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Private/Closed The Epidemic Virus

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. Ninji nodded before flying over to the Klefki gently taking the black cross it held for her. She looked around to see if she could find JC to give her the cross. She pointed on the couch as if to say "you can sit down and rest" before she looked through the cabinet door for a cup and then poured water into it. She flew back over to him as he gently handed it over to him. She gave a smile using her eyes. "Ninjask!" she said as her beat fast wings kept her in midair.
  2. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Oh, uh, alright, that I understand, I can sit," he said, making himself comfortable as he sat on the couch, suddenly feeling very small in this secluded place. He looked around nervously, as if expecting some foul creature to suddenly appear.

    Ninji soon came back with a cup of water, which he gratefully took, "Ah, thanks," he smiled at the Ninjask, taking a gentle sip from the cup before letting Kiki hog the rest, "we're...not the only ones here right?" he said, almost to himself as Ditti and Phoenix both were let out from their pokeballs to have a drink from the cup.

    But apparently, Kiki wasn't satisfied with the amount that he got and started to wrestle with the others. "Ay, hey! Share guys!" Milo yelled as his pokemons started to thrash around, fighting for the cup. He shot Ninji an apologetic look as waters were sprayed everywhere, "I'll clean that up, I'm so sorry." he chuckled, "They're usually not like this I swear."
  3. Rowan Tree

    Rowan Tree Previously ~Add~

    (New partner and changed name to Saber Sword the Arcanine. Edit my Typlosion to a Rapidash named Blazing Heart (M))

    Elesis sighed and nodded at Mask. "Good pokemons you got there, my Flareon here is a jerk," she said. She sighed and looked at Mask, "Are you mute or something?" she asked, "You aren't talking.". She gave Mask a questioning look and stared. She turned to Mia, "Who are you?" she asked Mia. She rubbed her eyes as Saber looked at the Flareon at belongs to Mask.

    Saber squinted his eyes in suspicion. Elesis patted Saber's head, "What's wrong Saber?" she smiled brightly. Saber shooked his head and smiled back, more brightly. Elesis sighed and turned to Mask, "So, what did you wrote earlier?" she said.

    Saber stood silent since he knows that Flame is an irresponsible Flareon. He turned to the Flareon again, and greeted Ember with a bright, soft bark. He looked at Mask, and shivered, "This guy is creepy not talking like regular humans, he must be mute." he thought
  4. (Mia)
    Mia tilted her head. "I'm Mia. I'm just another random survivor of this crazy stuff. And I like killing zombies. That's... all I really feel like saying."
    Mimi, her Mimikyu, shook her head. Her trainer could be so ditzy sometimes.
  5. Mask POV

    Mask gave a gentle smile under his mask. "No...I'm just...not the type of person that talks very much...people sometimes...fine it annoying...we I speak so...I just don't speak...but thank you...Ember here...is a very calm Flareon...and she is very reliable...when it comes to finding survivors...sorry if I scared you in anyway...but what I wrote to you was....you are a survivor aren't you...if you want to survive then I know a place...where you can be safe...and we weren't here to fight.." He told her.

    Ember saw the Arcanine look to her and give her a smile. "Flareon!" She said giving a smile back as she raised her front paw up for the Arcanine to touch.-
  6. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    As Hades drove through the forest, his Bike sounded up loudly, puffing out hazardous smoke and purred loudly as he sped up again. All the zombies that he drove by caught his attention. And the blades of his machete. Hades and Hunter had their fun either running over zombies or driving close enough to decapitate them with claw and machete alike. Both were having a great time. They didn't really care if they attracted someone else, or a horde of zombies. Either way, that would mean that they'd be constantly on their toes, and who could really want anything else in a great opportunity of fighting such as a zombie apocalypse as of right now?
  7. She had made her way up stairs after training before making her way up stairs. She went into her room to wash up as Blue and Blade followed close behind. She brushed her long dark brown hair that almost touched the floor before pulling it back into a high ponytail. "May I should get some fresh ait before I call it a night, what do you think girls?" She asked them. "Umbre!("Sure!"), Absol!("I would be delighted too"). She gave a chuckle before dressing herself as she grabbed her Katana and bow and arrow and placed it on her. She grabbed her black hooded cape and wolf mask before heading out the door closing it behind her. She saw another door open as she peeked in quietly seeing Axel asleep. She quietly walked in without making a sound as she lit up the lanturn that was just next to the bed. She blew out the flame from the stick before quickly making her way out of the room closing it behind her before he could wake up. As she made her way downstairs again, she saw Ninji with a male in the living room. "Ninji? I see you found a survivor?" She asked her as she placed her wolf mask on her face to prevent him from seeing her face. "I actually have to step out for a bit so I'll introduce myself once I return but here Ninji so he can understand you" she said to the Ninjask as she placed a special collar around her neck. "There that should do it with this collar you can understand Ninji ok" she finished before making her way outside.

    She made her way outside until she heard something loud in the distance. "-Is that...a motorcycle!? Whoever is riding that is crazy! Could be a survivor so might as well check it out..-"she sighed as she leaped inside the tree until she came to an area where the sound was very close. She pulled out Gem's Luxury ball until she appeared out of it. "Flygon!" "Let's go for a ride Gem" she told the Flygon.

    Gem nodded before allowing her to get on her back. She took off until she heard a loud sound from a vehicle. "Follow the sound Gem" she told her. "Flygon!" Gem followed the sound until a motorcycle came into view on the road taking out zombies. Gem flew until she was above the vehicle waiting to see if he would notice her.

    @DevVoid @Willow Tree
  8. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hunter, holding to Hades who was speeding down the dirt road had looked into the sky, taking up a scent different from the sweet smell of burning rubber and exhaust fumes. This smell.. it was familiar. He looked to the distance, to see a Flygon with a peculiar trainer fly toward them. As they got closer, Hades also came to a halt with his motorcycle in an area away from zombies when he noticed his partner looking away. They started to recognize who it was thanks to that mask the trainer was wearing, though Hades took a bit slower since he had worse eyesight than his Partner. Sat on the motorcycle, leaned to his left with his left foot stood firmly on the ground, Hades waved to the two, Hunter following suit. " Hey JC! Long time no see, eh? " Hades yelled up, his rough voice straining itself to be clear and sound, changing the tone from the usual slightly husky tone to the voice similiar to the voice of someone with a smoker's lung. " How's it been? "
  9. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo bristled the moment he heard a woman's voice behind him, quickly turning around to face the female, blocking the sight of the mess his pokemons made nervously. Kiki, Phoenix, and Ditti seems to play along, together blocking the view from sight as they cast JC an overly friendly smile to cover it up.

    "Uh, alright, yeah sure, I can wait no worries." He babbled quickly, watching JC as she explained a certain collar she placed on Ninji, saying that now he'll be able to understand the Ninjask. "Cooooool, this place really is high tech huh," he said, looking amusingly at the Ninjask, "now we don't need a translator, huh little guy." He laughed, while at the same time harshly giving his pokemons a jab to signal at them to clean up their mess, to which they quickly obeyed.
  10. She gently patted Gem's neck to landed before she got off her. "Well if it isn't Hades, I knew that sound was familiar," she said before seeing Blue run up to him and leap on his shoulders to greet him before paw fiving Hunters hand. She leaped down afterward as her tail moved back and forth in excitement. "Umbre!" Blue said giving a smile. "I'm doing very well, your reckless as ever with that motorcycle" she chuckled before walking over to Hunter gently petting his head. "Greetings Hunter, hope you have been taking care of Hades well, despite him being so reckless all the time or some of the time" she added chuckling as she handed him one of his favorite pokepuffs. "Wish I could help that face of yours though...but I know I can't..." she sighed. "But, I have a special gift for you that will help that vision of yours which I made of course" she added. "But how are you doing actually?" she asked.

    Ninji's POV

    She smiled gently looking to the male. The collar lit up once she spoke to him. "Yes, can you understand what I am saying young one, thou I don't know your name so I'm just calling you young male...sorry" Ninji chuckled as her beat fast wings kept her airborne. "Hopefully Mask will return soon but I have faith in him that he will return" She added.

    @DevVoid @Willow Tree

    (Btw I am thinking of making another roleplay if your interested ^-^)
  11. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo's eyes sparkled as he gaped in awe at the Ninjask, "Sweet! I can actually understand you!" He exclaimed, "That's awesome! How far has the human technology came to?!" He examined the collar, breathless that such an amazing thing exist.

    Spending a good 2 mintues gawking at the collar, he shook himself awake and gathered himself together, "Oh, I can't believe I've never introduced myself, it's Milo." He said, giving Ninji a joking bow, "At your service~" he teased, "Thank you for helping me," he looked around the room, "this place is amazing, can't believe the human population dwindled so fast when this was here all the time." He said. Looking back at the Ninjask, he smiled, "Guess we're all allies now huh," he said, "it's the I help you and you help me kind of thing right?" He laughed, "Or the I help you and now you owe me kind of thing." He faked a serious look, "Please don't be the second one."
  12. Rowan Tree

    Rowan Tree Previously ~Add~

    "Mia? Cool name. I'm Elesis, if you know this guy," she said as she pointed at Mask, "can you tell me who he is and why he don't talk?". She sighed in boredom. Saber wagged his tail, to calm her down, it helped, only 3% out of 10%. She limped just a tiny bit because of her energy was quickly running out. Saber bumped his head against Elesis's, telling her to sit down. Elesis refused but smiled, "No Saber. I am finnnnne"

    Saber pouted. He's not happy when Elesis can't rest, he's loyal, and he wants Elesis to be energized. He stamped his foot and then turned back to Ember, he gave a happy bark again to show that her/his (IDK if Ember a male or female) master is unique. He twisted and turned, to see if Elesis is alright. He barked quietly at Elesis to tell her, "Siiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttt downnnnnnnnnnn". Annnnnnnnnnd? Elesis didn't
  13. Mia shook her head casually. "Nope, I don't. Who is he? Never seen him before..."
    She shifted on her feet awkwardly. "I'm headed back to base now. Feel free to follow me."
    She turned to leave, with Mimi following her.
  14. (Ember is a female shiny Flareon @~Add~ )

    He remained silent for the moment he spoke. "I'm Mask...and this is...Yami the shiny Yamask...my partner...and this is Ember the Shiny Flareon...both girls...also...excuse my quietness, I'm not the type of person...that talks very much...its just...the way I talk...and if you...would be so kind...please don't ask about the mask...I wear...its for your own....safety...I'll put it..." He answered gently as he gave a slight bow to Elesis before maintaining his posture again.

    Ember looked to the Arcanine as she was quite interested on how big he was compared to her. "Flare! Flareon!" She smiled waging her fluffy tail as she leaped up high enough to touch his nose with her paw before landing on the ground again.

    Ninji smiled. ("Yes, she built this collar for people who can't understand us like she can, she has a very special ability that no one else has which us very rare") she said explaining.-

    @~Add~ @Willow Tree
  15. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades smiled behind his mask and scratched the little Umbreon's chin when it jumped to his shoulder and greeted him and Hunter. Then, he watched Blue jumped down and he waved at her. " Hello to you, Blue! " Then, Hades turned to JC. " Well, it's fun driving around like this. It may be dangerous, but thats the whole fun of it! The fact that so much adrenaline can rush to your head, and that danger can catch up to you real fast is just that exciting. Hunter's been enjoying it too. I would try it with my other pokemon, but they can't really ride on a motorcycle all that well. " He explained and nudged Hunter, who laughed nervously because he knew that what they were doing was fun, but extremely stupid. Hunter graciously accepted the Pokepuff, nodding as a thank you. Then, Hades spoke up again. " Don't worry 'bout me and my face, actually. The zombies nearly recognize me as one of them whenever I get in a situation of having to get their scent on me. And, put short, I've been good. Very good, infact. So good that I've even found new weapons! I'll show the biggest suprise back at Base, but as you can see, I've got machetes now! Just seemed more practical to me. " He explained, sounding excited as he presented the machetes that were covered in zombie blood. " You can hop on and we can ride back if you want. Hunter won't mind being in his Pokeball for a bit. Plus, you can also experience what it is that I like so much about doing this. So how about it? " He asked, one arm leaned on the handlebar of the motorcycle.

    (I'd be interested. You can tag me in the rp discussion thread if you want, @LunarSilvally)
  16. She gave a chuckle. "I think I'll pass Hades, motorcycles isn't really my thing, I like to fly more and be safer that way but if you want me to ride along side you on the ground for a bit then I can arrange that" she said pulling out Gem's Luxray ball returning her before she pulled out another Luxury ball as it opened revealing a Spring form Sawsbuck. "Meadow here is quite fast on foot so I can keep up just fine" she before seeing Meadow approach Hades giving a gentle nudge to him. "Sawsbuck!" She said giving a smile. "Hehe Meadow seems to remember you as well it seems" she chuckled. "I would take the rest of my team out but I don't want them to hug pile you if you know what I mean" she added chuckling.-
  17. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Man, being able to understand pokemon? That's amazing," he chuckled, "and extremely convenient." He added, "Will she be able to understand my pokemons?" He laughed, "Cause that'll be dope."

    His pokemons cheered in agreement as they wiped the water stained floor, trying to soak in every last bit of water before joining their trainer. Milo sighed and leaned back a little in his chair, looking dazingly at the ceiling, "By the way, what's with that black cross?" He asked, pointing at the material without looking at it, "Does it belong to your owner?"
  18. Ninji smiled gently. "Actually, yes she can, she can mostly understand all species of Pokemon, even legendaries hehe which is rare to see of course," she said before her face suddenly softened to a sad look when Milo asked about the black cross. "No, it doesn't...actually, it belongs to JC's brother Shadow...he's missing...and unfortunately he has been missing since this epidemic started...so that's our only clue that he is still alive somewhere out there..." Ninji answered as she placed the cross on the table gently.

    (Tagging others again so they don't be left behind too far)
    @Mr. Machiavellian @EeviumZ
  19. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Ah...well, sorry I asked." Milo apologized, scratching his head, "Can I perhaps know how he looks like?" He asked, "Maybe I can help find him." He said, "Y'know, it can be a thank you gift for helping me." He pointed out, "Though I can't do much but Ditti can help out a bunch." He said, "He's a Ditto after all."
  20. Rowan Tree

    Rowan Tree Previously ~Add~

    Elesis smiles and bowed back, “Thank you for the bow and the reply, I will not ask about your mask.” she said. She turned to Ember and patted her head. “Hello there!” she told Ember.

    Saber patted Ember on the head too, he smiled and barked. He wagged his tail in a extreme speed. He barked in a overjoyed mood. Loud enough to not attract any zombies to come attack.
  21. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    (@LunarSilvally, you may want to check out @Mr. Machiavellian 's latest status.)

    Hades smiled and pat Meadow on the head as she greeted him. Hunter also gave a wave to Meadow, and Hades turned to JC.
    " Yeah, I understand. I wouldve taken my team out too, but you know that most of them aren't exactly fit for hugging. Neither do I really think that now is the time for that since we are in the middle of a zombie-ridden forest. Oh, by the way, here. " Hades reached for one of his machetes and grabbed it by the bloody blade, holding the handle to JC. " Incase any of those things get near. They're easy to swing and get the job done quickly. " He said, offering the weapon to JC.
  22. (Oh thanks @DevVoid then I am going to have to find another way for someone to find Shadow...he is badly injured...somewhere lol but I'll figure something out)

    Mask's POV

    He gave a smile nodding. "Its my pleasure...sorry if I scared you in a way...talking just...isn't my specialty...all the time...so I have one of my good friends...do it for me..." He said as he could suddenly feel the ground shake a bit. Ember smiled wagging her fluffy tail. "Flareon!" She said to Elesis and Saber. Yami took interest too as she floated next to Ember. "Yamask!" She said giving a smile.

    Ninji's POV

    Ninji looked to Milo before answering. "There is a picture that she has of him but its in her room...I don't want to go in there without her permission but if you really want to help find him then you can ask her for the photo yourself when she returns" Ninji said giving a smile.

    JC's POV

    She gave a chuckle. "No its alright Hades really, my katana is just as easy to wield as your machete and besides it doesn't really suit my style of fighting. I need special training to use that just like my katana which took a very long time to master but not for me at least" she chuckled again. "But thanks for worrying about my safety friend" she said crossing her arms against her giving a gentle smile.-

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  23. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Well alright, if you insist. " Hades said as he flipped the weapon around, grabbing it by the handle and putting it back on his belt. Then, he turned to Hunter and glanced at the left middle black leather bag from where Hunter was seated. " Hey Hunter, take out the thingy, would you? " Hades then turned to JC back while Hunter reached for the bag. " Well, I've actually got more than one suprise. One of them is that I found myself my old USB stick. Now, this one actually can connect with this bike. See, it always had these empty sockets and buttons that I just couldnt figure out what to do with. Then there's also the speaker below the display meters, but now I know what they're all for. But, now I do know. And the electricity required is connected to the battery, so playing music is all well. " Hades said, upon which Hunter then handed him the USB. Hades took it and proceeded to remove a small panel below the speaker, stuck his USB inside the socket behind the panel and stuck said panel back on. " Pretty clever design they got on this thing, too. You can remove this panel to insert your USB and put it back on so it doesnt remove itself during the ride. " Hades then pressed a small button with the typical on/off symbol displayed on most computers, upon which the symbol lit up in an ocean blue. " Well, let's ride on back then. Best you stay behind so I attract all the attention. Oh, and if you're wondering where I got the USB in this day and age.. I've had a ride back home. Just to check if I hadnt forgotten anything. But, as you see, I clearly did, heh. " He laughed, before turning one knob two times, and the one next to it three times, tuning the music to 50% volume. Then, he rid off toward town, Back in Black from AC/DC playing from the speaker on his motorcycle. As usual, he went back to ramming zombies, and him and Hunter went back to slicing them up as they got close.
  24. She heard the music turn on from his motorcycle as she just gave a chuckle. She pulled out her katana blade before slicing down a couple of zombies coming close. She placed her hand on the front of his motorcycle. "Your so reckless Hades, do you want to get us both bitten" she joked before it suddenly started to rain. "Great...we should find shelter until this rain passes, I heard that it will rain hard for a while and that may give us time to escape into the forest" she told him as she got on Meadow's back as Blue followed by leaping up on top of her. "Lets see how slow you really are on that motorcycle friend, I bet you can't beat Meadow's speed with that" she joked before patting Meadow's neck to go as she nodded before leaping off at a swift speed. She used her blade to cut down zombies in the way. Meadow had to leap over a group of them to save time.

    Shadow's POV

    He felt it start to rain as he made his way into an abandoned building that seemed a bit closed off. A blood trail had followed him because of his bad injury to his shoulder that he received from one of the zombies claws. He was relieved that he wasn't bitten but this injury was taking a tole on him as this would attract zombies but because of the rain it distracted them quite a lot. He held his Scythe as it was very bloody from slaying down the zombies that stood in his way. He leaned it against the wall as he sat down on the floor holding his injiry with his right hand. He had to think fast so he removed his hooded cape which was totem then his shirt as he ripped apart of his shirt and used it as a bandage to stop the bleeding. Sparkx his partner a female Jolteon and Serabis a female Houndoom stood close behind him worried about his condition. "-I need...to get help...-" he thought before pulling out Talon's Pokeball as it opened revealing a Braviary. "Talon...I need you to...scout the area until you find someone who can help me...in this condition I can't move then I want to..." He told him as the only thing he had on was his black wolf gold streaked mask on his face to hide his appearance. "Brave!" He said before flying out of the building to look for help. He landed in the forest looking around for any other survivors.

  25. Silently taking shelter from the rain in a run-down inn in the central city, Nancy hugged her knees and curled up in a corner. One of the windows were broken, letting in the sounds of the storm and any wild Pokémon who dared get near and Nancy wanted to stay away from it. Her Ampharos, Marie, was sitting next to her with her head on Nancy’s shoulder. And then they heard it. “Eurrggghh...” It was the sound of a zombie staggering towards them, and they didn’t dare make any noise. The zombie must’ve heard something else, because it began wobbling like mad over to the window where a Braviary was visible, flying in the sky, cawing away. “Marie.. use thunder punch,” Nancy pointed over to the zombie, and Marie quickly finished it with a few punches. As Marie and Nancy hopped out the window, Marie lit up her tail light for the bird Pokémon to see. ‘I hope this catches its attention,’ Nancy though, narrowing her eyes.
  26. Talon saw a bright light in a building that had caught his attention. He opened his wings before taking to the skies. He investigated it more closely until he saw a girl and her Ampharos exit out a window as its tail gave a bright light. He lowered himself down but kept his distance to not frighten her as his flapping wings kept him airborne as he had a worried look on his face. "Braviary..."he said worry in his voice.

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  27. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " I wouldn't call it being reckless directly. Rather, I'd say I'm better described as bravely stupid. " Hades laughed as he slashed out left and right, decapitating zombies. He noticed it raining, but really only because the raindrops splashed onto the hull of his motorcycle. " Well, probably good we get back to base. I can't risk getting wet by these drops. Burns like acid when it drips into the wrong places. " Hades said, then watched JC and Meadow sprint off. He smirked, and nodded back at Hunter, who promptly wrapped his arms around Hades' waist for safety. " Oh, you just watch! If you think of me as reckless now, you just watch what I'm about to do next! " Hades lowered down on the motorcycle, held down the gas trigger as far as he could, then suddendly jumped upwards with his body, moving the motorcycle just up slightly in such an angle that would make him faster for the few seconds that he could hold the angle without gravity pulling him down. He sped past JC and Meadow, making the peace motion with his other free hand while he was about to go infront of them, before soon jumping up with his bike to crash hull-first into a zombie, knocking it down and splattering its head with the front wheel as he landed, him and Hunter high-fiving after landing for successfully performing such a risky act.
  28. Marie and Nancy looked at the Braviary with a concerned expression on their faces. Marie was the first one to speak up to the Braviary. “Ampharos..” (“What’s wrong?”) She said, stepping forward and dimming her tail to not get anybody else’s attention. Nancy pulled off her baggy sweater and put it over her head as a shield for the rain, shivering quite a bit. She was still worried that someone, or something, was in trouble and she was glad to help.
  29. JC's POV

    She chuckled. "That's because you have the motorcycle so technically that doesn't count" she smirked. "Next time we race on our Pokemon sir Hades but I bet you Gem would have beaten you for sure" she added as Meadow came to a walk agreeing with her. "Saws!, Sawsbuck!("Yes another rematch!") Meadow said kicking the ground with her front hoof. She reached from the side of Meadow and grabbed an umbrella as she motioned her towards Hades. She opened the umbrella before holding it over his head. "I was holding this just for you so your face doesn't burn so just take it but don't worry this isn't the gift I made for you, it's back at the base" she reminded him. "We should head back though, it's getting a bit late" she added getting off Meadow before returning her as she pulled out Gem's Luxury ball until the Flygon came out. She got on her back as Blue followed before sitting in front of her. "I'll lead the way so keep up slowpoke" she teased before patting Gem's neck as she nodded before taking flight towards the base.

    Talon's POV

    He looked to the Ampharos still in midair. "Brave...Braviary...("I need your help...my trainer is badly injured and he isn't in the condition to walk and find someone or he will attract zombies towards him but...thanks to the rain...he won't be spotted that easily...he was fighting zombies with his Scythe and one got him with it's claws to the shoulder...he wasn't bitten thankfully...but please help me...your the only hope I have to save his life and I need him alive...for someone he is trying to find...") he screeched in worry. "Braviary!" he said eyes very concerned.

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  30. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Oh..." Milo sweatdropped, "It might be too much of a touchy subject for her though..." he said, trailing off.

    Staying silent for a few seconds, he gave a lighthearted shrug to break it, "Nah, it's alright, I'll help in whatever ways I can," he assured, "and perhaps, if she's willing at the moment, I'll ask when I can." he promised. Ditti gave a gurgle in agreement, soon started slithering towards his Pokeball and disappearing into it as he pressed onto the button. "Oh, seems like Ditti really is tired," Milo laughed, picking up Ditti's Pokeball. He looked at the Ninjask, "Is there any other survivors here maybe?" he asked, "It'll be quite lonely if it's only your trainer and....oh dear, I don't know that girl's name but you get the concept." he laughed.
  31. Ampharos looked at the Braviary with wide eyes and stepped up on her tippy toes to whisper something in Nancy’s ear, who also had more of a concerned expression replacing her often nervous features. “Goodness..! Let’s go, quick! I have a first aid kit in my bag, no time to waste!” She said with a genuine concern in her usually quiet tone. Hopping on the Braviary’s back, she waiting for him to fly and show her the person. Returning Marie, Nancy held on to the bird Pokémon.
  32. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Well, if THAT doesn't count.. " Hades said, then drifted a circle to stop his motorcycle. He turned off the speakers and used the ignition key to turn off the vehicle aswell, before getting out a pokeball from his belt. " Then, lets have an actual pokemon race! In the sky! Come out, Hydreigon! " Hades yelled, pressing the button on the ball that casted out a red energy bolt, forming his Hydreigon. The hydreigon then lifted the motorcycle by the handles with its two smaller heads, and wrapped its tail around the back to keep it safe. During the process, Hades and Hunter leaped up onto the Hydreigons back, and both raised into the air, flying after JC and Gem. The hydreigon, despite how it seemed, managed to keep up with the Flygon nearly 1:1, being that both pokemon have nearly the same amount of speed. " If I'm a slowpoke and still manage to catch up with you, what does that make you, eh? " He'd taunt and laughed, making a friendly mockery. The main head of the Hydreigon had used Flamethrower to burn zombies on the ground, clearing out large groups of them with a wildfire.
  33. JC's POV

    She smirked. "Don't underestimate Gem's speed Hades, I trained her well" she warned. "And don't get cocky either my friend but if you want a race then I accept but don't hold back" she added tapping Gem's neck. "Let's begin shall we?" She said as in a swift moment she flew off in a swift speed. "Who's slow now Hades" she shouted back as Gem grinned at the Hydredigon. "Flygon!" She said as she also used Flamethrower to kill off zombies.

    Ninji's POV

    She was quite for the moment before speaking. "Ninjask...("Yes it is an emotional topic to speak about...but if you want to help her then you have to ask her Milo...I'm glad that you want to return the favor to her...and yes there are others here but they are probably asleep by now...") She said.

    Shadow's POV

    Talon flew off with the girl on his back as he looked around for the hidden building until he found it. He landed on the ground as he closed his wings letting her down. He gently pulled at her sleeve before trouting inside the building as he waited inside for her to follow him before he led her to Shadow.-
  34. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Well, it's not really a race I'd want, more to hurry and get out of the rain, but if you insist to keep having me prove that I'm not slow.. " Hades said, watching JC and Gem take off. Then, behind his mask, he smirked. " Hey, Hydreigon. Do the thing I taught you to. " The Hydreigon grinned and sped up, diving downwards and doing a loop mid-air, then used Tailwind to combine the speed boost from the move along with the diving glide to speed up immensely, and shoot past Gem and JC like a bolt of lightning. For the brief moment that the three flashed by the two, Hades held up his hand to his forehead in the shape of an L to mock JC before he commanded Hydreigon to dive downward, seeing as he noticed that they seemingly got where he remembered the old base was.
  35. Entering the building, Nancy had to bend to get into the well closed-off building. It still have obvious signs of being abandoned, though, with shattered windows, torn furniture, and all upon those lines. “Where is your trainer?” Nancy asked the Pokémon, patiently waiting for him to lead her to the injured person.
  36. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Oh wait, they're asleep?" Milo said, suddenly realized how loud his pokemons have been, fighting for the water and all. He shot a glare at Kiki, who conveniently looked away at that exact moment, jingling his keys as he pretended that he couldn't see his own trainer. Milo face palmed, a tad bit frustrated with the situation he's dealing with but he brushed it off quick.

    "Well, if they're asleep, I wouldn't want to bother them." He said, "But maybe I'll meet them tomorrow, if they're willing that is." He shrugged, "Not everyone is keen on trusting strangers, especially since I'm new right now, unless....they're new too?"
  37. JC's POV

    She teased a bit not going to accept defeat with what just happened. "That was just luck my friend" she smirked. "However, you can't never match my fighting style with my katana because I am very unpredictable when it comes to fighting" she smirked as Gem nodded agreeing as she gave a smirk smile. "Well we are almost there but the rain is making it hard to find the base at this rate...we will have to take shelter somewhere else for the time being..." She sighed as she looked around before seeing a building with a roof on the outside but the door was missing. "We should take shelter in there for now" she said pointing to the building as she gently patted Gem's neck to go down. She nodded before landing in front of the building as they made their way inside. Blue leaped off Gem's back before sitting next to JC. She seemed to look outside for the moment watching the rain fall as she did train in the rain with her katana. She folded her arms thinking this as she was thinking of doing that now.

    Ninji's POV

    She gave a chuckle. "-Its fine...really but...hopefully Mask will return soon...I like to train for a while with me before I sleep-" Ninji said seeming to land on a stand that was set up for her.

    Shadow's POV

    Talon made his way through a hidden space until he found his trainer soaked in his own blood even his right hand as he was holding his injury. Serabis growled in warning as she did this in a protective instinct. " It's alright Serabis...its just help..." He told the female Houndolm as her growling softened before she became quiet and sat down next to him. Sparkx watched the trainer as she saw Talon return for help. "Jolteon..." She said worry in her voice. "Braviary..." He said looking to her pleading to help his trainer.

    Shadow saw the female trainer as he weakly spoke. "Can you...help me...I'm not...in the best condition here..."he asked voice proving he was in pain.-

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  38. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "You guys train? Here? Man, this place is bigger than it seemed outside." He laughed, shaking his head lightheartingly, pleased with the great discovery. "Unfortunately though," he said, "I don't train." He finished bluntly.

    "Or at least, not much," he said, "I do practice my aiming with my weapon of choice." He twirled his revolver by the handle as he said that, catching it clean by the tip before placing it back safety, "And sometimes when my pokemon needs a good stretching." He finished.

    "So I believe if your trainer and I were to have a one on one match, I'll definitely lose, pokemon or not." He joked.
  39. Nancy looked at the trainer with a genuinely concerned and scared expression. She only spoke when the Houndoom calmed her growling, and she didn’t blame her because she would be protective too. “Oh my.. what happened here? Are you bitten?” She asked, her voice a bit shaky. Stepping closer, she kneeled down and looked at the trainer with a frown, and rummaged through her bag for first-aid.
  40. Shadow's POV

    He looked to the girl before answering. "No...I'm not bitten...one of the zombies claws got me...when I was slaying them as you can see with my Scythe there...I had to rip a piece of my shirt to try and hold it down...but to no avail..." He said as he looked like a bloody mess right now watching her pull out a first aid kit.

    Serabis reached into Shadow's bag and pulled out a roll of bandage. She walked over to the girl before she sat down holding it in her mouth as she lifted her paw to rest on her arm. "Good girl...Serabis...gentle..." He added giving a weak smile as he ripped off his shirt completely revealing only the tank top but ripe that as well since it was very sticky. He moved slowly before he sat at the side. "Just to make it...easier for you..."he said as he was now shirtless as blood ran quickly down his chest, back, and right arm as he looked to her under his mask.-

    Ninji's POV

    "Training can only make you stronger Milo but I can't tell you on how you battle so...who am I to judge..."
    Ninji said giving a chuckle.

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