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Open SAO RP discution thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GameBug03, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. I like that idea, It would show Luke's Strength

    (He would probably Punch the general into the boss and then kill them both by punching them through the Stomach)
  2. In my mind I'm imagining a really epic twist where Heathcliff sacrifices himself to save everyone, revealing his secret in the process. Afterwards he could come back as a "Ghost" to give advice since he did come back after he died to help Kirito
  3. I agree about the general killing Ty that would also work just there isn't as much tension, you I feel that a major character death always needs to have an impact which is why I have decided to kill him it delivers an emotional punch because friends will be devastated and if you think about it his death would also affect the outside world he is supposed to get married after all. But hey I'm just a not so good high school writer so don't listen to this.
  4. Killed by a friend might work, perhaps that could be what drives Luke mad, the "Ghost King" showing him Ty's departed spirit screaming in agony, forever trapped in the pain he felt when Luke "Betrayed" him, it would all be an illusion but at this point I doubt being real has any significance in a virtual death game. I am imaging a scene where Richard and Heathcliff run in to see Luke on the ground crying in front of the bodies of ty and Minotaur General A, before they explode into blue shards
  5. I entirely agree with that and I can see this all happening completely and Ty has just lost his connection to his friends and life they are just, gone.
  6. The biggest problem with that then is how Richard and Heathcliff wouldn't notice (Heathcliff wouldn't care anyways though) They probably would miss the entire battle, it would turn Luke into an "orange" player, thereby notifying everyone else (in the Anime it was explained that a player gets an Orange bar above their health for a couple days after killing another player. Red is someone who essentially commited mass murder)

    Maybe Kayaba would change it for him to make the Death Game more interesting, the closest thing he can do to manipulate human emotion is allow Luke to hide his guilt, and let it build up
  7. :up:I agree entirely with that.
  8. wow that is very dark
  9. That's how we roll apparently
  10. He is the DARK emporer and I am a psychopath with no regard for human life (not really)
  11. And im a Dragon

  12. Actually IRL I do have mental issues when it comes to blood and gore after all I watch the Walking Dead and it is brutal but awesome
  13. Seriously, no death game is complete without a guy driven mad with guilt over the death of a friend. We sort of had that with Kirito when the Moonlit Black Cats died, causing him to never join a guild as to not suffer the same loss again

    Also quick fan theory, remember the revival item that Kirito gave Kielen, what if that was what saved him. Remember, when Heathcliff stabbed Kirito, he survived a split second longer than he should have, allowing him to kill Kayaba. Think about it, if Asuna's love for Kirito was enough to break HER paralysis, is it so much of a stretch to assume the same of Kilien, seeing his first friend in SAO, the one who taught him how to survive, almost die? Maybe the revival item brings you back on one health, which is why it didn't look like any health was gained, and
  14. KLEIN!!!!!!!! KLEIN!!!!!!!!!! ITS SPELLED KLEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. So first Great General of the Minotaur King is dead, but obviously not without loss, I assume once Richard and Heathcliff find you, one of us will signal for help against General 2 and the actual King...

    @DarkEmporer says the guy who spelled Emperor wrong
  16. So, who is your new character gonna be?
  17. just about to start on that
  18. No matter how much I expected that, that was sad... also someone should probably edit a note into one of their posts saying Z was not autoing and that we planned it
  19. Yea, I kinda started Crying when Typing it
  20. If typing got a bit of tears then imagine if this kind of scene in the anime, now that's a tear jerker
  21. Yep, Totally
  22. Remember what the Boar King said, they are all ones and zeros. In truth when I had him say that, I was referring to an event just like this one where a character would have to die. So the Boar who is in a computer which is in another computer was referring to people outside the computer out of... ok this is confusing just call it Computerception and let's call it a day
  23. i meant in a metaphorical sense, unless you are actually going to sleep?
  24. Wow I've missed so much (stupid pokecharms not sending me alerts when I actually want them) but I have to say this has gotten pretty dark and were only on floor 2 I'm scared of what we can come up with
  25. I feel like we should maybe skip some Floors or just speed past them

    (Or we could make the Longest running RP on Pokecharms!)
  26. Yea mabey a time skip would be a good idea because I feel the RP will die if we pull it out for 100 floors although if we reference the anime we've already up to the second boss before they've even found the boss room on the first floor
  27. your right, although its canon in a way because the battle against the first boss in the anime existed, but Kirito didnt go so EVERYONE DIED, then in the second battle, the one we took part in, Kirito joined us, after that he died and so did the canon
  28. I say No Time Skip
  29. okay I looked at the amount of pages we have currently which is 7 so page 3 we cleared floor 1 then we had a page of grace and then we kicked it back into gear for another 3 pages and then passed floor 2 so using this data if we take this time on each floor it will take about 400 pages if we have 1 page of grace in between floors and 3 pages per floor in preparing and fighting. So yeah I still vote time skip.
  30. That would be amazing, the longest RP on Pokecharms!
  31. Im gonna ask what the Longest RP on Pokecharms is
  32. I'd say after either floor 2's boss is defeated (The two Mighty Generals have been defeated already), or floor 3's after which I'd say we skip to floor 5 or 10's boss, which could house the "Ghost King" that Z mentioned
  33. Guys, we can actually beat the Record of longest RP

    Longest is 40 Pages, We need to do 400! almost no one could beat that!
  34. In fact, lets make a deal now, if one of us somehow gets banned from 'charms or leaves for more than two weeks without informing us, the rest of us either take over his/her character or say they died somehow. This way we can continue the RP until we are freed from SAO, also we may end at floor 50, where we either (Giving us 200 Pages)
    A) have an epic showdown against Kayaba
    B) He turns good somehow and sacrifices himself to destroy a massive bug in the program threatening to destroy Anicrad and stop it from killing everyone, therefor clearing the game because he dies
  35. That sound like an awsome idea!!!!
  36. Its a great idea

    I also got another idea

    Since Kayaba told Luke that he is Heathcliff, At floor 50 after the boss, Luke kills Heathcliff and saves everyone

  37. SEQUALS! Although I'd assume Luke wouldn't tell anyone or Kayaba would tell everyone that HE killed Ty, also Kayaba got rid of his Heathcliff disguise, leaving everyone to assume Heathcliff is just somewhere else

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