direction it came from, with the other with the anti-air gatling gun mounted to the roof following it. Hades, sat down on a chair next to the stretcher JC was on, held her hand and looked to her. " If you want to say, please do.. but, I can only ask you to do it in spare breaths.. you have taken much damage, and I don't want to lose you right here and now.. "

  14. JC took a breath to at least say these words. "I just....wanted...to say...that....thank you for....not playing with my....feelings....like Fernanade....did...and I....love you...." She said using the last of her strength to sit up and kiss him gently before laying back down losing consciousness as the monitor beeped from losing oxygen from her lungs fast probably from the blood entering her lungs.

    Blue nodded to Hades before trusting him with JC. She leaped off to the open truck and she leaped in seeing Hunter. "Umbre!("Hurry! Lets go to the base, JC's life is at stake here") she said as her rings glowed brightly inside the dark truck.-

  15. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades saddened when she lost conscience again. " I love you too, Jc.. " He whispered, then reached for the tablet of tools next to the stretcher. He began removing the blade from her chest, slowly sliding it out, wriggling it gently a few times slowly to get it un-stuck. He placed an oxygen mask on JC to help her breathe and turned to the Head Medic and Nurse that were in the room. " I'll leave you to it.. " He said, lastly injecting a syringe into JC's body that reduced pain and blood loss temporarily. The Medic began to make sure she was still breathing, and got to work on cleaning the blood from her lungs, fixing up the wounds inflicted to her. He did precision cutting and stitching, very careful about his work. Hades sat by as he didn't know how to fix up a body other than basic curing such as stitching and held his hands on JC's left hand, praying that she survives.

    The truck with Blue and Hunter drove off towards the old base, and came to a halt at the front door where the scanner was. Hunter transformed into his trainer to open the door and let the others in. Then, he turned to Blue. " Quick, we need to find Mask, Shadow and everyone else and get them outta here. I'll go get Shadow, you go get mask since he doesn't know me as much as he knows you. " He said then rushed upstairs. He entered Shadow's room, and put on a speech collar he grabbed earlier, transforming back. " Shadow, we need to go. JC has been hurt badly. Hades' team of top notch medics are currently bringing her and Hades back to his base to patch her up with the best team. We need your help because we don't have her medicine or any other special medicine for her there. Blue is here too, currently getting Mask. " He explained, as he saw two soldiers walking into the room. Shadow could see the Team Skull logo on their helmets, with crossed bones over it, making it look like a pirate skull. " Don't worry about them. They're our allies. They can drive us back to JC and Hades. We need to hurry! "

  16. Shadow saw Hunter as he nodded. "Alright I'll pack up and we can go" he said before returning Hetilla and Serabis. He packed up the extra "special medicine" for his sister before closing the suitcase. He grabbed his Scythe and then Katana. "Alright lets go" he said more concerned about his sister.

    Blue made his way up to Mask's room before pushing it open. "Umbre!("Mask we have to go, JC is badly hurt and she is being transported for medical help") she told him through the speech collar. Mask looked to Blue and nodded before standing up walking out of the room to down stairs. Blue seemed to follow him as they waited for Shadow and Hunter downstairs.

  17. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    (I could probably wrap this up in the next post or two, @LunarSilvally )
    Hunter went back downstairs, Dokuro Staff following behind. As they went back to the entrance, they saw Mask and Blue already there. " Good to see you two got down here quick. The truck is just outside. The drivers know where we need to go, so it's all good. We'll be driving back to HQ. You may recognize our logo, but don't worry. For what we have been known, I'll tell you now that we have reformed. Now, the truck is right here. " He said, then walked out the front entrance, pointing to it. " Shadow and Mask, you can sit in the backseat. We can sit in the back loading bay to ensure noone will follow us. Not like it would really matter. Once we get to HQ, those stalkers either flee or get caught, thanks to our floodlights and sniper towers. We have a whole town on our hands, so we have a lot of resources. "
  18. (That's fine @DevVoid)

    Shadow and Mask nodded as they got into the back of the truck sitting down. Blue followed in as she turned to Hunter. "Lets go Hunter, we have a time limit here" Blue said as she saw a Dusk Lycanroc leap in after them holding a small case filled with the speech collars. "Wolfa!" "You were not going to leave me behind were you Blue?" She asked. "No of course not, the more help the better" she said before waiting for the truck to move.

    The moniter beep loud again as she was having a bit of an asthma attack as she moved uncomfortablely gasping for air despite the oxygen mask on her face as she gripped what felt to be Hades hand.

  19. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Alright, let's hope we got everyone here. Once we get back, we can help JC and reverse-engineer the tech we got here to improve everyone's life. " Hunter said, when the truck began vibrating. The exhaust puffed up thick smoke and it began driving, slowly speeding up. " This is a military vehicle, so it can last a lot of things. This should be a safe ride. Should things come to fighting, we still have the soldiers who are both trained in close quarters and ranged combat. " He finished, as the truck slowly came to a top speed, wind whistling around the air. It had begun driving back to Dokuro City.

    Hades looked panicked, then quickly remembered something. He removed his duffelbag and took out an inhaler he packed in beforehand, just incase something like this would've happened to JC while they were out on the ride with his bike. He held the inhaler to her mouth and allowed her to breathe through it. " Calm, deep breaths. I've got you covered, don't worry. " He said, reassuringly, while the medic stopped his surgery temporarily, having to restrain JC with leather straps to keep her body still to continue. " We're gonna get through this. I won't let you die on my watch. "


    JC was send to the military hospital, usually used for the troops damaged in battle. She was treated by multiple doctors and nurses, put under 24/7 watch. Hades went to visit her for as long as he could during his busy schedule of ruling an entire city.

    Shadow and Mask were introduced as civilians into the city, supported by Hades to be left in a big house to reside in. They were given special treatment by staff, as ordered by Leader Hades.

    Blue, Wolfa and Hunter were returned to their respective trainers. Hunter went on to rule by the side of Hades again, making sure to take his place when he was out visiting JC.

    Over time, more and more rescue teams were sent out to the old base, to bring back any survivors residing. A recon team had also been sent out to discover Fernandez' location and bring him to justice. A wanted poster had been mass-printed and pinned across the city.

    As the city grew bigger and bigger, it expanded. More buildings meant more residents. More residents meant more jobs, and more jobs meant more materials. The city expanded in factories, bases, houses, hospitals and other areas.

    With the new technology acquired, many of the wild pokemon roaming the streets had been introduced to civilization. With the speech collars, they could finally achieve their dreams, and work together with humans and their trainers to make a better life for everyone.

    (And that should be it. You should probably set this and the discussion thread to the Private/Closed Prefix since the rp is done now)

  20. (Actually I like the ending @DevVoid ^-^ and yes I should do that and I'll leave the 3 part to you if you want to do it)
  21. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    (Oh bruh, you two were the only ones rping lol. Kind of offended but oh well. XD)
  22. I tagged all of you in my posts xD but @DevVoid ended his post to finish this roleplay so he/she will be making a part 3 if you want to join it

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