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Open SAO RP discution thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GameBug03, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. Good idea, He would come back to fight the 50th Boss and Luke will kill him, Sort of making everyone wonder what Happened
  2. Or, since we have already basically killed all of the canon, perhaps some other hacker, maybe Fairy King Oberon/The insane dude from the Alfhelm arc installs a virus into SAO in an attempt to take over, in an act of rivalry and stuff, Kayaba reveals himself to the United Swords and enlists their help in a "Lesser of two evils" kind of things. After looking at their selfless sacrifices to save eachother, Kayaba finally feels the one thing he never had, anger, sympathy, regret. Anger that this fool would enter his game and attempt to claim it as his own, before attempting to murder all of the people he had come to know as friends, sympathy to the rest of the players, finally understanding what it was like to watch your entire life burn up in front of you, and regret that he made the death game in the first place. Deciding there is only one way to truly gain redemption for his sins, he sacrifices himself to save Anicrad and its inhabitants. From there, we could branch out, saying that now the ghost of Kayaba, downloaded onto the internet, visits some of they key players in Anicrad, enlisting them once again to take down that other dude from Alfhelm, before traveling the internet multiverse, facing off against foes like Death Gun and Hackers.
  3. Interesting, Very Interesting
  4. Also note that we are already well within our goal, as the 8th most replies in a non-Pokémon RP (one of my own RPs ranks at 11, a mere 20 replies behind, something which I'm quite proud of)
  5. This sounds very promising I like it
  6. Yea

  7. hey if we need a glitch in the system maybe I can pull that off. With Ty dead maybe his spirit refused to leave and became a glitch in the system. I don't know I'm talkin random here and I mean complete random.
  8. Yea mabey but that wouldn't make sense as Ty seamed pretty happy he was leaving SAO when he died I don't think he planed to stay
  9. D.I.D. or dissociative identity disorder

    identity disorder (DID), formerly called multiple personality disorder, is an illness that is characterized by the presence of at least two clear personality states, called alters, which may have different reactions, emotions, and body functioning.

    in one of my last posts I noted that a new personality was created called Yirril was created and as Ty's spirit passed on his alternate personality could still be there after all the alternate personality was filled with hate and a need to destroy and seek revenge. With this he could b a great villain hunting the one who created the world. Open your view of reality. to extend passed physical limitations find your grip on reality.
  10. plus if you reread my last post you notice I never mentioned Yirril's name. I never said what happened to him I just say that Ty was freed but Yirril, that, is a different story. He hasn't had closure for who he is in fact he was just created by stress and a bloodlust for revenge.
  11. Wow.... you are so good at making amazing backstories and stuff
  12. Actually I have been planning something like this since the start. Alright I have to go family function.
  13. Maybe the anger, guilt, and sadness of the players just cannot move on, formed into one virus to enact their revenge, even if it means killing the rest of the players
  14. Well the boss is dead... That was quick
  15. It was a bit but I feel that while the first floor was more fighting based, most of our RP in floor two involved the emotions of all of the characters we had:

    The Friendship and Rivalry between the Boar and Bull Kings

    The Relationship between Heathcliff and the Players

    The Rivalry Between Luke and Ty
  16. Yea I guess we needed time to progress our characters a bit
  17. Now with enough progression i say skip to floor 5 or something, Ghost King would be interesting like Z said, bringing back the soul of Yirril to haunt us, only to accidentally unleash it on the world, transforming it into a deadly virus working in the background to destroy all of Anicrad
  18. @SMRPG64 I completely agree with that idea floor now its on floor five time has passed but how much time if we time skip?
  19. I would say perhaps a month or two? make it realistic, every fifth floor is meant to be extremely hard, so considering how long it took us to take down the easiest floors (5 days altogether) it should be realistic. Also i have an idea for the ending of this RP, if we reach it

    Heathcliff stood before the massive black cloud, Richard, Luke and Ren looked on in terror and awe the sight, and Heathcliff was wrapped in a glorious golden blaze, before floating up into the air with his arms in front of him, his Heathcliff disguise peeling off of his body. Kayaba dashed forward towards the shadow, which grew and enveloped him in darkness. There was a brief silence, before beams of light began breaking through the shadow, golden cracks forming on its body. There was a massive explosion, and when the dust cleared, the two combatants stood on opposite sides of the land they had made their arena.

    Akihiko Kayaba dashed forwards, a golden fist raised, the shadowy figure of Yirril blocked the blow and punched Kayaba in the chest, only for the words "Immortal Object" to appear above him. A golden beam struck through Yirril forcing it backwards, but Yirril was not done. The two dashed forwards at lightning speeds, clashing against and again, a massive blur of movement, light and dark rising from the earth into the sky, blocking out the sun. Shadows began to envelop the sky, surrounding the two combatants in a shroud of darkness, the two dashed towards each other one final time, a massive shockwave tore open the sky and made massive cracks in the earth as the two fists collided, sending the fighters backwards. A ray of light and a beam of shadow were fired, both massive, destructive rays. As the two reached the middle, they began swelling, becoming one. A massive Ying-Yang of sorts in the sky, drawing in both Kayaba and Yirril, and then, there was nothing but blackness, a slow methodical chime signifying the end of it all. As the floating castle Anicrad began to crumble, as the players were enveloped in a blue light, a melodious voice chimed out "Sword Art Online has been completed"
  20. I thought you were at a Family Function? Also has it really been an hour?
  21. yeah it got canceled. but still that was epic, I have nothing to compare it to it was just epic all around epic so to quote Fry from futurama "SHUP UP AND TAKE MY MONEY"
  22. Thanks :) Guess thats just what happens when you really are passionate about something, and i guess we should just take this chance, i doubt we will be seeing many other SAO RPs with as rich a plot as this one
  23. LETS DO THIS THEN EVERYONE LETS TIME SKIP. unless someone still thinks that we should still not time skip but............................................................................................. I STILL SAY TIME SKIP.
  24. Votes for and against timeskip

    @DarkEmporer (Note, its spelled "Emperor" :)) is definitely in
    I don't know about @MegaCharizardZ
    I think @GameBug03 is in and if he is that basically solidifies our argument because he made this RP
    I don't know if @Jagson is still in it, he probably isn't getting alerts or something, so here is a quick recap of everything after we reached floor 2 for him (Even though he was there for a bit of it)

    1. We, as the RPers, go to floor 2
    2. We take part in the Boar-Bull war
    3. We resolve it via a secret quest which allows us to enter the dungeon
    4. We meet Heathcliff AKA Kayaba, who offers to help us, but doesn't tell us he is Kayaba
    5. We meet in front of the Dungeon known as the Labyrinth, lead by King Minos and his two Generals, who are minotaurs because Kayaba sucks at greek/roman myths
    6. Tyler/Yirril is suicidal and enters the dungeon promising to give us the Location of the Boss Room if he finds it, and that they shouldn't expect to see him alive again
    7. Richard and Heathcliff enter and follow Tyler's convenient path of Mob Drops in an attempt to find him
    8. Luke reaches him first though some shortcut, and they have a confrontation in the middle of the Labyrinth, which goes sour as Ty runs away
    9. Richard and Heathcliff see confrontation and try to cut TY off, getting lost instead
    10. Ty follows luke to the boss room, where they fight the first General of King Minos, brutally murdering it while arguing, which ends when Luke accidentally kills Ty.
    11. Upset, Regretful and Angry, Luke gets out Ty's sword and kills General 2 with it in a fit of rage
    12. Kayaba reaches Luke, and wipes away all signs of him Player Killing for some reason involving emotional manipulation
    13. Richard and Ren come, along with the United Bull and Boar army to take down the King
    14. They do it, the Rage that came from the death of Ty was enough to fuel everyone into a murderous frenzy

    And i, @SMRPG64, am definitely in
  25. I also feel this discussion page needs explanation as to what we were doing, in no specific order
    1. We discussed the Moral implications of killing the Bulls and Boars to grind after just stopping a war between them
    2. We discussed how we were going to kill of Ty in an epic blaze of glory
    3. We discussed the boss and its two generals
    4. We had much moral, philosophical conversation
    5. We made a deal to make the longest RP in all of 'charms
    6. We discussed how we were going to end this RP, including a reborn Yirril as a virus around floor 50 causing Kayaba to reveal himself and sacrifice himself in an epic as hell battle against the virus in which he dies, effectively ending the game and freeing everyone before the virus could kill them.
  26. Alright, just for some knowledge that i forgot to say

    Jacks new Katana was made from combining the Energy of his Hook Sword and Jacks Katana and the Spirit Dragon is sort of a embodiment of Ty so now there is three Ty's: the Yirril Virus, Dead Ty and Dragon Ty
  27. I am perfectly fine with all this information it has my seal of approval :up:
  28. So you have a fragment of Ty inside your sword, therefor proving souls can be fragmented and opens opportunities for even more ties (tys? ty's? tys'?) anyways so yea Ty can return, as for my characters deus ex machina, that would probably be his ability to interact with all the npc and bond with them

    Maybe he could summon both the Boar and Bull Kings as well as other minibosses to aid him in later floors as if they were regular "Pets" like the world's greatest monster tamer.
  29. either way I agree with most things. You know its funny we wouldn't have met unless we all watched SAO so I guess we must thank it for bringing together talented plot creators into a single story for them to work on. Although Kirito is dead he and his friends are the reasons this all happened.
  30. Good idea
    and i agree with you Mr. Emporer (Still Spelt Wrong)

    [Im planning on Luke getting a Third Sword which will have a Fragment of a very Specific Person]

  31. I made a mistake okay you guys have done it to don't deny it. Also my first username is my nickname IRL so yeah I had to change it.
  32. Yea its okay, I was on a site where i named myself
  33. that does make sense
  34. yea my Xbox live name just makes me sound racist (I have no clue how to change it). I would say it but I have an agreement with friends to never speak or type its name to anyone.
  35. really quick why I wanted something like this to happen is because I believe in a philosophy. That philosophy is: your closest friend can be your greatest enemy. Just wanted to say that as something take it any way you want.

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