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Open SAO RP discution thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GameBug03, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. check out the SAO RP in the General RP section!!!!
  2. yay, anyways now that there is a place for this, there are three things i want to say

    1) Will this be completely canon, because technically if it was, it would require quite a few time skips and we wouldn't be the main characters
    2) Speaking of timeskips, can we skip to morning now? I think mostly everyone's OCs are asleep
    3) Will there be anything that is not in regular SAO (E.G. pets) because i think in one episode it was explained that the only ranged weapons were throwing knives or something, and someone used a bow
  3. ok well
    1) this is not completely cannon this SAO is were the usual main characters of SAO don't exist ok and we will only time skip if necessary
    2) sure we can skip to morning
    3) there will probably be a lot of differences to normal SAO but thats only weapon wise (still no magic) and in terms of misc stuff (e.g. pets, items)
    glad to answer your questions
  4. ok my opinion on your opinion
    1) I think we should make this our own continuity, Kirito does not exist and we are the Main characters (If your going with this then i get the Dual Wield Abiltiy) and the united swords could be the red cross Guild (Forgot its name)
    2) Yes i want to skip to morning
    3) I would like to have Pets and Bows, It would make more sense since SAO is a RPG and tell me one RPG That did not have pets and/or bows

    And didnt the little girl have a pet? (Forgot her name)
  5. I get that heathcliff ability where you can switch between sword and shield
  6. you can have duel wield that's fine your opinion is pretty much the same as mine so great i like it :)
  7. Before we continue.
    Will this be the same boss as the one in the anime and who will RP as the boss
    Also don't start the second form without me I have something I want to do with it
  8. ok ill RP as the boss
  9. BTW 1) The guild is called the knights of the blood oath
    2) Heathcliff ability is called holy sword
    3) the girls name is silica and the reason she had pina the dragon is due to her being a beast tamer
    It feels so much better because there is all ways things to discuss when it comes to SAO
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  10. It will be the same boss and anyone who wants to play as the boss can
  11. RANDOM QUESTION!!!!!!!!!

    Who is your favorite character out of these characters
    1 Klein
    2 Asuna
    3 Lisbeth
    4 Yui
    5 Sinnon
    6 Sachi
    or 7 Yukki
  12. Start the boss fight without me if you want
  13. Sinnon or Yui
  14. My last post for a while, one of you control Kirito now, just make sure he dies somehow.
    I'll post again once the boss gets onto its second forme
  15. Ok ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  16. Sure I just posted something you can continue from there though
  17. Hey where is everyone at level wise. so I know at what level Jag should be at?
  18. Well everyone except for me were Beta Testers so they would understandably be at a higher level
    Richard is currently level 8
    The others are in their high 20s or low 30s i think... (Yea....)
  19. I'm currently at level 34. I think Luke is to but I could be wrong ask him not me.
  20. time for phase 2 of the boss fight
  21. Yup since KIRITO IS DEAD BY MY KEYBOARD IM HAPPY HE IS DEAD yeah that's uh probably a red flag about my crazy side. Also pick one song from SAO that you would use as a theme song for your character not doubles mine is Ignite from season 2
  22. It would make sense if skill points were in SAO.
    Also Crossing field from season one.
  23. it does exist because in the episode where Kirito and Asuna have that dinner she says that she maxed out her cooking skill so
  24. Luke has a Special Ability known as Red Rage
    (With rage, His Speed and Weapons stats are raised Extremely high but his health goes lower)
  25. Ren also has a special ability called skill stride which if he hits a sword skill he can continue using sword skills instantly until he misses or gets hit by the way after the boss fight ren will be level 24
  26. Thats a Good ability
  27. It's ok I guess
  28. If we get cool unique ability then mine is called Archer's Eye when he is pushed to the limits of his pain and anger his aim becomes spot on until he can no longer support the hatred for the situation.
  29. Sounds cool :)
  30. Richard gets Nature's Call, where he can call upon any monster he has previously tamed to fight beside him
  31. Sounds awesome but seriously just start raising your level people can level quickly your Lv 8 and we are like Lv 34, 29, 25 or somewhere on that range. Also will we be running into the Moon Lit Black Cats because I love Sachi more than any other female character.
  32. Sounds great
  33. But we should probably finish the boss first
  34. I'm level!
    Nah, my character is meant to be a noob, it represents me in MMOs in real life, I'm not that good at levelling up/grinding, and my character is meant to be a monster tamer, his level is not as important as the level of one who is on the front lines doing the fighting.

    Yea, one of you guys finish off the boss
  35. Ill post in a second

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