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Open SAO RP discution thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GameBug03, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. How cool would it be if the Seige Machinery for storming the Ghost King's castle is a giant automated statue of TY?
  2. How many characters per person?
  3. three is enough for now
  4. There can be More than one, Z has Luke and Jack, I have Richard and Heathcliff
  5. Anyways, since we are about to fight the boss, here are a few notes

    It's a massive castle... basically

    It had a massive outer wall, which surrounds the actual castle, it is teeming with Ghost Archers and Swordsmen.

    There is a single entrance to the castle, which had three floors, each one smaller than the other, as well as four side towers filled with loot.
    The first floor is filled with <Ghostly Knights>, which have moderate health, high armour and do a lot of damage, however there aren't many

    The second floor will randomly spawn the <Ghostly Princess> or <Ghostly Prince> flanked by Eight <Ghostly Knights>, the princess is an archer who has low health and armour, but does a lot of damage, while the prince uses a sword
    Third floor is the ghost king, and two Knights, but he can summon more as the fight progresses

    The <Ghost King> can summon green and purple glowing orbs, which upon contact deal damage, but his main attack is his Broadsword, the <Ghostly Excalibur>, a grey/silver wispy version of the Excalibur which does less damage. He also drops the <Purifier>, which allows the <Phantom Hook>, <Phantom Arrow>, <Phantom Mace>, <Phantom Mace>, and <Phantom Scythe> to become usable weapons

    Sound good? Any other ideas? Suggestions?
  6. okay are you Chirrut cause I think you just let the force guide and that's how you write this
  7. I'm one with the force, the force is with me

  8. still haven't I watch a lot of stupendous wave on youtube so.......... why put a bag on his head he cant f!@king see
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  9. Hey I found this funny video that parodies Rogue one and pretty much tells you all you need to know that happens


    I personally like it.
  10. Uh... its technically a @GameBug03's RP but he hasn't posted here for a while so I don't know if he will be here to accept you... um...

    Put down a bio anyways? I guess?
  11. Name: Danny Ibuki
    Age: 23
    Sword type:e.g. Rapier, short sword) Rapier
    Appearance: He wears blue and black battle armor with his rapier straped to his side. He was black hair and blue eyes.
    Personality: He is kind and tries to win every fight he's in. Wants the best for everyone. He is major gamer and loves MMOs. Danny is very skilled in MMOs

    I guess...
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  12. Name: Jay. Age: 16. Sword type:e.g. Longsword. Apearence: wears black pants, coat, and shoes. Has black hair. Has sword on back. Personalitie: very competitive, kind, loved mmo's, loved to fight boss' with my Sword.
  13. So here is my summery of events and characters

    @GameBug03's Characters
    Ren - A founding member of the United Swords (the main guild) and Co-Leader.

    @SMRPG64's Characters
    Richard - A founding member and Co-Leader of the United Swords.

    Kayaba - Yep, it's him. He is still in his Heathcliff persona and joins them on their epic quests. Though the main villian recently stole his admin powers, rendering him just another player

    Yui - A plot device more than a character but still, we had to add her

    Boar King - Began as a one-time miniboss, who then became a side character and eventually became a key part of the floor two Dungeon's unlocking via a quest involving him

    Bull King - Introduced in floor two, he was yet another plot device.

    @Megacharizard's Characters
    Luke - Current Leader of the United Swords and possessor of Tysword (more on that later

    Jack - Some guy in the United Swords

    Zey - A program, like Yui, who decided to make himself real for blah blah plot

    Lizibeth - Yep we dragged HER into this too

    @DarkEmporer's Characters

    Ty - Ty was a founding member of the United Swords who tried to commit suicide by leaping headfirst into the floor two dubgeon alone. Luke punched him in the face and he exploded

    Tysword - Ty didn't actually die, his soul split into two pieces. His consciousness was transferred into Luke's katana, which somehow made it able to summon dragons to kill his foes. He cannot jnteract with the outside world and nobody even knows he is there

    Yirril - all of Ty's anger and hate built up in this adbominatipn, which is able to steal the very code from all he kills. He even hacked into Cardinal itself and stole Kayaba's Admin Powers, murdered the entire Holy Dragon Allience by himself, and is our main villian

    Sam - Part of a Player Killing Killing Guild (kills player killers)

    NOX - Leader of that guild

    @Ace Trainer Kyra's Characters

    I legitimately do not know please help

    Now guilds

    United Swords - The Main clearing guild and led by most of the main characters

    Dark Sword - A player killer killing guild. Led by NoX

    Holy Dragon Allience - Dead

    Knights of the Blood Oath - Don't exist in this canon, Heathcliff joined the United Swords and Asuna is DEAD

    Now that that's done with, here is the entire plot.

    Floor One

    Same as normal, big floating Kayaba.

    We form the United Swords

    We skewer the Boar King in some fields and get enough gold to get a guild house

    The attack on the floor one boss seen in the Anime happens, but kirito is kicked out of the group because of being a beater, so they all died painfully and horribly. Luckily the United Swords were out... eating pizza or something?

    Kirito leads the second attack on the boss, this time the Swords join in. Since we can't have in interfering in our plot, we kill (by we I mean the boss) of Kirito before I run in riding the BOAR KING and then we win.

    Floor Two
    Boar King as at war with the Bull King, if we end it we get access to the boss dungeons.

    Through tough negotiations (with NPCs) we stop them fighting and enter the boss dungeon, or are about to until.

    Ty decides to be suicidal and run in there himself. Richard and Heathcliff follow him via a convenient trail of mob drops

    Luke reaches ty before the two and they begin fighting

    Ty runs into the boss room with Luke and they kill the first mighty general of King Minos (yes that King Minos, it was my idea), single handedly, then Luke punches Ty in the face and Ty dies.

    Via the power of Tysword, Luke kills the Second General, then Richard and Heathcliff arrive. The three get owned by King Minos but survive until help can arrive. (Cept Heathcliff cos he's immortal anyways)

    They kill Minos

    We timeskip to Floor Five

    In between Timeskip

    Luke gets forcefully booted from the game for unknown reasons which are assumed to have to do with Yirril's rise

    Richard becomes leader along with Ren and Heathcliff.

    They buy a castle and live in it

    Floor Five
    Richard travels across the land, searching far and wide. For the spirits of those killed by the Ghost King so he can unlock the Boss Dungeon. He kills the first four, only one left

    Luke, being suicidal, leaps into the game again with the help of hackers. He then reclaims leader position because Wynaut

    Sam arrives at Fort United Swords and talks with Luke about his cult, which he wants Luke to join.

    Yirril murders THE ENTIRE HOLY DRAGON ALLIANCE before proceeding to take ALL of Heathcliff's powers

    Heathcliff, Richard and Luke go to fight the <Phantom scythe>, the final spirit, and kill it to death.

    Heathcliff realises he lost his powers, and contacts Yui, who begins an epic quest to gather enough A.I.s to Override Cardinal and get Heathcliff's powers back. Along the way she meets Tysword, and unlike everyone else can see/hear him.

    Richard plans for the raid on the Ghost castle dungeon where the Ghost King lives.

    Jack goes on his own epic quest to find a secret guild of builders in the mountain to get seige weaponary

    Kayaba and Tysword have a nice little heart to heart
  14. @HydreigonBorn37 Welcome! (I guess) You can be a member of the United Swords or something, I dunno

    Im going to go post now btw
    Remember how we are gathering EVERY clearing guild to attack the Ghostly Fort? He could be leader of another guild
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  16. Can I still join this?

    Name: Michael Allen
    Age: 20
    Sword type: Odachi
    Appearance: Michael is dark-skinned with messy, black hair that stops at the bottom of his neck. He has a short beard as well. He is also very tall, standing at 6'10. He's a bit on the skinny side. He's also often seen with a silver-furred "Feathered Little Dragon," that he'd managed to tame, which he named "Isis" (The Egyptian goddess, not the terrorist organization.)
    Personality: Despite his physical appearance, Michael is very laid back and caring for those he thinks of as friends. Sometimes, he forms bonds in cases where it would seem severely unlikely, like his bond with Isis.

    (Is it alright if I make him a Beast Tamer?)
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  17. Must... keep... thread... alive.

    Okay seriously let's keep this thread alive don't want it dying out just yet.
  18. Does anyone care if I join this? The OP hasn't said anything in a while, but the thread seems to still be alive. (I won't join unless someone like Z or SMR say it's a'ight.)
  19. It's fine, Karp can give you a recap
  20. Why me?
    Eh, I have a lot of free time

    Here's my previous explaination (seriously can one of you guys do this for once?)

    And I will add some stuff

    Here is some world building
    Floor One, everyone knows what this is, but there are a few specific areas.
    There is a marketplace and multiple inns in the town of beginnings, though that's probably to be expected
    There is also the old United Swords guild house there

    The Floor Two is a mass of grassy plains dotted with hills and occasional towns/safezones. The main enemies are Boars, Bulls, and much more rarely some Minitourish things

    The dungeon is literally the Labyrinth from Greek/Roman mythology, and this boss is King Minos, who is apparently a Minotaur, and his two brothers, whose names I will not type out because they are too long (quite proud of this idea to be honest)

    Floor Three - No idea whatsoever except something happened there once

    Floor Five is grassy valleys and steep hills, surrounded on all sides by massive snowy mountains with narrow tracks in between and many sercrets hidden in its midsts. Places of interest

    The Phantom Chapel - Where the Phantom Scythe lies in wait, a miniboss with drops essential for fighting the boss.

    The United Swords Guild Castle - The current headquarters of the United Swords, a massive expansive castle.

    The Skeleton King's Castle - The headquarters of a miniboss who does nothing substantial to the plot in any way

    Fort Eternal - Here it is, big bad, a massive castle full of multiple layers of deadly Ghosts and Phantoms, ready to kill, ill let this explain
    So there it is, you could enter as a lot of thing
    A random solo grinding, possible in the Skelecastle

    A guild leader/member who is preparing for skelecastle raid

  21. If it is ok i would like to join the role play.

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