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Open SAO RP discution thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GameBug03, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. K but I'm killing it though
  2. Since we, as a guild kill the boss, Richard will get at least enough XP to get to level 15 anyways.
  3. Fair enough
  5. You can have it I just want the killing blow :)
  6. yeh he really need to finish the boss fight.
  7. Yes very much so
  8. its probably gone way to far for anyones taste I mean in the Anime only 1 to 5 people died on the first boss but we've had like 50 to 75 people die
  9. Hmm mabey but we did say this isn't all cannon
  10. but still 50!!!!!!!!!! ON THE FIRST FLOOR I MEAN JUST 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT IS STILL GROWING. sorry I need some cool down anime I'm gonna go binge watch Fate
  11. Mabey we should change something, restart or just scrap it all together
  12. Nah we can just have as many players in the light novels which was 100,000 people
  13. Only the ten people in ACG and a couple others actually died, definitely not 50
  14. onscreen we have never specified how many after all only the main characters like Luke, Richard, Jag, Ren and a few others matter currently
  15. Alright I'll be gone watching blue exorcist again maybe ill like it this time
  16. Mabey you will :)
  17. so are we all getting capes now?
  18. I'm going to get a white duster but I'll be back in two days feel free to continue with out me
  19. The spectral cape is just a special drop that doubles speed and boosts sword skills by x0.5 (half)
  20. Guys, I have to address a problem, Every time someone joins its always them entering the game, Its already the second day in aincrad at they are acting like it was the first day, Everyone in the world should know that you cannot leave the game, So Game could you either make the RP Private or tell people that its the second day

    also thank you Jagson for actually reading the posts and joining in
  21. Ok I'll see what I can do I will make it ask to join and we can just tell them once they join k
  22. I agree with Z, while perhaps some video game world record holders or something might be sent in to help or something, the average player would never risk their life in SAO after the first day.

    Here is a recap
    We join the game
    Kayaba does his little bit
    We form a guild known as the United Swords
    The United Swords battle the Boar King mini-boss
    (Here is where the timeline theoretically diverges from SAO)
    First battle against the Boss fails and everyone dies, most likely because Kirito did not join in
    Kirito leads the second attack on the boss
    Some of the United Swords help Kirito
    Midway through the fight, Kirito dies
    Jag, Luke, Tyler and Ren form the main attack group
    Richard bursts in with an army of BOARS
    The United Swords and Jag take down the boss
    Jag joins the United Swords

    There it is, did I miss anything?
  23. Yea, But the people who are joining are NOT Acting like world record holders
    and you missed how my character bought a guild house and that our guild is now going to floor 2
  24. I'm not, Richard is still only around level 15 and probably not fit to go to the next level without the Boar King... also two things
    1) What is the next enemy/boss for floor 2
    2) Thats what i meant when I said that, I guess the guys who joined were asleep when everything else happened and went on SAO first thing in the morning

    Basically we should all RP as people who joined on day 1 but are still noobs OR people who are moderate level players
    To go to floor 2, i'd think you should be at least level 10 if you want to survive, 20 if you want to get anything done, and 30 to tackle the dungeon, at the bare minimum so I'd say introduce your character at around level 20-30 at this point, my character is lower so that his monster-taming abilities won't be too OP
  25. I dunno, The next one can be A Massive Dragon or something
    also thats a good idea to set a Level cap, A guy that joined was Level 40 and everyone else was like level 9-29
  26. According to the SAO wiki, the second floor is mainly plains and Savannah. The enemies are Buffalo and Oxes, with the boss being a Bull King and his two Generals. Since this isn't officially canon, I'd say make the Bull King kind of like the Boar King, maybe they are rivals or something, and that could be a ind of sidequest where the Boar and Bull kings begin a war that we have to stop
    Instead, what suggestions do we have for a boss?
    #67 Mr Fishykarp, Nov 8, 2016
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2016
  27. I like the idea, But the Boss should be some sort of Boar Bull hybrid which has Bull and Boar Minions
  28. Floor Two could be in the midst of a Civil War between the Boars and Bulls, and we have to stop it, then it turns out that an all powerful bull/boar is pulling the strings, taking the form of both boars and Bulls, fanning the flames and waiting for the Boars and Bulls to weaken themselves until he can swoop in and gain power, also he has been secretly gaining followers among the Boars and Bulls. It finally comes to a head when the Boar and Bull United army, lead by the Clearing team, storm the dungeon and engage in a climactic final battle against the boss
  29. Yea, The United Swords could lead the attack
  30. hey, new in the rp and the idea with the bull and boars sound good, I'd say the bullboar is either the boss or mini boss, if there are no other ideas for a boss that could easily be it. I was also wondering if my character could join the united swords? just wondering I know there already a lot of people in that guild
  31. Sure you can join the guild
  32. ok thanks, I'll come in when the time and opportunity comes but I posted my ref to make sure I was accepted inj the rp in the first place >w< thanks
  33. IDEA! A BULLBOARSAUR! (Bulbasaur)
    That was a joke
  34. I like the idea of a boar bull hybrid boss sounds good and storming the boss room white the guild in the lead is a great idea but we probably should wait a few days in the RP first
  35. That's ok
  36. nice pun! but yeah the idea's a good one
  37. So how do we involve ourselves in the Boar-Bull war? Richard is searching for Boar King but he is on the first floor...
  38. The King boar could tell Richard about the war and ask him to help
  39. We could quite easily look around and find them fighting after Richard finds out, then try and find the source of the fighting from there too

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