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Private/Closed Project P

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shauna23, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. Solstice bolted upwards. She was no longer in the cell and the Espeon was thinking too fast to process anything. 'Where am I? What did the doctors do? Where are the humans? Where is Umbreon?' her mind raced with answers to everything. Slowly she inhaled and then exhaled, finally taking the time to take in her surroundings. They were still in the lab yes, but the atmosphere was different than the other places she had been confined to in the past. There was a girl standing over Umbreon with a saddened expression on her face holding Umbreon's paw. 'Who is she?' Solstice asked herself, standing up and crouching a bit. Not in a hostile way, but more of a cautious way.
  2. "Oh, hi there. I used to work with your father. I'm terribly sorry. They kept us in the dark about the X7s until a few days ago." She murmmered softly, her chestnut colored eyes seemed full of sadness.

    The Drugged Umbreon, was know completely awake. He licked Alexis's hand a few times before sitting up.

    "The Ceo said he wanted to see if they could rehabilitate a X7 into a pet Pokemon, so you guys can stay with me for 'testing'." She said taking of the collars that were on the two.

    "However if you guys aren't cooperatating they said they would put you in the breeding facility's..." She trailed off. Although the Breeding facility was nicer, the Pokemon were forced to breed, and the eggs were taken away after they were a few months old.
  3. Solstice froze completely at the mention of her father. Not even her eyes blinked as she thought about the possibilities. The Espeon could cooperate and go along with Alexis and deal with the 'testing'. Or she could go to the breeding facilities which seemed a lot more scary than the 'testing'. However the three pokemon taken earlier didnt come back that night and that made Solstice uneasy. She shot a glance at Umbreon before averting her eyes to Alexis again. The Espeon spotted a pencil and paper behind Alexis and jumped to grab it. Then she jumped back to the table and in horrible handwriting wrote

    If you knew my father you should know my name. The one before I was a Pokemon. I'll come with you without a fight if you get it right.
  4. "No, I'm sorry you don't understand, I was joking. They just want you guys to act like Pokemon while I record data. I didn't mean like injections and stuff." She said soothingly, as she read the scrawled note.

    Nocturne nodded at Solstice. He hoped she would trust her, and himself.
  5. Solstice visibly relaxed at Alexis's words. The Espeon gave a reassuring look to the Umbreon. She didn't plan on fighting in the first place she just wanted to prove a point. She wanted to trust Alexis and she would definitely give her a chance.

    There was a knock on the door as someone asked "Hey Alexis? Are you in there? How are your patients?" it was a lower voice that was all too familiar to Solstice. Again the psychic type went rigid and quickly snatched the note off of the table. The Espeon leaped off and dashed to the farthest corner she could find and crouched down in fear. 'O-f course now. I'm not sure if I'm ready for this....to see him after his betrayal...' She thought in fear.
  6. A scientist entered the room with Sher in his arms. "Professor." he said. "The test subject for project FRLG is here."
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  7. Spencer awoke in a dark cage. A dark, sinister voice spoke through an intercom. "Subject S1, your in Solitary Confinement for attempting to escape and attempting to free others. The time you serve in here will depend on your behavior." Spencer curled into a ball, terrified of the dark and being alone. He was shaking, and for the first time in a while on the brink of tears. His eyes, no matter the fact he was a canine type Pokemon, refused to adjust. "Solstice?" He whimpered, hoping she was there.
  8. "Don't you know how to knock and be polite?" Solstice cringed at the sound of her father's raised voice. "Project FRLG isn't even in this room! This is a private study, so go find the right room!" He boomed to someone that evidently entered the room that wasn't him. Solstice refused to lift her head to see who had made her dad angry. "I've go to tell the attendant about sending people to the wrong room.... its disrespectful and an invasion of private studies!" He added, making Solstice shrink even further than what she already cramped herself to be. Solstice desperately hoped that her father wouldn't remember that she was put with Umbreon in a cell and that she should be in this room with Umbreon.
  9. "B-but, sir!" the scientist said. "Apparently, S-7 is supposed to be paired for the project with S-16! Plus, we need you to be there! Don't you remember what we're using to power it?" Sher slightly stirred, and it was clear that he had had his collar repaired, as the metal ring was tight around his neck again.
  10. Spencer soon fell into a restless sleep, constantly scratching at the collar around his neck that read 'S-1' with his hind leg. He awoke several times from nightmares, but being alone in pitch black darkness was worse in his opinion. He actually hoped he would return to the nightmares once his orange and yellow eyes were greeted with darkness.
  11. Static was unoticed by the scientists in a dark corner in the room. His Collar was off and the Bleeding stopped. Once Static woke up their was a bow on his tail and Kia beside him. "Ahhh!" Static said jumping away and running to the other side of the room without being noticed. He kept his distance from the other pokemon as well.
  12. "Sir, if you don't mind, S-7 us getting a bit stressed..." She said as Nocturnes hackles began to rise, a low growl in his throat. Alexis gently held his mouth shut, and the growling flickered into nothing. Although His body still seemed like it was showing agressive behavior.
  13. Solstice's dad ignored the new scientist's protests and stormed off to who knows where.

    Solstice continued to hide for a few more moments before picking up the bravery to see if they were gone. To her relief her father was indeed out of the room, so the Espeon carefully picked her way out of the corner and slowly padded back towards Alexis and Umbreon. She wasn't making any noise but it was obvious that she was still frightened at the close encounter with her dad,
  14. The scientist was confused. "But, he made the notes himself... wait... oh, right! I got the two of them confused!" he said, smacking his forehead. Sher budged a little, slightly opening his eyes. He glanced at Solstice for a second.
  15. Alexis shoved the Scientist out of the room Roughly, and the locked the door behind him.

    "It's ok, you can come out now." She cooed to the clearly frightened Espeon.

    Nocturne, or X7 peered at Solstice from above the table.
  16. Static stared at the Kia. "Who are you?" He asked. "Where am I? Why am I here?" He asked. Static suddenly twitched his ears and thought to himself.

    "He's Scared too. I bet he knowes whats going on! But what about the Chespin?" He thought. Static walked to the cell room door and tackeled it open." A-Are you coming?" He asked waiting for a response.
  17. Solstice froze again at the sound of Alexis voice for no reason. Then she hesitated a bit before walking a few steps more. Finally she jumped all the way up to Nocturne and sat down, muscles tense. Her eyes remained wide and her stature was rigid. Solstice's breathing was uneven, but she was obviously trying to calm herself.
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  18. Spencer sighed, giving up. He laid in the dark, still. He knew the scientists probably wanted him to suffer, freak out, so they could record it. He refused, rebeling by laying still and doing nothing. He closed his eyes, waiting for something to happen.
  19. Sher tapped his shell, hoping to gain the attention of the Espeon. He had a plan for escape, and he needed her to do it.
  20. "Static... What have they done to you? I'm Ki, er, leaf. Stay inside!" She exclaimed harshly. The chespin heard footsteps. Leaf grabbed the memory wipped Umbreon and dragged him to the corner, scared. The footsteps came closer.
  21. Nocturne having gone insane, had developed MPD, or multiple personality disorder. Equinox bieng his personality where he craves pleasure. Nocturne, having the traits of a selfless friend. He smiled at Solstice briefly.
  22. Solstice returned the brief smile and finally got herself to relax. Then she turned to Alexis and flicked her tail in apology for hiding. The Espeon felt very bad for her sudden actions and hoped that Alexis didn't take it the wrong way, like she was unwilling to help. Solstice finally realized that the X meant that they were insane. She eyed Nocturne with curiosity, the Espeon didn't notice anything weird about him, he seemed normal other than the unusual silence he upholds. Solstice shrugged off the idea and started to flick her tail back and forth in a calming way.
  23. After a while, Spencer slipped away. Replaced. He snarled and fought at the scientist who came in, but they put him in a cage and began wheeling him down the hallway. They had changed his collar. He laughed uncontrollably, sounding different. He didn't know where they were taking him, but he didn't care. The scientist stopped by Solstice's dad. "Sir, a problem arose. The darkness drove S-1 insane."
  24. Sher needed to get the attention of Solstice NOW. He took a vial off of the belt of the scientist, and threw it at the psychic-type. Then he felt pain in the back of his head. "Stupid test subject." the scientist said. "Behave!"
  25. "Let go of me!" Static yelled slipping under Leaf's Grip. Static tackeled the Scientist and ran for it. He ran left, right and over untill he found a room with a scientist and Spence. Static used Iron Tail on the cage and ThunderBolt on the Scientist."Cmon lets go!" Static said looking at the poocheana.
  26. Spencer's pupils were tiny as he looked down at Static. "Shhhh! They might hear you! If they hear you they come steal your family!" He shouted, then laughed manically. He leapt out of the cage then scampered away, and the scintist began to freak out. "You fool! He's insane, no one knows what havoc he will unleash if he makes it out!"
  27. The footsteps reversed. In the direction of static. She ran after the pikachu, finding him near a poochyena. " Are you nuts? I'm trying to make sure you don't get caught. Grab the wolf, and come on!" She warned.
  28. "Sure lets just get out of here!" Static said. "By the way I dont even know if I have a family." Static said to Spence."The only thing I know is that I have a sister and this is her bow." Static said lifting his tail.
  29. Spencer was spinning, laughing. He ran down the hall, rushing around a corner. His mind was gone. The scientist rushed after him, grabbing a gun along his way.
  30. "Wait what's behind us?" Static asked. He turned around seeing a Scientist with a gun. "Aww Sh#t! Run!!!" Static yelled running faster and into a open vent. "In Here!" Static said.
  31. "Let's go!" She exclaimed. Leaf grabbed a flashlight and ran inside first. The chespin turned it on, and started to go farther and farther from the poochyena's cell.
  32. Static grabbed Spence and jumped up the vents with Kia knowing he could not jump high." Ok guys we lost him." Static said out of breath. Static walked a little more and fell through the vents into the room with Solstice and Nocturn. "Ahhh!" Static said rushing to a empty corner.
  33. The scientist didn't care about the escaping subjects, pursuing Spencer. He followed him around a corner, then a gunshot rang out. [i think I'll drop out. There seems to be no need for me]
  34. Leaf looked back. " Keep going! I'll be right back, "she told him. The chespin ran to the Pokemon, and grabbed him. She looked in his eyes. "Spencer, you have to stop being a deranged maniac. We need you," she told him. Leaf checked his pulse. It was there, and betting. He'd live. Grabbing the poocheyna, she ran into the vent and heard a thunderbolt. Static.
  35. The Umbreon yelped as the empty vial smashed him over the head, cutting his skin and fur. He shuddered visibility and fell over on the table out cold. Alexis gasped and picked up the mean squirrel, and threw it outside the door. She then handed leaf and static to the scientist and pushed him out Side the door.
  36. Spencer blinked his eyes open. "Where...? Who...?" He asked weakly, looking around. He yelped in pain, the sting of the gun wound gnawing on him. He reached a paw to where the pain came from, then brought up to inspect. It was coated in blood.
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  37. "Hey!" Static yelled using Thunderbolt. Static's attack got absorbed by a rubber coller that the scientist put on him. The Scientist then threw him in a room full of sponge. "Let me out of here!" Static said yelling.
  38. Solstice blinked in suprise and then let out a small whine as she padded over to the unconscious Umbreon. "Are you ok? No...." Solstice looked towards Alexis, eyes full of anger, but not at the Kinder scientist. She was mad a the empty vial. The one that caused the most dependable 'person' she knew so far to be knocked out. The Espeon lay down next to the Umbreon, trying to determine the best way to handle this situation.
  39. Leaf used a towel to cover the wound. She then ran into the room, just in time to see static throw in a back room of sponge. This'll be easy the chespin thought. Using a pinmissle attack, she cracked the wall enough for her to see the pikachu. "Static!" She yelled.
  40. "Leaf! Whatever you do don't come in here." Static Pleaded. From the Sponge came 4 Lasers. "They shoot lasers at Electric Types to test there reflexes and speed. If you get shot you can get hurt really badly." Static said holding up a strained Bruised arm.

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