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Private/Closed Project P

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shauna23, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. "Why? Why was I turned into a Pokemon? Why were my Friends turned into Pokemon?" Static asked himself. Static climed the tree. He looked into the Rainy Sky. Static ran down the tree and picked apples. He put Apples beside The others and sat down. Static took a bite out the apple. Static slowly fell asleep.
  2. The next day~

    Nocturne woke up to aching pains in his stomach. He almost instantly was tottering to his feet, and lurching out into the morning sun. He stumbled into the nearby brambles retching as soon as he found the foliage. He dry heaved some more, before staggering over to the river.
  3. Solstice groaned in pain as she tried to stand. Her joints and stomach flared in anger as she attempted, causing the Espeon to collapse. It all dawned on her; she was technically free. She wasn't going to be shoved in a cage and forced to wear collars anymore. Free, but cursed. What would she do now? Go home and watch as Harry grows up never knowing what happened to his sister? If....Harry is still alive? Solstice's head pounded profusely as she finally stood up straight. So symptom checklist, Stomach ache, headache, joint pain and wishful thinking.

    The Espeon slowly padded out of the cave, blinking in the sunlight. For once, she noticed how bleached her fur was; a light pink no longer the rich pink it once was. Despite her pounding head she still noticed that Nocturne had passed by here. Her stomach flipped over as she fell to her knees once more. The Espeon shook violently as she emptied her stomach into a pile of grass, but what was being put out was not food; Solstice hadn't been full for a while. Solstice rose to her paws again and stumbled forwards clumsily until she could hear river water, but it was still not in sight. The sound of water made Solstice's throat scream with want, but the Espeon had to retire for a break before she could continue. She flopped onto the ground, panting heavily in pain.
  4. The Umbreon drank but his throat screamed when he did. He gave a slight moan, burying his head in cool stones by the river. Then he realized that the Espeon must have done this. His head whipped around when he heard her shaky footsteps, and shook his head. 'That wasn't right? No.'

    Ignoring the pain he drank a few more mouthfuls.
  5. Solstice sighed as she forced herself up. 'There is water right there... You can make it...' She encouraged herself to rise to her paws; which she did. The Espeon slowly padded to the water's edge and took a tentative sip. Never before has water tasted that good in her life. Solstice fought the urge to take large gulps in order to keep her throat from achin as well, but her attempts failed. The Espeon could not resist the water's temptation and she took a Few large gulps despite the burning sensation in her throat. "Did you get sick too?" She croaked, looking at the Umbreon.
  6. The Umbreon had strained his vocal cords from earlier, but managed a quiet whisper.

    " I don't want to die like this. It can't end like this. I'm so close."
  7. Static woke up to the morning rays. He slowly walked toward a near bye river and knowticed Solstice and Nocturne. He saw as they got weaker. He saw That Solstices fur had grown white. "Solstice! Nocturne! "Static yelled. He ran down toward the Pokémon.
  8. "I know..." Solstice managed to whisper as she gazed at her pitiful reflection in the water. She was still in pain, but no longer was she crying over her brother. The Espeon made a feeble attempt to shake out her fur, but only managed to maybe flick off a loose leaf on her fur. Suddenly Solstice lurched forward and broke into a nasty coughing fit. 'Owww... Stop it please!' She told herself despite the fact that she had nothing to do about this.
  9. Amber was on her own. She had separated herself rather far from the others. The Fennekin looked around nervously as she was rather terrified. Amber began to regret her decision, but she also didn't want to go back.
  10. Sher woke up, confused. He was in a cave, he knew that. But where was this cave? Then he remembered. The explosion. "Solstice! Static! Leaf! Anyone here?" he hollered. His shouts were loud enough to be heard from outside the cave, where everyone had gathered.
  11. Static heard Sher's Yells. "Sher!" Static yelled running into the very dark cave. Static kept bumping into the cave walls and tried over rocks. He kept walking until he bumped into a hard shell. "Sher?"
  12. "Static! Where are we?" Sher asked. "What happened?" Suddenly, the cave started to rumble and the ground fell out from under them. Sher grabbed onto a ledge and caught Static, making sure he was okay. "Alright, I'm gonna throw you back up, okay?" he said. However, the Squrtle was losing his grip on the ledge.
  13. Spencer was long gone. He had tried to fend off the scientists as long as he could for his friends, but died soon after they were all presumed safe. He died happy, though, knowing he actually did something. His parents broke into the building in hopes to save him, but were too late, and his body was taken home for a funeral.

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