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Open SAO RP discution thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GameBug03, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. Well what if we try stop the war if Richard can tame a boar King then he could tame a bull King with more training what I'm trying to say is try stop the war and bring peace to the boars and the Bulls couldn't be to hard right
  2. we'd have to deal with the boss first which would mean more grinding first
  3. Yea but that was pretty obvious
  4. oh sorry, just thought that might cause implications if we try and grind exp with killing the boars and bulls etc. idk
  5. That's ok but you are right we do need to grind
  6. They are just ones and Zeros
  7. yes but it could make things complicated with trying to stop them fighting, either way it's possible but doesn't have to happen just suggestions
  8. ta, btw is anyone gonna post on the rp?
  9. Yea but not till later
  10. These ideas are great and I'm agreeing with the civil war I'm gonna post now.
  11. @Wolfcastfreya, in my last post I explained everything to the bull king and am (presumably) no longer on the tree/under threat
  12. apologies, it hadn't posted when I was typing mine so I assumed I could do so, I'm deleting it now and will update >w<'''' sorry
  13. No don't, I'll move mine under yours so everything makes sense
  14. I already deleted it, I'm making another post now ;w;
  15. So whats the boss' name? Something generic like Minotaur or an actual name, i'd say
    ______________ The Minotaur King
    But we need a name
  16. I'm just gonna throw suggestions :Asteraduk, Koorak. Noorakar, Grantoron, Turrus and Traknark. again just suggestions but I think they'd work
  17. How about Taurous because this is a Pokémon website so Pokémon references would be cool

    Or just call him King Minos
  18. Sounds good guys :)
  19. ok sure >w<
  20. May I join? I have an explanation for late entry.
    Name: Yusako Hirigachi
    Age: 14
    Sword type: Broadsword
    Appearance:Small Statu re, Blond, crazy spiky hair, blue eyes
    Personality: Headstrong, quick to jump into a fight, confident enough to use a broadsides he could barely lift at the start, loveable stupid enough to buy a futuristic game from a shady peddler for 10 bucks without knowing anything about it.
  21. Welcome, just so that you can know the plot, I'm going to explain it. We diverged a bit from the Anime, in our continuity Kirito did not take part in the first attack on the first floor boss, causing everyone there to die horrible brutal deaths. Along with Kirito, we, the RPers fought the boss, where well timed sword skills and boar armies (don't ask) won us the battle, of course Kirito died because why not.

    The United Swords, our guild, advanced to the second floor where the Bulls and Boars were at war as part of a quest to unlock the dungeon. We untied the Bulls and Boars, who told us about the boss in a rambley expositiony monologue, which explained that the boss was a Minotaur named King Minos, he has two generals also in the dungeon with him, whose names I can't be bothered to type out here. Currently we, as well as a mysterious man named Heathcliff are preparing to battle the Minotaur King, in an epic duel to decide the fate of floor two, and so that we can unlock floor three.

    Perhaps we could bring you into the story by going back to the Town of Beginnings, that's where the inn is where my OC kept most of his stuff aside from the guild house.
  22. Riley your accepted
  23. @DarkEmporer/@Yirril, is Ty going to die? And if he is will you make another character?
  24. not to sure at this point just seeing where this plays out.
  25. Im planning on Luke half going insane and killing another Player

    (And it will be related to the Ghost Scythe Wielder)
  26. Everything ends with a ghost scythe wielder, the grim reaper of souls and the vessel to the afterlife

    In all seriousness, we have essentially

    Floor 1: Kobald King from the Anime
    Floor 2: The mighty King Minos and his two great generals
    Floor 3: The Grim Reaper

    So... Ripoff from SAO Anime, ripoff from Greek Mytholgy and ripoff from wherever the Grim Reaper is from
  27. Im planning the Ghost Scythe Wielder to NOT be the Boss but the Boss could be some sort of Ghost King that made the Scythe Wielder into a Ghost
  28. I'm perfectly fine with all this sorry about the kind of things I'm saying but I just... sorry
  29. Notes about the Floor 2 boss

    King Minos, who is a Minotaur now because its cooler that way (in greek/roman mythology he was just a guy, his son was the Minotaur)

    He has two Minotaur Generals named Rhadamanthys and Sarpedon, the names of King Minos' brothers in Greek Mythology.

    His two generals are fought before he is, although at quarter heath he will summon one or both of them to help him, but this version will be summoned with half health. Rhadamanthys and Sarpedon have are basically Minibosses
  30. Rhadamanthys and Sarpedon wield an Axe and Sword respectively, have half the health of King Minos and are half his size, around double of a grown man
  31. despite Yirril going rogue (rouge one hype) I still think that we should team up.
  32. @MegaCharizardZ I was thinking that after the fight maybe your character goes into some form of berserk and attacks and kills Yirril. Just some food for thought. I would create a new character if so but that is besides the point.
  33. My idea was that The Ghost Scythe wielder was the Ghost and he was making him Berserk, I don't want to KILL anyone's character, I feel like the Guild should make him Sane again
  34. I'm planning to kill ty anyways I just need something cool and epic so it doesn't feel anti-climatic so uhhh yeah. Plus what is a better way to go out than by a friend after defeating a boss.
  35. Well, Im worried about the Impact of what happens, I don't want everyone to hate Luke
  36. Or, you could have on of the Minotaur generals whose name i cannot be bothered typing out/copy and pasting, kill Ty, with Luke there to kill the boss in a fit of rage

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